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Unearth The Living Springs Part 1 – Sharing

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(Sharing 25 Apr 2010)

We blessed saints are living on the temporary short-lived days on earth. We rely on "the already victorious Lord Jesus Christ" in order to enjoy our life and living on earth. The Christian living of happiness means to enjoy "already victorious spiritual battles so that we may glorify Christ more, win more of the unreached saints, and build the eternal kingdom".

Therefore, we must definitely live "1. Reliance on Christ (God’s Word and the Holy Spirit), 2. Reliance on prayers" to 3. Enjoy lifestyles that are victoriously more than conquerors.

1. Accept Everything

"Unearthing" means to tell us to accept everything and to take them in.

1) Please Accept The Holy Temple of Format

The messages are all in us. The cross message to free us from every guilty feeling, the 5 gospel messages to fix an understanding of the life that already in us, the 20 basic messages to format up the belief system and lifestyle system so that we can see how He is with us, conversing with us, and walking with us, and the 10 healing messages meant to teach us how to pray so absolutely so that we will be healed by receiving "absolute" answers. The bible overview messages are also in us, to fill up the flesh, so that we discover concrete messages, ourselves to be the very people of prophets / priests / kings of Today, ancients of faith, every day, and being able to know all meticulous perfect will of God for us.

When we do not feel the messages, it does not mean the messages are not in us. I have seen my wife suddenly becoming a light to lead when she is given a role as a fulltime when she did not feel right. This happened also in the same year in August 2009, the year of "Unearthing the Living Springs". When I do not feel right (e.g. do not feel not up to the messages that are so high and absolute, or when I am not able to see God always, or when I do not have joy always), I still see pastors looking up to me. If I take them "looking up to me" because I strive towards Him, it does not match the Spirit in me. If I check if I am one who is able to do well in all things, I will be accused to death, so it does not match either. Yet, if I take it that I have stored the messages inside of me even when I cannot live it out, I see God very touched, and I maintain a teachable heart, i.e. there is both love and righteousness in me. Yet, not being able to live it out does not mean that I need to wait a long, long time in order to see heaven opening to me. In fact, when I SEE that the messages came into me and it is not my own works, faith is produced, and the kingdom of heaven descends. What does kingdom of heaven descending mean? It means that I can take all the messages in and I can accept the messages. At this point of time, it may still not feel right, but you can already accept all of the messages. Many people may think that not feeling right means that they cannot accept all the messages. This is totally wrong. Do we accept that the Bible is absolute before we feel right? This is the Amen belief. We proclaim "Amen" in order to put ourselves in the environment of the production of faith and more faith. Faith cannot be constructed or strived for. Faith has to be produced through the Word of God. Faith is the produced state of an invisible pair of hands that is ready to see grace coming in. God just wants a believing heart.

I say again. <2Co 3:6> "He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life." The essence is definitely needed (Enjoying God’s love, pleasing Him with a believing heart, possessing the spirit that will draw all nations. If not, the letter will kill.), but so that everything can be accepted. If our brothers and sisters are really blessed (understand the gospel, enjoy the gospel, want to share the gospel, have sufferings because of the gospel, being used by God to further the gospel), we can totally bless them. But first, we need to see total blessedness in brothers and sisters, not only just comforting them, even though they may just want comfort at that very moment. Even though we may not speak to them of great visions at the certain point of time when they cannot see past their problems (because no matter how we explain at that moment, they will just be tricked by Satan into being more accused), we store up great hope and great messages in our spirits and be gracious to them. Yet the moment they can see heaven descending (it may just take a simple message in a short 5 min of pastoring), we must immediately place words into them (perhaps in another 10 seconds to 2 minutes) that they do not even know that we are blessing them fully till they can be used by God greatly. This is called evangelism, or gospelization as a better word. (i.e. We don’t force the word of God in, but we place relevant words to gospelize to the very ends of their spirit). There is a great reason in which they are going through now, for the ends of their individual spirit, ends of their concerns (family and friends), ends of our nation Singapore, and ends of the earth. Many of our brethrens are really so loved, so blessed as compared to many Christians nowadays. Everyone wants to love God and be used by Him. They all want to be more spiritual. We must never belittle them, who so wants to be used by God. They must come out from their little thoughts of oppression, knowing but cannot believe, thus throwing a lot of messages away, cannot hope, cannot have simple trust with God, cannot enjoy full forgiveness and believe His best everyday. There are two ways to deal with this: one is to give them total comfort and share their burdens, and the other is to give them total vision, being a big brother or father to lead them, not just what they have and need at the very moment. For me, I was not capable in any way, but people looked up at me probably because I received the message first in Singapore (among the same age group), and because the shock, impact and impulsion was too great for me to let go. But frankly speaking, no one looked down on me when I do not understand. When I wanted to be looked up, no one wants to praise me. I learn to look to God for Him praising me, and I learn only by looking into His Words stored up to me all these years even though I do not understand them at my timetable then. I mean, at the point of time where I cannot look past my oppressions, etc, God still looked at me with great visionary eyes! I obtained this spirit and hoped to look at people with the same eyes, of the greatness in them. It is sometimes this, when I do not rely on the Spirit but on my own flesh and blood, so that they felt I am hard on them, but I am not trying to do that in my spirit. If I forgo what was in the past and just take the present, I will get smaller along the way, because the process will actually make the hearts fear, make one lose focus, and make one doubt whether the messages was to his advantage all these while. Therefore, the past experiences, and the past messages are very important. They form the basis of how we listen to the messages now. With that, we can explain very clearly, why through the process, we instead yearn for messages and brethren-living more. Is this not a miracle, and not the best sign that God really wants to use the brothers and sisters? Give more than what they require, give them a big feast, and then they will see. Giving more is looking up to them, that God is going to use them more than me. Jesus told His disciples, "You will do even greater things than me", and this is not only a by-word. That is why Jesus gave up His whole life, not to let them understand only, but let them have everything He ever had (His Spirit). What we need are not more teachers in this era, but what we need are fathers. Fathers give their children everything, not only their teachings, but hope that they receive doubly more than they themselves have. Giving more itself is the spirit of vision. Jesus never meant to accuse Peter by allowing him to walk on water, telling him why he should doubt <Mt 14:22-33>, and asking him three times if he loved Jesus and never replying him on his response but just telling him to take care of His sheep <Jn 21:15-21>. The sheep has to grow up. <1Co 13:11> "When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me." <Jn 21:18-19> "I tell you the truth, when you were younger you dressed yourself and went where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go." Jesus said this to indicate the kind of death by which Peter would glorify God. Then he said to him, "Follow me!" When we were young, we stubbornly accepted people hurting us, put them on our dresses, and girt them as a belt on our waist, and it takes so much effort to look to His love. But when we grow, we are hurt no more; when we are persecuted or beaten by sufferings, we naturally flow to Him; we no long need to swim hard, but we are just led by the Spirit of love and truth.

We need to see that giving messages relevantly does not mean just giving the basics to those who cannot take anything further. I mean, not giving something which you think they can take in. Doing what you think is relevant will definitely cause sheep to go into the state of being more accused. In fact, I discover that once given the basics in the same meeting, the child of God can take in even confirming their own life, and even take in challenges, covenantal and spiritual. This is not requiring them, as I discover, but rather, blessing them. I told a brother probably 10 years ago of the vision of a preacher. He believed in that, and it sustained him all the years of depression, he still believed in that, and I also still believe so. It is not my great belief, but I mean, I also doubted along the way, but I try to keep my mouth shut and not to direct my thoughts of discouragements in that path, when things do not seem right. God will not permit anything to happen without reason. Therefore, I kept the things into my heart, just like Mary. <Luke 2:19> "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." If the essence of the gospel is not yet received, we would rather become slow at everything to build up the basics. However, does this mean throwing all other format aside? When we want to become slow, the format goes up faster (not only in spirit, but practically). God is more moved, and wants to format up. We must listen to Him. I say this to myself often, because as a small group leader, many times, there are always temptations that tell me that since brothers cannot take the hard messages, why not just prepare less, and give them the basics of the gospels alone? Yet, there is no blood in this. God builds up a small group not because you give comforting messages relevantly (I mean, everyone will come to small group feeling down, because they have just come back from their fields and workplace where there are a lot of wolves surrounding them as a sheep of God), but because you prepare the small group messages out of your incapable time. Many times, I cannot prepare well. In fact, I went through many years of struggles. I planned for 1 hour to prepare, and I struggle for 45 minutes to prepare my heart to make it right so that heavenly doors open. Yet, how could I only prepare for 15 minutes? Messages kept coming in. Yet, if I continued to prepare, it would mean another 2 hours. As a working person, where can I find such time? If I do not sleep enough, the next day will be tiring, and how can I lead the small group with utmost joy and attention to their responses of eyes and expressions showing their spirit, voicing out the messages they need? There are many more of such struggles. It took me years. But God was always gracious along the way. He showed me one thing: it is not the time that you prepare, and it is neither whether you can be joyful and comfort the small group members, giving them the bare minimum. God showed me something, and this is that I gave messages more than what I can understand and prepare. Is not our Sunday Messages, 36 lessons, Bible Overview like this many times, more than what we probably can confirm? Of course, it will be good that we leaders can understand fully on the messages before leading, but I find that God is more touched if I prepare for myself, to format more, then pass them those format. Sharing what we understand is more powerful <Acts 4:20> "For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard". However, a message is powerful not because you understand and have experienced. The message is powerful because it is God’s word that you share. If it is God’s word, we must make sure that it is God’s word. Do not add your own understanding to it. If it is God’s word, then we must format up and not just share what we experienced. Many times, I know my own timetable, and therefore I disbelieved the set of messages in me to be complete. Therefore, I reformat, again and again. This is called <Ps 16:8> "I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken." The small group members will be blessed not because of the word you give to them, but they will be blessed because something extraordinary happened in your spirit. God leads us at our timetable. That timetable is where God is gracious. Therefore, understand completely that you are sufficient to dwell on God’s word. Human touches and testimonies open people’s hearts, but testimonies are not the main soup. The main soup is God’s word Himself. It may be more sometimes, but it is relevant and protective if we do it this way. For example, "Don’t base our decision because of money". Can this give accusations? Yes. But the child of God that kept this word inside him, even amidst accusations, will one day be reminded and become a strong word in him. This happens when he understands already that there are NO accusations and there is NO need for hurts for the child of God. Does this happen overnight or through continual same message? No. It happens with a format of God’s word. Let the Spirit do the reminder and instruction. In this way, they grow in the walk with their God, not our God.

Okay, okay, let us go down into what to accept. I spent lots of time above in order to soften our hearts toward Format. The Holy Temple is God’s most precious gift to us. Jesus Christ gave His Living (incarnation), His Life (death and resurrection), and His Spirit (throne) away. His life is the Temple that God is most pleased. It is this Temple that we can see everything and our messages can now become so comforting and strong. Do not just go for comfort, but go all the way. Don’t just understand all the way, but put structures along the way. You will need them to keep yourself in check. And don’t just speak about the essence along the way, but put building blocks and pillars along the way so that we become stronger and stronger along the way.

2) Pastoring Heart

We started the book of Corinthians in year 2009. I have experienced the taste of honey in the Word of God that frees me up each time I "understand" or "meet God" in the Word of God. Without going through every message in detail, God leads us still, by giving us convictions here and there into our spirits. When the Word of God moves around in our life, we become a person that is alive, and everything will become alive. Do not look down on the messages we have received so far. When I read through, my heart becomes soft, and voices begin to appear. Who says messages are not important and just needed at the start?

Message of the Individual spirit

"God Will Keep You Strong, So That You Will Be Blameless." Remember that this as your very image. Take in it. God is Your guarantee. "Is Christ Divided?" One God, one Christ, one Spirit, one Faith, … so that the church continues to move from born again to sanctification and so on. "The Foolishness of God Is Wiser Than Man’s Wisdom" to lay the foundation to admire the cross, "Only Know Jesus Christ and Him Crucified" to show that man should rest on the crucifix instead of any kind of wisdom, "The spiritual man makes judgments about all things" therefore do not confine the limitless ways the Holy Spirit can guide you uniquely in all things 24 hours if you are set apart from the worldly wisdom, "3 Types of Men, 3 Transformation" from natural man to spiritual man to perfect man that is practical – the Holy Spirit is about practical unity, "The Fire Will Test the Quality of Each Man’s Work" the correct foundations will enable one to go through practical sufferings and ironies of life, "Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple?" therefore, format up your temple as God’s given trust so that you can join together with everyone and all things.

Managing the Church

"It Is Required That Those Who Have Been Given A Trust Must Prove Faithful?" with God’s trust to us with the secret things in the world we go on to faithfulness in the harmony of the church and let God judge, "The Kingdom Of God Is Not A Matter Of Talk But Of Power" therefore do not go for authority and positions but rather submit to the kingdom of fatherly pastoral love and lead, "Get Rid Of The Old Yeast That You May Be A New Batch" must deal with the horrifying yeast in church that may spread very easily throughout

Relationships first

"Why not rather lose?" because of taking ‘relationships’ as the most important core, "Honor God with Your Body" manage your own body and flee from sexual immorality, "It is Good for a Man Not to Marry" God above marriage, "What God has Joined Together, Let Man Not Separate" because marriage is a profound mystery, "Each One Should Retain The Place In Life That The Lord Assigned To Him" because the Lord Jesus is already infinite in blessings therefore do not hope to change and if possible choose the better route.

Brethren and coworker communications

"If What I Eat Causes My Brother to Fall into Sin, I will Never Eat Meat Again" never go into debates and never cause people to stumble for knowledge puffs up and only love builds up, "Woe To Me If I Do Not Pastor The Gospel!" pastor or full-time has their rights and we must definitely support the fatherly pastor, "That I May Share The Blessings Of Gospel With Others" even though the evangelist is free he has a direction amidst all sufferings to share the blessings of the great gospel.

Holiness for limitless glory

"He Will Not Let You Be Tempted Beyond What You Can Bear" idol-worshipping / adultery / testing God / grumbling but having a big picture knowing God will be gracious to me to progress heavenward, "Flee From Idolatry" remove misunderstandings of unseen idols and visible toys / pets / concerns during the Christian living for the devil works are subtle inside and will grow to be a terror, "Whatever You Do, Do It All For The Glory Of God" God’s glory is everywhere and especially in us and definitely in the people around us therefore we must know how to bless each and everyone of them with different timetables and different situations e.g. of eating or drinking.

Self Discovery

"Model yourself after me, as I also am of Christ" because Christ is the model containing all the above messages, "Woman Should Cover Her Head, Man Ought Not To Cover His Head" but what about sisters? Christ cared more for His bride than Himself, but the way of covering the head of sisters always works to rise them up as ministers. May we all be man more like man and woman more like woman!

3) Kingdom descends

This message is spoken in the 2009 Church Camp. Rev Leechull went through the entire formatting throughout all the years. I wondered why he just did that, but I guess his spirit went into me. Yet, there was a certain direction that God wanted us to go into. It was the year of "Unearthing the Living Springs".

The kingdom must descend on the individual 个人 and it will be better that we can rely on the heavenly kingdom that descends on two or three people 两三个人. Building and formatting the temple now goes into another perspective, and this is through reformatting centering on relationships 以关系为中心建殿as the most important (relationships -> mission -> blessings, but relationships come first to view all format). Understanding relationships between God and people, go into understanding of your place of roles amidst the great map. When the kingdom of heaven descends on our conditions, there are some roles we will discover. We can be a father, a husband, a son, a coworker, a brother, a friend, an employee, a subordinate, but when we discover our specific roles in that environment, the voice of God will start to talk to you. This is called kingdom of heaven descending. The format tells us to be able to hear the accurate and many voices of God whispering to you as and when during each and every situation, time and place. Therefore, format becomes a Safety Net of Format 安全系统 already. The safety net not only protects us from hints, it provides us many whispers of God voicing His perfect will. We must learn to unearth all these out. Now, when the convictions of the Holy Spirit come, we cannot just become high. We must take the H.S., regard the H.S. as ours 当作. What I mean is that we must go one step further. Do not confine yourself with the Holy Spirit if you have built the temple. We also have many natural transformations from being carnal to liking spiritual messages, and slowly, we also hope that we can become a perfect man just like Jesus, a perfect Model for us to model ourselves. However, we cannot just remain hopeful. When we discover ourselves to have the Christ image, we must take it into our spirit, soul and body 身心灵. When we take the image in as "I am Today’s Jesus 我是今日的耶稣", we do not continue to try to become like Jesus Christ any more. The voices of reproach, accusations and inferiority diminish just because we treat ourselves as Today’s Jesus. With that, when we do prayers, everything goes into a different light.

I hope you get my meaning here on what it means by "Unearthing the Living Springs".

4) Rid of all things that cannot Emmanuel (24 hours, always): Christ Becomes Me -> Fulfilling the Righteousness of God

Pastor Vincent gave a few more messages back in Singapore out of the voices of 1Corinthian messages, when he took the happenings of The Life Church and Missions as the already accomplished work of God. Kingdom must descend on us, but if we do not know the absoluteness of being loved, covenanted, blessed, called already as members of LCM, we do not know the true essence of how Christ already becomes me.

Therefore, we went into the messages that we are

(1) Loved

(2) Covenanted

(3) Blessings must fall on us

(4) Already source of all blessings

Yet, all the above is not enough. There is a need to continue. Brothers and sisters must see how "Christ Becomes Me" will continue to form into the Kingdom Descending. Therefore, the messages about "Fulfilling the Righteousness of God":

(1) The Spirit of Sonship is All of God’s Righteousness

(2) The Holy Spirit Within The Ten Commandments -> Fulfill 10 Commandments

(3) Difference between Gratifying Sinful Nature -> Submitting to Holy Spirit

(4) How to Make the Holy Spirit within Me Happy? -> So that I will see God Pleased With Me

(5) Holy Spirit Shall Become Flesh -> Must Practicalize

5) Rid of all things that cannot Emmanuel (24 hours, always): Always Learning But Never Able To Acknowledge

The church is a bit sad that "Fulfilling the Righteousness of God" is not taken in with as much understanding as with "Christ Becomes Me". There must be a voice of God to give us "Always Learning But Never Able To Acknowledge" to link up all the missing parts.

We become alive with the Holy Spirit becoming very practical on earth as it is in heaven. However, sometimes, we cannot become alive no matter how we try. Let us seek out the reasons why we always learn, but never being able to understand, acknowledge, and become alive in all things at all times 24 hours.

I will share more on this in the third section, or part two in "Unearthing the Living Springs".

2. Relay Prayers

Relay prayers started mid last year 2009. In America, it started towards the end of 2008. This is second most important ministry in The Life Church and Missions. It had to be led by a VERY important person. (The first is the pulpit ministry, where we have Pastor Vincent and Secretary-In-Charge striving, enjoying and sending them out.) When will our dearest, sweetest and most understanding youth pastor come up to serve??? J

Take all the network contacts and put them into your heart. Do this to find your role. Not the other way round.

1) The Unreached – includes 3 types of people

(1) Not locally – go to the furthest to pray first, walk daily over their lands, remember their faces, bless their ministries, remembering that they are going through the same experiences that you are going through. These include Rev Leechull, coworkers in all places in America, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Penang, 10-12 places in China.

(2) People I have tried to pastor before, but they left. Similarly, [my timetable is not yet up in order to meet them = my answers are not enough] + their eyes have not met my eye

(3) People I have not met before = [my timetable is not yet up in order to meet them = my answers are not enough] + their problems are not big enough. These people may be penpals, friends made through touring or overseas assignment, emails from overseas people who are touched by our messages. Keep on praying for them.

2) The local church and her role in complementing and joining together with all Life Churches for World Gospelization in 1)

Therefore, a strong local church is definitely needed

(1) Messages and testimonies to arise

(2) 4 or more meetings per week, to pray for heavenly doors to open EVERY meeting for ALL brethrens, starting from myself

(3) Coworkers – start from the local pastor, elders, deacons, their needs (Word+Spirit, Wisdom, Health) and the ministries they are undertaking

(4) All brethrens – the mentally incapable, the sick, the poor, the ones going through turning points in their life, job hunts

(5) Their family and friends who have come to church before, who are close to the gospel

3) Local ministries outside church grounds

(1) Office / Company doors, locally and overseas

(2) Child-care Center

(3) University / Campus ministry (we definitely need to pray to open doors for this. Many of our coworkers were blessed and called during this time)

3) You can then pray for your own family, company and gospel doors.

3. Let the voice of God appear

To be continued in the part 2 of "Unearthing the Living Springs".

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