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Main Characters -> Travelmates for life

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(Small Group 22 Jul 2010)

This is my preparation notes for small group. I still find that if I have not gone through blood and sweat in preparation, to seek out the perfect will of God for my small group members (they are so important), the Spirit of the Lord won’t descend on me.

1. Main character, Main character + Main character = travelmates

1) His Story

4000 + 2000 years: Abel, Noah, Abraham/Sarah, Jacob and 12 tribes -> Moses -> David -> Prophets -> 12 disciples, 70, 120 -> all nations eras all saints till now –> Christ life, testimonuy, situations, times = all recorded, Christ that fills all upon everything

Am I a life that Christ brings all his glory living in me? = Main Character -> must look well upon myself.

2) Travelmates joined and held together

When a disciple, fellowship or a church restore the Christ’s mystery, the Lord has prepared in various region, through the Gospel work and interpersonal network, to continue to get many of the disciples that are called upon and connect the lives, gifts, work, testimony, interpersonal network of these disciples of the various region together so that they know each other and could learn together, pray together in one heart, and partner each other to advance the Life movement quickly

Emmaus experience every time in the church history (whether in Acts, in 1600 Reformation, or with Awakenings in America, there are joining together of travelmates from all over the regions) (There are many benefits in the strategy of connecting every region together to partner each other):

① Get a greater vision, power and strength

② message, testimony, gift of enjoying together

③ interceding for one another, partner and fight the battle together (individual, family, the struggles, problems and tribulations experience by the regions are similar)

④ enjoy the greater interpersonal network

2. Our prepared life -> Message (Emmanuel revival) -> Spirit (confirm that we have such a life, therefore can receive the message, thus receives the same Spirit)

1) (This is all God’s work) Our original spiritual background (problems) drives us -> towards Emmanuel (message) -> the spirit in us

What your life actually seeks -> the message that therefore attracts you to

① 有一位神:Seek God -> seek eternal/abundant/long-lasting life, seek how the heavenly kingdom is right now with us

② 神必引导:Believe that God will lead in all things -> want to hear messages of how to see the evidences of Emmanuel 24 hours and in all circumstances more and more

③ 神必应允:Struck by “ask and you will receive”, Believe that God will definitely answer to the cries of his holy people -> seek the answer of [answered prayer in the midst of prayers]

④ 神必凡事得胜(享受苦难):Always seeking for God’s peace, joy, love, grace -> How to enjoy God in all circumstances (especially in trials)

⑤ 神必有实际的答案:Contrite by wavering worldly answers that definitely goes wrong at some point in time -> Seek how to save, heal, bless, develop people & to build the church with perfect answers

Receiving the same Spirit (what kind of Spirit do we want to receive?)

The life and therefore the message that you are attracted to -> produces the Spirit in you

①② -> (1) Know more and more that the bible’s main emphasis and the main thread of thoughts (Center on Christ’s cross, Holy Spirit, Promise, Converse, Walk with God)

②③ -> (2) Grasp more and more about [receiving fulfillments in the midst of prayers]

③④ -> (3) Enjoy more and more on the convictions given by the Holy Spirit in all things

④⑤ -> (4) Love more and more to pray in all forms


(1) Can discern and dislike messages biased towards “prosperity, legalistic, mystic, humanistic” messages

(2) Understand more and more why past Israel and chronicles of saints remain in “always learning but never being able to acknowledge”

(3) Therefore, earnestly pray more and more for this era of believers (they have the most hope)

2) Regardless of any conditions, wish to be together

It is like they are very close, transparent, with heights and depths, lasting relationships, like having a lot of same stories to tell, open in sharing, no need for courtesy..

Why? Because same convictions, same perspectives, same judgments!

1) When gather like to talk/share about Emmanuel testimonies, love to pray together in one heart
2) Even when not met, also very close

3) When see others’ weaknesses, have mercy, protection and intervessions for them

4) If there are conflicts, yet cannot remain as enemies, but will swiftly reconcile

3) Life that takes initiative to hunger and participate -> therefore, very natural / spirited / lively = a fellowship that is full of life -> and also continues to hear sheep Meeeehhhh! Meeehhh! Meeeeeehhh! (Macedonia vision) please come give asnwers.. please come pray for us… -> all resources (spiritual, wisdom, physical strength, financial needs, human resource)

4) Such built-up life by God -> center on the people they intercede for -> build up more travelmates by the people interceded for

3. Join together practically

1) Focus on Equipping the Holistic Gospel -> confirm in my life and living -> restore more Emmanuel love, grace, power, accomplishments -> you will see amazingly, that all things prosper, disciples and children, blessed meetings, evangelism doors open, precious lives, blessings of an era just follows

2) Center on travelmates

In church: communicate, learn, intercede, coordinate

Outside church: preach, internet, blogs, their churches, their family, their contacts -> all join and bridge together

3) Seek for Gift of prophecy in your talents/conditions -> need to serve, battle, equip -> one people who is just waiting and around you -> anointing (especially in your areas of failures, those are the areas of your blessed portion of inheritance)

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