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Build Our Church, Lord!

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(Sharing 12 April 2010)


As I tried to write about God’s grace through His guidance of the one month stay in South Korea, along with the experiences that I had by going around 3 mega churches, as recommended by Rev Leechull and Sophia, I found myself at a loss of how to begin, how to organize, and how not to miss important details. I need a format.

Yesterday, Guorong asked me if I wanted to start the IBM prayer group today. I heard the voice of the Lord telling me, "Are you ready now? What are you waiting for? Just go and I will lead." I had nothing in my mind of the theme of our prayers today. But I told God that we needed some direction and content to move us forward. Prayer topics can be easily formed, i.e. pray for this and that person, hope that God will open doors of gospelization, but there must be something that the Lord has for us already. I need a format.

I managed to persuade and convince my wife to go to bed earlier last night with me to prepare for IBM prayer group after buying her a very nice digital camera. She became very gentle after one month and listened to me. There is a prayer out from my heart to ask God to heal us both. (We slept late many times to do His ministry because there is a little fear in us to want to quickly finish up the "holy" tasks given to us as we failed many times to do so in the day time.) Since God gave us both topsy-turvy day-night sleep cycles for the past month, there is a perfect will of God stronger now to move us into healing this month, especially our church pulpit will focus on grace and driving out all sorts of wrong fear out of having unpeace so that we want to do something of our own to guarantee that our tasks will be accomplished. This is not good as this is not God-driven. I need to recap and reformat.

After waking up today morning at 7am, God gave me fresh convictions to format up the Emmanuel messages that He has given our Life Churches over all these years. There was an evening when I was in Seoul where I did not know how to pray and write email for a Chinese sister and a colleague, and therefore, I formatted that up to let my mind become alive with the movement of God’s word. For writing about experiences in South Korea, for IBM prayer group, and for healing this very month, the very clear road is to format everything up first. In fact, the building of the church pulpit was done through the years by 1) Structuring up the 36 Lesssons, 2) Seeing God’s guidance through Bible Overview, 3) Pastoring the church Who is gentle towards Christ. We have now an abundance of messages and it is always God’s voice that the temple of God must become a moving tabernacle in us to start a prayer movement.

1) Gospel of God-driven Nature à Promise / Covenant

The greatest conviction that I remember when this message came to me back in 1997 was the difference between gospel and religion. Many Christians got this difference wrong many times, and sometimes, all the time! I was struck because I myself got it wrong for 12 years since God called me to go to church till 1997. I could not forgive myself for any wrongs I had done, and only felt better after countless requests of God to forgive myself. Even after feeling better, I was not able to come to the throne of God boldly with full confidence. I was struck with tears with the love of God when Rev Leechull and Pastor Rickson explained to me that everyone in the ark of Noah (everyone in Christ) is already with no curse at all. This happened while during my first year of University studies. Through a great failure in army life of 2.5 years, I want God into my life even in greater need than before. I was broken to pieces and wanted to find a fellowship to sustain me, but I searched around for a fellowship that does no superficial love, but one with a purposeful love for souls. In the end, I myself was healed.

We continued to preach what we know is the gospel. The gospel must be understood from Emmanuel perspective. For now, I have not seen a message as powerful as the Emmanuel message. God is with us – not only in spirit / soul / body / field (through the whole world – visible, invisible, full gospel, even till health, finance, relationships, wisdom in all things and also the best romance between man and God), but also through the whole bible (Old Testament, New Testament, and the end times where we are, so that we can build the messages with the best theology to bring out how to think and have in our mindset) and also through the whole history of mankind (the past / present / future, so that we should even prophesize).

Different understanding of the gospel and promise

Everyone understands the gospel in differing depths. Some understood the gospel to solve their life problems. Some understood the gospel to tell them to stake their whole lives for it as they saw the limitless value in it. Some understood the gospel to tell them to see it as a solution to every kind of inadequacies and the way to blessings of the universe. Some understood the gospel as a shock to turn their whole lives around to rediscover the whole history of mankind, the world, the philosophy of life, the values in all things, and to discover who they really are (Christ in them).

For me, I received such a shock that I became so extreme as to throw every kind of Christian learning away, and loved Christ, Rev Leechull and Pastor Vincent more than even my wife or family. (It is definitely not correct to reject all our past teachings, as there is immense grace in the world of Christianity. There may be accusations from the pulpit from this era of churches, but we cannot ignore the challenges with it that produced people who went on to take up the cross to places that people have not trodden before. We also cannot ignore the grace that quick spiritual experiences led people to Christ very quickly from their pain in their flesh. We cannot ignore the grace that street evangelism had brought people to Christ. However, there is a need to reformat and rebuild all these from the very core of Christianity, because God is one. The church in the history of mankind continues because there is continual progress in messages. If not, that is really called indulgences in the world.) Don’t ask me why, it happened because they gave me the most shock, love and victory. I supposed after Paul received the shock in Damascus, and could not eat and sleep for 3 days and nights, he stood up and debated furiously more than ever, against all peoples who had the wrong mindset and thinking about Christ. However, I need to go from just factual understanding to a faith that will become personal and relational to God, to myself and to all men. Therefore, God allowed them to scold me, pressure me, discipline me, did not talk to me, but I can see that all these were because of a very deep sacrificial love from them to me.

Through realizing the gospel, we will find that we ourselves are already different beings. The people of God can understand and hunger for the gospel or the mystery of Jesus Christ because they are the children of God. If we have identity as the children of God, we know that we do not belong to the earth. All our problems, past, present and future, all our successes and prosperity are all of a different nature from that of the world. They all belong to the heavenly realms. All things happen non-coincidentally because they belong to a heavenly will. If we belong to heaven, we have a relationship with all things spiritual and practical. We are fit to be His children, and we knit and weave with Him. There is power, inheritance and future with understanding who we are. We are already a new creation. The Holy Spirit convicted us before we can realize. The standard of the assurance of a child of God is the assurance of knowing that I am today’s Jesus Christ. This is why we go into Today’s Jesus messages for years. We live as Today’s Jesus, not trying to be like Jesus. I had thought that "if Jesus was in my shoes right now, what would He do" had a little pressurizing until God revealed to me that Jesus Christ’s image is firstly, the image of the most beloved Child of God. He always met God and had the heart most filled with thanksgiving and gratitude towards God His Father.

With confirmation of who we really are, so that we put off the old thoughts of how we thought we were as lowly beings or as beings who needed debates to elevate our positions, we begin to put down everything. There is a new purpose and direction in our life. This is the promise given to us by God for living on earth. Without the promise, Christians do not know how to walk the Christian life, because God has only given us the promise to do Christian living. By the promise, we can then seek out His perfect will in all things / times / backgrounds / conditions / environment / relationships.

The gospel way of living must be true and not a carbon copy (1, 2 Kings). God hated the faith that is of "carbon copy" because it still has the inklings of man. In order to have the right gospelized lifestyle, we must start from the Torah – Genesis (4 gospelizations), Exodus (5 mysteries God is with us – through born again, through death and resurrection, through tabernacle prayers, through desert, through inheritance), Leviticus (prayer mysteries: 5 burnt offerings, through the Great High Priest Christ, Most Holy Place, Everyday dawn and evening, 3 festivals), Numbers (centering on static tabernacle = belief system, centering on moving tabernacle = lifestyle principle), Deuteronomy (recap for fixed perspective, blessings and discipline). The Torah forms the basis of the understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is through the Torah that the whole history of Israel (church) has their successes and failures. It is by the Torah that psalms, wisdom, philosophy of playing, and romances with God become alive. It is by the Torah that the beloved prophets understood and wrote the very essence of what the Torah meant. It is the Torah by which the gospel books were formed. It is by the Torah that the church history was established. It is by the Torah that the Pastoral Epistles has their foundations…

Our first two yearly theme messages are "Stand Firm on Promised Land" and "Expand The Promised Land".

And, if this promise is really true so that we made a life and death covenant with God, then from then on, God will definitely fulfill and is already in the midst of fulfilling.

Absolute -> Relative

Many people do not know about fixed perspective as spoken in James. If we have fixed perspective, we would resolute just like Ruth and Naomi did to follow the absolute truths (even though Israel or the church in the era of the book of Ruth was in the worst of states after the continual failures of Judges before Samuel) to see God’s guidance and plan through the relative circumstances. What this actually meant is not that the relative is not important, but when the absolute is held on no matter the relative circumstances, the relative conditions become living and active. The absolutely unchanging is the Word of God, Logos. With this enlightenment, God’s Voice Rhema can then be found in the relative conditions.

Logos -> Rhema

I focused on Logos many times because it is the absolute, unchanging and eternal. However, God is pleased to hide Himself in the Rhema, which is the relative, changing and temporary. Jesus Christ is the One Who brought out the Logos in the most down-to-earth way. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Through the promise of God, we will have a lifetime vision obtained through covenanting the promise of God. Vision is the language of the Holy Spirit. Through the promise of God and the language of the Holy Spirit, we will be able to see everything as positive, and much more than the best positive-thinking motivational thought in the world. With the promise of God, there is no need for motivational speeches. The promise of God is already calm and confident because it is guaranteed by God Himself through the blood of the Lamb.

Through the promise, I also discover that our methods have to change. In the past, I only had a direction and sacrificed everything for God. I was one who does not know much about anything in the world. Nobody taught me and I was slow, therefore, I did not wear jeans until a little later than other people, and I never had confidence to buy clothes because everything I chose was different from what others thought are better. In other words, I was socially out of the picture. Therefore, I only knew about serving and giving everything to God. But all these have to change. If God came and found me first, then all my conditions are precious because I was found through those conditions. Therefore, God has already initiated to bless me. Therefore, I need to test and approve through the conditions that He has already given to me.

It has to become the method of prayers. By prayers, this meant that even if we know the ending (everything will turn to good), there wouldn’t be a story. Prayers meant that we have to see the great problem of the separation with God / original sin and curses / Satan as a murderer accuser deceiver, see that we need Christ so much that we take pains to let go of ourselves to accept His full love and forgiveness, having the gratitude in our hearts to understand and confirm that we are actually the very child of God Our Father Who never requires us any single performance in law!, and then go through even death to make a covenant by coming with full confidence to God through Christ which is the only vow that God wants us to make, arise and enter prayers with thanksgiving in the odds of all things, seek for the fulfillments in the midst of prayers, seek for answers, seek to purify us from all unrighteousness, forgive and intercede for every one that I have ever done wrong or not bothered to have compassion for, and have the greatest victory in Christ by seeing the kingdom of heaven descending on very practical and earthly things, prayers actually fulfilling right after we opened our eyes from prayers.

The book of Deuteronomy explains the need to have fixed perspective, so that we will only hold on to the promise in the book of Joshua, which has similar contents as the book of Acts.

2) With us, Converse with us, Walk with us

This is the format of the 20 lessons in 36 lessons. God is with us, therefore, we must know and see evidences how He is with us already, continually conversing with us, and walking with us at every moment. The moment we know about this, our living will become alive. This is like the second born again. Meeting God is like receiving the light from above. Once the light has been turned on, we can see God in person and talk to Him face to face. In our entire Christian walk, we must always start with meeting Him. Without meeting Him, everything is just knowledge, such as the words and contents here.

If He is with us through voices, then we must learn conversational prayers, receiving convictions as and when. We learn to converse through the 5 prayer mysteries of Leviticus, and the 7 prayer mysteries to guide our prayers as we prepare our hearts to enter prayers, process prayers and see prayers fulfilling with kingdom of God descending.

Everyone failed in the book of Judges and this was because they compromised on the promise / covenant given to them. David was labeled as the one who is after the heart of God. He walked with God. He was the product of teachings from Samuel in 1, 2 Samuel. Centering on the worship service, centering on brethrens, centering on the fields that God has given to us, centering on evangelism in the fields, and centering on finding and raising disciples is how we walk with God. In (1, 2 Kings), there was discipleship training in the era of darkness. Prophets are a highlight that it was an era of darkness. Elisha received a double portion of spirit than Elijah not because he performed more miracles, but because he did discipleship training. Jesus Christ seemed to fail and not have victory by the cross, but he trained the best disciples. It seemed that the 13 epistles in New Testament was never written by any one of His 12 disciples undergoing His training to them, but he was considered the best master in discipleship. Paul was an apostle to the Gentiles, and his 13 epistles were all for pastoring through church and ministerial works and discipleship materials.

The temple must be built (conclusion of 1, 2 Chronicles). If God is already with us, then all the answers in the bible has been given to us. There is an "absolute" answer in all kinds of situation. This is in the 10 healing messages.

For this, the temple had to be destroyed and rebuilt back on where exactly God had promised (book of Ezra). At the end of the book of Nehemiah, the temple FORMAT must be ridden of all breaches and joined together. This was 2006 end of the year message. Every message in the church at large has more or less no problems against the theology, but the spiritual atmosphere that is brought out is different. With some holes or breaches between talking about being loved by Jesus so that we are to go and preach forth the gospel, there is an important breach to confirm the already successful identity of whom we already really are. We are just a bundle of blessing of God’s love. Start from this, and the promise of God, perfect will found in the Trinity, prayer topics that have foundations and direction, walking with God that goes from having testimonies and evidences to seeking out people of eight beatitudes and discipleship training.

However much we format, we must focus on the missing links. It is the missing links that Satan goes in and out to accuse and tempt us. If the joints are strong, everything would not go wrong.

At the end of the history books, we have the book of Esther, where even a sister can lead the nation to celebrate the day of Purim through concentration prayers having the Bible Overview contents from Genesis till Nehemiah. Sisters and the weak can format and become an important tool for the church. We need to join everyone together.

3) Join Together

I almost forgot about this. This was so much emphasized and felt a bit mechanical that I forgot about this in the IBM prayer group. In the year 2007, after knowing about joining together from end of the year 2006, we need to be joined together. We need to be joined together with the past, present and future with God. We need to be joined together with the church in the past, Israel, as there were already great revelations through leading the whole history of mankind and the messages then was already hidden so that we just need to pray to allow the messages to flow out. This also meant that we have to be joined together with our brethrens in the same local church. We also need to be joined together with the churches of this era, and we need to put a stop to criticize their messages, however their messages may bring wrong ideas about the true essence of the heart of God. There is a perfect will of their existence even till now. From here, we begin to listen to messages from other churches to rethink, reformat and re-strengthen the Emmanuel messages. One day, we are co-working and will be co-working with the people from other churches of the same era. Our sheep, disciples and children live in this era, and we therefore also have to be joined together with them.

Joining together has also an emphasis that we have to center our life and living on the church pulpit, center on the brethrens, and center on serving. I did not know when it happened, but the disciple church will surely emphasize on meetings often. In fact, this was continued to be nagged at in the church for many times, even years, even though Rev Leechull and Pastor Vincent ever said that they were not going to mention about coming to meetings as the very first submission of God ever again. If we center our lives on the church pulpit, we will be protected and our lives led with a perfect will of God. If we live with brethrens, we then can understand how God is guiding us with His voice. The church pulpit messages are not built from a person just continuing to meditate so that messages continue to come. The messages come from pastoring and living together with brethrens, with a relationship of love, yet with a purposeful direction. And, if we center our lives of serving (here, serving does not really mean the physical tasks, but any kind of ministry that involves one’s prayers towards life building and touching lives), our lives can then be anointed, attracted by all, and we will soon see that we have our own testimonies and messages in us. This was the message as emphasized by the book of Numbers, where the Israelites had the belief system (static tabernacle) and the lifestyle system (moving tabernacle).

Joining together is a crux to see how we are useful for God’s world gospelization work, like how Paul said Mark was. Each of us has the same God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Baptism, Faith, and Vision. However, we are also different because of differing backgrounds, education, gender, conditions, roles, positions, etc. No one is rubbish in the kingdom of God, and there is a unique role that we have to seek out. Our conditions are the best just because they are given by God. It also does mean that since they are the best, we can have confidence in all things looking forward into prayers of testing and approving with those conditions. i.e. God is found in those conditions.

"Joining Together" messages was brought by the spirit of the book of Job, Psalms and Proverbs. It was given way by the gospel understanding of works, i.e. speech, gospel embodiment (Book of Job). We must avoid debates at all costs because only the one who knows the gospel can get it right. What are really good testimonies? (Book of Psalms as a life of poetry) Our life and living are God’s beautiful art or poetry. Through ups and downs in our lives, there began to have many different stories of even how we go up to the church to have worship service. Meetings in church became our happiest moments because they are where we receive a lot of grace. We also receive a lot of wisdom (Book of Proverbs) on speaking for interpersonal relationships with people especially towards our brethrens first. All these are for the sake of knowing how to deal with the people beside us.

4) Spirit (Rely Spirit, Drive demons, kingdom of heaven descend) -> May Your Kingdom Come

It came to a point in time that we know a lot, but they have never gone through the spirit. We know that we must enjoy the relationship of love weaved and knitted among our brethrens, the body of Christ. This has the same meaning as confirming the truths of God’s temple. We need to confirm in our spirits.

In year 2008, we learnt how to rely on the Holy Spirit, drive out demons, and let the kingdom of heaven descend. Through the book of Ecclesiastes, we know we must die and resurrect as we know the truths about the vanity of life, to seek only Christ, so that we learn about playing. Through playing, we know how the kingdom of God descends on our fields. There was a camp theme on how the kingdom of heaven can descend on an individual, on a group of 2-3, and the field. The Emmanuel message can turn things into very cold knowledge. Therefore, God must tell us to focus on the romance with God. Our fellowship with God must go through rationale, faith and compassion. Therefore, our romance with God must be on fire and continue to grow so that we become fertile to be able to pastor others. This is the book of Song of Songs. What is most important is that we start from relationships.

We also went into the book of the major Prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel. Though there is already a Torah, the prophets actually took the Torah and exposited it into a living piece of God’s voice or essence. The prophets are full of God’s Spirit, and they spoke visions and prophecies. Our messages must be able to teach us on seeing what will definitely happen in our tomorrow based on our spirits today.

Through dwelling on the spiritual realms, we continue to confirm on how the kingdom of heaven is already in our spirit or heart. Through external surroundings, we can test and approve through Christ’s Spirit in our spirit so that we will know about His Spirit is moving the practical real situation. Through our heart laboratory of whether there are fruits of the Holy Spirit, as a mirror of our state of spirit, we can confirm if the Holy Spirit is grieved or is happy in us. Through having the filling of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, we can see the spiritual state of others and know how the Spirit is working in them, so that we can give relevant and appropriate answers.

5) 24 hours, in all things

The Emmanuel message came to an understanding that it must be contained in all things and in 24 hours. Some gospel only goes to talk about "the spirit, soul and body", but Emmanuel message also extends to timetable of man. Yes, there are unhealed areas that require time and process, but if God is with us and for us, and has an important process for us, isn’t there already an answer for us to live it through? Jesus Christ was not one that anyone would like to find Him attractive, but He presented Himself most calmly so that everyone in the world was drawn to Him, because He was full of grace and truth. With this, anyone who came to Him received freedom. Those who do not belong to God also knew that He was someone Special.

There is always an answer for every kind of situation. However, there is a spiritual science to it. The more you want it, the more God will not give His voice to you. You must go back to the understanding of an assured beloved spirit of gratitude with no requirements. The extent of healing is our timetable. Our loved ones’ timetable is our timetable. Amazing enough, this is always true. The blessings of meetings I meet are closer and closer joined to my timetable.

For example, as I wrote here, you will discover that I don’t really like to write much into personal things or testimonies. Yes, I write them to close and trustable co-workers, or to young people needing help. However, I wish to write with more spiritual terms because I find that one word that brings much spiritual meaning can bring a person into deeper and prayers and thoughts of more efficiency. I suppose this is why I even said that I hoped that I would become a teacher, less that of a preacher, about 10 years ago. However, I slowly understood that pastoring is the way to go. Theology can help form the foundations, but pastoring is the only way that God is pleased to further His revelations of the gospel. This is because pastoring represents God’s very heart of the focus of relationships. Even the "24 hours and in all things" exploration of messages are given through pastoring. Through the preference is in me to build disciples up (as a teacher), amazingly, God gave me more people of disciples to train; yet, this is still not the highest gift, but the highest ability is being able to play, to be able to enjoy Emmanuel 24 hours and in all things, no matter who you are.

With dwelling into the living springs, we even emphasized on having no changes in the outer circumstances to test God. We only seek for answers and fulfillments in the midst of prayers.

We dwell on the understanding why we have to restart into "blessed". I went to the Life Church in Virginia to seek Rev Leechull out and this was the very message that I heard at the first Sunday at spring in the year 2002, "blessedly loved, covenanted, favored, called." The child of God was blessed and there were no convictions that were from himself without the participation of the Holy Spirit. There was a perfect understanding of God’s predestination, choosing versus the free choice and conscience of man. We have to go into the essence and spirit of the word of God to understand why God wrote the words of God as such. We have to understand the whole bible on how to fulfill all righteousness of God.

There was a series of messages on "Always learning but never understanding". The first understanding began with a great shock that many do not understand, and this is God’s Own choosing. We have to totally destroy and rebuild from this understanding. Through this understanding, there must be nothing impossible in the realms of Christianity. The temple must be rebuilt into the greatest glory so that the living waters flow from the temple into the ends of the world.

In the book of Daniel, we have to read and understand a bit of this in order to pray in our jobs. Daniel had the moving temple or tabernacle. All of God’s word and Spirit was upon him so that the temple was built into his life. There was no one like him, and there was no temple like him. He is a moving tabernacle. The part-time ministers can only succeed if they become like Daniel, having the temple already built up in him 24 hours and in all things. Then one era or company can be changed over.

I still pray for punctuality because the gospel I hear is about commonness – 24 hours and in all things. If I am special, there is something I cannot bless the ends of the world at. However, I remain unpressurized because God supports me because He knows my timetable best.

I had no more time to continue writing. However, whatever I have inked down, I really hoped it will help myself and all to understand the preciousness of the messages we all have gone through. Keep your comments coming on areas I need to add in. In fact, I already wrote another piece where I placed more details of the "evolution" (I hate to use the word "evolution", but it seemed perfect here) of our Emmanuel messages along the years, in my perspective. I inserted testimonies there too.

One thought on “Build Our Church, Lord!

  1. Hi bro, when i read all these, i have this assurance and confirmation from the Lord that HE is really giviing us His ‘full spirit’, from our state of ‘no spirit’.
    I saw that God is not juz giving us love, but a ‘loved spirit’. God is not juz telling us HE favor us, but HE is giving us a ‘favored spirit’. God is not juz making us wise, but giving us the ‘spirit of wisdom’.
    I’m beginning to understand the difference with all church msg /pastoral methodology with this fundamentals.
    The spirit knows all things, see in all things, join together in all things. God is really giving us the BEST. i.e. His spirit.

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