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《林前》系列第#31 – <1Co> Series #31 – 蒙神悦纳的奉献Offerings that are accepted by the Lord

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(主日信息预备Sunday Message Preparations 10 July 2010 blogged on 18 July 2010)


This is my preparation for Sunday Service last week. They are draft notes except for the reformatted outline I have done here.


Practically confirm the truth and dispel the false — since the utmost importance is to grow our imperishable life (spirit), we must practically know of how to use all that we have – money, time, gifts, conditions -> become sacred offerings to the Lord

1. Perfect will of the ideology of offerings

1) Finance Healing (pass the heavenly kingdom test) -> enjoy invisible heavenly and earthly evidences -> enjoy visible evidence of timely providence -> faithfully be a steward

2) Move/touch God

3) Join/hold brethrens together in love

2. What is the [Method -> Practical method] to do offerings accepted by God

1) Total offering (our belonging) -> must be healed financially (main point 1. sub point 1)) -> Tithes = the amount itself is to tell pastor to pray for your lifetime spiritual and earthly life

2) Willingness -> to give in order to gain higher grounds -> Thanksgiving offering = place thanksgiving notes in the envelope to tell pastor to understand your recent testimonies (works of God)

3) With Consideration/preparation/planning -> to know who I am giving so that when there are news or updates, my offering can add to my own inheritance/crown -> Supplication offering (World gospelization offering, missions offering) = tell pastor to know your heart in participation in gospel work

4) With longing heart to see God answering the prayers -> the hope to see the church being built up one-by-one -> Intercessory offering (church building offering, love/charity offering) = tell pastor to know your prayer requests for the church and ministries, for your family, for your career…

3. Managing the sacred offerings

1) Manage transparently (pastor supervise, elders/treasurer to mind the details, reporting to deacons), justly (by pastors, elders, deacons who know the gospel and have integrity), effectively (go through constitution/regulations = prayers = God’s perfect will to do)

2) Priority is placed on evangelism, raising workers, missions, and church building

3) Confirm our treasury – how God is using our offerings throughout the years of our Life Church

<1Co11> Orderliness (sisters included), to show that “We have all ate and Drank Christ’s blood

<1Co12> All our conditions/gifts are important, therefore use this to join and hold church together

<1Co13> The Gift of love is greatest, therefore, use “love” as the principle to treat God and treat men

<1Co14> The greatest gift of love is to give God’s words (prophesy)

<1Co15:1-34> The Lord lives in me, in our colleagues/family/brethrens/coworkers/travelmates, and how can the Lord become alive (and is already alive) in the midst of us all

<1Co15:35-38> Last series by Zhiming, this eternally “life that is not perishable”, so that He tells us:

58Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

* 在<林前15:1-58>里, 主强调说”我们永远`不朽坏的復活生命”, 在我们这”短暂`天天朽坏的肉身”里, 天天种可朽坏的而得永远不朽坏的生命和冠冕! 也劝勉我们说,

<林前15:58>”你们务要坚固不可摇动, 常常竭力多作主工, 因为知道你们的劳苦, 在主里面不是徒然的“!

=> Summary: those who ate/drank Christ’s blood -> use all of yours to BUILD (JOIN<1Co14>=HOLD<1Co13>) the spiritual church, and EXPAND the visible church (our family, contact networks…).

然后, 接着说<林前16:1-9>所提有关奉献的重要信息了. Then, <1Co 16> talks about offerings

We all need strength and power: offer materials, times, money, …

All things that we have – money, time, gifts, conditions -> all holy can be used by God, to build kingdom, in our life and lifestyle.

All that we offered are treated as sacred by God, and they will all be recorded in the book of life – God’s very own heart.

Since we are all in the realms of the “meaning of materials”, therefore, if we understand:

1) The Perfect will in offerings

2) How God is pleased with our offerings -> Must see

3) How offerings will receive a hundredfolds of fruits, joy, effectiveness length breadth..-> to see/experience

* 凡圣民所拥有的财力`时间`恩赐`条件, 都是从神而来, 也都为神而要用, 都要建立永远国度的非常宝贵的了. 从蒙召重生后, 我们都正活在献身`献财物`献时间`恩赐等的奉献生活里了. 主每天非常喜悦我们的奉献, 因此使我们生命里天天加上恩典和赏赐, 也藉着我们所奉献的时间`恩赐`财物, 天天建立永远荣美的国度, 也将我们所献的天天记录在生命册上, 使我们的冠冕和永业继续加增. 旣然我们都在奉献生活里, 若我们明白: “① 神叫我们奉献的美意 ② 神如何喜悦我们的奉献 ③ 奉献所带来三十倍`六十倍`百倍的祝福”而作奉献的话, 不但我们的感恩`盼望`喜樂七倍加增, 我们宝贵的时间`能力`财力所带来的功效也会更大更广更长得了!

Through the week, God taught me important lessons. Are your hearts the same as mine, sometimes having the 闷闷 heart.

I cannot remain impractical. I have to start to confirm the truth and start to dispel the 似是而非 angel of light. How to start?

=> 1) Is the Lord pleased with my life to move forward in the Lord?

We cannot just do it in our heads, we also cannot do by feelings (there are a few times we felt so good in grace -> If what you meet God is true, you will definitely go into the beauty of calmness), but we need to have some order/system that is higher and deeper to lead us. We cannot just think that we will do it in the future, but the best time is NOW.

=> 2) Is our church (ssg) currently being used by God? How? In which areas?

Sometimes, it is going to need more of our efforts, times, resources (emphasize that we learn till the dying day), but it is going to produce convictions in our spirits.

So, => 3) In this eternal inheritance, how much have I gained in this road?

4) The offerings that I put up, verses I remembered, till now bring what kind of blessings to family/inheritance/ministry? Therefore, the first thing is to start practically: offerings. Share about my recent where there are a lot of complaining and dark culture in especially about money; secondly, through the church premise search, we also received quite a few thoughts

5) The Lord pushes me to do more in offerings, participations in meetings, add more efforts in which areas?

If you have already confirmed that you are going to walk this heavenly road, embodying Christ, and ask God to be alive in your family and church

If you are easily accused, offer some of your time to equip a higher message that pulls you away.

If you are one that easily becomes lazy, offer some of your energy/vigor to some ministry to keep you ahead.

If you are one that always see power/money losing, offer some of your possessions.

If you are one that always feel inadequate (less knowledge, wisdom than others), offer some of your mind to train in what God has called you to be, and specialize in it.

=> We need to have hope/productivity/power coming from above => 6) What kind of hope, effectiveness and practical prayer requests do I have with my every time tithes, thanksgiving, WG mission offerings, love offerings? Actually, not “A LOT” then will it be used by God (of course, God will still use the much), but I really see that there are certain times when even money that does not sound a lot can do a lot to bring convictions to men, and receive the heavenly kingdom blessings to give thanks and receive power!

=> Therefore, the Lord gave us <1Co16> and <2Co8-9> to => 7) ask me to think, pray and understand through the Lord’s teachings from the bible.

* 目前, 主喜悦我正在这生命事工上所拜上的么?

我们这基督门徒的团契, 是正在蒙主重用么?

在这永远的产业上, 到如今我已得了多少基业?

我所献上的一切, 到如今在我生命`家庭`产业`事工上带来如何的祝福?

主催逼我, 叫我多奉献`多参与`多加油的是哪些?

我对每一次我所献的十分之一`感恩`宣敎`爱心奉献将要带来的功效, 有如何的盼望和祷告?

这些, 我们都要思想, 藉着主的敎导都要明白.

(Prayer made at the end of service, before benediction)

* A prayer to ask the Lord of

1) May the Lord heal us totally of our finance and restore all finance perspective in Jesus Christ.

2) May we be able to accept and 做的到 do the message by the Lord today

-> so we can enjoy more of God’s every grace added to us, in all things be in abundance, can allow us to do all and every righteous and good things.

3) When we can enjoy added abundant life, May the Lord finds us faithful, so that all our daily days on earth can become our family/children/ssg members/brethrens blessings!

⇒ 但愿, 本周我们领受这信息的每一位肢体, 都能完全得着经济医治而回复基督的经济观, 从本周开始眞能作到主所喜悦的奉献, 使神能将各样的恩惠, 多多的加给我们, 使我们凡事常常充足, 能多行各样善事. 因此我们就能享受加倍丰盛的生命, 我们地上天天的日子将都能成为我们后裔的祝福`永远国度和肢体的祝福, 阿们!

Let’s turn to <1Co 16> first..

Give short summary when everyone turns to the page. Not enough, so we refer more.

<1Co> and <2Co> are both written in AD 57 same year. <1Co> written in Eph before Easter Day, <2Co> written in Macedonia/Phlippi after Pentecost (50 days after) (go through Little Asia through Mediterranean Sea, start of Europe).

In third missionary trip, see Corinthian church so important, so go to Achaia Corinth church, and through that, go to Jerusalem. In <Acts 11:27-30>, the Jerusalem church had many persecutions and is in famine 旱灾, so all churches want to help. So Paul in <1Co 16> and <2Co 8-9> asked them all to “prepare offerings” – same content.

* <哥林多前书>和<哥林多后书>, 都在主后57年, 保罗还没有到哥林多敎会之前所写的. 前书是復活节前他在以弗所的时候写的, 后书则后来过五旬节后, 还没探访哥林多敎会前, 先探访去马其顿众敎会的时候写的. 保罗正在第三次宣敎旅程中了, 他的计划是作完以弗所地区的宣敎事工后, 要到马其顿探访几个敎会, 然后再要去亚该亚地区的哥林多的敎会, 并且经过哥林多后, 最后要到耶路撒冷去的. 当时, 耶路撒冷敎会的圣徒, 遇到各种逼迫, 也加上旱灾<徒11:27-30>, 所以各地的基督敎会都樂意奉献要幇助耶路撒冷的敎会. 保罗在<林前16:1-9>所提的”叫他们豫备奉献“的内容, 与<林后第八-九章>所提的内容是一样的事情了. 因为<林前16:1-9>的敎导内容太简单, 所以一起参考<林后第八-九章>所讲更详细的敎导.

=> We must understand that <1Co> and <2Co> are shepherding books (not high DT books.)

** 读经: 林前16:1-9, 林后8:1-15, 9:7-15

<林前16:1-9> 1 论到为圣徒捐钱, 我从前怎样吩咐加拉太的众敎会, 你们也当怎样行(作奉献, 若按着神的美意而作的话, 更蒙主悦纳而看到果效的了 If offerings are done according to God’s teachings = perfect will, will see more of God being pleased and will more have effect — $10 can see $100 returns. So, what instructions?).

2 每逢七日的第一日(是指主日崇拜 This is Sunday, because this happened after the Lord’s resurrection — historically most important day),

各人要照自己的进项(按着收入的多少 = income, i.e. give more if more, less if less, so no one may say I not enough to give = the Lord is 均分 one)抽出来留着, 免得我来的时候现凑(= impromptu collection 敎导他们经过祷告而奉献 teach them to go through prayers to offer, i.e. thanks/transform/requests).

3 及至我来到了, 你们写信举荐谁(奉献是按着奉献之人的意念而管理 not just trustable men, but according to their inner intentions to manage = Paul won’t touch and do not know the inside administrative things, and is not one who benefits as these go to Jerusalem), 我就打发他们, 把你们的捐资送到耶路撒冷去,(= don’t control, but 监督 overseeing is needed)

4 若我也该去, 他们可以和我同去. 5 我要从马其顿经过, 旣经过了, 就要到你们那里去, 6 或者和你们同住几时, 或者也过冬, 无论我往那里去, 你们就可以给我送行(用祷告和经费来支持 meaning of sending him off = help in terms of prayer and money).

7 我如今不愿意路过见你们(保罗看重哥林多敎会, 所以不想探访的期间太短), 主若许我, 我就指望和你们同住几时(一段时间 because Paul 看重 Corinth church, cannot just anyhow pass through, as he wants to stay longer to share a lot of things). 8 但我要仍旧住在以弗所, 直等到五旬节,(as spoken just now, now at Ephesus, to wait till Pentecost)

9 因为有宽大又有功效的门(保罗, 每次看当地传福音门路的打开和门徒的时间表, 而受圣灵的引导, 定出宣敎旅程 Paul’s missionary strategy is only look at gospel doors, tf can get clear guidance of H.S. Tf, we don’t just go business trips, but attend their church, join to their church leaders, come back and continue to pray for their timetable),

为我开了, 并且反对的人也多(属灵事工越重要, 反对势力也越强猛 Gospel doors in company difficult? If you really think it is spiritually important, then more attacks and more difficult one.). Therefore, don’t be discouraged, but grab on to the truth.

<林后8:1-15> 1 弟兄们, 我把神赐给马其顿众敎会( = Phippi church 腓立比敎会等<腓1:5, 4:15-19> Paul in prison wrote the thanks to them, prison then can full-time, how much can Paul minister if part-time? only 1year6months be tentmaker)的恩告诉你们,

2 就是他们在患难中受大试炼的时候, 仍有满足的快乐(因为看到以玛内利的证据, 这就是他们樂捐的动因 Seeing Emmanuel in their severe trial is their motives of giving — severe trial of process of healing, family salvation, company doors. God gives big net to Joel Osteen / Full Gospel Church / Mega churches in Sg so that they have to cater to many -> must D&R / demolish & rebuild, the fish net is larger -> people come and go a lot, ‘cos men see their problems more than problem of not seeing God . But that time, the churches that Paul set up is a bit like ours, i.e. lots of soldiers, teachers to come up, join/hold all every region = calling/entrusted by God. I treat all as rubbish <Ga 2:20>, <Php 1:20> now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death, <Php 3:8> I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ. This is a severe battle of the 心灵 spirit, so man’s flesh may come as anger to attack also),

在极穷之间, 还格外显出他们乐捐的厚恩(奉献, 并不是有钱的人所能作的, 乃是看见福音的重要性的人才能樂意作的 Offerings are not done by the rich, but by joyfully 乐意参与 willingly participate the ministry. Not big amount, but joy and thanks to do = offering ).

3 我可以证明他们是按着力量, 而且也过了力量, 自己甘心乐意的捐助(保罗正在讲奉献的主要原则 Main principle of offering),

4 再三的求我们, 准他们在这供给圣徒的恩情上有分, (Some wants so much to participate <-> but extra so give, but some offerings that really touches people and touches God are? Those who give till pain one) – The Lord knows

5 并且他们所作的, 不但照我们所想望的, 更照神的旨意, 先把自己献给主(这就是基督徒一切奉献的出发点 Not man’s thinking, but according to perfect will = don’t misunderstand that church wants your money, because only blessed people can do so, must do out of love, not according to how man thinks to do offering. Tf, all church says, “if you don’t know meaning of offering, don’t offer.”)

, 又归附了我们(看保罗宣敎事工为神自己的事工 Therefore, offering is also to men, to God’s workers like Paul).

6 因此我劝提多(both Titus and Timothy are spiritual sons of Paul), 旣然在你们中间开办这慈惠的事, 就当办成了.

7 你们旣然在信心`口才`知识`热心`和待我们的爱心上, 都格外显出满足来, 就当在这慈惠的事上, 也格外显出满足来(奉献之前, 先要看见主丰盛的恩典 Tf Corinth church is really blessed, telling them to first see the Lord’s abundant grace before giving).

8 我说这话, 不是吩咐你们, 乃是借着别人的热心, 试验你们爱心的实在(肢体之间, 要彼此勉励`鼓励多奉献 Giving is a very important encouragement between brethrens. Later we speak more about this practically).

9 你们知道我们主耶稣基督的恩典, 他本来富足, 却为你们成了贫穷, 叫你们因他的贫穷, 可以成为富足(在地上没有一个是比耶稣基督更贫穷过, 也没有一个人是比耶稣基督更享受过丰富. 耶稣基督故意选择最贫穷的条件, 是为了叫一切 从他的都能享受富有. Jesus came to earth being the most in poverty and conditions – born in stable; Paul also most of the time in prison, needing Timothy to bring only his cloak bible, supported by all churches, yet manages all the money all over., 若我们能回复基督的经济观, 在地上`天上能享受最丰盛的生命. Finance healing = receiving Christ’s perspective of finance and offerings = seeing all abundance in universe is His, and enjoy — according to His needs — from God’s providence, and the loving to share own abundance with others. 基督的经济观, 是看整个宇宙万物是属于自己的而享受, 也享受按需要而来父神一切丰盛的供应, 并喜爱与别人分享自己的丰盛).

10 我在这事上把我的意见告诉你们, 是与你们有益, 因为你们下手办这事, 而且起此心意, 已经有一年了(不是保罗叫他们奉献而奉献, 乃是他们愿意奉献, 所以保罗要敎导他们如何奉献 Actually Corinth church is the first to be willing to help share the sufferings, persecutions and severe famine in Jerusalem. Because they see that this Jerusalem church is lifting up hands to pray for all global churches, and they are having great persecutions — going to be laid flat in AD 70 now AD 57, so that the Lord’s work can continue. Corinth is abundant like Macau, Singapore, Shanghai, having trade, money, business, foreigners, lots of revelries of life, pulling Paul’s hand to want to participate, and now Philippi also wants to participate — Philippi is poor one ).

11 如今就当办成这事, 旣有愿作的心, 也当照你们所有的去办成. 12 因为人若有愿作的心, 必蒙悦纳, 乃是照他所有的, 并不是照他所无的(奉献的数目, 是按神所赐的财力而要定的. 神不愿意我们超自己的能力而作 Tf, according to what one has; if don’t have, pray will do == according to what God has given you, as the Lord is not willing that we do offerings more than what our strength can do so).

13 我原不是要别人轻省, 你们受累, (not say they live great, then you live in poverty)14 乃要均平, 就是要你们的富余, 现在可以补他们的不足, 使他们的富余, 将来也可以补你们的不足, 这就均平了(神在奉献上的美意, 就在于”肢体之间彼此幇补, 在基督的爱里一起成长”. Not for anyone’s advantage, but it is the Lord’s heart to see that the help between brethrens => will result in the growth of Christ’s love together )

15 如经上所记, 『多收的也没有余, 少收的也没有缺』(来自<出16:18>, 神每天赐下吗哪给以色列人吃, 叫他们只要受一天所需用的. 但是他们中也有疑惑神每天按需要而供应的, 所以他们留多几天的, 第二天早上发现都生虫变臭了. 圣徒尙未得着经济医治的时候, 若得了太多余的钱财, 他们尊贵的时光`能力, 就会浪费于世界的宴樂中了 Manna from <Ex16:18>: for those who collect more, next day rot.

1) The Lord gives by time = if you have a lot in the bank, then feel safe? Good stewardship like Rockefeller to manage. Having more money actually is not a blessing, because if you have a lot like Bill Gates, your spirit changes, ‘cos need bodyguards, inconvenient; and if manage stewards not well a bit, will be dwelt with by God. Therefore, better is “timely provision”.

2) Yet, whatever the Lord gives, use it as a good steward, don’t use it to waste in the world.)

<林后9:6-15> 6 少种的少收, 多种的多收, 这话是眞的. (Abraham sows more, tf abundant. Lot keeps saving up, using for himself, tf poor and poor descendants. Some people have the Lord and won’t need any other – selling everything that you have to give everything to all around you, so that you enjoy everything in the world )

7 各人要随本心所酌定的(神喜悦我们经过祷告, 先酌定奉献内容和方法而作的奉献 Do not anyhow do offerings, need prayers, considerations of method and content to do),

不要作难, 不要勉强(勉强的奉献, 已经不是奉献了. 要不勉强, 就需要祷告, 而得着神的美意, 看见神的悦纳 Offerings by force is no longer offerings; yet if not by reluctance, then must go through prayers, receive voice of God = perfect will and see God pleased, to do.),

因为捐得乐意的人, 是神所喜爱的.

8 神能将各样的恩惠, 多多的加给你们, 使你们凡事常常充足, 能多行各样善事(蒙爱`蒙恩的圣徒, 在凡事上享受<约參2, 申28:1-14>的祝福是应该的了 Those who (1) do offerings willingly, (2) see God pleased in doing offerings => <3Jn2> will see all things prosper in health/soul/descendants just like the spirit; <Dt 28> all things blessings. Lifetime only once, 70-80 years, time is short, so must know perfect will to do ), Who am I to talk about this 70-80 years since I am only 34 years old this year? But I saw that with a little muddle-headedness, time just slips by, and it requires much effort to restore what was lost through the week.

9 如经上所记, 『他施舍钱财, 赒济贫穷, 他的仁义存到永远』!(Tf, daily live like this, to gain eternal friends, gain crown!)

10 那赐种给撒种的(支持传道者的奉献 i.e. first for preachers and missionaries, ),

赐粮给人吃的, 必多多加给你们种地的种子(will get a lot of descendants), 又增添 们仁义的果子, (we will see the fruit of righteousness = joy, thanks, hope )

11 叫你们凡事富足, 可以多多施舍, (The Lord will tell you to be rich in all things, because you have been managing well by the gospel wisdom = good steward ) 就借着我们使感谢归于神.

12 因为办这供给的事, 不但补圣徒的缺乏, 而且叫许多人越发感谢神. (Therefore, this will encourage people to do more offerings. Tf, I see that the envelopes written with names 记名奉献 effect is very great. U feel yourself so humble? In front of God or men, giving a humble front, will this make people look up to me — this must give up. Tithes, thanksgiving, missions, love offerings — if all done with names recorded, the effect is very great. )

13 他们从这供给的事上得了凭据(我们会看见我们的奉献是否蒙神悦纳. We must definitely see the Lord being pleased, and blessing us, giving us transformative joy, freedom, self-control first as our inner spirit, 蒙神悦纳的证据, 先在我们心灵里显现, 后在我们的奉献所带来的许多无形`有形的果子里 then will happen visibly in inner and external fruits ),

知道你们承认基督, 顺服他的福音, 多多的捐钱给他们和众人, 便将荣耀归与神, 14 他们也因神极大的恩赐, 显在你们心里, 就切切的想念你们, 为难们祈祷. (Jerusalem is the receiver, so if received, how much they will give thanks to God of them??? And pray for them! )

15 感谢神, 因他有说不尽的恩赐!

1. 神叫圣徒作奉献上的美意是甚么? What is the perfect will of telling saints to offer?

* 神为何要马其顿敎会极穷圣徒的奉献? Why does God tell the church of Philippi, who is poor, to participate in offering? 神为何要那西顿撒勒法寡妇最后剩下来的的一把面一点油? Why does God tell that widow of Zarephath, Sidon, to offer up all of her only a handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a jug? 神为何叫许多外邦人拥有那么丰富的财产, 却不许可自己许多圣民能拥有财富? Why does God allow Gentiles to have much abundance in possessions, and yet do not allow His saints to have possessions?

There are 3 points of perfect will of God in offerings.

1) 透过财物的奉献, 要得圣徒的生命, 并叫他们的生命得造就: HEALING

God is willing that His saints enjoy heavenly and earthly blessings! Only by this can they be edified! This is the only thing that money cannot buy -> a ticket to heaven.

(1) First to be healed -> the love of God and the love of money, i.e. what do you think is greater? Needing God’s love more, or needing the security/convenience/etc of money more?

=> We have not received God’s perfect will in church premise because we have not been sure about this yet.

神呼召圣徒后, 第一个医治和训练, 就在”经济医治”上. After calling saints, the first lesson of love is? To heal the poor and proud heart! Finance healing!

=> 玛门鬼 is very powerful and it can be used to buy anything other than going heaven — look at all the beautiful things/people/appearance/knowledge/teachers in the world – they can all be bought for money, even Montessori education for children. The temptation to follow everything that the world follows — no need to say one. It blinds!

Yet, money can be used by saints very effectively, especially for God’s work.


(2) Bible verses to prove


(a) Impossible to have 2 at the same time

-> “一个人能事奉个主“<6:24, 19:24>, impossible -> love/hate, 轻重 => confirm will no peace, worry, fear, frustrated 烦恼, angry

-> Camel 穿过 needle eye, is easier than 财主 enter God’s kingdom!

(b) Where is your heart?

-> “人的财物在那里, 他的心在那里“<太6:21, 约壹2:15> -> heaven is absolute, possessions have moth/rust/thieves 有虫子,生锈/毁坏,小偷/

Love world means there is no love for God 爱神的心 -> i.e. love world moment = no COG moment, cannot see God is with you already.

(c) Finance healing is VERY CONNECTED to saints growing their “不朽坏的生命

Ability to enjoy blessings in all things.

经济观的医治, 与圣徒生命的成长有非常密切的关系<太6:25-33 look birds flowers seek first His kingdom,创13:8-9 You go left I go right, etc, 腓4:12-13 I know how to be 处卑贱 in need and how to have plenty 处丰富>, 也与圣徒得永远的冠冕, 并与圣徒在地上生活的丰富有密切的关系<太6:19-20, 林后9:6-9>

Sow more get more, sow less receive less. 少种的少收,多种的多收

不要在地上积攒财宝在地上 Do not store up for yourselves treasures in heaven

(3) Examples from bible that 过神的关卡

# 神叫亚伯拉罕胜过各种考验(旱灾`罗得`麦基洗德`所多玛王)之后蒙福, 叫以撒经过非利士人夺取水井的考验, 叫雅各经过拉班家里二十一年的考验, 叫约瑟从奴仆开始受训练…

All 4 people — first tests:

@ Abraham – famine failed, second time, with Lot yet passed <-> Lot chose Sodom, all possessions taken away, did not go away 380 soldiers (1000 people follow Ab). 1/10 given to Melchizedek King Mai4ji1xi3de2, people want to give, but he rejected, because he would rather remain poor than follow.

Tf, Is/Jc/Js -> continue to be blessed by Ab as source.

@ Is – Ab passed him big possessions, but God took away. Water is more expensive than oil then. When he let go and finance healing, living waters.

@ Jc – Is can’t give him possessions, so continue to gather.

@ Js – start to receive trials/training by leaving home without anything

=> Don’t give to children! I also think not to have my parents’ but to give them. U don’t know the temptations of money I have, and I thought I am good at managing. Do you know, if I receive a little bit of increment, I will start to think, “What can I buy?” will start to be proud, “God finally gives me what I need” -> U know, the poverty heart? My prayer for my parents – if they can see with understanding and give their all to the church (and not to me) – my prayers will be fulfilled, that they will have much crown in heaven.

# 耶稣基督也考验那财主靑年说, 你变卖你所有的一切, 分给贫穷人之后来跟从我…

Jesus asked the young man to sell everything.

(4) Examples from bible that failed the test

↔ 若不能通过这神所安排的关卡, 不能胜过玛门鬼的诱惑和逼迫, 就一辈子跟从主的道路上, 常常跌倒, 无法事奉主, 或者在事奉的日子里, 总有一天会遭遇彻底失败的事情.

If never passed the test, so that cannot overcome Mammon (temptations and persecutions)

All life of following the Lord, will suffer fall, cannot serve the Lord, and in the days of serving, will have one day meet totally failed circumstances.

# 罗得和他家人的灭亡<创19章>,

all taken away, children and wife all don’t listen to parents

# 亚干和他家人的灭亡<书7章>, Achan – just wanted beautiful robe, silver and gold -> because all dirt, means despise God. All so dirty that they and family all burned. Tf cannot do bold and powerful ministry one.

# 基哈西和他后裔得了大痲疯<王下5:27> Elisha not accept gift from Naaman so that he would only serve Jehovah, but Gehazi 基哈西 thinks so 可惜 if don’t have, why not get some money for charity for 2 prophets. Actually most faithful servant, descendants will always have leprosy, but only did not pass this mammon god!

(5) Therefore, we have to enjoy healing till what level?

→ 要得医治到何等程度? 要得基督的经济观 must receive Christ’s finance perspective

① 要享受神赐给儿女(后嗣)的天上`地上一切的丰盛, must enjoy heavenly and earthly every abundance

② 要看见并享受, 每天神按需要的丰盛供应, must see and enjoy God timely provides and sees our needs

③ 忠心的管理神所交托的财物, 用来多得永远的肢体, 建立主的国度 faithfully manage God’s entrusted possession, to gain more eternal brethrens, build Lord’s kingdom

= 全然奉献= 如何全然奉献? 先将当纳的十分之一归给神. 也尽心尽力献感恩`宣敎`建堂`爱心等的奉献, 使神的家库有丰富的力量, 能多作主工. How to do offerings? (1) tithes, (2) then do all your best to offer thanksgiving, missions, church premise, love offering, etc -> tell the household of God to be abundant and strong, can do more of the Lord’s work.

2) 神在建立国度的事上, 要用圣徒的财物`时间`恩赐`能力, 叫他们蒙受永生冠冕和基业 MOVE/TOUCH GOD

The eternal kingdom that God wants to build, is one that His children uses blood, sweat, resources, efforts, to build one!

: 以色列圣殿的每一块石头和瓦砖`每一个器皿, 都是用每一个圣民的血汗来建造的了. All bricks of the temple have a lot of stories! 每一块瓦砖都拥有圣民的祷告和祝福的了. Their prayers and their love to God, and these build up to the holy temple, cannot put dirty things in one.

神盼望他所爱的子民, 将一切的财物`时间`恩赐`能力都带来, 同心合一建立敎会, 兴旺福音, 都能得着神所豫备永远丰盛的冠冕. The Lord hopes that the children He loves will bring all their possessions, time, gifts, power, together build church, flourish the gospel, can get God’s provided eternal abundant crown.

=> Our loved ones give us some gift, would we be happy? Especially if he/she has always been taking me for granted? I am touched the most not when Liwen submit to me, but when I promised her that I will try to do the dishes, but I fell asleep, and a while later, discovered that she did it.


Everyone receives more love through helping one another, thus growing together, joining/holding in love

Encouragements and advice towards brethrens:

① 全时间事奉者与带职事奉者之间彼此的祝福=

Nurture pastors, send pastors: conversations with God, enjoy heavenly manna and distribute to congregation and members, intercede for saints/their family/careers daily blessed, evangelism, counsel visitation on precious lives and workers.

For those working, also receive the messages from pulpit and grace from prayers, daily HS filled, family/office/network manifest Lord’s grace to testify the Lord, and in own income — tithe + offerings to church, tell church to have food to give to preachers’ needs, continue to intercede for pastor.

传道人以祷告传道为主业, 硏读神的话, 也天天与神交通, 领受从天而来的灵粮而供应给全体会友, 也为圣徒的生命`家庭`事业蒙恩天天代祷, 也天天传福音`辅导人`培养属灵工人; 带职事奉的圣徒则靠着祭坛信息和祷告的恩典, 天天圣灵充满, 在家里`公司里`生命联络网里彰显主的恩典而见证主, 也在自己的收入中十分之一和各种奉献归给敎会, 使敎会有粮供应传道人的需要, 也继续为传道人代祷.

② 已在基督里的圣徒幇助`祝福尙未蒙召的未得之民

= 敎会用每一个圣徒所奉献的时间`恩赐`经济, 在本地区和宣敎地区, 继续展开传福音`培养门徒的事工而得着未得之民.

God use every saints’ offerings of their time, gifts, finance power, in local region and missionary regions, continue to open up gospel, raise disciples ministries, and win over the Unreached.

那群从未得之民成为圣徒的在后生命, 也会带给在前的圣徒永远无限的喜樂和永远的冠冕.

The group of Unreached who become believers later on, also add joy n eternal crown to saints.

③ 敎会里, 或敎会和敎会之间, 多有力量的幇助需要幇助的肢体.

In church, whether in local or other churches, have more power to help brethrens needing help

2. 如何作蒙神悦纳的奉献? How to make God-pleasing offering? Arranged from <2Co8-9>

* 我们奉献, 就有一位接受我们奉献的, 很多时候我们只懂得奉献, 或只面对人`或只面对机构`或只面对事工, 而常常忘记祂带着如何的心情和表情接纳我们的奉献. We do offering and there is one who receives offering, but we only face the person/ministry/church, and does not know the expressions of God when received our offerings 从我们眞正面对那位创造`全能`慈爱`信实的神而奉献的时候开始, 我们就能作到蒙神悦纳的奉献, 也会看见我们的每一分奉献带来的美好的果子和奬赏! When we truly meet/face that Creator/Omnipotent/Love/Faithfulness God and make offerings, we will be able to do God-pleasing offering, and will see our every piece of our offering bring beautiful fruits and rewards!

1) 完全的奉献, 成为好管家能享受天上`地上`永远丰盛的福分!= “他们所作的, 不但照我们所想望的, 更照神的旨意, 先把自己献给主”<林后8:5> = Tithing offering

What God wants is not a portion, but He wants all. This is the most basic heart of a believer towards God.

– 以色列人出埃及后, 神对他们说, “以色列中凡头生的, 无论是人是牲畜, 都是我的, 要分别为圣归我”<出13:2> All of Israel belonged to God. This means that they are eternally forgiven of any penalties, 因为他们在埃及的时候, 原都是要灭亡的, 但是羔羊的血代替了他们的生命, 天使越过他们家庭, 杀死埃及所有的长子和头生的. This is because the Israelites had 亲自目睹了 seen with their own eyes about how the firstborn of Egyptians are killed in a night. 因此, 他们不但不在埃及灭亡 God let them see that their judgment is redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, so that the blood of Egyptians became their food! (there are two kinds of food in the bible for believers: food from heaven called Manna = blood of Christ, and Gentiles = blood of the world ), 却更得取埃及一切的金银宝石而出埃及了 therefore, not only saved, but all of the Egyptians became theirs! Therefore, all of Israel have been bought by God one, and at the same moment, hated by all the world – Satan. Therefore, from then on, not one hair belongs to them = not one life!

= 凡已信耶稣基督而属于基督的生命 tf if you have really become a child of God through belief in Christ, 则已都蒙受耶稣基督为他们代受审判`代受刑罚`代受死而埋葬, 代復活的恩典 so that you receive all of Christ’s redeemed judgment / punishments / death n buried / resurrection grace, 也因着他们的信已经都与基督同死同復活而得了新生命了 because of their faith, already died and resurrected with Christ and received a new life! <Ga 2:20!!>.

=====> 所以, 他们的生命是, 从仇敌撒但手里, 用耶稣基督重价买来的, 已经不是属于自己, 乃是永远属于神的. 圣徒所拥有一切条件`时间`恩赐`财力, 都是为了”荣神益人建国”而存在的了. Therefore, their life is snatched from Satan, bought by Christ with a GREAT PRICE, so that now, none of their conditions, time, gifts, possessions belong to their own, but all of their breathe/life/lifestyle belongs to RSYRJG to become alive already! Therefore, it is not about qualifying oneself to be like Paul, then one can proclaim that “my life I live, I live for Christ”. This is what those baptized can and should understand in proclaiming one.

Tf, what God desires is offerings of all of ours. If you do so, the blessings that you will receive become EVERY BLESSING.

→ 神叫圣民全然奉献, 都是为了圣民的益处. All for the sake of saints.

凡眞看见神为自己的儿女所豫备天上`地上`永远的福气, 也能享受神随时完全的保护和丰盛的供应的圣徒, 则都自然而然明白不需要将财物积攒在地上, 却在地上短暂的日子里, 尽用自己所拥有的一切来要得取永远的基业和冠冕(拯救`医治`祝福人的生命).

So that anyone who will see that God has prepared heavenly, earthly and eternal blessings -> naturally understand no need to store or worry about money, but on earthly temporary days on earth, do his best on whatever he has, to acquire eternal inheritance and crown in his imperishable life (Save, heal, bless souls)

唯有那种蒙恩的神儿女, 才能将整个宇宙当作自己的庭园, 也能眞正享受神随时一切丰盛的供应.

Therefore, this type of blessed children of God, can then take all universe as his own garden, can enjoy God’s anytime abundant provisions.

===> Tf, when one sees EVERYTHING belongs to God, and gives ALL to God, in his spirit, he will immediately see blessings coming to his spirit – freedom, thanksgiving, master of whole universe.

<-> 然而, 一个圣徒将自己所拥有的财产当作属于自己的同时, 他就失去天地永远无限丰盛的财产, 也失去看见神随时供应的眼光!

Yet, when for a moment a saint thinks how much possessions belongs to himself, day-time sunlight and abundant garden, universe stars -> will immediately be lost one! Actually heavenly and earthly blessings all belong to us already!

Jesus Christ is our everything, He is Creator of universe, do you accept that you have everything in this whole world to enjoy? The moment you accept, money and everything become so easy, “Come on in, enjoy all the sunlight, starshine, for they are my Father’s.”

===> Must start from here one: offering of all. Such an offering will then be accepted by God.

Therefore, we must be healed financially:

⇒ 祝各位, ① 将各位所拥有的一切, 都尽用于拯救灵魂`培养门徒`建立永国的事工里. 也祝各位不要将遗产留给儿女, 都忠心管理而蒙主重用, 使到各位的儿女在各位还活在世上的时候, 已蒙主大恩大福, 不但不需要各位的遗产, 反而他们也有力量有机会能奉献于你专心事奉的生命事工上! # 亚伯拉罕虽然将许多的财产留给以撒, 但是神都先没收, 叫以撒靠神恩自手成家; 以撒虽然是个大富豪, 但是他留给儿子雅各布的不是财产, 乃是属灵上的福分, 雅各布离开家后, 完全从零开始, 靠神恩回复财力了; 约瑟则更是不必说了, 虽然父亲雅各布有财富, 但是神的安排是叫约瑟从奴仆开始, 靠神恩得取自己的基业, 拯救以色列, 也拯救了列国了.

(1) receive everything upon everything

② 也祝各位, 一生能享受”知足”所带来的福分! 明白我们每天所需要的其实不多, 我们眞正需用的原来已在我的条件里, 有些较难得的原是我们不需要的, 因为”我的神必照他荣耀的丰富, 在基督耶稣里, 使你们一切所需用的都充足”<腓4:19>. 我们一生不要贪不需要的, 不要贪有了反而浪费我们时光的, 也不要为明天的需用胆心忧虑, 一天享受一天的需用, 一口享受一口的饭菜, 一时享受一时的难处, 天天过 盛自由活泼喜樂, 加添冠冕的时光.

(2) timely use with satisfaction and thanks. “Lord, let me not have too much money, for it is really troublesome to manage and administer”. Those that are not needed, do not greed after, for it wastes precious times. Do not worry for tomorrow, for daily enjoyment, eating each food one-by-one is a freedom life and times adding crown.

③ 也祝各位, 能享受”好管家”的福分! 不要积攒太多的财产在地上, 明天是不是属于我的日子, 我们还活着的时候, 每天尽用神所托付的财力`恩赐`时间, 多得永远的朋友<路16:1-12>. 时常为了得人献上一切的人, 神必为他豫备尊贵的信息和见证, 并使他时常遇到贵人`贵事, 将必看见<赛60:1-22>应许的成全, 会看见许多尊贵的生命满载时代的宝石而聚集的荣美光景!

(3) Yet if God gives the money, be a good steward. Tomorrow does not belong to us; when we are still alive, everyday use God’s entrusted money, gifts, times, to gain more eternal friends. Those who, for the sake of getting friends, the Lord will prepare for him precious messages/testimonies, and let him meet important people and situations. They will see the glory of important precious jewels gathering.

——–> How to use the money? Not curry favor, but when they know u did it for gospel.

2) 自愿甘心樂意的奉献必看见: 神喜悦的笑容, 主在凡事上赐福= “神喜爱而能将各样的恩惠, 多多的加给你们, 使你们凡事常常充足, 能多行各样善事”<林后9:7-8>, “感谢神, 因他有说不尽的恩赐”<林后9:15>! Thanksgiving offering

Offerings must be willing. The bible verse also said this. If by force, it is shaming God. Must be done with 心被恩感。

– 有些圣徒则只作习惯性的奉献, 不面对悦纳他们奉献的神, 心里也没有回复感恩`期待`祝福的心而作. 那种奉献神不悦纳, 因此奉献者的生命也无法得着奉献所带来丰盛的恩典了. 我们的每一项奉献, 若能经过祷告, 多发现神的慈爱`恩惠和神的保护`供应`计划, 心被恩感而作的话, 我们就马上看见显明在我们心灵里的神喜悦的笑容, 也能看见神如何赐福我所支持的生命事工.

For those who regularly do offering, another danger is being habitual in offering. Must really take notice about this. Take time to pray, list down thanks – eternal life, provision of electricity, government = love

–> will see in our spirit God being pleased and smile, and will also see how God supports me and my life ministry.

→ 我们要检讨: 每次我奉献的主要理由和动机是甚么? 是否因为圣徒应该要作的本份而作? 是否为要多得些甚么而作? 是否因为你不作时会面对的惩罚而作? 是否因为爱神爱人爱国, 盼望主的身体得力量而作?

Tf, self-introspect: what is the main reason/motive of we if participating in offerings?

Is it because it is just the minimum requirement to do?

Or is it because you want to gain something extra so that u do offering?

Or is because if you don’t do, you will meet with punishment?

——> or is it because love God love men love kingdom, tf hope the Lord’s body receive strength to do?

If I come to meetings, and I receive comfort and joy, I receive nothing when I go home, as I will feel emptiness.

If I come to meetings and I receive a little pressure so that I am comforted yet a little pressurized, I will gain something as the Holy Spirit will keep on convicting me when I go home.

⇒ 十分之一, 是要归给利未族的`属于神的”当纳的供物”了<玛3:8-12>, 不可以用十分之一当作自己的奉献. 若我们正确十分之一归给主, 我们一生的产业都必发旺, 我们的十分之一将会越来越多. 除了十分之一以外, 我们应该每主日多献感恩的祭物了. 每周七日`每天24小时, 我们在个人`家庭`事业`敎会事工上, 有许多感恩的内容. 当我们一个一个算感恩的时候, 我们就发现神的祝福已经大大降临在我生命里, 我们所献的感恩奉献, 也叫我们每日每周得着更多感恩的内容的.

Now, tithes do not belong to you, for the Lord says that it belongs to the Levites/priests = the full-time workers like pastors. If we accurately tithe to God, our lifetime inheritance will prosper, thus tithe will get more.

Thanksgiving is also needed. Please note in envelope clearly whether it is thanksgiving or tithe. Note it clearly if it is for thanks/tithe/love/missions. There are many thanksgiving contents – daily 7 days, 24 hours, individual, family, career, church – when we count our blessings/thanks each time, we will discover that God’s blessings already greatly come upon our lives, and what we give as thanksgiving, also tells our daily and weekly thanksgiving content get more and more.

=====> Evidence will come in your hearts one on God accepting, if you know what you are doing is in God’s perfect will. And you will have boldness and confidence in asking the Lord in your prayer topics, be it for possessions or blessedness and anointing, or blessing our children and disciples.

3) 心里豫先要酌定而作, 要明白自己为何人`何事`何地奉献会蒙受好管家的祝福/ 也会蒙受因确认自己的冠冕`基业如何继续建立起来而来的祝福! Supplication offering

First consider then do, must understand you are offering for who, what and where

-> Will receive the blessings of a good steward

Even if it is $1..

=每逢七日的第一日, 各人要照自己的进项抽出来留着, 免得我来的时候现凑“<林前16:2>, “因为你们下手办这事, 而且起此心意, 已经有一年了. 如今就当办成这事, 旣有愿作的心, 也当照你们所有的去办成.”<林后8:10-11>, “少种的少收, 多种的多收, 这话是眞的. 各人要随本心所酌定的, 不要作难, 不要勉强”<林后9:6-7>

– 我们的奉献不可以单 一时的感动而作, 乃要经过祷告, 看见敎会`事工的需要, 也要得着主给我感动的奉献数目. 并要看见奉献蒙神重用, 我所代祷`我所支持的事工发展的光景. 我们的奉献若不谨愼, 没有经过祷告, 只给而不顾的盲目性的支持, 有时甚至会带来叫人或敎会跌倒受损. 我们的奉献多捐于主所喜悦的事工的时候, 我们所奉献的每一分将都成为我们的冠冕, 也主必更大的能力赐给我们, 使我们能多行各样善事.

Best to do offerings by planning. With this, you can confirm how your own crown is built up – how God use, build Christ’s body.. will receive the blessings that come from confirming how your own crown, inheritance continue to multipy! Do through prayers, getting the amount through convictions in prayers, the state and progress of the ministry that I support.. just blindly support, will tell people to fall into discounts actually. If our money goes into areas where the Lord is more pleased, our offerings every time will become our crown, and will also see the Lord greater power given to us, telling us to do more good works one.

4) 带着代祷的心而作不但作到经济上的支持, 也能作到祭司的职分, 将必看见我的奉献所带来最大的祝福! = “他们也因神极大的恩赐, 显在你们心里, 就切切的想念你们, 为你们祈祷”<林后9:14> Intercessory Offering

Intercede to do offerings, so they will have more strength.

– 以色列圣殿`事工, 都被建立在众圣民的代祷上面了. 以色列圣殿的每一块石头`每一个器皿都含载着无数祷告的内容了. 主的敎会的四大福音化事工, 都靠着众肢体的代祷而成立`发展的了. 我们不但要奉献, 更是在每一个奉献里加上我们眞心的祷告和祝福. 当分别十分之一的时候, 要为传道人和他们家庭代祷, 也要为将来更多任务人起来, 发展地区`世界福音化事工代祷; 当豫备感恩奉献的时候, 要为敎会仓库代祷, 使敎会多有财力, 能多作荣美的生命事工; 当豫备宣敎奉献的时候, 为敎会的疆界多打开, 在各处多得美好的基督门徒要代祷; 当豫备爱心奉献的时候, 多为受惠者和他们家庭的蒙恩代祷..

prayer requests for the hope in coming week – your prayer req for church, brethrens’ blessedness, family, work. Every brick of Israel’s temple are done with prayers, many stories -> such become a church. Lord’s church 4G ministry all rely on brethren’s prayer expand. Put in real hearts and blessings.

-> With thanksgiving offerings: pray and put the prayer requests on the envelope. Yes, got email now, but it is still different with penned down notes. 10 min to pray. Pray for more $ into church treasury. Can do more glorious life ministry. More gospel doors. Take it as the time to pray for travelmates all over world. Preparing tithes – take it as time to pray for full-timers, and church premise usage. Do it as an owner.

——> The Lord wants to build such a ministry, which relies on the prayers of people! Don’t we want the Lord’s church to look inferior?

–> If you suddenly put in a whole big sum of money, how is the Lord blessing – test and approve.

3. 神叫敎会如何管理所得的奉献? How does God ask the church to manage the offering received?

* 不但奉献重要, 在主正确的带领之下蒙主重用是更重要的! 主如何要使用我们所献的奉献呢?

According to the Lord’s accurate leading, to be correctly used by the Lord is very important.

How does the Lord want us to use our offerings?

1) 要公开的` 严正的` 功效的管理!

Must manage transparently, justly and effectively!

= “你们写信举荐谁, 我就打发他们, 把你们的捐资送到耶路撒冷去, 若我也该去, 他们可以和我同去”<林前16:3-4>, “我劝提多, 旣然在你们中间开办这慈惠的事, 就当办成了”<林后8:6>

– 必要在敎会里, 属灵生命较成熟的长老和执事们要担任这事.

Done by spiritually-trustable people. Not just with human integrity, but with World Gospelization perspective.

太多人来管理, 也会带来时间`能力上的浪费, 所以经过整个会众的祷告`信任`托付, 几位长老能成为决定委员来作的话, 会带来最好的果效(长老会的作法).

How can it be done same level as an beginner believer accountant and also with faith-tested deacon?

初代敎会则使徒们认定, 会众投票的方式来选了七位”认识基督`圣灵充满`智慧充满`殷懃忠心”的执事<徒6:1-7>来管理了. 但是, 敎会的财务必要公开, 向整个会众要报告的. 若有些会众有疑问, 敎会有义务说明给他. 凡事都要按着敎会的章程, 经过祷告, 得着主的美意和引领而作.

Early church use lots, but this means God fix.

But church needs to be transparent, to know the life growth of people. This week, I asked GR on the money. Pls write your names, sometimes so difficult to know. When I say this, don’t try to hide more, OK? It is to know our spiritual life, our careers — can deduce a lot of things one.

AGM – transparent. If need to ask, please ask, and we will explain our usage.

Pastor did not touch much on our treasury — BEST not to touch, for really troublesome thing will affect life ministry work, but who will know where got life/disciples that really can expand effectively for church money use? Of course Pastor, so he gives the suggestions is need.

2) 优先程序在于传福音`培养工人`宣敎`建立敎会的事工上!

Priority is placed on “evangelism, raising workers, missions, and church-building”!

① 第一优先程序, 就在于支持传道人的生活费, 使他们没有后顾之忧地专心祷告`传道, 发展敎会的生命事工! — 最理想的敎会, 是13个家庭里(大略50人), 一个全时间事奉者出来, 如同13个支派中, 一个利未族被分别归于主, 专心作主工. 关于支持传道人生活费的数目, 则要看敎会圣徒的收入`生活水平, 大略中等生活水平就可.

First is to tell full-timers to have no problems in living, 后顾之忧 to serve the Lord, expand church life ministry = dwell deeper to dispel fake, gain higher grounds, deeper convictions, living springs.

Best is 13 families, one come out to serve the Lord. The $ to support preachers — need to look at saints’ income, averaged out.

② 第二优先程序, 就要集中于传福音`牧养生命`培养门徒`宣敎事工上.

Evangelism, shepherding, especially raising disciples, speakers, teachers, missions

③ 第三优先程序, 就在于圣徒之间的救济. 但是需要经过祷告, 有智慧的支持

Widows, cancer, orphans, according to wisdom and support, encouraging work also… to jumpstart/help

④ 敎会也要参与”国家`社会的赒济事业”

There is no big disaster here, or if country needs. Yet for now, society helps – the Lord uses more of mega-churches.

When I went South Korea in March, I saw the 纯福音 church, I saw basement giving out food to those having no money. I met beggar taking bus inviting me to go get free food J They get entrustment from God to help. Our entrustment is not to gain more people. Those with big congregation, have many with rich people, they can do hospitals and missionary charities’ work; for us, this is priority 4.

⑤ 敎会购买不动产, 建堂`设立Mission Home等的事, 则看主所带领的时间表而作, 就好了

Then we can also talk about buying church place. Actually placed here – that time we spoke about it, but we really do not have the storage, as we use everything for really doing raising disciples and sending workers. I believe we won’t really have the treasury to do this even in time for years, as our church is a discipleship church.

3) 要因我们敎会生命堂财政蒙主重用而感恩!

– 过去九年, 我们生命堂将敎会的整个财力`人力, 都集中于以玛内利生命事工上了. 因着肢体们所献宝贵的财物`时间`恩赐`人力, 我们到如今拯救了许多圣民, 也祝福了我们生命联络网里的许多家族`亲友`肢体们, 也在世界各处得了许多基督门徒和各地的生命堂. 也看到许多证据: 凡看重本会的生命事工, 将财物`时间`恩赐`人力多献上的肢体们, 都年年他们灵命都与敎会一同成长, 他们儿女们和骨肉家人越来越蒙恩, 他们的生命联络网也越来越蒙恩 继续扩张, 他们家庭的财力也越来越加增, 成为众肢体`众敎会的好榜样了!

Must really give thanks for our church, all for Emmanuel ministry. We bless many. May our church become a good example to following churches coming after us!

— sample report:

Look, really thank God that our offerings given really make way to support full-time pastor, support 干事, support Penang church, support missions, rent church premise. Many are baptized, helped, help dispel many people with problems, … This church can be used by God is through our many offerings one! If you count your money and see it really helps in supporting Penang, how do you feel when you see Sarah sharing in SgMy camp? Really worth it! How such a small amount of $ can really help so much, jumpstart, etc.. Our website videos – when I check responsive reading from America, they replied saying that many in America listening to our messages! It is so important ministry.

If we more restore thanksgiving, how much will we receive strength? How much stronger our church is? Will we anyhow use? Don’t we want our church, with this Emmanuel message, to be stronger, message more complete, etc?

** 结语

** 亲爱的主阿, 诸天述说你的荣耀, 穹苍传扬你的手段. 你为所爱的圣民所豫备的福分是何等的丰盛`何等的荣美, 我们圣民在基督里所得的指望`基业`能力是何等的浩大! 感谢你, 藉着基督, 告知我们, 我们原是你的儿女`你的后嗣; 因着基督为我们代受咒诅, 我们都能回复了你所豫备永远的福分; 也因着基督的贫穷, 我们在任何情况里都能享受你的富有. 我的主阿, 我的一生已经有了你, 我还要甚么呢? 在你里面, 我已得了最大的成功, 不再需要多得甚么. 我的一生只要求: 你赐给我的时光`恩赐`财物`能力, 都能蒙你重用, 成为你的敎会`你的身体的一股力量, 使我和我的后裔都在你永远的基业上有分. 求主继续光照我, 引领我, 求主也天天向我显明你悦纳 我奉献的证据, 使我在地上的日子天天得着 满足, 阿们!

** 本周祷告题目(10.03.28~)

1) 神叫圣徒作奉献上的美意是甚么? 我已通过了”神在经济上的考验”么? 我已得了基督的经济观么? 其内容如何? 诊断: 我一切奉献的最主要的动机 是甚么? 因为圣徒应该要作的本份? 或因为要多得甚么? 或因为怕不作时会面对的惩罚? 或因为爱神爱人爱国, 盼望主的身体得力量?

2) 如何作蒙神悦纳的奉献? 我有否确认过”主悦纳我奉献的证据”? 在我心里`生活事奉里有何证据? 我是已作到全然奉献, 而能享受神一切的丰盛么? 我一切的奉献, 是都心被恩感而作的么? 我的奉献, 是通过祷告, 豫先酌定而作的么? 我的奉献是带着代祷的心而作的么?

3) 神叫敎会如何管理所得的奉献? 我对我们敎会财政运作的 了解有多少? 有何想建议的没有? 在我们敎会的生命事工里, 我的一分奉献会带来如何的贡献? 在我心里, 有否确据: 主继续喜悦我的奉献(财物`时间`恩赐`能力)和代祷, 而继续坚固我们敎会, 重用我们敎会?

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