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A Sample of “How to Lead Two-to-Three People in Prayers” With foundation – Prayers

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(分享Sharing 1 August 2010)

If I did not forget, this was a sample prayer taught by Rev Leechull at USA church retreat when he led “Overview of the book of John” in year 2005. I translated it and it was lost some time back, but found it back again. I think at that time, it became a very important foundation for me to know how to lead prayers in Worship Service. I suppose it will be good for some of us who are called by God to lead in prayers for Discipleship Training soon in the Singapore Life Church. Enjoy!

Lord, I praise You. Your Divinity and Eternity fills the whole universe. I know Your works never rest. Thank You for giving me such a wonderful life.

Thank You for using Your Word and Your Holy Spirit, which incarnated and came into my life. Thank You, Your works are so wise, so that through the example of Jesus Christ, Your authority and glory has totally been revealed them to me.

Father, I really hope that my lifetime will enjoy Your Emmanuel – the mystery of the glory of being with me. Father, help me, so that I shall look upon with importance the honoured life that you have bestowed upon me. Father, help me and enable to know Your word with more understanding, and especially the mystery of Your Holy Spirit. Father, help me so that I can understand Your Word, so that I can understand the working of the Holy Spirit working on me in my heart. Father, help me, so that I can understand more of the mystery of how the Holy Spirit can use all the conditions and events convicting and touching my spirit and my heart. Father, help me to enable me to understand and discern the things of the Holy Spirit and the things of the flesh.

Father, help me to format and tidy up my hearts and minds, so that I shall throw away all the unclean things, and the Holiness that comes from You and the precious things that belong to the Holy Spirit shall live in my life. Father, help me to enable me so that I shall remove all the rubbish of insubmission, guilt, inferior, stubborn, greedy, hatred, jealousy, etc. Father, help me so that in my spirit and heart, the honour, glory, precious and content of holiness that comes from You shall be rooted and built up, and so that there shall be a shortcut in my heart. Father, preserve the heart and mind that I have formatted up. Father, help me to everyday hear Your voice and understand more conclusively.

Father, I am willing from this day onwards, to use all my life and times to do the things to glorify You, bless people, and build up the Kingdom, for You to instrumentate. Father, I am willing that I will from this day onwards, just like what Jesus Christ did, continue to preserve loving the Father, loving men and loving my own heart vessel. Father, I am willing to, in all things, ask for Your perfect will – may You reveal them to me – so that I can follow You in all things, so that all my very movements and activities can become Your very works. Father, I know that my life is not yet complete – I am willing to continue to learn – may You teach me in all times and all places through the example of Jesus Christ and the mystery of relying on the Holy Spirit. Father, enable me so that my life shall become the blessing in my family; enable me so that my life shall become the strength in my church; enable me so that my life shall be a witness for regional gospelization, Singapore -> SEA -> China gospelization, and world gospelization.

Thank You for listening to my prayers. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen!

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