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Many unreached are waiting for us

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(Singspiration on Sunday Worship 7 Feb 2010)

71 Miracle

Jesus Christ is like a total failure, went up to the cross, and cannot come down. Yet, this is the wisdom of God. And praise God – this is what Satan can never understand! Our struggles – no matter how hard it may be or no matter how much we are not willing to let God with emotions playing on us – are all for a purpose because it is to carry the sins of the unreached at the ends of the world, as Jesus Christ the Firstborn had done.

29 Bells in the midst of Trials

Yes, we may have the voice of the enemy, but we are not bounded. We have difficulties, but we still have hope. There are persecutions, but we are not forsaken. We are beaten, but we do not die. This perspective is possible because Christ is in us and we have fixed eternity and the four gospelizations in us.

24 The Lord’s calling

Thousands are waiting for us and for the full gospel to come to them. They only wait till we open our mouths to speak words, because only words can express and send out the Spirit. Who has seen the harassed and helpless scenes in the fields? They are like sheep without a shepherd. The Lord’s glory is actually with them. Have we heard the voice of God, "Who can I send? Who is willing to go and send My word?" "Then I will tell those who have eyes but blind, who have ears but are deaf, to bring them out."

13 Thanks

Let us carry our own cross, and move on ahead even with people disbelieving among us, and put our hope at Jesus Christ, the Creator, to put off the burdens that continues to entangle us. There are already many people becoming our testimonies, and they are like a cloud around us, from Abraham till now and even into the future waiting for us to discover them. Therefore, no matter what colors that the spiritual realm will change (in our deepest hearts), no matter whether there are thorns on the road (as we walk with God), but because the Lord has already given His Promise and covenant, we can look pass all things in the world. Through centering on the altar, centering on brethren, and centering on serving God by sending out the living words of God, taking each day of burden as each day is, pastoring a sheep of God in his timetable and our timetable with the attention of our whole life, the timetable of our strength and wisdom will correspondingly be so.

The above 4 hymns came to me. I chose the last 2, and incorporate those lyrics into the relevance of the convictions of the Holy Spirit shown to me through the week, through my closest co-workers whom I really love, and through the prayer meeting messages and fulfillments of the church.


Lord, under Your throne of God is a great expanse. Your concern is not there. In the heavenly realms are demons, and also angels mobilized; however Your concern is not there too. Your concern is to do the highest above the throne of God (so that it caused Jesus Christ His death for us), and the deepest in our spirits (for that is where the Spirit of God works in love with us), something above what Satan can understand, so that Satan’s head will be broken, and angels will listen to us. And this is Jesus Christ Emmanuel. What is man, that You look so much with importance? …

(It does not seem easy to lead Singspiration as the spiritual atmosphere of the congregation always change. Some preparations + reliance on the Holy Spirit are needed each time.)

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