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To Grow up, Train in Ideology, and Focus only on Pastoring — Last Two Gospel Stations at Old IBM Site

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(Career Development 11 Jun 2010)


For last week’s message, I am hearing God telling us for a need to grow up.

1. Grow Up

1) Talents, gifts, charities, relationships => what is the best? God’s perfect will is for the sake of ministering and edifying the church.

2) What is our goal? What do we really want? It is to train preachers. IBM has the best of the crop, and there are so many seminars and training here. Is our goal really love?

3) Then next focus – to only — prophesy = no complaints (Gen 3), but see every condition as God’s perfect will (Jesus Christ), then prophesy (speak the natural living springs)

2. Sufferings (Reality, Spiritual Battle)

Remember why one Chinese Emperor ate sour grapes in order to keep himself in check and in reality. In order to grow up, some sufferings will be good for us. Some alternations will be good for us to get to the root, for it is easy to get into the wrong motives of man.

Perspective <Acts 4:12> How to restore this motive of God and God-driven?

1) OId Testament and New Testament => relationship (Israel, church), promise, perfect will

2) Experience the Word -> to hear God’s voice in all things 24 hours

3) Join together: 联络得合适 (IBM is still commercial, so for some time to come, even though we dream about perhaps asking pastor to come to IBM to speak in a lunch-time seminar to address some life issues, etc, it is still better to bring disciples to the church for discipleship training)

3. Meeting new Colleagues at the New Site (Everyone will be sitting in the same third level in the new site. There are opportunities to meet with all 400-500 (?) IBM colleagues.)

1) Change to New Site very soon – what it means for us two

(1) Practical

(2) Singapore -> stand independent

(3) USA going down, China arising

2) Change of Colleagues

(1) Change is always difficult

(2) Change of status – after getting to know more people, GR’s status gets known. After conversion to IBM staff, it is another level of getting into the realms of IBM to know the message to "infiltrate" IBM strong culture

3) Meeting different people

(1) Old squids 老油条 – critical, defensive, challenging, making one feel uneasy in order to make themselves still stand out in the crowd. However, there are some old squids who may be God’s children, for they may just desire a simple life and not the complications of promotions and fights to get to the top posts

(2) Peers

(3) Blue-collar groups – there are also lots of manufacturing people around. We may meet them all

(4) Younger people – IBM is keen to hire younger people (up to 1.5 years of experience are counted as university hires – their pay is kept minimum – can tweak their culture easier, yet labor is cheaper). Yet, younger people (Gen Y) also represent a different kind of people. Pray that we will meet the next generation and guide them along, into Christ.

=> find the beatitudes.


For this week’s message, Guorong is on reservist. I actually received a lot of darkness and temptations this very week. Therefore, God also gave me message here.

Everything is for the foundation of Jesus Christ – Cross message, Gospel lessons 1-5

1. All values, prayers, and lifestyle must re-format and transform

It is not other problems that you sin, still cannot, still compare, but there is a problem in the part of your [spirit/soul/body]=life that still needs the revamp of Christ’s Values 价值观 = Logos/Rationale/Logic/理性

2. Need Healing

Yet, knowing is one thing, some parts still will not solve. Therefore, Healing messages 1-10 are all needed. The main essence of Healing message is H1->H2, H1->H3, H1->H4, …, …, H1->H9, H1->H10, i.e. spiritual healing comes before all other healing. We have to receive the full holistic gospel in order to be healed.

Time is also needed

(1) Relationships -> commission -> blessings — TRAIN

(2) All things -> your situation / your part of healing

(3) Nine fruits (Channel of Holy Spirit)

=> Hold on to Full holistic gospel -> do all kinds of prayers -> tell Jesus Christ to become alive/resurrect in me

3. Your life focus: preach gospel in season, but also out of season — Put your focus on Sheep

If your sorrows or disappointments are because of sheep, the sorrow and disappointments are so holy. "Lord, I wish to be inside the arena of ‘putting focus on sheep’!"

All other things, just leave them to God (pray).

But sheep: pray, find and engage. Discover the problems of the era -> resurrect Christ => tell His Answers to appear!

i.e. Big heart on sheep’s Time Table -> Intercede and focus on shepherding

Just a few hours ago, God made my heart sorrowful for the temptations in conversion into IBM staff. This is because it would make my closest colleague seem very inferior – he is not converted. If I just ignore this, I find that the Spirit in me becomes very sad – my love vessel becomes so much less. I messaged my manager to ask if my colleague can take my place instead for the conversion. Would not God settle the necessities for me in the world? Did not I come to the company bless people? She may not agree, and he may not agree too. But I hope that some gospel can be witnessed out of this too. May God take charge before I go for the camp. I know there is surely something in me to die and resurrect, destroy and rebuild. I look forward to how God is going to do great works in GR and I after the camp.

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