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Become the Expert in Contact Networks

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(Small Group 18 February 2010)

Keywords: personal experiences to commonness so as to bless own family and all peoples, connect to society through relying on the Holy Spirit, test the Spirit – the one that acknowledges JX has come in the flesh to join together

Opening Words

Intro, bring up the direction to gospelization

Passage Reading:

<Ac 1:1-14> Gospel movement = Holy Spirit’s movement – Read <1:8>

<Eph 2:1-10> Jesus cornerstone – Read <2:1,10>

<Eph 2:11-22> Gentiles (people of a different world) are connected – Read <2:13-14>

<Eph 3:1-13> Paul, the Contacts Network Expert – Read <3:1,6>

<Eph 3:14-21> Prayer for understanding the need of the Holy Spirit, the need to join together – Read <3:16-19>

<1Jn 4:1-6> Test the spirit – Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from GodRead <4:2-3>

<Eph 4:1-16> Join together practically – Read <4:3, 16>

<Col 1:18-20><Eph 1:9-10; 22-23> Reconcile all things to Himself – Read <Eph 1:9-10>

1. The gospel movement is Himself, the Holy Spirit’s work

1) Impress the covenant into 24 hrs, all things

(How can the covenant continue to impress and "connect" visions in not only my spirit, but all my heart, body, living, relationships, spousal, family, finance and serving?)

Before doing anything, trying hard to fulfill God’s will for us, we have to remember that there are the forces of darkness. We cannot just tell people to hunger for God, think about heavenly things above, to pray themselves and to go and evangelize. I have never meant to tell people to evangelize, but I meant to talk about gospelization. There are some who I see are really born again, but they do not know, and thus, cannot connect their families and living fields to their fact of born again. This may look like a small thing, but it is the root that causes people to always learn and yet never be able to acknowledge.

This is called the forces of darkness. Wherever there are spiritual or material blessings, one will either just go after it or just give it up. These are actually pride and inferiority. Without thinking about how God "comes and born it out" in us, the forces of darkness will deceive to let us lose understanding on the signal to beware, cause muddle-headedness to see temporary matters instead of eternal things, and cause blindness to only focus on the world and the flesh. This extremely great power binds up the work of gospelization.

Only God’s word, giving the promise, filling giving vision, the language and timetable of the Holy Spirit can overcome such great power. The sovereignty of God is hidden in the covenant (promise) of God. With the promise, it takes the state of the worldly oppression, peer-pressure, temptations, , and moves it on. It gives direction to times of ignorance, no heart, no convictions, no power. The promise also continues to remove the motives, un-hungering heart, restlessness, worldly ambitions of man into God-driven methods.

God has promised to us that only my spirit, but all my heart, body, living, relationships, spousal, family, finance and serving will be given to us. Yet, this is also the ONLY covenant that God has made with man. If your life is in struggles, failing in almost everything in the world, the bible only says that we have to return totally to His only given promise. God has not promised something in the future, for He is always with us. Therefore, do not hope for a better tomorrow without seeing that there is a greatest hope in your life already. When we have the great promise of God being filled and understood right now (not in the future), the Holy Spirit’s voice can then be heard.

2) Holy Spirit’s guidance -> break down strongholds -> doors opened gradually

(Can I see the Holy Spirit’s guidance in my family and job? Can I see doors of gospelization opened gradually? Which timetable am I at in breaking down the forces of darkness between me and the hidden disciples?)

The doors of gospelizations are opened gradually when we live in His guidance. When we face the gospelization fields – individual struggles, family salvation, work and missions, there will definitely be great powers of challenges awaiting us. However, in the problems themselves are hidden instructions of the Holy Spirit. It tells people how to arise and shine (in the most untypical way, what would Jesus do) and receive wisdom through alternations. When one problem is solved in the most God-driven way, you would have received the ONLY answer that applies to all your other problems. (e.g. receiving answers in understanding how to deal with inabilities, you will know how to deal with family scoldings, pressure from nags and reminders, work responsibilities). Everyone in the world faces the same problem because they have the same problems categorized in the form of spirit/soul/body, living, relationships, finance and serving. If we know how to rely on the God-driven process of God, the doors of gospelization will definitely continue to open.

3) Gospel must become "grounded" to open channels to contact network

(Am I meeting more 8 beatitudes people and workers? Has the gospel I know become grounded 踏实 (practicalized and accomplished) to open channels to connect with blessed meetings?)

The problem is that we are unable to continue to believe God’s word, love the world, and having no spiritual vision in all our fields. Therefore, we must be cautious if there are hints that tell us that our identity is not one of the common brethrens in the universal church. We must wake up to the signal that we may have constructed the golden calf as our own god to pray.

When we continue to rely on the Holy Spirit to face the forces of darkness to move things ahead, to manage our lifestyle, to draw up the picture of my future spouse and work, and continue to hear the gospel to continue, the forces of darkness will then continue to be removed. We will be able to meet with 8 beatitudes people, and even helpless commissioned workers, deacons, elders and pastors in this era.

Remember that the meeting of blessings depends ONLY on your prepared state of life and lifestyle.

2. The Holy Spirit works through the Network-Connecting Expert to open gospelization doors

1) Jesus Christ is the Expert (Cornerstone) -> I am today’s living Jesus Christ

(Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone and He connected to all kinds of people. He is the model for us all to follow. Do I have the know-how of connecting regions, workers, children, youth, adults, elderly people just like Jesus Christ?)

The lifetime of Jesus Christ shows only one thing, and this is how He connected to all kinds of people. He came as a servant so that He tells all to imitate and follow His model. He gave the best model of having the know-how of connecting regions, workers, children, youth, adults, elderly people. It is, therefore, most important to learn the know-how of communicating with families and regions. Paul, through Lydia, prison officer, Jason, did the work of connecting many people. The world’s wisdom of know-hows of communication cannot work. The gospel work cannot be done through human ways of articulation or the glib of the tongue. Another language needs to be up, and this is only through having the attributes of the model Jesus Christ.

2) Conditions of being a network-connecting expert

(What are the conditions of being a network-connecting expert? Do I have these conditions – shown in main point 2 and sub-point 2) of the Sunday message? {(1) Hungers for God’s word because already saw living evidences, (2) Recognize the Lord’s voice and easily hear Him speaking personally (3) Heart to pray and receives answers, (4) Takes active initiative to witness and connect.} How can I be more accurate in each listed condition so that I can connect to the Unreached?)

Review the 4 points: self must have the 4 points, and also take note when connecting to people of 8 beatitudes, to confirm the 4 points in them.

3) Many network connecting work, many prayers done to open up doors -> obstacles and discouragements

(Can I understand the obstacles and discouragements to progress the work of network-contacting? Do I have the know-how in progressing connecting networks with workers, Christians and people close to the gospel?)

Through experiences, we see that many intercessions, sharing of conditions of people, entering the family, connecting of many vessels are done in order to reach a hidden disciple. It is also seen that in the book of Acts, there is a great deal of ground work in order to reach a disciple. Behind a simple blessed person is another, and behind that is yet another, and behind that, probably a whole group of contacts, where an Apollos, a speaker as great as Paul, was raised up. Therefore, it is only normal that we have to put effort in prayers and the ground work of network contacting. Do not be discouraged, bring news of people, and cause the ears of the church to open up to the voices of people crying. The more the obstacles and discouragements, the greater the door, and the greater the blessings of an era is to be given.

3. Practical (Normal, daily, always) ways to connect networks is the meaning of relying on the Holy Spirit

1) Do I have the heart to send out living springs? How can I preserve this heart by connecting the practical field to the blueprint?

2) Is the Lord pleased with my network contacting work? (1) Am I focusing too much on ministries? Do I get carried away at trying to solve people’s problems? (2) Are there places of renewal for me to focus on the attraction of the pulpit, the love for the inner souls of people, and on using the full conditions given me to bless my network contacts? (3) In my life network, are there any souls I should give more care, healing, and blessings? Am I joining to intercessions and joining to people? (4) Can I realize the timetable of workers, Christians and newcomers so that I can move them a little ahead in their faith?

3) Have I prepared and know how to use the cross message, CD library, blogs, materials, hymns, testimonies, website and/or coordination systems to connect networks? Connecting back to pulpit, to brethrens, and to the Universal church is God’s ultimate desire, as we wait in earnest longing for Christ to unite everything under His authority. What is the best way to join together and complement my contacts with the local church pulpit message, local small groups and the America message? Do my presence and my web of contacts further the local church pulpit message?

Closing Words

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