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Unearth The Living Springs Part 3 – Sharing


(Sharing 13 June 2010)

The time is ripe for me to continue and wrap up the messages last year, so that we can expect great things to happen this coming Singapore-Malaysia Camp 2010.

If you know me, I never meant to be too difficult a person to understand. I also never meant to keep so much knowledge so that I will become proud. If you know me so that you find that you cannot find help from me, I am truly sorry, and factually, I would like to say that it is not because I am less correct in building the temple, but that my "building the temple" is not sufficient to bring love, joy, peace and power to you yet. In fact, I have too many experiences that God disciplined me when I go in the wrong way. I continue to demolish and rebuild in order to receive God’s heart. This is not my doing, but by God’s grace, because it is through time that my heart became stronger and stronger. It is like first having the Word of God as optional, and then loving the Word of God to make it part of my life every moment.

I say the above and mean it to especially brethrens because they have Christ in them. When their lives show the need for me to intercede for them, it shows that there is something in them that God allows me to hear, so that I pray and "feel" the Spirit happy for them, and also "feel" the areas where the Spirit will be even happier in them. If I am able to "feel" correctly in shepherding, and keep my focus here, I discover that my problems not only become small/disappear, but I get healed in the process – amazingly.

I know that this is Emmaus because I see more of everything, and I have warmth in my heart. This is Emmanuel message = everything yet died to see that only One is with me.

2) REVISITING "Building the System of Christ’s Spirit in His Body" => Procedure -> Join together -> Confirm -> Alternate -> Habit)

(1) This is killing us!

In the past, I hear the word of God and loved it. Then I understood about the gospel as good news from God versus religion. From then on, everything about the word of God accused me. Then I started to find I cannot hear some messages or read some passages in the bible. For example, <Ro 8:18> says "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." Man, this scripture verse makes me wonder why God must make me suffer. <Php 1:27> says "Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ." This scripture verse makes me wonder why God still wants some New Testament law after knowing the gospel that sets us free.

I know the Word of God is definitely good. Therefore, I have to reformat with Christ’s perspective. At the end of reformat, I understood what is Emmanuel. Emmanuel is not about "no accusations", but about having everything, and becoming Christ Who fulfilled every law with will, with love, and with power.

Here, I wish to revisit the temple. Along the way, we may share the word of God "harder and harder". Emmanuel tells us that it is because we are hearing the messages of the temple "harder and harder", i.e. red light already. Therefore, we have to die (stop and rethink) and resurrect (truer Emmanuel format).

One Tuesday, when I was leading the prayer before the discipleship training, I said, "Pray for Singapore Malaysia Camp". Upon seeing some tired in the meeting, I said "sleeping within hearing messages is also blessed". When I turn back and re-understand (when some really took in my words and sleep in the meeting), I think I am still only in the "good news" nature and have not gone into Emmanuel nature (there must be some words that will not only set people free, but also set people in the "free" and "right" direction). God has His plan, but if there is a next time, I will add, "and I will ask God to habitualize my nature so that I will hear louder words of God in my dreams".

Let us revisit.

(i) The Truth kills!

Why does the Truth of the "born again, promise, perfect will, prayer, walk with God, gospelization and disciples" form more dryness, and make a child of God robotic more? Why does it seem to make Israel fail again and again? Why do many church goers fail again and again (including us)? Why do we try to join together the truths but felt it as a toil? Why does equipping turn our hearts of gentleness into hardness? Is not the Fatherly God with us in the first place? Is He not abundantly with us at all times? Is not His perfect will in the truths and system?

(ii) The right procedure kills!

Look at the procedures below:

– "God loves us -> we must love others" — Why does this kill us?

– "God loves us -> therefore we are the child of God -> we will definitely love God and love men" — Why does this kill us even more?

– "God loves us -> … … … (more and more procedures in the middle) … … … — Why does this kill us even much, much more? It may be good in the process, but it will kill.

Is not the system good?

(iii) Being able to build to the highest and deepest vision kills!

I talked about the skeleton in (2). That kills. Maybe we can fill in more flesh. If you continue on, you will find that filling in more flesh, it kills even more.

Why does Peter have great faith so that he can walk on the water just like Jesus? What about us?

Why do the gospel doors open immediately after Holy Spirit descends? What about us?

What is wrong with you, church? What is wrong with you so that you cannot preach the gospel? Where is your commitment in the Great Commission?

(iv) Becoming alive with Word of God kills!

But becoming alive is not becoming full of knowledge so that we can speak from the beginning till the end. I discover that if I know a lot, it is good, but when delivering messages to people, it will kill people if I do not give people what they need at their present timetable. In fact, I discover that if I give them the system, they will die immediately! How is it possible to accept the whole bible without dying?

Do you know what I mean? The bible is a murderer! Yes! Does this also mean that the New Testament kills too? In fact, it kills too! There are much more laws and requirements in the New Testament even if the New Testament tries to talk about the law of the Spirit and life. In Old Testament, it says, "love your brother", and in the New Testament, it says, "love your brother sincerely".

But is not the bible the Word from God?

(2) Understanding "Living and active" 活泼又有功效

The Chinese bible says, "alive and kicking" and also "having efficiency and productivity".

Heb 4:12 says "For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart."

The truths or the temple is actually a GPS (navigating system). I use "navigating" (continuous tense) because it is active and living.

A GPS cannot just give the map or blueprint, as it will make us confused and turn us away straightaway. A GPS cannot just give the compass north, or the direction, as it will make us give things up easily as a gentle child of God. A GPS cannot just give the ending point (vision, Spirit), as it will make us abstract, only knowing "spiritual" things, be joyful, but it is empty in between and a lot of things missing hypocritically. A GPS cannot just tell us the mode of transport (prayer) to move from the starting point to the ending point. Then what must a GPS do? It must give us everything! It makes us clear of our position, in the big map or blueprint. It shows us the direction to move so that we will not be confused. It shows us the ending point so that we will not miss confirming if we are still in the shortest path to the end point, so that we will have confidence in our walk with God. It gives the method of transport (prayer) so that we will be able to move along easily. However, if it gives us everything, will this make us more frustrated? YES! Therefore, you must understand what is living and active. When a GPS works, it is so simple to use! Just follow its detailed and meticulous words (truth) and voice-direction (spirit’s inclination) to move along. Practically, this means that when you meet with family or colleagues, you hear God’s Spirit in your spirits straightaway as a navigating instruction and mood, so that you talk to them and influence them immediately. Knowing how to speak to people at their timetable is the purpose of building the temple.

The analogy I bring here is to let you understand that if you have really built the temple in you and have equipped it correctly in the very first place, you will know that it is going to make you a living and perfect person. It will bring you with much assurance to the end. During the process, you will know how to explain God’s work on you, on your loved ones, and on everyone around.

The "Living and Active" Temple will tell you to be, in any kind of situations, be able to test and approve, God’s perfect love, God’s perfect righteousness, God’s perfect will. We will also be able to grasp the confident belief that comes from "grasping the perfect will" of God. We will be able to receive unlimited powers through this confident faith. We can earnestly love God and love men. We can run like we are so zealous and committed, blessing people loudly or quickly with words, but our hearts are so much in calm. Though our judgments and decisions are very simple, easy and light, but they are filled with wisdom, power and efficiency. Though we meet often with all kinds of challenges and tribulations, out spirit does not lose peace, joy and thanksgiving. This is because there is a Perfect Temple dwelling in their heart, and they often enjoy sweet, beautiful and good conversations and walk with God. The surroundings, conditions, process, etc external factors cannot move their inner life; in fact, their inner life influences the external surroundings, conditions and process! Paul has such a life – storm and prison, they become to his advantage, and they accomplished the vision of heaven. And look at David in <Ps 23>, he could see God’s staff leading him and comforting him, and banquet being laid for him even in front of his enemies, so that he wants to stay in God’s temple in his heart, formatting forever! All kinds of situations influenced = God is with you and around you = Emmanuel message.

(3) "Always learning the system but never be able to acknowledge" puts us in a realm where we take a long time to format

In my experience, if I look at the big system till it will become perfect, I will die of suffocating. But I receive enough grace to move on. This is the grace of God, not because my life is sanctified. During the process of building it, I also find that I lose track of the whole understanding of "building the temple", therefore, the Spirit of "building the temple" leaves me and I am left with a tired life — always learning but never being able to acknowledge.

I also discover that during the course of learning this, this understanding cannot be forced. There can be a lot of reasons, but the most important reason is that the messenger is not ready, or your timetable is not ready. I will spell out more reasons later why building the perfect temple takes a long, long time, or more accurately, why building the temple often cause us to go into more burdensome. Yet, we may need to go through such roads. Do you know why? Either the message is not inclined correctly, or that our ears are wrong.

God is gracious. In me continuing to format, trying to lay out the procedure, join everything together, confirm in my heart, I find that I receive sufficient joy to keep me on. There are times needed for me to repeat the alterations of successes and failures. However, I discover that Emmanuel message is being able to bless one into the future based on what he is going through now – his heart concern of formatting is because God’s love keep attracting him to God, right? Let me tell you, God is faithful. If you must receive a temple, it must go through demolishing and rebuilding, and time is needed. Time is a very important factor. If God is full of compassion for His children, why does He continue to wait till thousands of years after sin entered the world to send His Son down to demonstrate His great love for us? You can also say that one waits for the compassion of God to increase till it is so full that He wants finally sends Jesus Christ incarnated, died on the cross, and resurrected, to show His love to let all history of mankind understand His very heart intentions. Emmanuel message never regrets and never worries. Is it therefore cold-hearted? No! Anguish, sadness, carefulness still comes, but those happen in 0.5 seconds. (It may happen for a day, week or years, but the turning point happens in 0.5 seconds. The longer the time, the greater the rejoicing mood at the end! "Eureka"!) This is Emmanuel message. It can patiently wait for time expectantly, so that the time has no problems at all. It seems like one day to thousand years for Christ. <2Pe 3:8> says "But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day."

We have the highest blessings if we start pray and format first. Otherwise, there is need to have a Plan B.

Therefore, if I am able to hear "Build the temple" and "You must re-format", and still stay in this process, do you know that the Spirit is alive in you to produce that faith in you?

(4) Why does formatting the temple take so long and burdensome?

There are two reasons:

(i) It takes so long because we have a lot of hidden idols, golden calves, and imitations in our spirit

I mean, we can understand the gospel, enjoy the gospel, can spread the gospel, have sufferings in the process, and want to be used by God for the gospel. It may be that a person receives a blessed message or not and so becomes living and active. But unless God touches him, no matter how blessed the message, it would not touch him. There are different degrees to which we understand, enjoy, spread, challenges, used by the gospel. But it is the degree the gospel can enter the person’s spirit. I do not mean to oppress anyone here who loves the gospel yet sees no doors of gospelization yet. Because I experienced this so much in the first place – no doors even after understanding this first in Singapore! But what do you think is the gospel you have heard? It may be the speaker’s level of the gospel, it may be the hearer’s understanding of the gospel, and it may be the message speaking the gospel. I am saying the truth! Is this becoming a condemnation too great to bear? If your concern is on the heavenly kingdom, God will make the gospel touch you first. I have seen this in our church. Pastor Vincent shared much and care much for brothers and sisters during Student Fellowship days in Sion more than me. It is rightly that he became the pastor in this church. Does anyone else share more than him back in days of Sion church? If I accuse anyone here, may the guilt come upon me, but God never makes mistakes!

When Abraham built the altar, Moses built the tabernacle, David built the tent, Solomon built the temple, temple built after return from Persia, and Jesus Christ built temple in 3 days with His Body, God’s Word movement, promise, glory, power and grace greatly manifest. Yet, when such a temple failed to be built, Israel failed again and again. All throughout the bible, it wholly talks about "building the temple, sacrificial offerings, submission" against the motives in the heart.

If God’s people have no concern on the motives, they would be able to build the temple fast! But what are the hidden idols, golden calves and imitations? These are not being able to converse and walk with God in all things. They do not have life ideology, i.e. they do not have the heartbeat, identity, belonging, identity, purpose, perspective and method. They also do not have lifestyle principle, i.e. they do not have centering on altar, on brethrens, ministries, day-by-day, ultimately for life, accomplish four gospelizations, expand the network contacts and ends of the era, receiving eternal inheritance. David Cho Yonggi even said this in a recent sermon: "God can make you prosperous, but you have to respect God. A nation is blessed because the people are concerned on things of God." Shall we talk about this message only at the end of our sermon? If that is the case, it only proves that the people hearing do not really understand the gospel. Will giving understanding to them help? Yes, but I kind of think that it is belittling them. Sometimes, I just can’t bless them wholly. I try to say "centering on serving", and I do not see people’s hearts opened.

All saints accord to the truths as revealed by God, build the relationships with God and brethrens, baton on the inheritance left over by Israelites in the previous generation, opening up and hoping on the glorious vision of Israelites in the future, so that they need to continue to expand the four gospelizations ministries on earth now. The invisible Holy Temple (Most Holy Place = spirit, Holy Place = soul, Courtyard = body) and brethrens’ relationship, conversing, coworking, building and expanding. The visible Holy Temple is the activities due to brethrens praying in the invisible Holy Temple, relying on Christ (5 offterings and Christ as Mediator Great Priest), receiving Holy Spirit’s convictions, guidance, anointing (going into the Most Holy Place), cam receive Holy Temple prayer efficiencies (conversation, thanksgiving, testing and approving, cleansing, supplications, intercessions, victory). Invisible Holy Temple + visible Holy Temple = Church. This church accords to some ceremonies, laws, decrees, stipulations, and grasps God’s promise and vision, center on God-driven to unite, go into orderly worship, and continue to love God love men build kingdom, and then grow Christ’s Body! If we lose the Holy Temple or weaken the spiritual activities of the Holy Temple, it will bring weaknesses to a church or denomination weakness and break up. Continuing on, the saints lose strength more and more to become carnal, become worldly, and will gradually meet with many contradictions.

(ii) It is burdensome because we cannot feel the right concept of "building the temple" — God has a great plan in this!

I once went to bed after writing the above points. I had to stop. The Spirit told me to stop when He voiced to me that I am writing something "Who does not know the above things?" "You are accusing people if you only write the above things." I mean that, along the way, I find that I can actually get interested in "building the temple" if this actually works for me. If they get what I get, they may fly faster than me. When I woke up the next morning, Eureka! Something came to me.

I discover that for our brothers and sisters, the most beautiful about them is that they submit even when they do not like so. This means that they have a very large vessel! I am revisiting "building the temple" now.

(5) Then how do we get the right concept to totally destroy and rebuild the temple correctly?

(i) It gives me the picture / blueprint / idea = Procedure

There is a spirit when we list the procedure in the points of "building the temple".

I find that many times, I need to know how to think when working, when praying, when talking to people. There was a brother that went from us to another church. I have always thought that he did not like the many points and content that we have in the 36 lessons. Therefore, I just lead him into confirming each point verbally. As long as he could get it, I will just let it pass. However, when he went to another church, I find that he took down notes into his mobile phone in order not to forget what the messages said on the pulpit!

I also visited a few churches in Singapore, and when they preach, they list down points always. There were much more young people there. The points often rhyme, change often, and it makes the whole atmosphere livelier and grander through projection as a presentation slide.

Last month, I visited a church in South Korea "Sarang Community Church", where it is most famous for discipleship training. In fact the senior pastor Rev Oak went fully into discipleship training ministry after he passed on the pulpit ministry to another pastor. When I went to this church, the thing that surprised me most is that there were more youths here than any other churches, i.e. more than the Full Gospel Church that tries to give compassion on people first, or a largest and very conservative Presbyterian Church.

Young people never get tired of studying actually. In fact, it is their age to study, go for further studies, University, Post graduates, etc. Some hate to study lists, but they submit the most, memory being the most active, vessel being the largest. Some may hate, but those people are more on the artistic side. They like to draw, picture the procedure in their mind.

(ii) It makes me interested and it gives me understanding first = join together -> missing joints -> flow

For me, I have an engineering mind and I do not like to memorize. In fact, I am lousy at memorizing. There were subjects that I do not really like, e.g. Economics and Accounts in my university days. Yet, I had no choice but to study them. In order not to go into dead boredom, I revisited the idea of reading Economics. I saw that my buddy course mate could understand it straightaway. The points on the power point presentation also see that the previous concept flows with the next concept. The more I cannot understand, yet find that it somehow flows in the concept flows (join together), the more I asked my course mate. And the more I could not understand, the more he got interested to try to explain the missing joints to me. The more he did so, I understood more, and he also understood more. When I really got interested, I tried to look at books. Some books turn me off immediately because their words are choppy, and their flow of concepts do not flow smoothly and make me understand. Yet, at that time, there was a book on Economics and that book was very interesting. It was wordy, but the more wordy, the more I understood, because the flow was there and the flow made me understand easily. For Economics in a semester and Accounts in another, I made sure I understood them before I went for the exams. Because of this, I spent half the time on that one subject and the other half of my time studying for 4-5 other subjects. I received A or B for all subjects, but I received A for that subject I studied most (for both Economics and Accounts in consecutive semesters), because there is something keeping me interested in wanting to understand. The joy and relief in the result cannot be explained by just words.

I discover that notes are needed for us to form a concept. But choppy notes kill when people read them. More words to explain in a language that is close to them are needed. In fact, I find that for the softer and gentler sisters, who would turn off at me speaking a lot (haha), they like to read books! Sophia, Elaine, Kristine, Mirelle, Adrienne, and even my wife loved to read books. Of course, they may like romance novels, and story-based but what I mean is that the smoother reading in fact helps to form a picture as they move along the checkpoints in the stories. Our brothers and sisters love God and want to be used by God. They can love the stories if actually, it flows. This is called joining together.

(iii) It gives me the life / it can be applied to real situations = confirmation

I find that my memory deteriorates as time goes by. I also find that it turns people off because it is not relevant to the very needs they require now. If the "story" gets too wordy, it becomes nagging. Young people hates nag. "I know this already lah".

But yet, I asked myself why I like to format up still. Why is it that I find memorizing people’s names? Why is it that I am more concerned about people’s life more? This is because it not only makes sense, but it can be applied. This is

(iv) It gives me time / it tells me to go through = repeat alternatingly through life

There is a reason why people do not like to wait… the reason why they cannot be patient is because they cannot do anything or think about anything during the process. I joined long queues and waited for MRT train to arrive at a destination before. I find that I love queues and am patient when I can put the time to good use. Pinning points in my phone, memorizing things, talking with people to get some meaningful time, etc. Where can a person in a busy society find time unless they are slowed down by a process?

The child of God actually loves calmness and slowness. In fact, during the procedure, where lifestyle alternates,

(v) It makes me habitual

I do not like it when it does not go into me. When I was in army, there were many vulgar languages flying around. I tried not to speak them, but when there were complaints in my heart, and I went to a very quiet place, e.g. the restroom, strangely, vulgar words can come out! So much so that, unconsciously, I spoke them out sometimes when trying to join in the crowd of jokes, and stopped my mouth immediately when my ears heard them. I mean, making "habitual" and making it into "nature" is very powerful. That time, I understood that if the good Word of God and the Spirit of God can make me habitual, always stay in the realms of prayers instead of me having to have the heart to pray, how good that would be!

Being habitual or a part of a nature in me is going to make us a very wise person. Immediately a task or a person confronts us, we can respond gently and speak the right words in the heart, at the same time of already revering the Lord.

Do you get what I mean?

This is why we have to format. A computer diskette is not usable unless it is formatted. Skeleton (36 lessons) will start to form. Then we can fill in the flesh (Bible Overview). Formatting is not trying to squeeze things into our minds, make us confused, so that people see you puffed up with knowledge and no love. Formatting is to make us clear, free and easy. It is not adding to the gospel, nor subtracting. In fact, it causes everything to die. In fact, when it is formatted, the computer disk becomes clean and pure. There will be pathways or tracks written in the pure state. What I mean is that we must re-understand the meaning of "formatting" if it is burdensome.

(6) How to understand? How to Format?

We still must understand the Word of God by the Holy Spirit. It will go wrong, unless the Word of God is understood by the Holy Spirit. And both these are totally understood by the "bridge" that God made towards man, and this is the Bodily Model of Christ. The Trinity comes together to make what we learn and what we experience come alive.

This is why we give people not the system, but we give people the mystery of "building the system".

All blessed people: Before having the tabernacle, all prayer and experiences are worshipping the "golden calf"; without the moving tabernacle, there is no way to follow the pillar of cloud and fire; failure in sacrifices causes Israel to fail again and again in Judges. Through a believer has a lot of knowledge or word of God, or even experiences and feelings, if there is no joining together of the procedure, the child of God moves like a robot, moving and acting only when

The format enables us to become alive. Christ is resurrected, but it must become resurrected in us. Yet, He is resurrected into the Spirit form, a glorious body that can go through walls. This is understood by the bible’s description of Christ’s new body when meeting with disciples after His resurrection.

Therefore, formatting has to go through your spirit. This does not mean that we can follow whatever we think and feel in our spirit ALONE. The Spirit must take charge and dominion in your spirit first – at least understand this consciously. In fact, if you understand that you are a child of God called with a holy purpose, you can immediately test your spirit. If your spirit tells you some "feeling" according to the Spirit that sits on the Throne in your heart, that "feeling" IS the Holy Spirit’s convictions right now! This is called "confirm". We must receive the Word of God as the temple of God (in procedure, joining together, becoming our nature) by letting it go into the Most Holy Place where we meet face to face with God. At the Most Holy Place is the content of God’s promise to you. When you are able to take this promise personally in your life, you transform. Simple, but powerful.

Equipping is not about learning lots of things, but it is about tearing apart everything. This is why we call the system "format".

(7) Making straight the system – the thinking system that stucks

If we join together all things with the foundations of blessedly "called, loved, favored, blessed" children in the above way of understanding the realms of God finding His beloved, and correctly meeting God,

We have relied on the Spirit, drove demons away, and saw heavenly kingdom doors already restored and opened. Therefore, we went on to unearth and see it. The heavenly kingdom must descend, so that we can see heavenly doors in everyone for us to comfort and bless. We can see happiness and our spiritual realms begin to change. We keep on unearthing by looking at areas why we cannot enjoy sometimes. We deny ourselves so that we can be free at all times immediately upon discovery of little fear, motives, doubts and dirt in us. When we are free, keep unearthing so that our own human thinking, knowledge that puffs up, small myself, impractical "spirituality" (though there is no such things), the subtle fear towards God, the temper / vigor / intentness can all be unearthed out and rid off. Then we see rainbow in everything manifesting and appearing naturally.

That is the reason why we continue to format up. Always knowing but not acknowledging results in Living Springs not being able to unearth.

Unearth means that we need to dig.

(i) To dig for hdden clogs in ways of thinking

(ii) Wide/biggest direction to set to discover

But to do this, we cannot only criticize our thoughts. We need to set a direction – "May Your Kingdom Come", then we will discover that there are areas where it clogs our thoughts.

(iii) Focus on shepherding to discover

This direction meant that practical training in the field must happen.

(iv) Then format by going right back to the fully-equipped gospel you re-discover

The field has the Lord’s concerned voice to adjust our thinking again because unearthing means rebuilding right back into the gospel. This is called the holistic gospel, or the fully-equipped gospel. And this happens with the understanding of (a) relationships, (b) commission, (c) blessings, where (a)->(b) and (a)->(c).

Today, Rev Leechull proclaimed, "Those who believed in the promise will see great fulfillments." I know that God is speaking into my spirit. When I let these words (which is in accordance to the bible) dominate my spirit, and when I look at my spirit, I find myself trying to contain the "normal highness" that I previously will feel, and the spirit responded to want to believe in this truthfully and to my own face. After those words, I see God fulfilling. He told me that I am the most "tested" by the Lord in Singapore, and He will fulfill whatever He has promised for me. If I only take this as "high" in the heart, and then do not make a covenant about this, that is it. What I mean is that the "feeling of high" is too "anyhow". I take this in, and ask God to "stamp" it. The response of the spirit makes me realize immediately why I have to go through more troubles and sufferings than all people – why me, and why I always meet with people who are so very difficult to shepherd, like a mountain. I tell you, their problems are not easy to solve, but they have "repeating problems". That is the hardest. And their problems are the things where the society treats as dirt, inferior and waste.

"Lord, equip me for Your purpose and calling for me."

2 thoughts on “Unearth The Living Springs Part 3 – Sharing

  1. “I take this in, and ask God to “stamp” it. The response of the spirit makes me realize immediately why I have to go through more troubles and sufferings than all people – why me, and why I always meet with people who are so very difficult to shepherd, like a mountain. I tell you, their problems are not easy to solve, but they have “repeating problems”. That is the hardest. And their problems are the things where the society treats as dirt, inferior and waste.”-WG

    Dear brother, be consoled as all of us who are born again are facing many trials and attacks from the evil one in our thoughts everyday.
    Relax lah, why need to solve ppl’s problems. Point them to Jesus. Why take the burdens you are not meant to carry. Make rather an effort to labour into rest, into receiving the finished work of Jesus. This I find harder (requiring more faith) to do than attending 4 meetings.

    Best regards.

  2. “Why carry the burdens?” -> Because of “love”. Christ has finished the work, therefore, there is irresistible “love” to love the finished Christ in others.

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