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Prayer Topics for “Follow my model, as I follow the model of Christ”


(Personal and Small Group Prayer Topics 21 February 2010)

Prayer Topics:

1. Jesus Christ is the most gloriously perfect Life Model that God showed to all saints! May God allow me to receive the Life Model that Christ has shown to me


1) Have I already seen it very clearly, that God used the incarnation Jesus Christ, to show through the whole history, “Christ’s gloriously perfect Life Model”? Am I willing to be closer in restoring this Model?

① Model of beloved Son ② Model of loving God, men and kingdom ③ Wisest model ④ Victorious model ⑤ Model of virtues ⑥ Model of Good Shepherd ⑦ Model of submission to the point of death


2) Is this eternal glorious example the Vision that I want to achieve in my lifetime?


3) Is that the reason why I remain on earth to work in all things?


2. How do I follow the example of Christ?


1) Lord, cause me to receive Christ’s life ideology and lifestyle system in order to be able to follow Your Spirit’s guidance. Have I received “Christ’s Spirit (Holy Spirit)” through “eating Christ’s flesh and drinking Christ’s blood”? Before and after receiving Christ’s gospel, how has my spirit changed? Have I received all of the following Seven Spirits?

① “Model of beloved Son” —D&R–> “Spirit of sonship” <Ro 8:15-17>

② “Model of loving God, men, kingdom” —D&R–> “Spirit of loving kindness, Spirit of loving God, men and kingdom” <Ro 8:31-39>

③ “Wisest Model” —D&R–> “Spirit of wisdom and revelation” <Ep 1:17>

④ “Victorious Model” —D&R–> “Spirit of victory” <Ro 8:37>

⑤ “Model of virtues” —D&R–> “Spirits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” <Gal 5:22-23>

⑥ “Model of Good Shepherd” —D&R–> “Spirit of good shepherd” <Jn 21:15-19>

⑦ “Model of submission” —D&R–> “Spirit of submission in all things” <Ph 2:5-11>

clean_air_blow Candlestick

2) Lord, cause me to call upon You. Every time when I conversed with the Lord, can I see the scenario of the Holy Spirit’s breath molding my life (in all the 7 Spirits)?

lump-of-clay potter-black

3) Lord, help me learn Your Life Model swifter among brethrens. Am I presently enjoying “the Holy Spirit Who is molding my life, which is done more powerfully and more swiftly through living in the midst of brethrens”?


4) Lord, help me learn Your Life Model even through all other peoples. In meeting every kind of matters, if I seek for the Lord’s perfect will (call upon the name of Christ), does the Lord show them to me every time? Is my life daily restoring more of Christ’s glorious life?


3. We can also say, “you should follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ”


1) Every day, am I testifying about “becoming less myself, Christ becoming greater”?


2) Lord, help me discern people belonging to You. Can I accurately discern the “Holy Spirit’s works in other people’s life”? Lord, help me teach blessed ones on how to follow Christ, to bless them. Have I experienced people “whom I love, meet and ① Keep interceding” gradually getting blessed? Through that process, do I ② in love, wisely teach ③ strive to do what I teach ④ wait upon God’s timetable with ease?

Perceive with the eyes of love

3) Can I rely on this assurance and experience, so that I can, with rooted foundation, teach people, admonish people, comfort people and bless people?

water Product-Assurance-side flowerJesusHug

4 thoughts on “Prayer Topics for “Follow my model, as I follow the model of Christ”

  1. wow. this post has overflowing pictures. nice. hehehe…

  2. yeah.. Frankly speaking, I thought of making the blog “softer”, but in the end, I realized it helped my prayers too.. In prayers, we don”t see words, but we see pictures (visions) 🙂

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