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Facing China, the New World Power – Sharing

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(分享Sharing 22 July 2010)

1)为了十字架的理由,不能专注一小部分,乃要全套讲,然后带出那部分 -> 叫人经过唯一的问题(无神)来重生(叫神活)

2)以祭坛系统来建殿、一个一个都要经过、成为谦卑受教而正常的人,因为人是靠楷模活的,来叫生命从最深的黑暗兴起来 -> 为了凡事上得着正确福音的医治,来习惯化和体质化

3)为了得着正确的灵,不能只是传知识和道理,强调和夸张一点,是必要的 -> 为了得着生命、凡事上的美意和智慧、凡事上踏实的答案、有根基的爱心、均分的基业



Though the Singapore R&D scene may not very foundational, we cannot continue to just move on just trying to invest in technical skills, hoping to have more salary payouts or recognition for technical skills first before having useful outputs, because labor is getting cheap and because of cost-reduction, but more because Satan is ever-more being released into the world (making it an ever-more competitive place). The days are long gone that skills will be treasured, unless the skills can be seen to be useful. On the other hand, sales and banking are receiving too much recognition, but this must be recognized as inevitable, as the world has already moved itself out from an industrial-based to a economy-based state. This does not mean we should forgo the basics of needing to work hard for 10,000 hours to specialize in some skills, but we need to move into working smart not after equipping, but in the midst of equipping, therefore also needing products there for us to use already (e.g. outsourcing). Working smart means three things – Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Spiritual Quotient (Spirit-Q). If we really have the skills, in fact more than others, we must stand up, demonstrate and lead. Don’t dream and complain, but also don’t lag behind and be discouraged thinking of giving it all up.


12 谁 能 知 道 自 己 的 错 失 呢 ? 愿 你 赦 免 我 隐 而 未 现 的 过 错 。
13 求 你 拦 阻 仆 人 不 犯 任 意 妄 为 的 罪 , 不 容 这 罪 辖 制 我 , 我 便 完 全 , 免 犯 大 罪 。
14 耶 和 华 ─ 我 的 磐 石 , 我 的 救 赎 主 啊 , 愿 我 口 中 的 言 语 、 心 里 的 意 念 在 你 面 前 蒙 悦 纳 。

We are the main characters not because we have solved every problem, but we are because we can Visionize. Of course, the sons of Satan can also do this, but while they do this, they are pitifully and unknowingly in a curse. Therefore, this can only be done if we recognize the only problem of [not loving God and loving our neighbors]. Remember: don’t worry about Singapore and the world economy, but focus on Christ to demonstrate that God is active and living in our fields, right down to our methods in solving things, and at the end, know that the end of the world is coming, because Jesus Christ is coming again, i.e. He is the main character above all nations and wisdom. Love Him alone.

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