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Prayer Topics for "A woman should cover her head, and a man ought not to cover his head"


(Personal and Small Group Prayer Topics 28 February 2010)

Prayer Topics:

1. What is the essence or true meaning of "A woman should cover her head, and a man ought not to cover his head"?

May the Lord help me understand God’s created position for me, no matter man or woman, all are God’s greatest glory, beloved, called and covenated children.

May the Lord case me to grab hold of God’s created authority system "Father God -> Christ -> Man -> Woman", so that I can see angels working, enjoying spirit, soul and bodily peace, and all things prosperous.


1) If there is a true essence to the bible’s passage <1Co 11:3-16>, when I take the authority system of "Christ -> Husband -> Wife" to see my spousal living, OR "Christ -> Boyfriend -> Girlfriend" to see my date, what prayer topics should I receive? When I take the authority system of "Christ -> Man -> Woman", what prayer topics should I receive to treat the brothers or sisters in the church?


2) If man and woman are truly equal, which the bible actually propagates, do I really believe: If I myself alone truly live the lifestyle (as the only commission, not asking for the other parties’ commitment) by "Christ as my head, letting Him take first place in all things", we as a couple (or church co-workers, or church brothers / sisters) will then restore "the proper and normal system that the Lord is pleased with"?


3) Thereby (with my position and role), what does the Lord tell me on how I ought to treat my husband / brother (help, submit) or wife / sister (protect, guide)?


2. The principle that a woman should cover her head does not limit sisters on actively participating on the gospel ministries


1) Do I affirm "the sisters’ absolute roles in the gospel ministries"? (same vision and inheritance as man, both to follow the Lord first over his/her own spouse OR coworker of opposite gender)


2) Sisters’ life has unique gifts, power and effect!

2a) (Brothers) to test and approve: Which gifts has the Lord given my wife / sisters-in-ministry? Which are the ministries God desires to use my wife / sisters-in-ministry? How then should I cooperate?

2b) (Sisters) to test and approve: what is the Lord’s calling within my conditions, experiences and gifts? What kind of equipping and participation should I enhance?


Tamar clip_image022

Rahab clip_image024clip_image026


Naomi / Ruth clip_image036clip_image038

Hannah clip_image040clip_image042

Shunammite Woman and Elisha clip_image044 clip_image046

Esther clip_image048

Shulamite Maiden <So 1:5> "Dark am I, yet lovely" clip_image050


Mary Magdalene clip_image054 clip_image056

Priscilla and Aquila clip_image058 clip_image060

Eunice to Timothy clip_image064

3) Especially in this era (more sisters blessed than brothers, sisters are more finely-woven towards life ministries, more sisters having higher education and career position), what kind of intercessions and support should I augment for "the sisters’ fellowship and ministries"?


3. May the Lord cause me to become, through knowing the gospel, man more like man, woman more like woman


1) In the blessed days of past, how did the gospel renew me and cause me to restore more of "Christ’s glorious image"? (Beloved child, servant/maid, love God/men/kingdom, love to center on altar/brethren/ministries, love prayers/intercessions, love visions/wisdom/authority)


2) (Brothers) Does the gospel tells me to recover more and more of "the image of a blessed man"? What have I laid aside or have restored? (Lazy, irresponsible, visionless, powerless -> vision, power, will, responsible, leadership, cover, life, heartbeat, perspective, protection, respect, wisdom, authority, firm, …)


3) (Sisters) Does the gospel tells me to restore more and more of "the image of a blessed woman"? What have I laid aside or have restored? (Stand alone, outdoing, preeminent, conductor -> submissive, quiet, gentle, help, fitting, kindness, testimonies, steadfast, blissful, well-liked, family, complement weaknesses, …)


2 thoughts on “Prayer Topics for "A woman should cover her head, and a man ought not to cover his head"

  1. Wow. I really love your pictures!!!

  2. Thank you for your support.. hehee. Frankly speaking, it takes up quite some time, but it’s fun and relaxing too

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