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Unearth The Living Springs Part 2 – Sharing

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(Sharing 27 Apr 2010)

In part 1, we formatted and went into prayers, and then we projected it to let the voice of God appear as a living spring. We must let the wholesome voice of God appear. And we must also let all the abundant feelings of God appear. Then we must understand the Spirit of God through His voice and through His feelings in our spirit.

Why do I format and reformat again? It is because I am spiritually retarded. I need God more than I even know myself. When people tell me that I am loved, I can accept, want to accept, but I cannot accept totally, unless I see a condition. The condition must happen in Emmaus. Please bear with me now as I am doing more for myself. If you can read, please read on.

If we listen to messages correctly, we will hunger for how to let the voice of God appear not only in one perspective, but in all perspectives, at all times, towards all peoples, at all places; then you will hear the voice of the Spirit at your specific timetable, specific work, specific problem, specific busyness, specific search for job, specific problem of boy-girl relationship, specific roles, etc. In other words, loving our spirit will cause us to return back to the bible to re-read in greater hunger and seeking. If you can’t, please approach me. I know the struggles, probably more than you do know your own.

This part of "Unearthing the Living Springs" only tells us how to let the voice of God appear. "Living Springs" meant that we take all that we have learnt from the Word of God, from Christ’s Model, from the feelings from and to God (= Holy Spirit’s convictions) from our experiences in living in our family, in our office, raising our children, talking to people, your tribulations now, to become "Living Springs". "Living Springs" meant that we take everything at once, no matter how great or little you have, and find the voice and mood of the Holy Spirit in your spirit. Do not feel condemned or lousy, or set yourselves some mindset or some things that you must restrict yourself to find the voices and feelings of the Holy Spirit. Rather, take your level of faith as the best that God has given. Take your sufferings or weaknesses now as what God permitted and what God deemed to you to show you something you never know before – the greater love and plan of God. Take them all at once and find the voice. What I mean is that the Living Springs are even in a new believer can do this. The Lord never meant that we need to know more of the Word of God to have Living Springs. I hope you see that I do not contradict myself in any way. I also hope you get what I mean here by "voice of God appearing" for "Unearthing the Living Springs". I will explain "Sending Out The Living Springs" later.

Let us go into "Unearthing" before we "Send Out".

3. Let the voice of God appear = Always Learning But Never Able To Acknowledge

God gave me grace to go through the message, but frankly speaking, it is not a lot that I understood. That is why I go through it again humbly. I go through it here in the blog also because I humbly hope everyone who reads will add this to their life, where the Temple of the Holy Spirit dwells.

Why are the children of God always oppressed? Why is it that they always hear but the messages do not seem to go in? Why is it that they always need to hear beautiful things? Why is it that they cannot come up to grow up as a disciple? The church of the era either does four of the things:

(1) God has called you to be a Christian. Therefore, you must be a good Christian. You must look like a Christian made in God’s very Own image. You must pray, love God, love men and preach the gospel. Without hoping for good things in life, and expect nothing from God. If you suffer more on earth, you will gain more crown in eternal times. There are fruits because they focus on the heavenly things and not on the worldly things that will just pull them away easily. There are probably casualties with the gentle-hearted or passive-hearted.

(2) God is always gracious. Yet, if believers do not obey, God will stop that grace. Therefore, the leaders continue to think that the believers under them are not committed enough, and that the believers always have not enough faith. Therefore, there are a lot of revival meetings, programs and evangelical meetings to keep them in ministries. They see fruits too. When people lead, they need to motivate and refer to the bible. This keeps them moving. There are probably casualties with those who could not continue to stick close to the church.

(3) Another type of church continues to understand their difficult situations and inabilities. They go into mystic encounters and try to let believers go into experiencing encounters with God. They sing lots of hymns in order to feel "there" with God, so that they can feel God is with them or see Emmanuel. If they do not experience the supernatural, the explanation is for them to cleanse themselves. After purifying themselves, the supernatural encounters will make them be strong and know that they are uniquely a nation that is set apart. There are probably many fruits of new believers, but there are high turnover rates too. The believers will probably have a lot of highs and lows in their spiritual life because spiritual encounters may not happen always.

(4) There is yet another type of church. God is always gracious. It is in God’s heart to heal the spirit, soul and body. God has never intended sicknesses on the child of God. The child of God always yearns for practical healing because it is the fastest way to see and experience that God is on his side. But sometimes, the child of God is not healed. He must have faith. To heal in all things, one must believe. Therefore, if they have illnesses, the leaders will feel compassion for the members immediately, and pray for their faith and pray for their sickness right away in the meetings. There are healing services. If not, there will probably be one at the end of the service. They will proclaim loudly that they are the light of the world. And there will be very practical expositions and seminars into how to prepare sermons, how to lead small groups, how to speak successfully as a pastor, how to project your own image, how not to fear, how not to have stress, why they must listen carefully, why they should hear more than speaking, etc. They go into meetings that revive, so motivational speeches are planned, and the closing is to praise and glorify God. I think these may have many believers attending, strong and weak. They attract all types of people because the church caters for their practical needs in life. They also hold discipleship training and bible classes, but the stronger ones seem to be very uniform to the successful elites in the society. They talk and sell like secular salesman and insurance agents. They have warmth and beauty externally, and they fit into the society very well. People will not recognize them as Christians because they mix very practically well in the secular world as they have learnt the typical characters and mindsets present in the business, commercial and political world. But when people know them as Christians, they will be surprised. I find that there is less likeness of a Christ disciple here, as they are not the sheep which is simple in faith, gentle in loving but that God is always present with them.

I hope to write a last blog (in the recent series) about what I encountered in South Korean churches. We need to learn from the churches of this era about their successes and failures. I discover when I have the Emmanuel messages in me, I have the kungfu of 吸星大法(a kungfu in金庸武侠小说作品《笑傲江湖》). I cannot really find a good translation, but the kungfu does something like sucking the stars out of another person’s skill. I can take in all messages in the era of churches and build the Emmanuel messages in me. (Hehe)


Why are the churches of this era always learning but never acknowledging? How do we see the lukewarm believers? How do we make strong believers out of half-hearted ones? How do we turn religious goers into spirited believers? How do we cater for disciples and also the believers? How do let the voice of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit appear in me so that I can mix with them and impart some blessing to them? <Ro 1:11>

God is always with us, and His providence, guidance and accomplishments have never changed from the past, and even right now. However, many believers are not able to enjoy the heavenly, earthly and eternal blessings. But when they go through the Emmaus experience, everything will come to them in a great light. The Pentecost came like Emmaus to the disciples, and Paul experienced the same thing in Damascus <Acts 9>. Many said that they had gone through the Emmaus experience, and I really hoped so. Emmaus cannot be experienced because of some enlightenment, some slogan, some understanding alone. However, if it is really Emmaus, it must be through AND reforming back to [grasping more of the mysteries of meeting God, conversing with God, walking with God, learning the Word of God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, continuing to confirm the works that happen in my spirit and living, learning, living and serving]. Jesus spoke to the doubting believers on the road of Emmaus re-explaining all the content of the bible. The disciples recalled all the Old Testament and how Jesus Christ fulfilled everything when Christ was with them on earth. Paul unlearnt everything as a Pharisee and yet re-understanding everything he learnt through all the Scriptures he memorized before.

1) The Start Must Be Correct – there is a mystery to "born again"

(1) Not from "God has born me"

Why do Christians hold on and believe the fact that they are loved by God, but they still remain in gloom? This can really happen even when we just try to take it that we are highly esteemed, highly favored, and the Lord has no strings attached to see them as God’s own precious child. Holding on is called a believing heart. Why do they feel low even when they have faith? What happens when we do not have a believing heart? Do we roll on the floor and ask God, "Lord, I am your loved, please be gracious to me"? Do we then have the assurance of born again and loved when we see grace appearing or faith being produced? Born again and restoring the identity as the child of God is the first and foremost point in our temple or format. So how do we know that we are children of God? There is a start before being loved 蒙爱. Many just try to think that their foundations should be here or there, and even rely on teachings about "righteousness by faith", but when their faith becomes weak sometimes, or when hearing messages to emphasize on having faith as the start, they will be perplexed. We must put down all our zealousness, experiences and people’s recognition of our good works for the correct start. In fact, if we hold on to any of our zealousness, experiences or positions, the correct start disappears.

(2) The foundation of "chosen, called, loved, blessed" must come from the evidences of "how God has born me"

We must have the correct foundations before we can hear every voice correctly. There is a foundation of "the assurance of born again" and this must be placed at God’s conditions. The starting point must be from "God has born me". Am I born again through man’s flesh, intentions, and passion or because God sent a messenger to preach to me? Do I receive convictions of the Holy Spirit so that I call Him Lord? Do I therefore have no choice but to believe in God? Do I hear the Lord’s voice as if I am a sheep needing a Shepherd? There are not any merits of mine to receive the born again life. It is different when we hold on to being loved 蒙爱 and when we hold on to the mystery of the assurance of being loved蒙爱确据的奥秘. The latter holds on to God’s conditions, but the former many times requires man’s faith, so that as time passes, it becomes a byword, a need to proclaim, a need to brainwash, or also it becomes too basic, so that it becomes a head knowledge, numb to the believer. (This is why I always emphasize to small group members that the word blessed 蒙 is more important then loved 爱.) There must be a condition for the child of God to hold on to, to understand himself as the child of God, because without which, he cannot assure himself of being born again. He must be able to find himself the conditions to which God reached out for him. Then his belief will become alive and strong. The child of God can even go around aimlessly weak without a church, but if this mystery has entered into his life, everything will voice to him in his spirit to turn him around.

(3) Correctly meet or know God in my conditions

The mystery of the assurance of born again must also go through correctly meeting or knowing God. God is not seen through the Red Sea opening, raining manna, or rock giving water, but God is always with us in the very first place! He is the God Who is actually already with us, have already manifested and appeared in our life conditions "now", and He has always been guiding, in all creations, for His children, to the numbering of our hairs on our head. If God is of such Personality, we must meet Him at His attributes here. Therefore, if He has already been with me in my conditions before I have believed God, my conditions have God! I mean, if I am quiet and inferiority (as a result of living among people who can talk very well) brings me to meet God, that condition has God. Therefore, my quietness will definitely be used by God in the future. Therefore, there is no need to change yourself when you receive great freedom after meeting God. If you were poor so that you humble down to meet God, and after meeting God, you are still poor, the condition of poverty is what God wants to continue to show His Own self to you. If you become wealthier through meeting God, then your previous poverty is also the condition for understanding people in need so that God gave you easier compassion and pray for them to know the Lord. If I can find God in my conditions, those conditions are not only the most honorable and successful, even after I have believed and be born again, but those conditions are how God wants to use me already. Moreover, if God is the same God that Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Daniel, Paul had met, then I find that I meet God ever much more in the very words, promises and testimonies that the ancients of faith have met.

(4) God shows grace

Now, God is gracious to His children when they are not able to believe and rely on the Holy Spirit to manifest practical works in the fields. He can give miracles, signs, etc, in not the normal way. We must absolutely believe this, and totally. However, one can say that this is the timetable of their faith. In other words, truthfully speaking, there is some disbelief or misunderstandings in God’s children at that timetable, when used in the whole ultimate perfect will of God in His leading of mankind. That disbelief or misunderstanding, truthfully, actually will cause the children of God to go one big round circle.

Yet, God never looks at the children with an eye of "not going to guide His children anymore". Through this disbelief, in fact, God’s grace abounds <Ro 5:20> because God cannot disown Himself <2Ti 2:13>, and therefore, God will lead the children back to His fold again. Is showing grace not the normal way of God? Actually, God always shows grace to His children. This is because they are His children and they cannot always be right on earth. However, in order to meet God correctly, we cannot stop at meeting God in where He shows His grace, but we go back to meeting God at His Own attributes. For example, we can meet God through God showing His grace through money when in poverty. However, God is not in the money, but we must meet God correctly as the God of "Love and Righteousness", and our hearts will be greatly thankful to Him for the cross of forgiveness and love. For another example, if we children, who wanted the road of liberty and unbridled lifestyle, can meet the God of grace by experiencing that God gives freedom with no laws. Yet, God is not in the "no laws", but He is the God of "Forgiveness". He always has a room for us, space for us, and time can always wait for us. If our timetable is already "there", God knows we cannot hurry. If we meet God like this, our hearts grow strong with no condemnations, reproach or blame, but rather, a heart flowing with the very nature of God appears in our hearts – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control will subtly come in to be admired.

Does this mean that we are lousier if we need to accept God’s grace as a second choice? Never! God gives grace because we are His very children. If He can give grace, it means He has already a higher and bigger plan already for us. Even in the conditions that we cannot, those inabilities would in fact cause us to hunger for Him more, and to know the gospel even more! However, we cannot explain Jacob lying as the will of God. We cannot explain that God already loved Jacob, so that God caused Jacob to lie, and so that he received the birthright (inheritance of promise) even though he was the younger brother. If we explain like this, the Spirit of the cross is no longer needed. No cross, no blood, no testimonies and no great heartfelt thanksgiving. Yet, if we just say this first to a child of God who just cannot, because he couldn’t at his level of faith, he will definitely fall. Then what shall we do? Does the Spirit of God say that we are to meet God at the temple? Yes! But does the temple cause us to fall? No! The temple may act like "laws" to make us fall. However, the temple actually already tells us the very intentions of the heart of God. (There is a Spirit of Emmanuel Message in explaining this.) God hates sin, but God loves sinners. Before the creation of the world, God already foreknew that His child is going to sin. But therefore, Christ died for the original sin to patch the child back to God, so that the child can also hate sin like how God hates sin. The temple or format actually tells us about God’s intentions in the very first place. Therefore, for the small group leader or the pastor who speaks to the already proven child of God, he speaks about therefore, God came and find him, and God seeks him again to re-understand the gospel, and to re-understand the intentions of God. Grace is not given separately from the temple. The temple does not only hold the laws of God, but all the intentions of God. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. This is called Emmanuel message. God is always with us, yesterday, today and forever. Understanding Emmanuel message understands how we pastor people – what to give first, and what to give next. It does not mean we abolish the former. In fact, we make the former even stronger and more understandable. This is why we format up, go back to the "foundation of the assurance of born again" to understand His Spirit, reformat again, and then again back to "foundation of the assurance of born again" again to understand His Spirit through pastoring His church, etc etc. This is what I mean deeply when I say that we can research the gospel, but God reveals the gospel when we walk with Him, and this walk is no other in the heart of God to pastor and build the church up.

Abraham set up the altar before talking to God. Moses set up the tabernacle, and David set up the temple. This is why David can converse with God so freely. The holy temple that David set up is not a temple of laws only, but they were with the Torah. The Torah is the Book of Laws, but more correctly, they are the Books of Promises. It contained the very Spirit of God there! Therefore, it is indeed a mystery. We seem to go one big circle, and we will "regret" and therefore, have contrite spirit, and go through repentance and purification, but through it and only through "problems through humility", the Spirit greatly works, and there shall be no regrets at all already, because all things will work everything around, for God is still in charge, and in fact, it is His heart’s pleasure to use children Who knew His very heart intentions, and these children are often those who went through very deep struggles. Therefore, in fact, I should say that in this era closer to the ends times, we shall give less and less restrictions, and more and more understanding, and re-understanding, to God’s sheep, especially to the newer generations of people. More grace should be shown to generation Y more than X, and more to generation Z than Y. And if so, then the message of Emmanuel is even more important than before, to rebuild and progress, to be stronger in grace, yet in power and righteousness, in understanding yet in attraction to the Holy God, in freedom yet in having more "only God, only Christ, only Holy Spirit, only Bible, only Prayer, only Gospelization", and in doing nothing yet having a firm ultimate vision on earth.

(5) God is Special Grace Himself

Yet actually, God not only shows the common grace. God’s name is Grace. The common grace is done so that God’s children will come to God to know Who God really is. Spiritually, when a child of God is shown grace and he is able to respond to God, the moment of that meeting with God is already meeting God as Grace. That is why he can converse and receive power to move on. But what I mean is that, if the child of God knows clearly that God Himself is Grace, he will admire the special Grace. This is because the special Grace (Jesus is the all problem solver, solving the root problem of separation/sin/Satan) solves everything else and gives all kinds of grace already. Therefore, in times of difficulties, when a child knows God as Grace, he will just use prayers to ask for Grace from above – spiritual, wisdom, health, finance, people’s help, for the kingdom of God. He asks boldly because it is not "sacrificing for" the kingdom of God, but he is already "in" the kingdom of God.

(6) Meeting God correctly where He is, in Person

We should meet God right where He is. We must correctly meet God through the enlightenment of "the Word, Christ, Holy Spirit" and correctly know and grasp the entire universe and all creatures. God is not man, but he is over all space and He is "I am Who I am". Only through the revelations revealed through "Word, Christ, Holy Spirit" can we know His Personality, or this very "Person". God is Himself having Eternity and Himself, Beginning and the End, intentions having perfect and beautiful plans, creating the universe and all creatures, creating the visible and the invisible world, grasping eternal times, accord self image to create ourselves, the Trinity as One, loving Father, Righteous and Holy, Glorious, Omnipotent, Abundant, Faithful, prepared eternal salvation and crown in Christ, eternally omnipresent, Protector, Provider, Rewarder to His children, Judger of all peoples! When we are able to use "His Person" for He revealed Himself as such, we can then see all universe, all creatures, and all things. We can use this "Person" to see my conditions, and if we confirm this way, we will be able to see that His revelations are really true.

(7) Meeting God through revelated "Person" correctly through our spirits

We must meet God that is originally and actually already in us! If I use this revelation of this "Person" to build a relationship with Him, we will be able to receive a blessed heartbeat, fix an eternal purpose (love God love men love Kingdom), keep to all His teachings, cause me to strive in conversing with Him, and walk with Him. Therefore, we will discover that He is already manifested in all things and at all times towards me! If we keep doing so, as time goes by, we will find that what we believe, wish and hope for, daily and yearly become accomplished. We will discover many abundant convictions of the Holy Spirit through my past background and conditions, so that I will know how He is going to guide me and use me in the future. With this, I will know the timetable I am at, how He is going to love me at my timetable right now, so that I will receive a lot of meticulous convictions that He voicing to me right now through my spirit. With that, we can know what to talk to people at all kinds of situations and times. We can also know how to gospelize a person with certain words or expressions since we will know his timetable. In this way, as time goes by, we will in all things more clearly know the Lord, in all times and situations, we can call upon the Lord’s name, and at that very thing, God’s perfect will, power, guidance and timetable exemplifies towards me in my spirit! This is <2Co 3:16>, "But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away".

(8) Joining together the "foundation of the assurance of born again" with the Temple

We must not take TULIP (Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, Perseverance of the Saints) as just knowledge. We project the "foundation of the assurance of born again" to make it alive. But "foundation of the assurance of born again" must be alive and joined together in all aspects of the teachings in church. Failure to do so will make the "identity, belonging, relationship, purpose, inheritance" brought about by "born again" unable to join together with all things.

When we use "foundation of the assurance of born again" to look at our "identity, belonging, relationship, purpose, inheritance" brought about by "born again", we will find that they no longer becomes a pressure. For example, when we feel good, identity brought about by born again will make us happy. When we cannot, identity as the child of God will give us lots of accusations, comparisons and inferiority. If we use the "foundation of the assurance of born again" to look at the identity of the child of God in his difficulties, there will be lots of convictions in his spirit because it is God Who found him. The difficulties are where God wants him to let go of enduring, his mindset of many needs, come to God first because God is his Father, receive grace in prayers first, ask for grace such as wisdom and people to help him in prayers, restore authority, remember other brethrens in the same difficult situation as him, etc.

We also must use the "foundation of the assurance of born again" to look at promises, "foundation of the assurance of born again" to look at perfect will of God, "foundation of the assurance of born again" to look at how to converse with God, "foundation of the assurance of born again" to look at walking with God, "foundation of the assurance of born again" to look at how to enjoy God’s loving kindness and grace in the midst of weakness, temptations, or sufferings, etc.

(9) Joining together the "foundation of the assurance of born again" with the ones I love, meet, intercede, and can accurately have rooted and founded faith and judgments in all men and things

If I am God’s greatly loved, and all my conditions, relationships are God’s love and grace, then all my family (wife, children, parents) and brethrens, relatives, colleagues are all whom God loves. Therefore, I can expect greatly, wait for their timetable of grace, and pray for them in great assurance. If my heart has the Spirit’s compassion on them, it means Christ is interceding for them. My "foundation of the assurance of born again" will be used to see how God will use His conditions to save them. If I can meet them, it is God’s arrangement. If I hear news of their problems, it is God’s conditions to closen the timetable to save them. If I try to understand their need and try the gospel on them, if they respond to the words with the Spirit’s convictions, and they are the "foundation of the assurance of born again", then it is the time to be saved! Judge and have all faith to tell them to believe, and they will believe. There is rooted and founded faith, testing and approving and accomplishments. In other words, there is irresistible grace, a believing heart, and an open mindset to the works of the Holy Spirit.

(10) What is the Gospel then? It is God’s works from the head to the tail. It is also restoring "God-driven". It can also mean "the great process that continues to restore God-driven"!

Do we then need to do anything else on earth? Do we need to do anything in saving souls? We don’t need to do anything actually! Do not accord to your plans or intentions to do anything. God-driven means being Spirit-led. Being Spirit-led means listening to the voice in your spirit. What we must do more is to deny ourselves more, throw away all our old-selves, and strive towards how to tell the Spirit inside my spirit to work ever more wonderfully in my conditions and at all times.

The Spirit’s voice will come more with more "death and resurrection". That is why we die and resurrect with Christ in the very first place to receive the Spirit of the new life, new identity, new belonging, new relationship, new purpose, new inheritance and new method. Daily, we also walk every moment by dying and resurrecting. Dying and resurrecting is not giving up everything what we still cannot let go. As a sister puts it, "God didn’t really demand "all" from us, because He also knows it is impossible for me to give ALL now. ALL refers to everything I can commit to Him at my current faith level. As long as I did that, transcending peace will come and even practical evidences of GRACE will follow! 🙂 So actually, though it seems like we surrender (i.e. give), but it is actually for us to be freed (i.e. received)!" In this way, we resotre Christ’s perfect will, anointing, power, exemplifications, accomplishments, and the end is "Christ becomes really greater, while I do not need to show my head anymore".

All who receives this Christ gospel mystery is really blessed. Paul said <Ga 2:20> "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.", and in <1Co 15:10> "But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them—yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me."

[Above taken from Rev Leechull’s Notes "Always Learning But Never Able To Acknowledge" Series 2: The Wrong Start, plus my own additions, understanding as of 25 April 2010 with 3 messages today and past 2 Sundays.]

For the rest of the points, I will try to summarize in another part.


If we do not limit the Holy Spirit’s convictions in our spirit, we will discover that if we can explain the Spirit’s work in my spirit more, there will be limitless convictions in me. How free would that be? If we have such a foundation that is so correct and accurate, we will not doubt the voices in our hearts, but we will treat the spirit in us and the heart conditions in us, as God’s Own voice to us, be it during back to studying the bible, praying, meeting families, going for work, facing problems and tribulations, testifying the gospel, and serving.

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