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Singapore-Malaysia Camp 2010 Session 1 [14th June 2010 Evening]- Becoming Alive, Covenantalization 【约定】化

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(Sharing 20 June 2010)

Because He lives, I shall also live

I came to the retreat with a lot of spiritual battles. Through many prayers, I finally received a peace. Through each and every spiritual battle, I overcome each and every hurdle, and each hurdle that I passed, I received an important answer. The "peace" that came from heaven to my life tells me that God has answered my prayers. If you have come to the camp with some prayer topics, those are the very things that God shall accomplish in you in your life. If you have no prayer topics, peacefully hear the voice of the Lord to you on the things that must become alive in your life.

God is joyful of us right now because He has an important plan to bestow on us. My heart and your heart have this same evidence in sync, because your heart now wishes to be joyful in the Lord right now.

=> God continues to convict me that we shall move into another turning point in the timetable, whether in our family, church, children, ministries or careers. In fact, my heart thought that this may be the greatest timetable change that shall be happening in this very camp.

<Is 40:31> but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

=> And if one person can become alive just because he grasped hold of "because He lives, I shall also live", how much more would 2-3 people restore "because He lives, I shall also live"? This is because for 1.5 hours, we do nothing else but stay, speak and think of the Bible and the Holy Spirit in our spirits. Therefore, for one year each time, for the lifetime, there is an important timetable (the greatest) that this camp is going to bring. I absolutely have such an assurance that this will happen, and I have already decided that this is going to be the greatest turning point in my life this camp.

When we confirm -> there shall be breakthrough!

1) "Because I live, you shall also live"

2) In the midst of 2-3 people, "Because I live, you shall also live" – we must absolutely grasp ALL of this mystery — how the Lord is alive in us brethrens — before we return back to Singapore

=> Place this as your prayer topics

Why such prayer topics? Because

Emmanuel promise

There is One Who is Above All

-> I only play with this whole day long!

=> In our flesh, in our earthly days, we must play (as the days are few and numbered) to learn this mystery.

Do not fix some "things" like the Pharisees (legalism), Sadducees (principles), Herodists (charity) and Zealots (destinational). But you must rely on "Covenant/Testament" promise (Bible is Old Testament, New Testament): Christian living is actually the living that continues to confirm this "covenant" accomplishment.

What is this covenant?

1) God made a covenant to be with us

2) God always protects us (health, life), therefore, it is all because of His grace that we can live and breathe right now

3) God has a great plan for us

What if I am weak? Do you think that it is because of your zealousness/ferventness or completeness that you can come to this meeting to concentrate pray? Do not always feed your minds so that you always think about weaknesses and being accused always. But: (1) Understand that you cannot escape from this grace, and all your life and progresses right now are all because of grace that forms you until now. (2) Continue to build the life temple in you.

I have all shown you for 12 years: Singapore, Malaysia, Penang, China, Web theological center, write materials for 2 days per week. All these accomplishments are not "doings" but what the Lord’s promise has pulled me along. In fact, the book on "always learning but never acknowledging" has finished distribution and more people have asked for them. Really, every province and town are opening up to the covenantal fulfillment.

Covenant = Abraham <Ge 12:1-3> <Ro 4> <Ga 3:29> Because I Live Promise -> therefore, I receive, am pulled along, am guided by this covenant. Visions of 7-11 gospel stations are arising. I really discover the wisest people in the world are those people who believe in the covenant.

(When I hear this, I thought of the extreme, that I just wanted to quit my job and live myself like a "monk" already.. hehe, but don’t think like me if you also received this kind of hint – continue to follow my writings here.)

We do not rely on the world to be successful <-> but we rely on child of God. We are called so that angels surround you. Called = a light of pull from heaven to you on earth. Rely on this to believe, so that this covenant/calling becomes your ears, speech, and thinking. Ruth lived like this so that she only wanted to believe in the God that Naomi believed.

Prayer topics that I have for you

1) Focus only on looking up to Him 专心仰赖祂

2) Join together with "World gospelization" contacts network. There will be some information, people, prayer topics that you can receive in the midst of them. They and you are the World gospelization "main stream" 主流. The kingdom belongs to those who work hard to go in. I am sensitive when Pastor Jennifer talks about London having some contacts network, and I asked about that for my daughter when I knew that she may probably be going to London for internship. Those who believe in covenant/calling will be sensitive to such information and people.

If you have prayers like Moses, Daniel, Joseph => this era really belongs to you. Not that the life of those who already have many evidences to boast about are important, but that God’s work is Itself in the life that can be seen covenanting in a person’s life. Therefore, the life of Pastor Vincent’s shall definitely continue to expand from the age of 33 to 53 years old.


Ancients of Faith <Heb 11> Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses … every time, for speaking a message, we go through all of these people from the history of mankind to "fill us"..

Common points

1) Meet God: it should start from this.

Perfect system 36 also no use if you receive accusations -> and you rely on "this" to live — NO!

If you rely on what is "correct" -> but life cannot become alive — NO!

If you rely on the "perfect" -> but you cannot do it — NO!

= What I wanted to say is the legalism, mysticism, human efforts, prosperity in Christ Life Church series = "do right", "what is better", "what is best", "what is correct" to start. —- ALL WRONG!

But start Abraham (called from Haran) ====> Meet God as the starting out -> there is no 36 lessons and all are natural actually!

*** What is very important is: not by God met first time "miraculously" (it is definitely miraculous the first time we meet God), BUT what is it? We have to confirm this!

For Moses, it is not Mount Horeb -> but the "WORDS of GOD HIMSELF" = I AM WHO I AM

Jehovah-Rohi – Shepherd

Jehovah-Shammah – Present

Jehovah-Jireh – Provider

Jehovah-Rophe – Healer

Jehovah-Nissi – Banner/Victor

Jehovah-Shalom – Peace

=> Take these as God: When you met God at the very start, go back and think. God also spoke to you perfectly and totally even at your miraculous first time with Him. Return to the very words of God. "I shall make your descendants as many as the stars" –> this God. Invisible God = this God. He shall surely be with you (don’t fix this, but think how, confirm how He is with you). He is with you not by conditions, but by this truth, to judge all your conditions and situations "I AM WHO I AM"!

2) "Correctly" Want to Continue to Meet God

Unconsciously, we may be unknowing on this, and after once or twice, we may still not be able. Therefore, Abraham, for the sake of not forgetting, then built an altar (Nissi, Rophe, Jireh, etc — Names of God)! Moses for 40 days did not drink and eat: he just carved the words of God into his heart. Therefore, confirm: how you met Him -> in your spirit = God. Moses, Paul in <2Co 3> says that there is a veil to be uncovered (because the veil is not that God). There is a great light but people do not always seek for this light. If there is a veil that can be seen, it is already limited. This veil is soon to disappear. Even for Emmaus, the 2 disciples have not recognized Jesus Christ, but when Jesus Christ disappeared, God can be correct met.

But one day, I met God! This is a very important start. Why is this God or system so "perfect" but I cannot do it? This is the met but not meet mystery of problem happening in our Christ Life Church. It is not that we are weak so that we cannot meet God, but that we have not met God so that we are weak! It is not that you watch TV so that you are accused, but you never ENJOY [with God]. Sanctification is never rules and obligatory. But sanctification is that when you continue to do things with God repeatedly, you discover that you become more and more like Jesus Christ. The Lord permits that we do things with God together, even if it is about violence, movie, or discotheque, but if you really received the great light in <Is 60:1>, you will surely not like the things inside of pubs and discos one! I also do recreation with Romance of Three Kingdoms, Water Tiger Gate, Sun Zi Art of War, the administration of the first king of Goyeor era in Korea, the kings of Japan, etc — I have burdens to watch these, but I have no time, so that I only play with them during my times of recreation. Our young brothers and sisters: center your life on brethrens, center all experiences on the gospel -> receive much wisdom -> one day all your experiences make you a deacon or elder. Do not waste your time so much accused during watching TV. For me, it has already become a habit for me. Ask the Lord, the Lord reveals -> submit as if your spirit has a assured spirit -> fruits will result and can be seen.

3) Tabernacle — morning, noon, evening: confirm

It is not that Moses or Paul has great faith, but because they recognized that they will easily lose the perspectives of meeting God so that they cannot but must. Therefore, they work hard to put

Word —– in their spirit —–> Holy Spirit’s convictions

Because of God’s word –> they set up the Tabernacle in preserving their hearts and minds so that they will how the Lord can reveal towards them. That is why they fixed their time, morning, noon and evening, to see the Lord.

With the books of <John>, <Romans>, <Ephesians>, we can very quickly build the temple.


I am not that smart when I do up the 36 lessons, and 20 lessons are actually the book of Ephesians.

<Eph 1> God how JX -> come into my spirit

<Eph 2:10-22> Die and resurrect to change my thinking

<Eph 3> How the Lord reveals through how long, wide, high, deep His love so that the more the sufferings the greater His revelation of His love

<Eph 4> Same Father, faith, etc, but different, join together => will see how the Lord guides me.

<Eph 4:17> How the Lord reveals Himself -> Is the Lord is pleased with me or not pleased with me? The Lord reveals to me this way. Therefore, tells us to test and approve for

<Eph 5> God’s perfect will. Put in Spirit morning/noon/evening = Holy Spirit filled -> in your spirit. In this 21st century, how my wife (closest), husband, children, boss: how the Lord reveals

<Eph 6> Rely on the great strength of God. E.g. TV => pray in all kinds of prayers, for the sake of fulfilling the purpose of His calling.

=> Therefore, Paul did not just go back and seek for the great light when the great light found him in <Ac 9>, but he met the God from all things, 24 hours, all fields, all in the bible!

** Purpose: for the sake of joy, therefore pray and read the bible.


<Ro 1> God eternal omnipotent

<Ro 2-3> But all have strayed to their own roads (even in church living)

<Ro 4> Believe what Abraham believed

<Ro 5> Righteousness by this very faith

<Ro 6> Die and resurrect = at the same time when you believed, Abraham’s Father become my Father

<Ro 7> Therefore, we do not rely again on the old ways of the laws -> but we rely on the new way of our spirit

<Ro 8> Spirit of sonship <-> slavery. Not me, but God!

<Ro 9-11> Who can believe? Those whom God tells him to believe then he can believe! Jacob (name of greed) -> 12 tribes. Who can exalt and take hold of God’s? Who can? Me! God hates those whom I hate! Grevious hatred -> therefore, I have no choice but to seek God in that very condition!

<Ro 12> Therefore, test and approve in all things

<Ro 13> Pray for Gentiles: Submit to authorities, really must pray for those in authorities. Pray for your boss. Repay bad with good to Gentiles.

<Ro 14-15> Some have more faith, but has lesser, some has more years of belief. Bear with them – how the Lord reveals.

<Ro 16> Whole life has Jewels to receive


Jesus asked Philip, "Have you still not seen the Lord?"

<Jn 1> The Lord is Word, Word was with God, and the Word was God => all created by this Word

<Jn 2-21> Description of <Jn 1>

All according to how Jehovah commanded: Moses accord to build the Most Holy Place, Holy Place, Courtyard => God’s glory descend on "according to how Jehovah commanded"

The mystery of how the bible is accomplished in your life -> just take one bible to preach -> all places London and New Zealand -> Paul of this era

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