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十诫是福音来的10 Commandments Are The Gospel – Sharing


(分享Sharing 29 July 2010)

Don’t complain to me if I post too much recently. This is my form of concentrated prayers. Resolute -> Pray, as I have to testify God, else the spirit of always learning but not understanding will get into me, and I cannot see Emmanuel in all things 24 hours.

The 10 commandments never get old. It is not by chance that all throughout church history, for 2000 years New Testament time and 4000 years Old Testament time (Adam about 4000 BC, Moses about 1525 BC), total of 3500 years after the 10 commandments were given by God to Moses, that these remained the top list from God for saints to memorize and keep in their hearts.

We must receive the very Spirit of God in the (1) 10 commandments, for Jesus also expanded the 10 commandments in the New Testament (2) Sermon on the Mount <Matthew Chapters 5-7>, (3) Sermon at the Last Supper <John Chapters 14-17>. In these three great sermons in the bible, ALL of God’s perfect will are revealed. These are important because IF I know that I am following these laws, I will know that I am in the blessings of God.

Psalms 26:1-3

1 Vindicate me, O LORD,
for I have led a blameless life;
I have trusted in the LORD
without wavering.

2 Test me, O LORD, and try me,
examine my heart and my mind;

3 for your love is ever before me,
and I walk continually in your truth.

How can David pray like that above? Is it because he was out of sins? In fact, this Psalm 26 was a reflection of Psalm 32! Psalm 32 was a prayer done by David when he was ultra feeling accused in the heart. It is like Psalm 26 is the conclusion psalm of Psalm 32!

The Lord is willing to give us every blessed thing. However, He cannot give because of spiritual reasons. If we die and resurrect, we will then immediately find that the Ten Commandments are the gospel.


I bought this poster and stuck it on my Study Room Wall

Moses (10 commandments)


1) Must not have other gods (demons): demons are invisible spirits ==> Only Jehovah, Only Jesus (Only Child of God)
1) 不可有别神『鬼神』;鬼神是看不到的灵来的 ==> 唯独耶和华、耶稣基督(唯独神的儿女)

This is the first and foremost commandment. Only Jehovah and Only Jesus Christ <Acts 4:12>. Above all is God, Holy Spirit = Christ. And He is in you. The first commandment is holding on to the Child of God identity, relationship, belonging, and method. You are the main character of the era. (Then you will then not have mental problems to compare with people or things or feel shortage.)

2) Must not have idols (flesh) ==> Rely on the Spirit (Rely on the Promise of God)
2) 不可有偶像『肉体』==> 靠圣灵(靠应许)
(拜偶像的(我们现在常常关注的)就是与鬼相交的。This can be seen. What do we often focus on? Worshipping idols is actually communion with the devil. It is idolatry if we call up in Jesus Christ’s name to fulfill our own desires.)

You either rely on the world (get influenced and assimilated into the world, or you rely on the Holy Spirit). Do not rely on the spirit of the worldly culture, but rely on the Spirit. The second you rely on the Spirit, demons and idols will be driven away and God’s kingdom will descend. If it never comes when you try to rely on the Spirit, it means you did not rely on the Spirit. Relying on the Spirit actually means relying on the positive-thinking side of God because that is the way God is moving His whole perfect will for the children of God. There may be problems, but the problems are positively-planned by God because of the gospel that is in you. Therefore, relying on the Spirit means relying on the always-good smiling intentions of God.

3) Do not call the Name of Jehovah in vain ==> Test and Seek the Perfect Will and Heartbeat To Pray (Supplicate and Intercede)
3) 不可妄称耶和华的名 ==> 察验而按神的美意和心肠来祷告(为自己祈求、为人代祷)
(奉耶稣基督的名 = 按照上帝的旨意和心肠为人代祷。In Jesus’ Name = according to God’s will. Using the Name of Jesus Christ is not a chant. Instead, we must receive the heartbeat of God to intercede for others.)

Once you rely on the Holy Spirit, you will then understand that the promise of God brings about all things answers, perfect will, wisdom, and correct compassion. Then you can pray. You cannot pray without knowing the perfect will of God, for the prayer topics won’t be coming from God, and you will not receive answers to prayers. But if the Lord abides in you and you in God, whatever that you wished for, whatever that your state of heart is in, that is the very perfect will of God already, and that is the very thing that will be fulfilled by God. But do we know if we do not pray? It is when we pray (commandment 3) by the Spirit (commandment 2) of the gospel (commandment 1) that we will see fulfillments and answers in our life and living (commandment 4).

4) Must keep the Sabbath ==> Remember the Lifestyle Lord’s Day, 7 Days Morning and Night Love God Love Men To Live
4) 不可不守安息日 ==> 纪念主日,七天早晚保守爱神爱人的关系来过活
(上帝创造的时候,有两个单位给我们(早上、晚上:一天;六天做工、第七天休息:一周)==> 守安息日是为了七日(与神的关系、与人的关系)。主日我们要保守我们的意念。When God creates, there are two units that He has given us (morning, evening: one day; 6-days to do work, seven days rest; one week) ==> we keep the Sabbath for the sake of seven days (relationship with God, relationship with men). The Lord’s Sabbath is that we must preserve our heart intentions.)

The principle of living is firstly to have the Lord’s Day message content in our life. We live not by bread, but by every word that comes from the living God. The Lord’s Day is not just a ritual or ceremony that we have to do every Sunday, but the purpose is for seven days. For each of these seven days, each day being a unit, there is a morning and evening of scheduled prayers and the middle part, to work and labor. During the laboring period, there will be Emmauel evidences. These evidences become our prayer topics, and the prayer topics become the testing and seeking for the perfect will to continue to live. These evidences that are alternated become testimonies. These testimonies can save lives and make disciples. What are the testimonies? They are all found towards men in the 5th to 10th commandments.

1) – 4) are towards God.

1) – 4) 是对神的。

5) Filial towards parents (our roots are from above) ==> 顺从权柄系统(把权柄以上的当作上帝)
5) 孝敬父母(我们的根源是从上头来的) ==> Obey Hierarchical Authority (Serve as if you were serving God)
(神造人是有根的;对父母而不管根才是不孝。Quarreling with our parents is not being unfilial, but ignoring our roots is. God made man to have roots.)

God made man to have roots because of hierarchical authority in all interpersonal relationships. The highest authority in relationships is Christ Himself, as Christ is the cornerstone joining and holding everyone in love together. Knowing the spiritual law, we also know there is Satan. Therefore, we obey the spiritual authority: treat everyone above as God, and take our role with God-driven ego to lead people below us.

6) Do not kill (life) ==> Save Lives
6) 不可杀人(生命)==> 救人

Why obey authority that has been arranged by God? This is because there is blood, and there is life in blood. Relationships are important because there is life in them. This is to pull and save lives out from the spiritual forces of darkness. Resolute to touch lives for everything that you do and live.

7) Do not commit adultery (spouse) ==> Communion of spouses (Spirit, Soul, Body, Coworkers)
7) 不可奸淫(配偶)==> 夫妇要联合(身心灵同工)

(色情作品是灵来的,会抓住人的灵。有时不想想还是会想的。这个思想来的时候,我们要仰望十字架。这个是一个功课来的。Pornography is spiritual, and will grasp hold of man’s spirit. If you do not think about it sometimes, it will also come to you to intrude into your thoughts. When this thought comes, we must look up to the cross. This is a lesson.)

Who is the closest to us? They are the spouse, or the coworkers. They are the ones who understands you most and fight / pray with you alongside even if they belittle you in the process. The ones that you cannot leave, they are the ones that God has willed to share your prayer topics for them to pray for you. You cannot take them aside and scold them till they become naught. They are your life because God has planned it this way. Therefore, LEARN to commune and unite with them totally.

8) Do not steal (properties) ==> Charity (All resources to win over eternal friends)
8) 不可偷窃(财物)==> 周济人(凡事财力来得着永远的朋友)
(可以的话,以灵魂来换取。If possible, exchange everything that you have for souls.)

What do you have? Money, time, family, materials, etc, that can rot on earth? Don’t use them for earthly things, but to win souls, for where you bank in the treasures, there your heart will be. Do you have weaknesses like even mental problems or mental hurdles? That is your uniqueness. Use it as a testimony, get healed, and comfort and win over eternal friends who are the same as you.

These are your brethrens. Use every earthly thing to gain their trust, respect, love and intercessions for yourself.

9) Do not make false testimonies (harm people) ==> Edify people (Inspire, explain, pastor, cultivate, mould the spirit of disciples)
9) 不可作假见证(害人)==> 造就人(启发、开导、牧养、培养、陶冶门徒的灵)
(E.g. Rahab lies when people tried to go after the spies. God is pleased with her. However, we do not lie because of our own desires. Probably Rahab did what she did because she has the conviction of the Holy Spirit.)

Who are the brethrens you can influence the most? They are called Christ’s disciples under you. Edify and train them up to be Christ’s disciples. Mould their spirits by the Spirit’s convictions because they need your prayers to pull them to Christ’s Spirit.

10) Do not greed (selfish) ==> Satisfaction (Not Have Fun to Live, but Live to Have Fun)
10) 不可贪念(自私)==> 知足(不是为了玩而活,乃是为了活而玩)

Don’t train disciples but live to have fun. No one can do everything in the world in their 70 years. Do it the smart way, and this is called Ecclesiastes = having fun. Live to work, don’t work to live. Live to toil, don’t toil to try to make a living. Equip, fight, train, make disciples, shepherd the church as having fun, don’t think that you can live only because things get well.

7 thoughts on “十诫是福音来的10 Commandments Are The Gospel – Sharing

  1. I quote the last few sentences from John Piper from what you shared:

    So I close by putting before you the way of blessing (v. 14) and the way of the curse (v. 10). What sets you under the one or under the other is not so much what you do as the spirit in which you do it. Circumcision may be a “work of law” or an act of love which flows from faith. Subjecting yourself to certain dietary restrictions may be a “work of law” or a free act of love which comes from faith. Sunday School teaching, preaching, anti-abortion sit-ins, nuclear freeze demonstrations, metro-foodshare involvement, your own job–all these may be “works of law” which we do in our strength, to move God’s favor our way, or they may be done in humble reliance on the strength which God freely supplies that in everything he may get the glory. The decision of curse or blessing hangs on how you obey and who gets the credit.

    => the main emphasis is, can we say that “We love the laws of God” and quickly run to God for power from above to fulfill them? Or because of accusations, we shun from the blessings that God’s laws has for us?

    => A question of ponder in everyday life: we are already the most blessed person on earth because Christ has died for us, but we still live on earth. Why? God wants us to receive His full measure of His smiling face, so that we know that He is pleased with us each and every moment presently 24 hours in all things, so that we will receive ever more assurance that He remembers all our reliance on Him in the book of Life -> the Lord tells us to put treasures in heaven every day every part of our life. The gospel is not full if it cannot provide answers for everything and every moment in life.

    => There is a saying that I want to correct “Do your best, and God will do the rest” => it should be said, “Entrust everything to God, power will then come down from heaven, so that we, as His vessels, should do our best”

  2. For your read, you don’t have to post this. The contents are not written by me.

    God Justifies The Ungodly

    Romans 4:5
    5But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness,

    Boldness is what God wants you to have when you come to Him. He does not want you to be afraid to come to Him, feeling unworthy because of your sins. He wants you to come boldly to Him, knowing that the death, burial and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ has justified you and qualified you to boldly receive from Him.

    This was the kind of boldness that the woman with the issue of blood had when she touched Jesus. (Mark 5:25–34) Now, by touching Jesus, she knew that she was breaking a Levitical law which states that anyone with a bodily discharge is unclean, and should not appear in public, let alone touch another person. (Leviticus 15)

    But she refused to feel condemned by the law. She believed what she had heard about Jesus, and was confident that there would only be love and compassion, not condemnation, from Him. She believed that Jesus would justify her and qualify her to receive the miracle she needed. That was why she boldly pressed her way into the crowd to touch Jesus, who indeed said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well.” (Mark 5:34)

    What was it about her faith that made her well? Romans 4:5 talks about faith that believes God justifies the ungodly. When you believe that God justifies the ungodly, it will give you boldness to come to God, even when you feel unclean because you have just blown it.

    When you fail, don’t run away from God. Run boldly to Him, knowing that you are justified by the blood of Christ and not by your good behavior.

    The devil may say to you, “How can you do that? Who do you think you are?” Don’t listen to him. Pick yourself up and thank God for the blood and the gift of no condemnation. (Romans 8:1) If God justifies the ungodly, how much more you, His beloved child!

  3. Well, wordpress just automatically posted once I approved your first comment 🙂

    I would like to share something too:
    In the past, I struggled and relied on “Christ loves me and accepted me because He died on the cross 2000 years ago, and therefore, I am not bounded by the law” in order to receive forgiveness.
    Now, I rely on “seeing Emmanuel evidences of a Christ-loved spirit in me Today, and therefore, I freely receive hope, inheritance and power in fulfilling and loving the law through following God in everyday things” confirming as I go, roads of finding more and more people-in-Christ loving me..

  4. We are no longer bounded by the law. Christ has redeemed us from the law. But it doesn’t mean that we will break the law. But even if we do, there is no more condemnation as Jesus has paid it all. We have equal standing before God because of what Jesus has done. I will not be a better christian if i keep the laws by my self-efforts, but rather, God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit enables us to keep all laws. There’s nothing to boast of in keeping the laws. But there’s everything to boast in the grace of God.

  5. “Christ loves me and accepted me because He died on the cross 2000 years ago, and therefore, I am not bounded by the law” > You don’t have to struggle with this. You just have to accept this by faith. This is the grace of God that no one may boast in their own efforts.
    What you rely now, seeing the evidences then believing, I have no comments. God will continue to shower his favor and love on you. Take care.

  6. Jesus gave a new commandment in “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

    It is no longer about whether we are inside or outside of grace, but grace has made us possible to do everything 24 hours in all things, receiving all the heavenly rewards and gifts from heaven for everything we do.

    We lead meaningful, powerful and non-typical lives because God promised us inheritance on earth. It is only because of this that God kept us on earth, for we are no longer and ever under condemnation any more for everything that we keep on doing, but God rewards us for everything we are presently doing every day in His Name in His new refreshing grace that is new every morning, that always adds crown and rewards for everything we eat, move, rest and even setbacks, being alone, and being less than our peers.

    If we do not understand the gospel so that we can see God working for us, His most highly favored and loved, each and every moment from morning till night, there is something we misunderstood in the most pure gospel that He gave us. This spirit causes one to love His fully-equipped and holistic gospel more and more, to say the least, love the meaning of His grace more and more.

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