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Grievous Hatred on Non-Gospel To Love Bundling Up The Gospel Stories

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(分享Sharing 27 July 2010)

The only way of receiving breakthrough is in Jesus Christ! The only way of solving spiritual problems is in Jesus Christ!


I have been wary of knowledge, I have avoided man-driven, I have denied myself, I have emphasized on concreteness, I have freed myself to love the law, I have looked from above, but there are just too many breaches. The sovereignty of the Lord is to not be discouraged but accumulate testimonies, not be anxious but be free, and not to “make resolution to continue living on” but to “enjoy living to make covenant with God”. The treasure is in Jesus Christ and Him being nailed to the cross. The Lord has His plan.

English version:

(1) Often stayed in knowledge => through Christ, understood that the world has all the “cleverness, knowledge, wisdom, culture, literature, beauty, art, skill, design, glamor, talents, principles, morals, heroes, valor, courage, victory, success, virginity, simplicity, self-control, elites’ air, purity, training, equipping, clarity, skillful, distinguished, perfection, …”, but they do not have God’s dominion, authority, predestination, calling, Abba Father’s agape love, special grace, eternal, inheritance, therefore God must have a great demonstration, expression, evidence, strike to do the bridging works (But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us <Ro 5:8>) -> understand God’s laws, letter, standards, Old Testament are all to tell people to die, therefore, must have Christ to be the New Testament Mediator (For this reason Christ is the mediator of a new covenant, that those who are called may receive the promised eternal inheritance—now that he has died as a ransom to set them free from the sins committed under the first covenant. <He 5:8>) -> Must accord to the newness of the Spirit, not to come from the oldness of the letter to meet and know God’s truth, knowledge (But now, by dying to what once bound us, we have been released from the law so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit, and not in the old way of the written code. <Ro 7:6> -> Must go through water baptism, and must also go through Holy Spirit’s and Fire baptism (Holy Spirit testifies Christ -> tells us to recall Christ’s Words -> Die and Resurrect) -> Receive Christ’s Spirit (Spirit of sonship, Spirit of heir, Spirit of Loved, Spirit of Holiness, Spirit of Victory) -> confirm in my spirit one by one (the truth of Christ’s Spirit -> Promise -> Use) -> Experiment to check for the transformations in the spirit (rely on the Christ’s Spirit that is already in my spirit -> when judging some things -> freedom, energy, submission) -> confirm the outcome of Holy Spirit’s effectiveness (Holy Spirit’s convictions, power, anointing, filling, conclusion) -> Train the mystery of the Now Reality of the Holy Spirit (mystery of always in all things rely on the Holy Spirit) -> perfection, holiness = my spirit (promise, confirm, power)

(2) Influenced by the limitations of man’s intentions / man’s obligations / man’s principles => through Christ -> Why is Christ must be God’s only begotten Son? -> Why must Christ be nailed to the cross? -> Christ can then resurrect from the dead -> understand natural man (the spiritual problem brought about by natural man for descendants after Adam = dead in your transgressions and sins, 2in which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient <Eph 2:1-3>) -> go through dying with Christ -> go through resurrecting with Christ -> break away from darkness of the world -> go into light kingdom -> would not be influenced by man’s words, man’s relationships, man’s convincing words, but self wants to live and have born again new life and new living -> God’s perfect will (God’s meaning, intentions, plan) -> God’s heartbeat and concerns (how to build God’s kingdom, exalt Christ, citizens can be held and joined together in love and receive shepherding) -> in Jesus and Him Crucified impartially do righteously = God’s intentions (rely Holy Spirit, God-driven, the perfect will NOW)

(3) According to my own egoistic projected thoughts (once gone into the concerns, interests, pettiness, self-esteem of the small self -> immediately are bounded) => through Christ -> the hope, inheritance, power that one has received are how eternally abundant and great -> in me, there is the One Who fills everything upon everything -> I am in the whole Christ’s body (Church) <Eph 1:17-23> -> See through “flesh, temporal world, emptiness” are harming me to lose the greater and more beautiful blessed portion -> deeply believe “omnipresent, omniscience, omnipotent” God has seen through my inner heart (no strength, difficulties, needs, but actually really love God, love kingdom, love God’s people) -> deeply believe God will definitely help and bless me – this truth -> learn Christ carrying my own cross -> Christ for the sake fo the benefit of the Big Me, totally deny self, humble, submit till the point of death, sacrifice self and eternally blessed the church, therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. <Php 2:9-11> -> learn from Paul who learnt to fill up what is lacking in your comparing peer “Now I rejoice in what was suffered for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church.” <Col 1:24> -> “But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. 8What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ” <Php 3:7-8> = Big Me (Holy Universal Church, fill up what is lacking in brethrens and the pastor, so as to receive the greatest Christ)

(4) Not grounded / not practical in acknowledging God (mystic, prosperity-seeking, abstract, legalism, humanistic) => through Christ -> Christ’s Name = Emmanuel -> Jesus of Nazareth incarnation appeared -> today the same incarnated body appeared in my life -> today the same incarnated body lived in every saints’ life -> no longer seek for “abnormal, unhealthy mysticism” but seek for the most normal and most healthy -> understand incarnation, death and resurrection, throne dominion Christ, and die and resurrect with Christ -> receive Christ’s identity, relationships, purpose, content, heartbeat, method -> build temple -> make covenant with the Lord (grasp and resolute on promise) -> understand Holy Spirit things -> at all things accord by the spirit (Holy Spirit) and truth (God’s word) -> converse with the Lord -> walk with the Lord -> Now, Concrete, know heaven and know earth, creational, refreshing, subduing perfect will = May Your Kingdom Come = in all things, 24 hours, unique, meticulous, many forms, two to three persons, coordination, united voice in prayer -> especially in sufferings and difficulties, how to groundedly see and hear God = normal, always, everyday (see and hear God)

(5) Often bring being scared of God and thus be in the conscience of being in deficit of God => through Christ -> not “because I have abided by the law, therefore I can become God’s children” -> but because I am God’s child, therefore I love to accomplish the law, and can then enjoy all the benefits and goodness brought about by the law -> I do not live for the law, I love God to live, the law lives for me -> When I discovered that I sinned and it became more and more serious -> I all the more need Christ’s precious blood -> quickly come towards the atonement cover to solve all the accusations in the spirit -> be reconciled to God -> bring the confident and bold heart -> converse with God -> blessedly receive grace that abounds -> after going through such a process -> gradually discover that the self is no longer influenced by accusations from the law -> instead receive the protection of the law -> more and more freedom -> enjoy power = love God (quickly run to the atonement cover, mercy seat, love for God increases, love increases, receive the law’s protection and thus receive power)

(6) Because of flesh thus acting impetuously, often lose control in a flash => through Christ -> Christ talks about His Own Body, Three Days totally destroy and newly rebuild -> build temple (build belief system) -> build temple (lifestyle system) -> understand Holy Spirit’s mystery -> everyday’s scheduled prayer must be successful -> must rely on the Holy Spirit on all forms of prayers all the time to do things -> when the spirit received some obstacles or attacks, take them as the chance to do concentration prayers -> acquire the secret of very quickly restore “always rely on the Holy Spirit” -> continue the process of alternate the godly training -> discover that gradually receive “rely Holy Spirit habits and nature” -> everytime and in all things can enjoy the gifts from above, wisdom, power, rewards -> can receive the love of all people -> bless many lives = follow Holy Spirit (die), rely Holy Spirit (resurrect), scheduled prayers -> 24 hours -> 0.1 seconds

Chinese Version:

① 停留在闷闷的知识 => 借着基督 -> 明白世界都有“聪明、学问、智慧、文化、文学、美妙、美术、技术、艺术、风采、技巧、道理、伦理、英雄、勇猛、英勇、强盛、成功、简洁、朴素、自我克制、贵族气派、贞洁、训练、装备、精通、熟练、稳重、杰出、完美”,但是没有神的主权、掌权、预定、拣选、呼召、父爱、特别恩典、永远、基业所以神必要有个大显明、表明、证明、示范来做桥梁的工作(惟有基督在我们还作罪人的时候为我们死,神的爱就在此向我们显明了《罗5:8》)-> 明白神的律法、仪文、准则、旧约也是叫人死的,所以必要有基督作新约的中保(为此,基督作了新约的中保,既然受死赎了人在前约之时所犯的罪过,便叫蒙召之人得着所应许永远的产业。《来9:15》)-> 要按着心灵的新样,不按着仪文的旧样遇见、认识神的真理、知识(但我们既然在捆我们的律法上死了,现今就脱离了律法,叫我们服事主,要按着心灵的新样,不按着仪文的旧样《罗7:6》)-> 要经过水洗,也要有圣灵和火的洗(圣灵见证基督 -> 想起基督的话 -> 死而复活)-> 得基督的灵(儿子的灵、后嗣的灵、蒙爱的灵、圣洁的灵、得胜的灵)-> 在自己的心灵里一个一个确认(基督灵的真理 -> 应许 -> 应用)-> 实验心灵里有何变化(靠已经在我心灵里的基督的灵 -> 判断某些事 -> 自由、能源、顺从)-> 确认圣灵效果的究竟(圣灵的感动、能力、恩膏、充满、结果)-> 操炼当场现实圣灵的秘诀(随时凡事上靠圣灵的奥秘)-> 完美、圣洁 = 心灵(应许、确认、能力)

② 受到人意/人情/人义的限制 => 借着基督 -> 为何基督是神的独生子 -> 为何基督非要钉在十字架不可 -> 才能叫基督从死里复活 -> 明白自然人(亚当后裔自然人生来所带来的属灵问题 = 死在过犯罪恶之中,随从今世的风俗,顺服空中掌权者邪灵的首领《弗2:1-3》)-> 经过与基督同死 -> 经过与基督同复活 -> 脱离黑暗世界 -> 进入光明的国度 -> 不被人的话、人之常情、人的说服力影响,自己乃要活和过重生新生命、新生活 -> 神的美意(神的意念、心意、计划)-> 神的心肠和关心(如何建立神的国、高举基督、子民在爱里联络得合适而被牧养)-> 在耶稣并祂钉十字架里秉公行义 = 神意(靠圣灵、神为、现在的美意)

③ 按自我意思出发(小我的关心、兴趣、小气、自尊心,马上被捆绑)=> 借着基督 -> 自己已得的指望、基业、能力是何等永远丰盛浩大的 -> 在我里面就有那充满万有者的充满 -> 我在整个基督身体(敎会)里面 《弗1:17-23》-> 看透“肉体、世界的短暂、虚空”是害我失去更美好的福分 -> 深信“无所不在、不知、不能”的神看透我的内心(无能、苦楚、需要、但又爱神、爱国、爱民)-> 深信神必是幇助和赐福我的事实 -> 学习基督的背起十字架 -> 基督为了大我的益处,完全舍己、谦卑、顺从以至于死,牺牲自己而永远祝福了敎会,所以神将他升为至高,又赐给祂那超乎万名之上的名,叫一切在天上的、地上的、和地底下的,因耶稣的名,无不屈膝,无不口称耶稣基督为主,使荣耀归与父神《腓2:9-11》-> 跟保罗学习补上比较对象的缺欠,“现在我为你们受苦, 倒觉欢乐, 并且为基督的身体, 就是为敎会, 要在我肉身上补满基督患难的缺欠”《西1:24》->“我先前以为与我有益的,我现在因基督都当作有损的。不但如此,我也将万事当作有损的,因我以认识我主基督耶稣为至宝。我为他已经撇弃万事,看作粪土,为要得着基督”《腓3:7-8》= 大我(圣而共之教会、补上肢体和牧者的缺欠、为要得着最大的基督)

不踏实 / 不实际的认定神(神秘、求福、抽象、戒律、人本)=> 借着基督 -> 基督的名字 = 以玛内利 -> 拿撒勒人耶稣身上道成肉身显现 -> 今日一样的道成肉身住在我的生命 -> 今日一样的道成肉身住在每一个圣徒的生命里了 -> 不再追求“非正常、不健康的神秘”乃寻求最正常最健康的 -> 明白道成肉身、死而活、宝座掌权的基督,与这基督同死同 -> 得了基督的身份、关系、目标、内容、心肠、方法 -> 建殿 -> 与主立约(抓住决志应许)-> 明白圣灵的事 -> 随时以心灵(圣灵)和诚实(神的道)-> 与主交通 -> 与主同行 -> 现在、踏实、知天知地、创造性、创新、征服的美意 = 愿袮的天国降临 = 凡事、24时、独特、细密、多方、两三个人、配合、同声祷告 -> 特别在苦难和艰难里,如何踏实地看见和听见神 = 正常、时常、日常(看见、听见神)

⑤ 常常带着怕神或亏欠神的良知 => 借着基督 -> 不是“守了法,所以才能成为神的儿女”-> 因为神的儿女,所以喜爱成全法,也能享受法所带来的一切好处 -> 我并不是为遵守律法而活,我是爱神而活,律法为我存在 -> 当我发现犯罪显多的时候 -> 更是需要基督的宝血 -> 尽快来到赎罪所解决心里一切的控告 -> 与神和睦 -> 带着坦然无惧的心 -> 与神交通 -> 蒙受恩典显大 -> 经过如此蒙恩的过程 -> 爱主的心大大加增 -> 悯、饶恕、包容、期待、等候人的能力也会加增了 -> 继续多次反复后 -> 逐渐发现自己不受法的控告 -> 得着法的保护 -> 越来越得自由 -> 享受能力 = 爱神(快跑到赎罪所、施恩座、喜爱神增多、爱心增多、受律法保护而得能力)

⑥ 因血气用事,常常一瞬间又失控 => 借着基督 -> 基督讲明自己的身体,三天完全拆毁重新建造 -> 建殿(建立生命思想系统)-> 建殿(生活运作系统)-> 明白圣灵的奥秘 -> 每天的定时祷告要成功 -> 行事要靠着圣灵随时的多方祷告 -> 当心灵里感到有些阻挡或攻击的时候,趁着机会集中祷告 -> 得着很快回复“随时靠圣灵”的秘诀 -> 继续反复操炼的过程 -> 发现逐渐得着“靠圣灵的习惯和体质”-> 随时凡事上能享受上好的恩赐、智慧、能力、赏赐 -> 能得众人的喜爱 -> 祝福许多的生命 = 顺着圣灵(死)、靠圣灵(复活)、定时 -> 24 -> 0.1

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