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Whenever You Eat or Drink, Remember Me Prayer Topics

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(Personal and Small Group Prayer Topics 7 March 2010)

Prayer Topics:

May the Lord help me focus on the 2 things that the Lord focuses on: (1) a drawing that continues to direct towards the heavenly kingdom, (2) the relationship that I have with God and with men.

1. Your meetings do more harm than good

1) In my interpersonal relationships, every time when contradictions happen, what methods do I use to solve them?

2) Currently, is there still any one giving contradictions in my heart, that I have not resolved?

3) No matter in the family or church, divisions and groups are inevitable. What is my intercession for this phenomenon? Have I received the best answer?

2. Therefore, I must restore "Passover (Holy Communion)", circumcision (baptism) belief = the belief of the cross

1) What benefits does the cross bring me? Revise the 7 blessings, and also practically apply on my life and lifestyle.

① Eternal infinite great love <Ro 8:31-39>

② Eternal newly created life <2 Co 5:17, Ro 6:1-11, Ep 2:1-10>

③ Completely heals my spirit, soul, body, living, interpersonal relationships and everything <Is 53:5, Lk 21:18, So 5:16, 2 Co 12:7>

④ Everything becomes blessings <Ga 3:13, 3:29>

⑤ Build temple (life ideology and lifestyle system) → Holy Spirit <Jn 2:19, Co 2:7, Jn 14:26 = Ex 40:34-38>

⑥ At all times, use Christ’s precious blood to cleanse ourselves, thus drive out all accusations and destruction of the enemy <Re 12:11, 1 Jn 1:9, 3:21>

⑦ Enjoy eternal victory, hope, thanksgiving, joy, praise eternal crowns are added daily <Jn 14:1-4, Lk 10:20, Mt 25:34, Re 21-22>

2) How does this cross message strengthen the relationships between God and me, intimate communion and walking with God?

3) When I look at people through the cross, is there still anyone whom I cannot accept, forgive and contain?

3. Whenever you eat or drink, remember me!

May the Lord cause me to grasp hold of the spiritual meaning of "baptism" and "Holy Communion", and so every time, in all things, remember Jesus Christ, and live out Jesus Christ.

1) Can the ceremony of Holy Communion, having the contents to remember, examine oneself and discern, add up sanctification, power and inheritance to my life every time?

2) Can it become daily scheduled prayers, continuous prayers, concentration prayers, causing me to have the foundational contents of receiving purification, receiving freedom, receiving power and receiving wisdom?

3) Do I understand how the Lord lives in me, and also lives in "us (family, church, travelmates)"?

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