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The Absolute, Thorough and Infinite Holy Spirit

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(Panorama 7 June 2010)

I made this new category to post "short thoughts", and I thought "Panorama" is a good tag. Panorama has a meaning to say, "unobstructed, wide view, extensive area, in all directions, extended, pictorial, representation, landscape, scene, a part at a time, made to pass continuously, object for exhibiting pictorial representation, continuously passing or changing scene, an unfolding of events, comprehensive survey". Quite a nice word, everything encompassed. Hehe.

I am going to be a little bit controversial here. Hope you get what I mean.

Let’s re-live a stupid and old question, "Can God create a boundlessly great and big rock so that He cannot lift it up?"

I say can. Don’t limit the Holy Spirit. Can God limit Himself? Yes. Where? He chose to limit His works to those whom He has chosen, called and loved. He chose to place all His blessings in His people. Do I need to work hard? No and yes. Don’t limit the Holy Spirit. I need to work hard, but because the Spirit already is alive in me. Therefore, though I work hard, I do not need to feel good before I can work hard.

Many spiritualists and religions in the world require some form of escalations and ascensions, so that they can experience the ultimate and feel the spiritual world. Some can be seen as in wasting their lives all the way till they indulge in the dirts of the world, concentrate their minds in the very details that tells the mind to work like a computer, or emptying their minds so that no kinds of external factors influence their minds. The idols Molech, Baal and Ashtareth of old meant about sacrifice, fire, fertility, war, sexuality, magic, rain, thunder, agriculture — some form of highs, desires, wants, excitement, etc. Gamblings, temptations, tortures, prostitution, psychics, etc are actually of the same nature. Some felt unable, some goes with it, and some just gave it up. They all have the focus of legalism and beating their bodies. They also have their own minds in thinking so hard as to translate to another level of understanding and this is humanism.

But if we think that we need certain forms of rituals, customaries, principles, examples to follow, ideas and notions to keep, then we are in religion. But what God has given is not limited, but yet is absolutely limitless. That is why we have to think of "children of God" not from even an understanding of how a parent would treat a child. The Son of God cannot be thought of as earthly, but in terms of spiritual, so that children can be thought of as disciples, seeds, same as the parent, inheritance the same as the parent, or even doing what is much more than the parent. The Son of God subjects Himself to the Father, yet the Father is pleased to make everything in heaven and under heaven under the Son. What is this about? We cannot limit the Spirit.

If I feel like reading the bible or doing certain jobs, then I do it, this can mean that I am a very weak person. But it can also mean that I am relying on the Spirit to read the bible or do some errands. Yet, if I limit myself to pushing myself, persevering, or limit myself thinking that "I will always need to feel good" before I can read the bible, then you are limiting the works of the Holy Spirit again. When I complained to God, "Lord, no time lah. Go home from work already so tired, therefore how can I read the bible? How can I prepare messages? Surely You want me to sleep." If you just think so, then you are doing it humanly, and there is no crown. Yet if you prayed just 1 second and be sensitive to Holy Spirit’s guidance and thinking, it may be that He wants you to sleep a while first, or wants you to go for a jog that evening after work, or wants you to just go ahead with reading the bible or equipping yourself first, then when you are in the spirit of doing things, you will tend to get moving. Yet, if you think that every time, it must be like that, you are limiting yourself again. When I live with my wife, I find that there are many differences between her and me, yet sometimes, I learn the habits from her, and some habits I have long thought that are bad since young for 20 over years, yet when I test and approve, I try to learn the habits and when I see that it gave me time and resources to lean towards God better, why not? Do not limit the Spirit. What is bad may not be bad, and what is good may not be good. But what is correct is always when you rely on the Spirit.

This is my picture or panorama:

Absolute Word of God

Thorough Model of Christ

Infinite Holy Spirit

God must work this way, and that way. Yes, but no. Yes if you view it that God won’t go against Himself, but no, if you also view it that God wants to place certain emphasis to explain the rooted foundation so that He will even go against Himself. The best is understanding from the Word of God, Christ and Holy Spirit through the stories of men in the bible. Yet, we cannot limit the Holy Spirit in the stories alone, because the Holy Spirit writes the Bible! We cannot just say Jesus Christ is single (not married), so that He cannot represent those who are married. The Spirit lives in Christ, so that couples can learn from the Model of Christ.

God made the whole universe and the whole earth. Therefore, all the works of God is on earth. All the works of God is in everywhere we go. Therefore, we cannot limit the Holy Spirit in telling His stories. This is why we cannot be in the state of being accused, or we will not be able to see His works and use the world as our food. We cannot compromise with the world, yet we cannot live outside of the world, so we overcome the world with Christ living in us. But how do we then overcome the world? We can do so only when we take all the world, take it as unclean, but hearing the word of God to tell us to eat up the Gentiles as our very food, i.e. take all the surroundings as having the ultimate plan of God and then test and approve for the Spirit’s work in that very situation, to enjoy what He has planned. You have overcomed the world if you got the perfect will and submit to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Yet, God limited that when He chose the special ones – His children. So is this a limit? No, in fact, it is God’s unlimited wisdom. If you think that this is a limit, you do not know the limitless God and the limitless Holy Spirit. This is why we say the Spirit lives unlimitedly in the hearts of men, and we say that if we feel so and so, actually the Holy Spirit is feeling that way too, so we just need to seek out why the Spirit allowed that. If we only think that therefore, when we have the feeling to indulge in the world, and that is the Holy Spirit, this is blasphemy already. But if we got the meaning, we will know that the feeling to indulge and waste our lives away has the Holy Spirit’s doing, in allowing the devil to tempt us and make us so difficult, so that you will know that the Holy Spirit actually wants to show that it is only by the grace of God that you can be delivered out from the weaknesses, so that you will call out the Name of Jesus in order to pull you out, and there – you have a testimony that the Spirit leads so that the weakness that it seemed actually became a testimony that is done by those who hold on to the blood of Christ. The Spirit is limitless, so do not hold back.

I can have increment of salary and I can use salary increment to test and approve the Lord’s leading for me in whether I should take up the job. But God can also use that situation to tell me that I should humble down and tell me to lower it down. At my level of faith, God will let me know. If I test and approve incorrectly, God will turn things around and discipline me. Yet, do not limit the Spirit to think that all is gone. The Spirit has a way to turn things around and all things work for good for those who are already loved by Him, so discipline is a form of love and in fact, the representation of carrying the cross of Christ. I can also ask God to give me less salary because I do not need that much and so that I can serve God with a better conscience. It can mean that it is the desire of God, but it can also mean that I am following the Spirit. If I prayed this prayer and God did not allow that in the end, it only means that I adjust my understanding and pray according to that God desires to use me for His kingdom. Do not limit the Spirit.

God is love, but we do not restrict God with love, but we understand the absoluteness of love, thoroughness of love, and infinitely explain love.

I posted a blog recently "What do you want?" Yes, it is "love". When I check it with this blog about the 3 blessings:


I discover there are three parts to "Love":

1) Love is a state = relationship

2) Love is a verb = commission

3) Love is a noun = something needed to be received

When we say "love", do not limit it to 2) and 3), but also do not limit it to 1). But it should be 1) -> 2) and 1) -> 3). What I really want, I discover, it not what I want, but actually that God has placed in me before the creation of the world, and this is "love". Understand it from 1)->2) and 1)->3) and you will get it.

Then how do we live? Since the Holy Spirit is so limitless? How do we test and approve?

Yes, there will be a time when you will have total understanding, yet there is also a time when God will hide from you. But in my words, find understanding that if Christ is alive, you become alive at the same time, and it also happens this way that if you become alive, Christ will become alive at the same time in you too. This is what is meant by God in Christ, Christ in me, me in God, me in Christ, God in everything, etc. So is the 36 lessons needed? Yes, definitely. Yet you find that the Spirit who tells Rev Leechull to write the 36 lessons also tells him to say, "36 lessons is dead". If you cannot confirm the things that God wants you to confirm in a meeting, you are dead. Yet when you can confirm everything and is happy and felt on top of the world already after a meeting, you are also dead, for you will surely fall at the next moment. Yet if there is a limit to your hungering of the word of God just because you think that you have tried your best at listening and confirming to the message, you are also dead. Do not limit the Spirit.

So how? Unless you have died, buried and resurrected with Christ, and find that you have unlimited things to learn, yet you are practically fully equipped to do every good work of God… Summed up in a word "Humble". Humility = the state of always listening to God and always do things "In the Name of Jesus Christ" and always going forth in full courageousness in relying on the Spirit like you are one with God the Trinity..

There is still a need to be orderly in messages and meetings. This is to bring out the absoluteness of God and so that we can open our restricted and protected eyes. There needs to be a pastor like Christ to lead, so that we can learn by examples and so that there will be no confusion. Yet the messages and meetings, and the pastor and leaders of the church will say, "Be led by the Spirit in your own calling." In short, if you can be absolute, thorough and infinite, you have died and resurrected with Christ.

Please refer to the Sunday Message on http://www.lifechurchmissions.com. I don’t need to repeat here.

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