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Look Up in the Truth of Streams, Forgetting Behind the Chaotic Accusations

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(Small Group 1 July 2010 – blogged on 4 July 2010)

What would be better?

Walking through the valley of darkness on your own


Having someone give you the answer

(I am going to try to share the Cross Message through this Sunday’s message. See if you can spot the 5 points. I hope to train myself to give not my message, but the Words of God).

God is always with us. Yet man does not know it (chaos), and they do not know it is getting worse each day – your life is just like chaff being blown about <Ps 1>. It is a deep spiritual problem – Satan. If you just continue to live your lives not solving this dark spiritual problem, you only continue in sins and weaknesses deeper and deeper.

1. Only Jesus Christ

1) Meet God = not extraordinary experience or feelings, but with God’s Truth

One asked me how to meet God. He went to about 7-8 church camps, and he has people arguing with him over Christ. Of course, I will side with the Christian evangelizing to him, because the Spirit is anxious to give the gospel to him, but he takes Christ as one of the many and says that he has not experienced and be convinced yet. We cannot meet God through our own feelings, convictions, thoughts, rationale, but because He is personal, He is love, and He is set apart as Holy, we must humble ourselves to know who God is by His truth.

2) Meet God’s attributes

The truth about God is that He is With you, He is Your Guider, He is Your Comforter, He is Your Wisdom, He is Your Healer, He is Your Shepherd, He is your Victory, He is your Crown… If you meet Him, Who is greater? His power overwhelms you. You meet God till you are transformed in your spirit like Him already. If you meet Him correctly, you become not lonely but loved and love others, become comforted and can comfort others, be healed and heal others, victorious and make others victorious, … The curtain between the Holy Place and Most Holy Place is torn, and I am standing on the stage as a bruised yet victorious Today’s Jesus Christ.

3) Jesus Christ becomes me myself: Use accusations, past, discouragements, problems, no strength -> send out the springs and give thanks to God

We must know ourselves. We cannot ignore accusations and discouragements. We must entrust them to God and find thanks for them. If we ignore, Satan will think that we are not of any good to play and attack with, and the Holy Spirit will start to convict less in our hearts, and slowly, we become like corpse living on earth with no sensitivity (smell, mess, no priority, negative…)

Only when we find reasons for our problems — find that my problems are not the same as that of the world — then can your weaknesses be overcome, and you can preserve your hearts and minds


Must estimate self in where it fits well 合乎中道, then you can be in the state of humility.

(1) Know and acknowledge that the Lord is dominating (praise the accomplishments that people can attain, i.e. Able to be joyful in all circumstances, able to minister to people, having Doors of Evangelism)

(2) Know that I have not been able to attain yet (spiritually, visibly and practically) because it is the sovereignty of God. This means that I have not yet died. Therefore, I must humble, be teachable, learn, hope, adjust God’s calling on us, and praise the people around us who are definitely better than us.

(3) Yet, what we really want to receive is not their type of successes. The Lord is not only waiting for our sanctification, but because of <Ro 8:28>, the Lord is testing our inner hearts. If we understand The Cross, it can only mean one thing: the greater the weakness and problems, the greater the dreams you can envision in Jesus Christ.

2. Know the temple (belief system and lifestyle system) that is already in your own spirit

Confirm the 7 already accomplished through Christ’s Cross.

① 永远无限的大爱<罗8:31-39>
1) Eternally unlimited Great Love <Ro 8:31-39>

You are loved not because you can do some deeds. The Lord was incarnated as flesh to tell the people of God, because God shouted to His sheep, "Hey, do you know that my original intention is to love you?" but the sheep does not recognize Him. The accomplishment of the cross Himself showed that the sheep are already loved before the creation of the world.

② 永远新造的生命<林后5:17, 罗6:1-11, 弗2:1-10>
2) Eternally new creation <1Co 5:17, Ro 6:1-11, Eph 2:1-10>

You have struggles in your heart and they are because the Holy Spirit and your own old desires are in fight. This already proves that your intricate life and lifestyle are already set in a new creation inside of you.

③ 完全医治我的灵魂体`生活`人际和一切的一切<赛53:5, 路21:18, 雅5:16, 林后12:7>
3) Totally healed my spirit, soul and body, lifestyle, relationships and everything <Ga 3:13, 3:29>

Of course, there are areas unhealed visibility, but in Christ, even problems that are not healed are not the same as unbelievers, for God has a reason to allow those problems unhealed, for they are going to be used by God as we do not have the choice but to continue to love Him <Ro 8:28> (i.e. cannot but come for meetings, having nightmares if don’t wake up to go to church, …). The reason why we go through the process of pain of not being healed is because God has started to heal us! Confirm this, then you will know the Holy Spirit.

④ 一切都变为祝福了<加3:13, 3:29>
4) Everything becomes blessings already <Ga 3:13, 3:29>

If there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God, then we are already in the promise of God. There is a reason for all our problems and sins — I say again — There is a purpose from above all, for all your problems and sins. If you have believed Christ on the cross, the promise is already there for you. It is already in the progressing state, but you need to discover it.

⑤ 建殿(生命思想系统`生活运作系统) -> 圣灵<约2:19, 西2:7, 约14:26= 出40:34-38>
5) Build the temple (belief system, lifestyle system) -> Holy Spirit <Jn 2:19, Col 2:7, Jn 14:26 = Ex 40:34-38>

Therefore, there needs to be a system – belief system and lifestyle system to protect us. These 1-7 are the belief system, and centering on pulpit, brethrens and on serving are the lifestyle system. This system is already accomplished in you because the Lord Jesus Christ has already torn down the old system and rebuilt the new temple, which is His body. His body is you yourself! When Christ has died on the cross, this temple is already in your life and lifestyle. Yes, we need to start to build, but building the temple does not mean you need to wait. The belief system and the lifestyle system in its inactive form can only protect, but it cannot make us come alive. It is only when you start to equip yourself (36 lessons, Bible Overview) = make your own notes, treat everything as God’s training for you to test and approve, really make it a point to let your life become habitualize, etc, can your life and lifestyle start to become alive. The building of the temple can be done right away, according to the faith level that you have, and the moment that you built up the temple in you, you will immediately hear the voice of God. At this very tabernacle, God says that His glory fills it, and He speaks to you at the static temple (belief system) and at the mobile temple (lifestyle system)! Once you built up the system (means you have confirmed), you become alive. This is equivalent to confirming the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not limited, therefore, we have to build (confirm) up the system.

⑥ 随时用基督宝血洗净自己, 而赶出仇敌一切的控告`毁坏<启12:11, 约壹1:9, 3:21>
6) Anytime use Christ’s precious blood to cleanse self, and therefore drive out all of the enemies’ accusations and destruction <Re 12:11, 1Jn 1:9, 3:21>

The Holy Spirit already dwells in a person who has believed in the accomplishments of the cross. Therefore, we can use God’s word = Holy Spirit’s confirmation = Christ’s precious blood to cleanse – anytime! Since we are too used to using God’s word to cleanse and Christ’s blood to cleanse, and since God’s words are written by the Holy Spirit and Christ essence is the living and active form embodied by the Holy Spirit, I therefore say, "Use the Holy Spirit touches, moves and convictions to cleanse your life and lifestyle"! Satan, in the form of an evil demon / spirit, with his hordes of fallen angels, will in a moment be driven away through our purification of our spirits with the Holy Spirit.

⑦ 享受永远的得胜`盼望`感恩`喜樂`赞美, 天天加增永远的冠冕<约14:1-4, 路10:20, 太25:34, 启21-22章>
7) Enjoy the eternal victory, hope, thanksgiving, joy, praise, daily added eternal crown <Jn 14:1-4, Lk 10:20, Mt 25:34, Re 21-22>

There will be evidences once you drive out demons, or cleanse yourself, or think about God’s word daily. These are evidences of eternal victory, hope, thanksgiving, joy, praise, daily added eternal crown – already present in your life and lifestyle. You do not need to go through a long process to experience this. The joy that you have in salvation, when you are baptized, that you saw the love of God, and are filled with thanksgiving and praise for God’s faithfulness are already daily-added crown. This should be seen and already enjoyed by those who just received Christ or just getting baptized.

I encourage you to move on to equipping, get on to one more meetings, start to blog for your own equipping, start sending out the living springs to equip yourself. As soon as you start to equip, you will become alive.

3. 蒙召的恩相称 Live a life worthy of the calling you have received

Learn to focus on life everywhere (your life, 1+1 lives around you) – Holy Spirit filled -> Do not be anxious (on equipping, doors of evangelism, accomplishments, etc)

1) Focus on what you need to do right now -> Live as God called you to be (i.e. Read God’s word, listen to messages, pray, serve = worker in society, as husbands, as a colleague, as a church leader, as a listener, in equipping = centering on pulpit, brethren, serving).

2) Plant yourself in the streams of water, so that you will yield fruits in season, whose leaf does not wither, and in time to come, you will see that everything that you do prospers. <Ps 1:3>. One day, you just cannot don’t seek and live in the Holy Spirit (i.e. one day, you cannot just live without being filled with the Holy Spirit).

3) Therefore, train now to look at all your conditions, relationships, situations, and times in God-driven ways, to be able to seek out His perfect will, submit and be a living sacrifice, into the field.

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