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The Moment Grace Abounds, All Things Are Possible

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(Small Group 15 Apr 2010)


Opening Words

Passage Reading: John 21:15-21 (Accusations from Jesus? Never! Actually Relational Grace To Peter!)


1. The Concept of Grace

1) God is with us

We start with this, and end with this. This is the Emmanuel message, Covenant Message, and the Spiritual Message.

2) The Actual Problem

– Not just that man is wrong

– Conscience (Eve tried to protect her conscience when ensnared by the serpent)

3) The Answer

– Understanding the only actual problem would bring an understanding why there is only one answer Jesus Christ

4) The Most Important Proof

The children of God are those who understand why Jesus Christ has to fully show the way (incarnation), die and resurrect to pay all for the sins, and have total victory. This itself is the best evidence of the child of God.

If it is proven that one is a child of God, in a sense, God must show all kinds of grace to him. In fact, the more the problems, God’s grace abounds even more. The only reason is that there is already a relationship = "because of love". There cannot be anything that is not the grace of God to the child of God because He cannot disown Himself.

5) Explanation by Grace

After this, we must understand grace correctly, and be able to explain all things as grace. There are no more curses in a child of God already, and he is already successful.

Therefore, in all things, the Father’s intention is to try to draw His child to Him. It is His very heart that His child will learn to come back to His fold again. Therefore, both [good things and bad things], [blessings and problems], [positive things and negative things], etc must be explained from the perspective of rewards and discipline. We must not explain increments or decrements as rewards or curses, even if the commissioned worker can see the perspective that good things is not really good for him, and that bad things are better to challenge him. We can only explain it by "relationships". This is so that the child of God goes through a process to come to God in great need, whether be they good challenges or difficult problems, to pray, understand that it is for the reason of the cross, makes a covenant, understand perfect will, purify himself, and at the end, love God even more! God is love, and what God wants in return from the children of God is our love to Him! If God gives to His children, it is not because he has prayed or seen the perfect will or have submitted to God, but it is because he is His.

Testimony in a night at South Korea: thought I did well in prayers, but this only adds pressure. We must be totally set free.

Then again, even if we can understand bad things as good and great opportunities to have breakthroughs and timetable in our relationships with God, discipline and problems are never the final intentions of God to His children. Once His child has matured, abounding blessings are for the enjoyment of His children. This is called "May Your Kingdom Come".

2. Why we must know "Start and End All Things By Grace"?

Knowing grace correctly only points us towards

1) Thanksgiving because we are drawn towards the cross

The process of the cross is repentance, a purified heart, and unspeakable ownership and joy in carrying the cross.

2) Love between us and God, Confirming Oneself (love within ourself), love between men

It is no longer conditional, materialistic, or purposeful. There is the flow of love to and fro. The flow itself is the direction and purpose. This embodies the faith that can move mountains.

Naturally, after confirming that one is just a bundle of love of God, so that all perspectives change, he will think, "Centering on God, on brethrens, on serving" to live is still better.

3) All things will become good

Not because we do submit to God, but because we are His children.

(1) Spirit, Soul and Body will be healthy

(2) The Whole Bible (Old Testament and New Testament) will become alive

(3) The Whole History (Timetable, process) will be seen to beautify

This means that we will always wish for people’s well-being and not try to require them anything by forcing anything in them. Our compassionate heart will then increase. And love will increase. Let love attract all sheep to the Shepherd.

3. Learn in all things, 24 hours

1) Learn, Train, Reject Accusations even if they are from elders, brethrens, peers, and responsibility

It feels better to ignore pressures and unrighteousness because God wants our heart to open up in order that we can take the chance to focus on God. When we turn to God, all things will diminish in their striking brightness but will turn soft and gentle.

2) Rely on God-driven

Rely on grace that comes from God. Common grace can be explained as special grace through understanding of God-driven. We can do a lot of things on our own, plan our own things to play and enjoy, and this is because God allows us to. Rather, test and approve as the Lord has already led and guided in His plan and perfect will.

One day, when we have grown up, that is when God leads us wherever our old flesh does not want to go. This is where we flow with the living springs that flow out from the holy temple of God. This is the greatest blessing that can happen! This is because we will never be struck and fierily-arrowed again by the words, expressions, happenings around us, but live a life of great freedom.

Rely on His voice that is always speaking in your heart once you have calmed down. This is how you test and approve. There is a voice behind you speaking, instructing and directing the way.

3) Live with Brethrens

The voice of God can becomes unlimitedly sweeter, crispier, and more powerful when living within brethrens. Rely on the greater grace that is shown through attending meetings. Focus and explain from grace, and gradually see God opening doors for you among living with brethrens.

4) Words

Within brethrens, where the greater grace, the Spirit of God, and the rediscovery of refreshing pulpit messages are, we discover that words are the most important.

<John 1:1> "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Words can kill or it can create lives. It can cast doubts, give way to hurts, but it can also encourage and build lives. Learn about speaking by testing and approving your spirit with 7 fruits of the Spirit, and after speaking, test and approve your own spirit that receives your own words. Then you will know how to project your words with tone, speed, expressions, emphasis, and rhythm. All these come naturally from the breath of love between us and God.

Closing Words


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