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Prayer Topics for “Becoming The Expert in Contact Networks”

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(Personal and Small Group Prayer Topics 18 February 2010)

Keywords: personal experiences to commonness so as to bless own family and all peoples, connect to society through relying on the Holy Spirit,

Prayer Topics:

1. The gospel movement is Himself, the Holy Spirit’s work

1) How can the covenant continue to impress and “connect” visions in not only my spirit, but all my heart, body, living, relationships, spousal, family, finance and serving?

2) Can I see the Holy Spirit’s guidance in my family and job? Can I see doors of gospelizations opened gradually? Which timetable am I at in breaking down the forces of darkness between me and the hidden disciples?

3) Am I meeting more 8 beatitudes people and workers? Has the gospel I know become grounded 踏实 (practicalized and accomplished) to open channels to connect with blessed meetings?


2. The Holy Spirit works through the Network-Connecting Expert to open gospelization doors

1) Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone and He connected to all kinds of people. He is the model for us all to follow. Do I have the know-how of connecting regions, workers, children, youth, adults, elderly people just like Jesus Christ?


2) What are the conditions of being a network-connecting expert? Do I have these conditions – shown in main point 2 and sub-point 2) of the Sunday message? {(1) Hungers for God’s word because already saw living evidences, (2) Recognize the Lord’s voice and easily hear Him speaking personally (3) Heart to pray and receives answers, (4) Takes active initiative to witness and connect.} How can I be more accurate in each listed condition so that I can connect to the Unreached?


3) Can I understand the obstacles and discouragements to progress the work of network-contacting? Do I have the know-how in progressing connecting networks with workers, Christians and people close to the gospel?


3. Practical (Normal, daily, always) ways to connect networks is the meaning of relying on the Holy Spirit

1) Do I have the heart to send out living springs? How can I preserve this heart by connecting the practical field to the blueprint?


2) Is the Lord pleased with my network contacting work? (1) Am I focusing too much on ministries? Do I get carried away at trying to solve people’s problems? (2) Are there places of renewal for me to focus on the attraction of the pulpit, the love for the inner souls of people, and on using the full conditions given me to bless my network contacts? (3) In my life network, are there any souls I should give more care, healing, and blessings? Am I joining to intercessions and joining to people? (4) Can I realize the timetable of workers, Christians and newcomers so that I can move them a little ahead in their faith?


3) Have I prepared and know how to use the cross message, CD library, blogs, materials, hymns, testimonies, website and/or coordination systems to connect networks? Connecting back to pulpit, to brethrens, and to the Universal church is God’s ultimate desire, as we wait in earnest longing for Christ to unite everything under His authority. What is the best way to join together and complement my contacts with the local church pulpit message, local small groups and the America message? Do my presence and my web of contacts further the local church pulpit message?

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