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Becoming The Expert in Contact Network

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(Singspiration on Sunday Worship 14 Feb 2010)

God’s work in brothers and sisters in the past week

When I accessed the conditions of the brothers and sisters in the past week, I saw that there is a sort of downcast, struggles and helplessness in them. However, when they come to meetings and hear about the vision as we were sharing, even though the Unreached is so far away, their spirits seem to be lifted up, and this time, faster than before already, or at least being more protected. The church all desires to go a little further in their prayers and timetable.

Connecting last week’s message and the Sunday message

It is God’s voice to connect something that is Unreachable to all our lives – all the Unreached places Inward individually, Locally in the church, and Overseas. Connecting, networking and inter-webing to the places we think are humanly impossible, yet to find that it is so near in our hearts.

It is also the gathering just before Chinese New Year visitation.

Hymns that fit:

3 Child of Promise – long time never sing, tells us to just move ahead, no need to fear

11 Though the Lord – to must hear His voice

15 God is our refuge – to comfort and go inward

41 The Promise under the Rainbow

52 Knowing You, Jesus

60 He heals my contrite spirit – comfort yet hungering for Him

64 Precious – Proclaiming to forsake the love of the world

82 Fearing the Lord as joy – Place God before me – a good hymn to put our direction right, our vision right, to continue to go ahead

Chosen Hymns

3 Child of Promise

64 Precious


Lord, a lot of things take time, and we see that Satan is so ever stubborn – the forces of darkness are so strong! Yet Lord, today we come before You just before Chinese New Year, and this is because we do not want the world, the blessings that You give, even the feeling on top of the world, for even anointing can become an idol in our lives. But Lord, we just want Your relationship with us (joining together). When we calm down, we will hear the voices of the Lord telling us, "Why do you look at other people? Why do you want only solutions? Don’t you want Me?" Lord, teach us how to place You before us, so that the right hand at God’s throne will be absolutely unmovable. Then my spirit will be in joy, my soul will love, and my body will be healthy.

3 Child of Promise

Share my colleague – who saw sincerity but not being touched.

I know my timetable; and all brothers and sisters have time table of healing and anointing. Yet, nothing is going to change about the spiritual sciences, even if they are our colleagues, friends, relatives, or even our parents. I.e. Your failure is no longer a failure if you know "Only the Word of God and the Holy Spirit can move my timetable and my family’s timetable ahead."

(1) People must be humbled first, then hunger for God’s word, so that the answer, love and victory that they want from God is of the spirit.

(2) They must go through a process of being touched by the Lord (in the area where they lack)

(3) Then, they must go through needing to continue to pray (know the Lord)

(4) Do the word they hear only touch their needs, or their spirits? If it is the latter, they will take active initiative to hear more from workers, and to share more to contain their spirits.

64 Precious

Share my vomiting yesterday (no time).

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  1. “Only the Word of God and the Holy Spirit can move my timetable and my family’s timetable ahead.” –> I like this.

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