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A China map at home

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The great world map is too big and needs to be taken down. It does not have the many important places in China that imaged in me when I went to Guangzhou, too. I wanted to get a world map, but when I went to the shops, they are just so expensive – $40 and above, and they does not display the places in Chinese but only in English. Then I found this S$16 map (most in English, but Chinese words to those states and provinces) to my joy, with God fulfilling me as I prayed to have a BIG BLUEPRINT always around me, reminding me and voicing me. I had this map with me for about 2-3 weeks and can’t find time to put up. Yet when we sent off Augustine, my heart, originally that his absence does not feel much, went from non-feeling, to preparing him from telling him that “you must test and approve even if it may not be that complete at first”, to giving him the vision and blueprint of <Acts> and how Paul was grown in faith at each turn in <Acts>, to telling him that the aim is not Hong Kong gospelization but the desire to live in the house of the Lord forever just like David in Ps 23:6 which is Emmanuel and 2-3 persons Emmanuel <Mt 18:18-20>, to tearing for his absence, to seeing the need to let him go, to commissioning him, to having the desire to remember him not half-heartedly when he is not in our midst but to remember him in full focus and attention of his life and living even when he goes back to Hong Kong, I resolute in my heart to put this map of China up, because I can see Christ wanting to intercede for deacon Augustine so much. With the help of Liwen, I put up the map of China, God’s State (神州). May God make me remember His glory, which is at the ends of the world, China, new every morning.



Liwen and I will be putting up photos of every commissioned worker that we meet before in Guangzhou on this map too 🙂

One thought on “A China map at home

  1. I’m trying to understand what’s your meaning according to my poor english.

    The Lord bless everything what the Lord created, God bless u.
    China is changing , there are a lot of chinese people trust in God, because you and a lot of God’s worker in China.

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