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Stepping into the Year of “Sending Out The Living Springs” – Sharing

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(Sharing 13 June 2010)

Before we move out from the Year of Unearthing the Living Springs, we must have a big perspective.

This is the year where we hope to go into the realms of the life that has the exquisiteness, elegance and refinement of the living springs that we unearthed, so that we often enjoy absolute authority and battles won, and thus can win many same kind of eternal travelmates.

By "Sending Out", it does not mean we have to "do" some actions. "Sending Out" means that we take rest, move about, and become alive inside the realms of "Living Springs". To rest about in the realms, we must become alive to the extent of taking the "Spirit of sonship" – your very blessedly loved identity, and know therefore that God never limits His grace for you. To move about in the realms, we must become alive to the extent of taking the "promises" already meant for us to the "already believed state" or "believing heart". To become alive inside the realms of "Living Springs", we must take the "power in us" or "the spirit of a king or a queen" to allow the unlimited and undefined Spirit in your spirit to work. The Lord works at the same time in the spirit and in practical. What I mean is that, if the invisible world has creational movement, the visible world has evidences at the same time. This is called Emmanuel message. We do not try to "Send Out", but we dwell inside the Temple in us, which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and "Send Out" the Spirit inside our life, soul and spirit, so that at the same time, all our lifestyle, relationships, finance, serving will send out the gentleness, the simple-minded, yet the deeply-minded, the holy-purpose-minded. This is called gospelization, or Emmanuelization.

By realizing to this wide and big extent to preserve your hearts and minds even when "sending out", you will then see why knowledge of understanding past, present and what is going to happen in the future really free us up, and we can see the greater extent of Satan’s deception in the world, and the greatest extent of Christ paying everything on the cross for us. Do not feel hopeless without evidences or feel that you can’t belong to the gospelization or Emmanuel movement because you do not have evidences, or people around you still have problems. Be patient, really. Tell yourself you can wait. Tell yourself that God will wait for you. God will not take away the fruits. He will turn everything around. We can believe because, even if you do not have, I can feel great hope within my spirit when I see all this in the eye of a big blueprint or map.

1. Go into the realms of the Emmanuel Message

The Emmanuel message always starts with completeness. Actually, God’s loving message is just one part of the Emmanuel message. Before God’s love, is actually God’s calling. A child is not loved by his parent before the father calls the child. God’s choosing is before God’s calling. A child is not called before he is his parent’s child. Therefore, Emmanuel message is a bit hard. You tell people, "You are chosen by God", and people won’t feel anything because their needs are not met, i.e. they are suffering in the deceptions of Satan. You tell people "God is calling you to church", and today’s generation Z people will just run away. You tell people "God loves you", and if he is the child of God, in deep problems, the Spirit of God will go in. It may probably be this era that the message we preach and the message we pastor downstairs is different. I am still praying now about this. Yet, if people just hear you are loved by God, they will become weak people, always needing comfort. They will need to meet the God that chose and called them. Then they will know that that love is deep and so full that God is bound to a covenant of love for that purpose. Therefore, if God loves His children, He will show all blessings to him. I remember that Elder Lei’s wife hugged me first when I was very, very, very sad, thinking that nothing was wrong, but I cried after she hugged me. I felt the love of God. Yet, when I met the real God, I no longer cry, but I am strong and courageous because I met the correct God Who has always been with me. This is called Emmanuel Message.

Therefore, what is most important is

1) To go through "the gospel of Jesus Christ as spoken of in the bible" in order to know accurately about the following:

2) To accurately know the Spirit

3) To accurately know our spirits

4) To accurately and completely know the devil "hiding the truth, his deception, his temptations, his accusations, his destruction, and his murdering" works

5) To accurately know the works of angels accordingly through "the Lord’s Word, the Holy Spirit’s instruction, and Christ’s blood"

6) In additionally, we must go through prayer training (so that we may experience all kinds of experiences, requests and forms)

7) So that we can receive the most beautiful answers through enjoyment in the already victorious battle

Therefore, (3 kinds of prayers)

1) If we have not built the temple in Christ to pray (life ideology 生命思想体系, lifestyle system 生活运作原理)


2) We have not known how to rely on the Holy Spirit to pray

=> It will be very difficult to break the very spot of the devil’s schemes. We will not be able to overcome the devil’s temptations and will often stumble. We will not be able to win over the devil’s accusations and thus only live a life of not having peace, having fear, having no power, and a life of having no fruits. It may even result in total undisciplined indulgence, unbridled impudicity, and be sunk deeply into spiritual sleep, going into the very state of becoming Satan’s slave.

BUT (a third kind of prayers)

3) If we have a group of disciples praying (a group of soldiers of Christ praying), we can break every and all of the devil’s schemes, the spirit and heart having assurance, having victory in all things, can enjoy all of God’s every glory, wisdom and power, and so that one can always have joy, pray continuously, and give thanks in all things!

There is a group of people (disciples) having and possessing The Life That Has Built The Temple, which is and therefore

1) Having born again assurance

2) The heart deeply beating in loving the Lord, loving men and loving the kingdom

3) Being "hauled, towed, dragged, pulled, led, drawn" by a lifetime ultimate vision

4) "Make effort, exert oneself, strive, endeavor" to join together, weave together and knit together with brethrens who are parts of Christ’s Body

5) "Make effort, exert oneself, strive, endeavor" to learn, to intercede, to cowork

6) Know-how in keeping, preserving and maintaining the holiness of the holy temple in the body/life (often using burnt sacrifice, sin sacrifice, restitution/guilt sacrifice, peace/fellowship sacrifice, grain sacrifice to offer up sacrifices, and can see fruits, practical speed, efficiency, and productivity, and through Christ’s Spirit, often can go into the Most Holy Place / depths of the spirits/heart

7) Continue to test and approve the Lord’s perfect will and guidance with a believing heart

=> From such disciples (of the commandos / marines / chosen hand-picked Christian soldiers)

1) Once they pray, they can enjoy "relying the Holy Spirit, drive demons, opening up the heavenly kingdom"

2) God’s pillar of cloud, pillar of fire very clearly embodies and manifests in the midst of them

3) The greater the problems and sufferings, the greater the fruits of passively exemplifying Christ’s authoritative power, delivering salvation and pastoring/raising/training to souls

And especially the following, no matter how much these are emphasized, it is never too much and too excessive!

1) One day three times, fixed-time and scheduled prayers, to "rely Spirit, drive demons, open up the heavenly doors"

2) Continue to rely on the Holy Spirit to always, all kinds, preserve "heaven descending", hearing voices from within you practically convicting, touching, moving you

3) The importance of grasping the concentration prayer time (when spiritual attacks come)

By the way, the above points are not from me, but a translation with some tweaks from a last email letter sent out by Rev Leechull to move into the Year of Sending out the Living Springs. They are really good at guiding us into the realms of "Living Spring" after ending the last month of the Year of "Unearthing the Living Springs".

2. Play a Task -> Practicalize

Then: go into such a realm = Practicalize / materialize the realms you enjoy. Do blogs for yourself. You learn about setting yourself free when you do it yourself. Your timetable is the timetable of God’s hidden children around you. Your hearts opened means other hearts are opened. Enjoying and participating into such a realm = Sending out the living springs.

And when you send out, you will increase in talents as we use them more. This is not motivational, or getting the hang of it, or keep yourself moving up to speed, but as you send out, you must restore the original intention and motive of God = God wants you to be healed into the original. Then you will find that you think of God 24 hours and in all things, even in ministries and taking care of people, and therefore, anointing comes so that you will no longer feed yourself with the attractions of the world as you feed yourself with life, power and inheritance. One day, you discover you have transformed, by realizing that God has called you and made you into this direction even before the creation of the world, so that you "send out the living springs" even when you think you do not qualify, but do it because you cannot don’t send out. The day of transformation is the day when you realize that this is not being noble, but that this is what you really are = a piece of blessing. i.e. You begin to see that "Life is a box of chocolates" for yourself, and for everyone you love, and for all peoples in the world who need your love.

3. Just Be Happy and Follow His Voice That Is Everywhere

We experienced something like this. People just came into our church and they received not only the messages with depth, but there is joy and love surrounding them. I could see this as they spoke with much freedom and transparency. When does this happen? It happened not after we are set free and in joy. It happened exactly when we are happy and follow the voices and mood in our spirits.

When you are happy, your words, tones, voices, mood, wisdom, depth, simplicity, etc will be different. They will be felt by people around. The Spirit in you will plant seeds of the gospel Spirit into people around you.

Pastoral: Gospel great light -> greatest grace in the process -> restore Gospel’s great light

As we send out the living springs, we will discover why some people do not receive the gospel messages well even though they are truly children of God. We keep on sending in order to tune the voices of living springs that already appeared and are working in us.

I experienced something in South Korea. When I try to tell of the big picture, a colleague there could not accept my words. The Holy Spirit told me to love him first. When I come back from South Korea, he said he still thought "Where am I?" missing my presence at my seat in their office. I take all these as voices from God, but I am still praying now.

There is a calling for each and everyone. I begin to discover this for myself too. I was able to take charge of many things in the church. I was like a Solomon who enjoyed everything in the world and knew everything in the world. People came to me to ask about Maths, Science, Engineering, Computers, programming, iPhone, hacking, etc, and I can answer them all. I can even go into the depths of the English language even though I can’t use them out freely and well. Then I loved church to my only meaningful life. I begin to advance and somehow, climbed to one of the most knowledgeable and forward in understanding. In fact, by God’s grace, I led Student Fellowship in Sion Presbyterian, and led The Life Church and Missions for about a year. I was also made an overseer. Then one day, I discover like the aged Solomon king that I don’t want to have all these already. From that day, my skills deteriorate and I discover people who can do administrative things, manage things better than I, and it is because I desired to put my focus on "life". I do not like anything without life and relationships. From that day, I focus on "playing" life and relationships. I am in IBM, and I now play. I am in a Life Church and I now play. I am with Gen X Gen Y Gen … and I like "playing" with challenges. My motive is not about success and accomplishing great things, because those are done by God. My only motive is to be in God’s great Love. From here, my quiet nature, my wild thoughts, my inward nature, my character of being critical — all become valuable.


There should be some messages from Rev Leechull in the Singapore Malaysia Camp. Let’s pray, intercede and supplicate that the message will come to us to make us go into the realms of the Living Springs tomorrow Singapore-Malaysia Camp 2010. Keep our hearts and minds preserved.

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