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Exodus overview 7 – The Glory In The Tabernacle Of Blood

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(Elderly ministry 19 Feb 2010)

Keywords: Systematic Theology, to start meeting, hearing and following God after January / after Chinese New Year, emphasize on golden calf prayers and the need to restore God’s perspective, give yourself time, especially to your own healing on prayers

Opening words

God hears the prayers of the children of God who knows how and what to pray. The only problem of saints is that they take prayer as a necessary thing (ritual) but do not know how receive assurance in what they pray for (they have to "hypnotize" themselves in order to believe that it will come), and if they do not see fulfillments and answers to prayers, they will just be discouraged with a sense of hopelessness, and prayers either become a ritual and with the need to put in their own zeal (God’s zeal cannot be felt anymore). Slowly, they have a motive in prayers and develop their own idols in order to be convicted by it. Such prayers are totally deceived in this era.

Today, we are going to look at building the tabernacle so as to restore real worship.


6. Build the Tabernacle, restore worship (24:12 – 40:33) = The things that happen each time during worship and prayer

1) Tabernacle, Great Priest, the method of offering sacrifice, the necessities for offering sacrifice, workers = the model of Kingdom, prefigured Messiah, the meetings of the church

Moses went up to Mount Sinai with Joshua after leaving the 70 elders and Aaron, received instructions for the tabernacle, especially about Sabbath, and received stone tablets, came down and discovered the golden calf, went into his own "Tent of Meeting" some distance outside the camp <33:7-11>, conversed with God in this Most Holy Place <33:12-23>, went up Mount Sinai the very next morning again to receive the new stone tablets <34:1-28>, came down with face radiant <34:29-35>, first to talk about Sabbath <35:1-3>, then to construct and set up the tabernacle <35:1-40:33>.

You can read the details yourself, but the important matter here is that the description in <24:12-40:33> on the tabernacle is the model of the kingdom of heaven, the image of the church, and even the world inside us (spirit, soul, body). The tabernacle has 3 divisions: the outside court, the Holy Place, and the most holy place. Similarly, once we go into our Most Holy Place with God in our prayer, we immediately get the clear conviction of God. The Most Holy Place is the deepest and most intimate place with God, so that things we pour out are not known by other people but by God.

<35:10> workers

2) Offering Sacrifice (29:1-46) = Sin offering, Burnt offering, Peace offering, everyday = lay hands, shedding of blood, sprinkling of blood, remember Exodus = there I will meet you and talk to you

<29:14> sin offering

<29:18> burnt offering

<29:28> fellowship offering

<29:38> everyday

<29:19> Lay hands

<29:20> sprinkle blood

<29:46> remember Exodus

<29:42> there I will meet you and talk to you

"Blood" is the one thing that contrasts the prayer of a born again and that of a non-believer. Without shedding blood on the cross, the Holy Spirit does not come; without blood, we will not be able to hear the Holy Spirit in our hearts. What is "blood"? E.g. when we pray for people, we put our own "righteousness", thoughts down and come and let God do the setup (who we are and the truths – e.g. of God/Christ/Holy Spirit/saints/earth/limited time/satan/sins/sanctification/crown) first. We put down our "talking" and let God do the talking first (the truths in the form of promise and covenant, so that we receive our roles, perfect will, and what we should do). We put down our motives and inability to accept first, so that we can see the God’s steps for us in how to proceed when we "cannot".

God says in <29:42> that He will meet and talk with us at the place where we do offerings with blood.

The most important is to do it daily, even if it is for 5 minutes, or 20 minutes. This is not a ritual, but setting a priority. If you enjoy this, tell this to your children. The day will start with joy, expectations and courage, and the day will definitely see demons being driven away. Such is the difference of the worship between Abel and Cain. The Lord is fair and we should not test God. If we have lived as how He has told us to, and we have discussed with Him, we will definitely have the road of peace.

3) Israel cast idols (32:1 – 34:35) = The weakness that comes when do not conduct offering sacrifice

In <32:1-34:35>, Israelites cast idols and worshipped the golden calf. This happens when they could not see Moses, as the God-man. This will definitely happen. This Sunday Message tells us that we must not underestimate the power of Satan. The power of Satan binding our unhealed areas, our children’s spirits and the people we continue to pray to receive anointing from above can only be loosened, not by the world’s cleverness, man’s love and friendship, and not by efforts. The power of Satan can only be undone by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Whose zeal is for the ultimate reconciliation of every blessed and hidden disciple to Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we must not forget about keeping ourselves Holy Spirit filled, and this is the vision of the four gospelizations. Even our method must gradually move into habitualized Emmanuel.

We can see the importance of the Sabbath as Moses went up to Mount Sinai and received the last instruction as the Sabbath, and after Moses saw golden calf and came back a second time from Mount Sinai, he told Israelites about Sabbath as the very first exhortation. We can have many web of contacts, but we become the expert in connecting networks when we join everything back to the HQ, and this is called centering to our church altar, church brethrens, and serving (church meetings). Anything can become an idol, even serving. There is no way to be careful or beware, and there is no way so that we cleanse ourselves daily, but only filling ourselves with the Holy Spirit can overcome the power of idol worship.

4) Bear Fruits: Emmanuel (Glory), Guidance, Land of Canaan (40:34-38)

<40:34> Emmanuel (Glory)

<40:38> Guidance

<40:36,38> all the travels of Israelites -> Land of Canaan

(After the golden calf, the tabernacle is then set up:

The new stone tablets, radiant face of Moses, workers and materials for building the tabernacle, constructing the tabernacle (ark and the Most Holy Place, Holy Place, Courtyard), ephod and garments for the high priest, inspecting the tabernacle, setting up the tabernacle (from the skeleton structure, the ark of covenant, placed these in the Most Holy Place, Holy Place, Courtyard). Most Holy Place contains ark of covenant, tablets of stone; Holy Place contains the Table of Shewbread, the 7-branched Lampstand and the Altar of Incense. Courtyard contains the altar of burnt offering. Most Holy Place – enter once a year; Holy Place – daily; Courtyard to do burnt offerings. Peace offerings blood sprinkled on burnt offering altar. Sin offering – yearly (Day of atonement: 10th day of seventh month Tishrei), when priest appointed, after leprosy is healed, shortly after childbirth, some other occasions – done courtyard -> blood taken into Most Holy Place -> offered at Holy Place table of shewbread.





Let us read the last verses <40:34-38>.

Our belief starts with promises <Genesis> and end with promises <end of Exodus>.

– Promise successful -> as we go towards land of Canaan, we will receive more Emmanuel confirmations and evidences.

– Worship (of Emmanuel) successful -> we will see God guiding us, hearing His instructions to move every step closer to the land of Canaan.

The tabernacle is the basis of all the travels. There is a static tabernacle and also a moving tabernacle.


This is the Systematic Theology of the whole bible:

(1) being born again (assurance),

(2) crossing the Red Sea,

(3) building the tabernacle

(4) walking with God in the wilderness

(5) conquering Canaan

Let us memorize these 5 miracles or mysteries. 99% of living testimonies come out from memorizing. 1% comes out from other messages through what we will experience through these.

1. Living Belief

Framework: format -> procedure -> joints -> look to God (test and approve) -> walk with God

(Born again -> Baptism -> Converse with God -> Walk with God -> Bear fruits)

Framework + Promise => become a Living Person

With this framework / blueprint, living becomes easy, and built-up perspective becomes easy to see works of God, easy to bear fruits. Formatted belief will become alive. When we look at people with problems, if he/she is blessed, we think about 2 things already:

1) God loves him/her

2) Satan wants to sift him/her

3) One day, he/she will be used by God to fill up what Jesus Christ has not filled up for the church.

2. Holy Spirit’s Work (joy, peace, thanksgiving, gospel, expectations)

Emmanuel: confirm promised vision (life, power, inheritance) -> brethren-centered (self as a brethren, and network connections contacts web as cornerstone modeled after Jesus Christ) -> 24 hrs and in all things (heavenly kingdom on down-to-earth groundedness)

Then we must know the Holy Spirit’s work when we progress. Zealousness cannot accomplish anything – it will stop one day, and discouragements and stubbornness will come in. We need to know how to explain each step as God’s fulfillments. We must know how to see greater fulfillments in greater problems. We are not afraid of problems, as the very instructions and voice of God is in the problems. If we can explain the already answered works of God, we will be able to live a life of joy, peace and thanksgiving always. Joshua is reminded on being courageous always because God is with him.

3. Need Time (3 years)

Time: over and over (roles / gifts / commission, equipping and serving) -> expansion (dig, send, burst: living testimonies, living messages, living answers, holistic gospel) -> Habit (everything – past, present, future – becomes thanksgiving)

This building up does not happen overnight. It takes time to undo what the world has done to your mindset. Then the 12 disciples will be built up like how Jesus sowed the seed for 3.5 years. When the Holy Spirit descends on the person, the person we pastor will fly. We can definitely hope for a better tomorrow.

Closing Words

The Exodus systematic theology is thus very important. Let us build this up as a cornerstone of our lives, above ourselves, our spouse and our interpersonal relationships so that no wind or storm can blow away. Let us repeat this process and confirm for the time period of 3 years.

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