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Prelude to Leviticus Overview Part 8 – Fulfilling Holiness

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(Sharing 5 July 2010)

What is better to accumulate?




(Reference: Proverbs 2:6 "For the Lord gives wisdom, and from His mouth come knowledge and understanding")

There is a guidance of God to me last week, to tell me to be set apart and be holy. The Spirit of Holiness bids me to be different and enjoy all of Him in all things. The things I am going to write today are a bit difficult though…

On Friday, I experienced the worst of IBM Singapore ever, where the dark forces overwhelmed everyone and my mouth was kept shut. Even everyone’s willingness to work is affected.

1) Communion with demons – Everyone is thinking about their lousy days in IBM and almost everyone is thinking that this is the worst company they have been to – money wise. Complaints arise because they look very generally. There is a "God is not alive to an individual" culture. This is harmful to sheep. If problems are treated as one needing righteousness or justification for the sake of all, not discovering that there is a reason non-coincidentally why they suffer the problems, then they will never meet God. It is not any other problem, but the problem is planned by God to let you meet Him Who is always trying to knock the door of the hearts of the sheep.

2) Not filial to parents – IBM biggest boss in the new site spoke and he spoke about discipline and housekeeping. This made many employees sad, but more worse is that they looked down on the authority system. This is the "no God culture", the culture that is similar to not being filial to parents. This is harmful to sheep. When there is no authority system, there is no more trust and integrity. All the systems of humanity break down. Satan fell because of pride against the only One God higher than him. This is the greatest sin horizontally, between men.

3) Adultery – Why get more salary? Everyone wants salary adjustments. These are reasonable because the whole of Singapore is trying to get salary adjustments. They may get it, but I do not think it is more for getting bills paid. It is because they are using it to love the world more and adulterate themselves with the world. This is harmful to sheep if this is not God’s perfect will. Those who get more are in for a trouble to be assimilated even more into the culture of the world. Who can stand the temptation of money, the god of mammon? Practically no one!

There is a voice to tell me not to give excuses, to aim to be perfect because God is perfect, to be pure in mind and in works, even in my conduct in IBM. I do not know when God can give me all the power possible to give me the heart with enough power to resolute.

I need to face this. I need to meet God in His Whole. If I just accept just one side of Holiness, it will mean that I would have just crossed the line into being religious and pious. The God that we picture in our hearts and minds will be the limit of our blessedness. If I find some things that I cannot do, it only means that I have limited God in my picture / photograph of Him in my heart and mind.

1. Can it be that we can accumulate enough grace / power / naturalization in ourselves so that we can resolute to do things at times when we just cannot do it?

In fact, I was so affected that I thought for a few hours that God surely wanted His children to naturalize some power to resolute in themselves, so that they can overcome any weaknesses in them, and I thought there is this little need for man to stand strong himself, or he will not be able to stand strong when the dark forces just creep up suddenly at times. However, I really thank God that He saved me from this "wrong thought" that has the potential to turn into a "wrong ideology" in me, so that the devil can somehow re-possess me. The Devil is so strong here, but praise God He reminded me of the only power of the gospel, the power that can definitely spur out any devilish spirits. He reminded me that there is no good thing in a person of God’s creation. Everyone receives strength in order to move forward. Everyone is passive because they are all in a state of condemnation and fell from any state of goodness. Therefore, there is no one who can gain the praise of God unless he has been touched and convicted by God. There is no one who can be holy unless God puts him into holiness. There is no Spirit of Holiness unless there is the Spirit of Sonship and the Spirit of Freedom. However, we also cannot say that if we cannot get the Spirit of Sonship and the Spirit of Freedom, then it is better not to go into confirming the Spirit of Holiness. All three has to go together as ONE. We cannot take anyone out. If there is the Spirit of Holiness, we will find that we have no choice but to emphasize the Spirit of Sonship and the Spirit of Freedom. If truly, we have received the Spirit of Sonship and thus now have the Spirit of Freedom to make covenant in the promises of God, we must surely return successfully back to the Spirit of Holiness. The Lord showed me Holiness out of His love for me. I need to confirm through, or else I will be condemned by His standards of Holiness.

2. Yet, there is a need to step out from our current level of blessedness / faith / spiritual perspective. This is called denying yourself

Yet, there is something very important. There are times when we need to take a stand and be courageous. There are times when the situation tells us that we cannot just rely on what we think is our own level of faith. There are surely times of weaknesses, and these times need us to arise and shine, out of our current state of faith. These are the times when we need to step out with both of our feet in faith, from our current level of faith. Yet, when we do this, it is not by resoluteness of man, but by confirming through so that resoluteness, the grievous hatred towards Satan comes, and so that we can break through the forces of darkness. We are totally lacking and useless without the Lord, and we cannot do any good thing. The moment we try to do a good work, our hearts become a little hardened with the forces of darkness, and the demon has already subtly come in. We cannot have some power remnant in us so that we can stand up and be strong. But the power we have inside is not little, but ABOVE ALL = we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the seal of the Holy Spirit! When the cross is accomplished, every kind of power is already in us. We cannot try to gather our powers inside. In fact, the method is completely opposite from the humanistic way in the world "believe in yourself", because as the child of God grows, he becomes more gentle, needing more confirmation, therefore, the way of the world only tells him to be weaker. The moment that you try to gather some powers in you, that is the very moment that the spirit of non-gospel but of man’s deeds and good works have creeped into your life. It is not that you cannot because your faith is not enough, because there is unlimited potential in all child of God. It is only that they are deceived about the great power that is already in them. We need to meet God most correctly at the start, because all our Christian living results in what God we believe in – the things we say, etc. The method is to grasp onto His promise and make authoritative prayers to God to step out to higher ground, show your gnashing teeth to Satan, die before God by gaining the angels of sympathy through your cries before the Lord, moving the tears of God with your description of agony through pouring out before God — totally surrendering, filled with thanksgiving and awe when you see that God even responds. Then you praise God till you see the nations shake and tremble before the Lord. Praise itself judges all nations and strikes terror in them. There is no remnant of strength so that one can bite his teeth and move forward in resoluteness. There is only Jesus Christ and Him crucified whom we can boast.

3. Yet, the Lord looks at the accumulated blessings in us, and explodes / springs out the living testimonies in us when the time comes. But what kind of accumulation blessings do we need and what blessings and curses does God want us to realize and so be centered on to test and approve?

Point 1 says that accumulating "blessedness" until we are able to qualify to be like someone we envy (a kind of pastor, Paul, etc) is religion, therefore we do not try to cultivate (修养) or accomplish something. Yet, Point 2 says that we need to cross the valley of death at times by the promise and this training in especially sufferings produces perseverance, perseverance produces character and character produces.

Romans 5:1-5 says "Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us."

But then, this kind of training is where we confirm up the belief system and the lifestyle system on the spot, and we receive the Spirit immediately. If you flow with the thought, you will see that what the Lord wants us to accumulate is the Holy Spirit. I say again – we are not to build up anything at all, and we are not to grasp on to the promise like the promise is so cheap, but that the Lord wants us to build up the confirmation power of the Holy Spirit in our intricate life, which already contains the belief system and the lifestyle system.

I hope you get what I mean. The Spirit of Holiness is the Holy Spirit Himself. If you are able to follow God in His plans as said in His ultimate purpose on earth — Kingdom, King, People — then you must discover the Holy Spirit that is guiding you to do so, and build up the Holy Spirit in you. Equipping and training must not go into qualifying some standards, equipping and training must become the Holy Spirit of Holiness that the Old Testament and the New Testament speaks so earnestly about.

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