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Many Unreached are waiting for us

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(Small Group 12 February 2010)


Opening Words

In your life which is blessed, and which you like, God continues to demonstrate that He loved you first. In your life which you think is not there yet, and which you do not like, God continues to prove to you that in sufferings, He has an unconditional plan set up for you to touch the Unreached. Jesus’ image continues to smile at us because He saw hope in us, just like He saw hope in Peter, who proclaimed Jesus is the Christ, yet suspected whether he did it out of faith.

In the past few weeks, I had much darkness. However, for this last week, my pressure is seeing much darkness in all peoples around me. Strangely, they all seem to have problems this week. Why those Unreached places?

God placed in us unhealed areas, areas of brokenness, areas of breaches (破口) in order to give us an image of the Unreached peoples waiting for us. The state of our heart is God’s great voice of sighing and calling, "Who can I send? Who can I send?", to those helpless and harassed in the fields that are white for harvest. Jesus can see answers in the furthest ends of the world; He can hear God’s Spirit filling the place when He gathers, prays and testifies with 2-3 people; He can move the hardest sheep to tears and bring him/her into the light with all His movements, not needing a word or a speech. He does not need the recognition of men, but all saints called Him, "Jesus, the joy of my desire".

Have not we seen the Unreached states, just like Paul saying, "I do not want to go to any place where Christ is already preached", and desired to see answers instead of accusations? What we actually want in our hearts is setting our minds on things above. I am not talking about cases where it seems we are still tempted, cannot see Emmanuel, etc, but I am referring to wanting to pray for someone, wanting to bless, wanting to use our free time writing testimonies, wanting to do something meaningful in God’s kingdom. Therefore, there is already God’s calling for you to walk the road of healing and sanctification. Paul did not really mean about where Jews were already, but he meant healing and sanctification.

1) Blueprint – from <Isaiah>, draw it out, arise and send out living springs

2) See what the (us) and all peoples [beside you] (your spouse, your family, your colleagues, your church members, your hometown, your roots in China) really need – blind (no purpose and direction) / deaf (no Emmanuel method) -> prepare cross message / 36 lessons message

3) Really formally start to pray – without prayer there is no accomplishments, see that there is a vision you cannot disobey that is actually already in your hearts, grow your faith, and see fulfillments in the midst of prayers -> do not take things at a time, but if vision is true, do not take things for granted and just one day at a time, but fix up concrete / scheduled prayers to discover blessed schedule for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis

4) Discover that you already (truly) have 7 kinds of (living) evidences = differentiate / discern in your life and living that there are 7 kinds of category/format of evidences -> actually 7 kinds of timetable of overcoming hierarchies of stubbornness -> and more so, actually 7 kinds of salvation to save all peoples – the answer is Emmanuel originally and actually

5) Many Unreached who are destined to be blessed are already waiting for us = see their harassed and helpless state through continuous prayers (= loving gather, pray, evangelize = altar-centered, brethren-centered, serving centered), hear the voices – the most perfect life that God has loved without any strings attached on the sheep you pray for (hear God’s most beautiful voices in the "bah bah bah" conditions of the sheep – they are the hope, channels and glory of God)

Passage Reading: <Exodus 23-24> (Due to time constraint, I do not have chance to read it in the small group.)

1. If we received answers and thus have evidences and messages, the Lord already prepared a lot of blessed lives

1) Do I truly believe my blessedness?

When God gives promises, He gives visions of the Unreached at the same time. Along our road of Christian living, we then can see living images of them appearing right before us. How do I believe my own blessedness?

(1) We can believe in promises about the Unreached

(2) We hope for Unreached

(3) We slowly see many blessed Unreached appearing around us

(Our faith is not dead but living..)

* I took the most time here to share about this. I dwell into the assurance of born again, and even talked about believing = Christian.

2) Then why does God open my eyes to the scenes of the fields this day? Is it for many people who will be blessed through me? Are there any areas where I have looked down on the messages and evidences I already possess?

Let us review the messages we have enjoyed:

(1) Meet God, converse with God, walk with God

(2) Kingdom descending on man’s spirits

(3) In all things understand God’s perfect will

Are not all these most precious? So that even if we do not understand, we yearn to have them imprinted on our hearts as a non-religion, but knowing, playing and serving a living God? Would a glance of these bring us great discouragements to the people around us? In fact, contrastingly, these would bring great hope to the people around us.

I learnt that there are many who like to gather, pray, and serve together, but I disbelieved the stubbornness in people in that it is not that they want to disobey, but they know, and they keep on getting condemned; they keep on saying what is right and what is wrong to keep their way; they say, "Anything lah" because they just want God’s comfort. Only that in this precious vessel that I pray, the great power that comes from God will flow and be manifested from our lives. This is so much so that God will call us like His queen of love, so beautiful to behold, that He delights in us so much.

3) Do I have testimonies and messages for those yearning for the salvation? Do I find the need to prepare testimonies and messages to lukewarm Christians? Have I formally prepared testimonies and messages to Christians who have the heart and are serving the kingdom?

When we can see what typical (凡俗) people cannot see, hearing what people cannot hear, thinking what others have never thought before, we will have seen the harassed and helpless state of people all around us. This includes those yearning for salvation, lukewarm Christians, and those already serving.

When will those blessed saints start to be prepared for me, and waiting for us to help? This is when you become blessed enjoying Jesus Christ, seeing that there is a need to prepare for them.

I really pray for you all, to see the joining up, and to see the link, where if the blessedness seems far away, you will still yearn for it, continue upwards towards the heavenly kingdom, and fill the missing breaches in your life. I pray for you to no longer look down on yourselves, but to continue to hope because you have admiration for the Unreached places.

2. When we faithfully live each day, loving to gather, to pray, to evangelize, many lives gradually join together to us

Yet, what the Lord wants is not to do great things, be anxious, and rush into things, and so be discouraged. I learn to accept people telling me something I already know. This is because they can be a reminder. I need each day to live, and each day to take, to repeat and alternate in my life and living, so that I can get the missing joining together linked up.

1) Is the Lord pleased with my serving, in family and in church? Are there any places for renewal?

Do not place your focus on seeking for greater grace in individual, family, church, world first. Do not hope for giving thanks and be joyful in all things, always praying continuously, willing to praise God in and out of season first. Do not hope for many Unreached peoples hidden in my network appearing first.

But when we are blessed in centering on altar, brethren, serving, continue to seek for greater grace in individual, family, church, world, so that we can give thanks and be joyful in all things, always praying continuously, willing to praise God in and out of season, many Unreached peoples hidden in my network will appear.

Therefore, the crux is centering on altar, brethren and serving. Do not think too far.

Altar means all about enjoying in my spirit and living.

Brethren means all about restoring all the grace and evidences by hearing from all around.

And serving means in seeking answers that all Unreached peoples need in your already present conditions.

God does not mean for us to think too far, but to go in his steps in thinking about places for renewal, e.g. brethren-joining together, etc, having meals together, MSN, SMS, etc centering on gathering, observing and receiving prayer topics.

2) Does my gospelization ministry need to prepare more vessels, materials, coordination systems?

Do not think too far, but be faithful. What do we do so to link the Unreached together to us? How to do so in God’s timetable? This is actually to prepare..

(1) Inwards in meetings

(2) Local ministry

(3) Overseas outreach

I encourage you to center your life on serving, but connect that up with the church.

3) In my life network, are there any souls that I should give more care, healing, and blessings?

Should I think of ways to join the souls – the Unreached peoples and the Christians serving – join them together with my brethrens, gospel stations, church small groups, regions of Christ life church and disciples of Christ?

Actually also, being faithful means that we think of ways where we already have Christian friends in our midst on how to bless them. Paul keeps on connecting regions to regions. How else to bless them but to join them together with the church small groups, visitation, caroling, church camp, etc?

3. When every of us faithfully focus on one sheep, the Lord destined to bring even more sheep to us

Yet, it does not mean that we just focus on ministry. We focus more on lives actually. And not many lives so that we become conceited. We focus on one life, giving all the attention to him or her.

1) Do I have experiences of born people again, sanctify people, disciple people in the past?

All peoples are common in that they have the same spirit, heart, body, need Emmanuel (God’s love, righteousness, power, protection, guidance, rewards), and they have the same deep spiritual problem, needingt the same one answer of Christ. All peoples do not like their conditions, either inferior or proud. They all have interpersonal relationships, tasks to do every day like eating, sleeping, and working.

But if we can see born people again, sanctify people, discipleship people in all these common areas, the experiences of actually doing so will be of immense preciousness.

2) If I tidy up, arrange up, meticulously format up "the degree of my growth of life until now", what kind of messages and testimonies can I gather to build souls up? Can I discern who the Lord’s sheep (disciple) are?

In doing life ministry, we will see that there is a need to know the timetable of Christian living growing. We need to discern. There are

(1) 8 beatitudes

(2) Can hear the Lord’s voice

(3) Wanting to follow the Lord by taking his own initiative

(4) Loving to spread the gospel

(5) Having many hidden blessed people around them

This is spiritual. If we are able to discern, the Unreached will then come to us.

3) Can I see how the Lord loves them?

The way to be able to see the love that the Lord loves them is actually when many sheep come together.

Inside this fellowship,

(1) Teach: the most important teaching is to focus on "prayer" and "walking with God" (enjoying).

(2) My timetable is their timetable

(3) Do not be anxious, but do what needs to be done, continue to use love, wait upon the Lord

Closing Words

We will see many ministries set up with power, joining together very thickly, and the promise of God swiftly accomplishing.

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