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A woman should cover her head, and a man ought not to cover his head – Singspiration

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(Singspiration on Sunday Worship 28 Feb 2010)

God’s work in brothers and sisters in the past week

There were lots of variations in the past week. Some felt the blues for the whole week, while some felt joyful. Some felt oppression for some days, getting a little better in midweek, then back to darkness and inability to rise out from guilt. All in all, have we all felt the change that Christ’s image has changed us through the week?

Connecting Last Week’s Message and Today’s Sunday message

May we Model after Christ, in all things, 24 hrs. Thus we must go into learning how to be blessed, grow and expand together in the Lord’s love within His fellowship / church in all things / 24 hours / relevantly / accordingly / down-to-earth / grounded / practically / concretely.

Hymns that fit:

48 Treasure

42 All in God’s Hands

19 Clean Heart

15 God is our Refuge

Chosen Hymns

15 God is our Refuge

48 Treasure


All our lives are in Your hands, Lord. May the Lord check, so that we will restore an upright and clean spirit, that fills us. Give us the joy of salvation, the spirit that always supports the children of God.

We wait before You in solving the timetable of accusations and discipline, for the Lord has the best time table.

All our lives are in Your hands.

15 God is our Refuge祌是我的避难所

May we receive calmness today.


也是我们的力量 是我们在患难中 随时的帮助

1. 听啊你们要休息

要知道主是你们的神 祂必在外邦中被尊崇 在遍地上也被尊崇

2. 父神我们爱你敬拜你

用全心尽全意赞美你 在全地宣告耶稣基督 全心等候主的再来

48 Treasure珍惜

Sometimes, we give too many reasons, and we know that we are actually being attacked by Satan all around. That is the time we need to sit down, be calm, not to face people, entrust everything to God, and treasure the upright and clean spirit, so that we can continue to receive the Holy Spirit’s convictions. This is why God tells us that everything must be in order <1Co 11:26>. Only the method of death and resurrection…

作词:周美德 作曲:王丽玲 编曲:Smitty Price

为什么说 过去日子好



为什么说 过去朋友好












珍惜 珍惜

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