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A woman should cover her head, and a man ought not to cover his head

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(Small Group 4 March 2010)

Keywords: be a man, how to restore and pray like a man, knowing the full picture of the gospel that must have evidences if you have gone by the truth, ability to accept unfairness and fight like a man without complaints, what is a true hero

Opening Words

This week’s Discipleship training message talks about summoning the utterly detestable doings in the Most Holy Place to leave. This is by knowing what is the only most important Alpha and the Omega in the gospel message. The gospel has 3 levels, and the most important is the relationship with God, an absolutely unchanging truth so that we are in unity with God. This is the "Tao" of the gospel message. There is an ideology. Man must be like a man, because God created man to understand about the head of man, which is Christ. When we live like this, we will have all justice working for us in this world, people following us, and definitely, the world will come to us.


Passage Reading: <1Co 11:3-16>

1. What is the essence or true meaning of "A woman should cover her head, and a man ought not to cover his head"?

May the Lord help me understand God’s created position for me, no matter man or woman, all are God’s greatest glory, beloved, called and covenanted children.

May the Lord cause me to grab hold of God’s created authority system "Father God -> Christ -> Man -> Woman", so that I can see angels working, enjoying spirit, soul and bodily peace, and all things prosperous.

If there is anything important in our life, it is created by God. Our position is determined by God. Why is our position important? This is because it forms the understanding of our relationship with God, and the relationship with woman, if you are a man, and vice versa. In our christian belief, the most important is relationships. This does not mean that the socially-inapt cannot rise up to be important instruments of God. Socially-inapt people many times use their mouths wrongly for antichrist.

1) If there is a true essence to the bible’s passage <1Co 11:3-16>, when I take the authority system of "Christ -> Husband -> Wife" to see my spousal living, OR "Christ -> Boyfriend -> Girlfriend" to see my date, what prayer topics should I receive? When I take the authority system of "Christ -> Man -> Woman", what prayer topics should I receive to treat the brothers or sisters in the church?

Therefore, when God says about the truth, accept it first, then go through self-checking and confirmation. Christ -> brothers -> Sisters. With a sister who takes a cloth to cover the head, no one would want to bully her, because authority comes right out. Therefore, we must really know how to protect them. For me, when I go through this week’s message, I realize that sisters many times are weak. If we take their faults as their personality problems, we will also look down on ourselves. Re-consider if they have lives that want to go with the heart of Christ, and see problems and weaknesses as external factors affecting them. This week, I also see a sister sitting in the midst of brothers. I quickly want to protect her and even spoke softer to understand her. And, there is a colleague, whom everyone would know to think twice before speaking.

2) If man and woman are truly equal, which the bible actually propagates, do I really believe: If I myself alone truly live the lifestyle (as the only commission, not asking for the other parties’ commitment) by "Christ as my head, letting Him take first place in all things", we as a couple (or church co-workers, or church brothers / sisters) will then restore "the proper and normal system that the Lord is pleased with"?

<Ez 4-8> Second Passage Reading:

The destruction of Jerusalem, the reason of destruction (adultery, idols, evil), the deeper reason of destruction (invisible idols = money, fame and glory), the deepest reason of destruction (Holy Place, Courtyard -> Most Holy Place)

Therefore, each to his own, we just do our part, before all of us stand before God.

Believe = authority: brothers to "force" in, then see and enjoy, then summon unbelief and the Gen 3 problems to go away, and summon the kingdom to come down.

If you do not follow the rules laid out by God in this world, you will be at a loss. Do not let Satan, or the worldly culture linger in your Most Holy Place, for they attack the mindset, and there will surely be discipline.

Hold on to the gospel message 3 hierarchy: (1) relationship with God, (2) inheritance, (3) Blessings

This is called being "open" to a teaching, a direction, a way, the truth, the living springing life, an ideology, or the hot blood of David, as also exhibited by Bruce Lee drama or Sun Yat Sen (walking towards unity).


Accept teachings like a brother. Accept and submit to authorities, if you want sisters (future wife) to submit to you. Accept teachings that may cause even more accusations to you, for they may not be wrong, but you must learn to take in solid food. If you think you cannot take in solid food, you will even choke at it.

Therefore, if you have received grace, or the message continues to give realizations to your life, know that you are different. You are already God’s owned; you belong to Him. All things in the world may work out for non-believers, and for those who are not to be used by God, but I tell you that God will cause all things wrong, even discipline, if we do not clear the detestable doings and things out from the Most Holy Place.

Today, I read Psalm 4. David knows for so sure that he is not embarrassed at any thought. God wants to seek godly people only belonging to Him. Know firmly about this, and really believe. If we are a man, take in solid food, and do not waver. There must be a way, just because God says so. This is called true belief. If you cannot take it, come to God, and make covenant to Him.

If you still cannot take it, vent it all out, ask for understanding from God, then turn back. You can complain, but do not follow your complaints. This is a blessed person, just like what Jesus said about a person who said he does not want to go to the vineyard, but later changed his mind. From now on, I treat you all as brothers and as adults, to think this way. Venting is a frustration.

The reason is to restore the proper and normal system that the Lord is pleased with. Therefore, I also encourage that we also restore that, if we have enough strength, we don’t continue to grumble, but we are careful with our words. Today, I heard a message, LC’s wife’s youngest brother, who is most blessed, complained all the way, for an hour, but when LC spoke to him about the most easiest and smoothest way, he Amen all the way. If God has given you strength, there is no need to apologize (if you need, apologize only once), but actions count a lot more.

Therefore, do not be discouraged, but move on, knowing what must be done, what I must go and do, and just do it.

3) Thereby (with my position and role), what does the Lord tell me on how I ought to treat my husband / brother (help, submit) or wife / sister (protect, guide)?

Therefore, there is a perfect will in dealing with sisters, because we are created with a position. The bible propagates that man and woman are truly equal, for both comes from God. We cannot treat sisters like we treat brothers, nor can we treat them as children or people with no understanding.

Don’t be inferior, get girl who loves God more than you, for this is real love. We protect sisters, because they are weaker. We guide them to God, not to ourselves or our needs. This is called being a man.


For sisters, which I will say, they will then continue to help and submit to brothers, not in a sense everything, but in seemingly that there is a head above them. Even brothers will find ways to respect them.

2. The principle that a woman should cover her head does not limit sisters on actively participating on the gospel ministries

1) Do I affirm "the sisters’ absolute roles in the gospel ministries"? (same vision and inheritance as man, both to follow the Lord first over his/her own spouse OR coworker of opposite gender)

Now, do you know why sisters can be entrusted to gospel ministries? This is because anyone who held on to the first of the 3 levels of the gospel messages is the predestination and predetermination of God. No one can grasp hold of this unless the Holy Spirit enables one to.

(1) Father-child relationship: identity, belonging, eternity

(2) Inheritance

(3) Blessings

2) Sisters’ life has unique gifts, power and effect!

2a) (Brothers) to test and approve: Which gifts has the Lord given my wife / sisters-in-ministry? Which are the ministries God desires to use my wife / sisters-in-ministry? How then should I cooperate?

2b) (Sisters) to test and approve: what is the Lord’s calling within my conditions, experiences and gifts? What kind of equipping and participation should I enhance?

Have we seen sister’s wife’s unique’s gifts, power and effect? If you do, then we must not look down on them. We must even gather their strengths, and see God’s perfect will in what they say.

In the course where they can be easier to be discouraged, help them test and approve God’s perfect will.

3) Especially in this era (more sisters blessed than brothers, sisters are more finely-woven towards life ministries, more sisters having higher education and career position), what kind of intercessions and support should I augment for "the sisters’ fellowship and ministries"?

Think about how to augment.

3. May the Lord cause me to become, through knowing the gospel, man more like man, woman more like woman

1) In the blessed days of past, how did the gospel renew me and cause me to restore more of "Christ’s glorious image"? (Beloved child, servant/maid, love God/men/kingdom, love to center on altar/brethren/ministries, love prayers/intercessions, love visions/wisdom/authority)

For the past, the gospel has renewed me to restore Christ’s glorious image, His Life Model.

2) (Brothers) Does the gospel tells me to recover more and more of "the image of a blessed man"? What have I laid aside or have restored? (Lazy, irresponsible, visionless, powerless -> vision, power, will, responsible, leadership, cover, life, heartbeat, perspective, protection, respect, wisdom, authority, firm, …)

When being attacked, defend and fight at the same time.

Relax / rest when downcast or beaten down, to build up teachings / tweak your message / come out with a book or your message, testimonies.

No need to be afraid of wrongs so that you can explain and give an answer to all, but no need to be too right for the sake of learning higher.

Then people, including sisters, will turn and follow you.


3) (Sisters) Does the gospel tells me to restore more and more of "the image of a blessed woman"? What have I laid aside or have restored? (Stand alone, outdoing, preeminent, conductor -> submissive, quiet, gentle, help, fitting, kindness, testimonies, steadfast, blissful, well-liked, family, complement weaknesses, …)

You must also gather the image of the blessed sister. How you want them to be, be firm, then they will learn the right things from you. For me, I go forth in making the covenant. This is called confirmation. If I have done this, they will see, and then follow. Remember, women are followers. If they lead, this is not a good sight to see. But you must understand that they have their part and role to play.

Closing Words

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