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The Themes of Sunday Worship, Discipleship Training and Church Camp


The History of Our Life Church in Singapore in Wengang’s View

(Sharing 15 April 2010)


I felt I had to continue writing when I remembered the grace the Lord Jesus Christ gave to me by His Emmanuel messages. I have to recap in order to reformat and rebuild. God gave me everything, but I only had some time to do all these up. If I have more time, I will try to amend with better details.


At the end of year 1998, God led our first church camp in the context of a Student Fellowship. I was the chairman, so that it was convenient to command people to really hear the Emmanuel Message. It was controversial because I forced messages into people, even though the gospel talks about letting it go natural, yet because having the fact is more important than false enjoyment, I made a prayer to continue with it. I had a heart on fire, like a reformative heart then, to want to change things, because the wrong understanding made me not free at all. We dwelled into the gospel. From this time forth, many mission trips, camps, and trainings continue to keep me busy, in great wonder and awe. This happened with the guidance of Rev Leechull and Pastor Rickson. They gave answers that I had never thought about. Yet, the answers only told me to wonder in awe, and I did not really know the Emmanuel messages as I did not know how to use them. There were some messages since, e.g. messages of the book of John, book of Genesis, the gospel spoken by Pastor He Il, knowing heaven and knowing earth, blessed schedule, seven fields, seven images of the child of God. We had Malacca trips where the Kuala Lumpur people and Singapore workers meet. It was visionary from the book of Daniel. I missed a South Korea trip to Darakbang, and a church camp in Malaysia as I did not have enough faith then in army to take leave. It was very fast. In year 2001 January 21st, we were forced to leave Sion Presbyterian, and we entered a church already set up in the recent years known as "The Life Church and Missions" led by Pastor Rickson. There was a church camp about having a "Blueprint". That year, strangely enough Zhishan and I doubted Rev Leechull and we did not receive much grace then. However, it was through that moment that we resolute ourselves to continue to stick with Rev Leechull all the way. I recapped and thought that that year’s message is so important. I kept it in my heart, and the word of God never fails to fall to the ground unfulfilled.

When Rev Leechull left for America in July 2001, I was very sad, but the Emmanuel messages then was quite hard and I did not show my feelings. I continued to pursue phone calls with Rev Leechull until a point he said, "Tell me, how I can help." I remained quiet, for I have no answer at all. I tried to unite the church that Pastor Rickson leading with some grace and answers from Rev Leechull to join the church together, but it was never possible. People continued to meet, but everyone became dryer as time went by. It was not the fault of anyone, but the Emmanuel Messages had to progress.

I took the chance to visit America with my parents, and the reason was to look at the America churches and receive newer revelations of messages and grace. This was spring time in the year 2002. There, I remembered clearly that Rev Leechull said that if he planted seeds of gospel of the places he went, he would continue to water it and take care of it. At that time, I had three thoughts going in my mind – I was confused why then that Rev Leechull avoided me in the phone calls (though I had an inkling that it was so that Pastor Rickson’s authority can rise up in the church then, I cannot let go because I was already attracted!), I felt love from Rev Leechull because that meant he cared for us like a shepherd who thinks day and night for his sheep, and the third thing was a re-confirmation that I need to take hold of the chance to confirm that I needed to bring the messages back to Singapore as a mission of the pitiful Singapore church. At that place, I had the Sunday Service there with a great remembrance. That fateful Sunday, the first sermon on the book of Romans was preached. Is there any coincidence at all? That day, Rev Leechull preached, "Blessedly loved, blessedly covenanted, blessedly favored, blessedly called, blessedly…" The discipleship training also went through the cross message in a different light that I knew before. I received the spirit that the Emmanuel messages became practical and had to live into each and every part of our life. The only problem was no longer just the three "S" – separation, sin, satan, but it became flesh, cursed state, bondage. After coming back to Singapore, I transferred whatever I heard to Zhishan then. At that time, he understood and rose up and led a strong small group in the weekday. I remained thick-skinned and called Rev Leechull of the happenings in the church that was getting worse since the church seemed to be falling apart with two parts. One was thinking about already having the best of Emmanuel messages so that it was time to go all out and do Evangelism Camp. The other thought that the Emmanuel messages needed to continue to move ahead, and let evangelism take its course through our own fields.

Our church in full Chinese and full Chinese vision was formed in November 2002 and we started with the book of Romans to dwell into the gospel. We had no pastors then and we relied on conference calls every week to talk to Rev Leechull, and he continued to encourage us and lead the Singapore church then. We came quickly to the year of 2003, and it was the year of "Standing firm on the Promised Land". We were muddle-headed then, and all sorts of problems began to come in, the first, beginning with me and pastor, then the deacons, one-by-one. We also started with the 36 lessons for discipleship training after finding that we need to lead the church and grow the members of the church as we saw the need for them to become mature. I led the church then with Zhishan becoming my very good co-worker. He was so humble then though it was natural as he was one year younger than me. I led discipleship training and Zhishan led the Sunday Worship Service. Months went by and we faced a second big struggle in leading the church. Rev Leechull helped to test and approve, and this time, it was that we needed a full-time pastor for the church. Zhishan was chosen, though I greatly wanted it because of the limitless grace that can amount from it. It was God’s sovereign choice and I learnt more about Jesus Christ than ever when I thought back. If we are healed, we must never reject any of our past, but see God’s perfect goodness in them all. If not, there will definitely be something haunting us again in all our walks of life and living. Zhishan became Pastor Vincent at the end of year 2003. Our church was in great joy then because we have our own pastor!

In year 2004, we went into the messages of the deceptions of Satan in this era by exposing mysticism, legalism and humanism (after that, in year 2009, prosperity gospel was added to the list.) (The New Year message was 4 gospelizations, but it quickly went into this after Rev Leechull heard the voice of God to redo the New Year message.) That was the year of "Expanding the Promised Land". That year, it was a year that my life was totally destroyed and newly on the way to being rebuilt. We started the book of Acts then in this year for discipleship training. I went into deep problems of inferiority, but was actually being protected from feeling great hurt by another great problem that occurred in my life. The other great problem lessened my pain from the first. It really is the grace of God to have two problems at once so that we can focus right towards God. If we only have one problem, and that one problem is not the root problem of focusing on God, that is a great problem. If we have many problems, and the root problem is not significant, it IS the grace of God. I hope you understand what I meant here, from my past experiences of meeting 2 or more problems at one time. Without that, tears won’t flow from my eyes which were piercing, and contriteness won’t flow from my heart which was hard like a stone.

In year 2005, it was the year of "Gaining Disciples". From that year, we went on to make covenant to become disciples. The New Year message was the 5 Great Mysteries of Emmanuel message from Exodus. America started Bible Overview from year 2005. I followed the Bible Overview in order not to lose out in the race. In the book of Numbers, we must see the countenance of God or God would have turned His face against us. I remembered this in my darkest moments of life. I struggled to live on because there must be an answer I never knew. It was always said that our conditions are the best, but the Singapore-Malaysia camp that year made me do concentration prayers in the camp with very little sleep. It was the exposition of the Prison Epistles of Paul, where the best Christ is revealed (Colossians), gives the best body of Christ the saints who we are (Ephesians), the best conditions (Philippians), the most wonderfully healed life (Titus). The best conditions are not when things have changed, but we are already having the best. I began to accept this from year 2005 and made apologies to Rev Leechull and Pastor Vincent from the church camp of year 2005. I became a disciple from then onwards. I also remembered vividly that at the end of year 2005, our pastor gave a message NEVER to be in discouragements again.

From year 2006 onwards, Pastor Vincent led the church with a different spirit. I can almost felt the power in the quietness chilling my bones from January 2006. That was the year of "Arise and Shine", and our New Year message was from the 7 prayer messages from Leviticus. We are to become different and to raise our temperature / climate in us, and think differently. That very year for discipleship training, we went into Bible Overview to really format up our life from the word of God. The church camp in 2006 was the precious messages gained from wonderful insights from going through Bible Overview. It was given in order make us salivate towards wanting to continue to move on with the Bible Overview messages. At the end of the year 2006 (it seemed so eventful for me for this year), Rev Leechull presented us the set of Nehemiah messages he received – The Seven Breaches of this Era’s Churches. That made me understood everything at one go. It was the most precious message to me because I was all along in the blind and not knowing how the gospel, how the promise and everything is joined together. It is the message of FORMAT. It was before the America church is going into the books of Poetry in year 2007, in fact, a format of all the messages that happened from Genesis till Nehemiah. Format is the most precious message that our Emmanuel message has actually. It was also during this year that Pastor Vincent "rose to heaven" that the doors of Penang opened. It was at this time that Rev Leechull prophesized to me that I still had lots to learn in my job in the world as even Hewlett Packard sought me out for a position there. I replied honestly that I was enjoying my work in Cal-Comp and they thought that it would not be good to hire me by pulling me out of what I enjoyed. God closed the doors, but opened another. My Cal-Comp boss took a liking in me because I stayed on the company for almost six years, a company which had a turn-over rate of 13 people per year, and even wanted me to switch lines into material engineering, and offered me a Masters Degree Free of Charge. I rejected it immediately because that would mean that I would need to sacrifice all my ministries. It was so clear to me. However, from then onwards, the company could not keep me as a software engineer doing not much to the company. I was so free that I went into being a Functional Tester at the factory to trying to manage manufacturing. Therefore, this time, I was forced to retrench, as the boss turned his face away from me. I heard that he scolded the director who retrenched me later on, but I did not have the full story to know why.

In year 2007, it was the year of "Joining Together". The most important thing about walking in the desert is to be joined together with the church brethrens. There is a danger in the world of Emmanuel messages and this is that everyone is filled with visions and their own way of interpreting how God is going to use them mightily for world gospelizations. Strife, conflicts and hurts were abound. We needed to understand the greater power through joining together. It was in the year 2007 that we have messages to join together to God, join together to Israel, join together with believers of this era, and join together with the later generations (children and disciples to be found). With this, family messages were started from year 2007 on how to bless our family and especially our children. It was a total new understanding that was different from any teachings. This was the year I had no job for 3 months. In fact, it was so coincidental that the retrenchment fell on my birthday, and I went for my reservist camp with full payment from the government. I was late for a year as I was 31 years old already, and this caused me to humble down. (Jesus entered full-time ministry at the age of 30.) After 3 months, I went to church camp, and after the church camp, I entered into IBM with a prayer with no other purposes (money or career path no longer attract me) but to make a covenant with God concerning a meaningful life here. The job at IBM was God-led. I had an ex-colleague there and I saw that he recommended me so much into IBM that I gained an advantage to demand for a good increase in salary, not for myself, but because my salary was still very low even after nearing 6 years. God wanted to repay me this date onwards. The church camp messages that year were the 10 healing messages. It was a recap and a reformat to reheal. We reheard the healing messages after coming back from the camp. At the end of the year, Rev Leechull came and gave messages from insights of the books of Poetry. "Enkindle The Different Levels of Spiritual Enlightenments" from the books of Job, Psalm and Proverbs, "Sit Down and Consider to Play in Path of Successes" from Ecclesiastes, and "Reconciling The Levels of Unconditional Countenance of God" from a preview of Song of Songs, to be spoken in America in year 2008.

In year 2008, the New Year message was a recap of the book of Acts. With this basis, we finished Today’s Jesus, and went into the thematic messages of the year of "Inflaming the Spirit’s Fire", "Relying on the Holy Spirit, drive out demons, and letting the kingdom of heaven descend." For the whole year, we continue to dwell into building the temple to allow us to really rely on the Holy Spirit. At the end of the messages, we went into the most precious 7 mysteries of how to pray. The doors of Penang closed for a year to tell us that we do not look at outer circumstances for fulfillments of prayer, but answers inside our prayers. We drive demons quietly, and see fulfillments accomplishing after that in the field. Why do we share so much about the Holy Spirit? This is because if we do not know the Holy Spirit, we do not know about prayers. Prayers are the most precious thing that ever happened to Emmanuel messages. The year end message by Rev Leechull was about prayers and the push to get Relay Prayers happening.

In year 2009, the New Year message was from the vision from the book of Ezekiel where restoration water flowed from the temple. We dwelled on how to let these streams of living water unearth, so that we cannot help but to speak, to join everything together in order to continue to expand, and know our individual position and role in the participation of world gospelization. This was for the theme of "Unearthing the Living Springs". It was this year that we started going into the book of 1Corinthians to pastor the church, whether be it for pastors, speakers, small group leaders or even for pastoring people with various kinds of problems, there is a definitely an Emmanuel answer to give in that kind of situation. The church camp message was on how to let the kingdom of heaven descend on ourselves, our church and our fields. It was supposed to be a very practical message so that we can use the power of "relying on the Holy Spirit and driving demons" to see fulfillments through relevant reliance on God’s incarnated manifestation. It was this year that we had two more deacons, and they were both sisters. It was also in this year that the doors of Penang re-opened with a loud bang, in fact, it went so fast that at the end of the year, the Penang church was established. It was also in this year that Rev Leechull dwelled on "Always learning but never being able to acknowledge". It was the highlight message in all these years, and I could felt his urge and plea to us all to follow what he received. To me, I spent quite some time digesting the messages through the notes he has given. I received a lot of understanding, also through the Singapore messages this very year on how to mindset aright. The Singapore messages included reformatting all our wrong mindset into "blessedly loved, covenanted, favored, called", and "fulfilling the righteousness of God" to rid of all accusations in our hearts by understanding everything from a totally new perspective "from the spirit" in this precious life of ours. We started Relay Prayers this year with Sophia’s help as she visited our Singapore churches to get us to understand the need to pray. She knew this best (cannot don’t pray) as she went through the most difficult moments of her life, but that also made her and Rev Leechull turn everything around. It was also this year that Rev Leechull said that my body looked healthy. Haha. We were also joined together to know about our dear co-workers receiving the same Emmanuel messages in China.

In year 2010, the New Year message was again expanding from the book of Ezekiel. We have to continue to restore through "Sending Out The Living Springs". This is the year where individuals are assigned with tasks especially like writing blogs, writing books, making the website suit and adapt to the people all around us and in the world. The book of Isaiah was given to us as the New Year messages – Arise and shine to lead the blind and deaf out, confirm the vision and seek out living testimonies, so that in this year, we will definitely see that there are many people waiting for us. We continued with the messages of 1Corinthians, and this time, the messages became focused into love and really seeing each and every of the coworkers as precious jewels, starting from the deacons. Pastor Vincent dwelled into the messages given by grace from love from the Emmanuel messages in order to remove all the accusations and heal us all in our hearts as we continue to be gentler along the years. What would be the Singapore Malaysia camp messages in this year again?

I am not complete in writing all these, as I was made to be socially inapt. With this, God told me that I could not manage everyone in the church. For example, I myself do not really know about the happenings in the Sunday School and do not know about the younger people in our church. I had to continue to be myself and let the doors of God open.


4 thoughts on “The Themes of Sunday Worship, Discipleship Training and Church Camp

  1. Amazing recap of what the years LCM has went through. Makes me think about all that God has done in my life. Keep writing more!!

  2. I am amazed too. The spirit keep telling me. If the Lord can give us these understandings in the initiate 7 years of our church, why shouldn’t we dream and hope for the whole Era…
    It is really not abt being proud or conceited. It is abt being upright to the calling God has given us in Christ Jesus.

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  4. Yea, very great recap.. Really sees a lot of God’s graces throughout all these year even though in a midst of many problems. The 4G it’s not just a word or understanding, it all has to become in spirit. Now started to feel a bit excited of what God is going to do for the next few years, which will be beyond our imagination… 🙂

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