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Do All Blessed Things In The Name of God’s Will

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(Small Group 5th August 2010)

Must learn to use and acknowledge God’s will as we do.

May God’s grace of His will flow to you all!

1. Why not [do things in the Name of God’s will] as we everyday live?

In the past, we encounter each different event and situation with “there must be God’s plan, reason, perfect will”. Then one day, the message developed with “there must be the perfect will of God for us to do the event/situation so that we must die and resurrect with Christ and let us submit in the leading of the Spirit in it”. The convictions we live must be new and refreshing now: “I use the Name of God’s Will to live through the event/situation”.

1) Acts Missions Guidance: Listen to Holy Spirit and go wherever He leads -> heart 开导opened -> Must assure/confirm even through great sufferings -> Holy Spirit’s convictions not to put off -> pray in all forms -> test and approve perfect will -> preserve hearts and minds Holy Spirit’s filling -> Flow with the Spirit

2) All things will be turned around -> virtuous cycle

All things have Emmanuel -> only spiritual problems -> truth about not in completion yet under God’s great plan of guidance and sanctification process -> therefore, only see God’s mercy, love, anointing, rewards, comforting, thanking, hoping all those around us, from heaven and praise Him only -> definite all things virtuous cycle

3) Such lifestyle -> More tested and proven days of time 经过经得起考验的日子 -> (testing and approving becomes) more foundational -> (testing and approving becomes) more accurate

Will be more clear -> reason of accomplishments, process, relationships -> how called, anoint, guide, serve, paths ahead -> see guidance, protection, help, accomplishments = God-driven 神为 -> God-driven works around me -> judge things more accurate

4) Sufferings more -> if can overcome -> more turning point


2. How to [do things in the Name of God’s will]?

1) Chosen -> Called to get absolute assurance

The most steady and firm reason = called
Seek God -> know gospel vs religion (love and righteousness) -> weakness disobedience have but when see God showing love, power, help, accomplishments we extra joy
= all of these are perfect evidences of our calling.

“My Sister’s Keeper” Movie quote “Once upon a time, I thought I was put on Earth to save my sister. And in the end, I couldn’t do it. I realize now that wasn’t the point. The point was, I had a sister. She was fantastic.”
= we are called to earth not to save lives (emphasis here), but we are called to earth to find our missing brethrens, and to see the point that the hidden disciples are my most fantastic brethrens.

2) Life, conditions, relationships, experiences = places to find perfect details of God’s calling

Roles (church, family, society) -> stewardship -> if find perfect will, submit will be okay

Problem is we only do ourselves -> therefore, only discover God in us -> use Name of God’s will to do shall see all goodness -> do all details of lifestyle (normal, daily, always): eat sleep toilet family work -> train to see big efficiency -> nothing to boast but only will give glory to God already -> sanctification + many Emmanuel evidences
= Some people can only give small thanks for visible and big positive changes; some people can give big thanks for small transformations. The corresponding difference brings the difference in spirit between having Bipolar syndrome (influenced by great happiness at good times, and great discouragements/setbacks at bad times) and Emmanuel Message (not wanting any changes). Not wanting changes, but learning to see great works of God in the midst of [normal, daily, always] not-changed circumstances will heal the person having bi-polar mental problem.

3) Over and over again, need System (life and lifestyle)

(1) Identity, heartbeat, relationships, purpose, content, perspective, method -> same Holy Spirit working
(2) “How to live every day” altar, Sabbath, brethren, meeting, serving -> can live efficiency: serving, power, fruits
=> heaven descend, blessed meetings, develop and expand relationships with travelmates

* Remember: we do not first try to center ourselves on the altar (2) so that we can be blessed in (1), but it is because we have the life of (1) already in us, so that we have no choice but find that we will gain upper grounds so that we center the lifestyle of (2).

Testimony for (2): center on altar message = use the Name of God’s will to go Citimac #03-09 even when the unit is no more -> center on brethrens = meet with Zhihao, meet with Pastor Adam, go with Jieyong to enjoy lunch, go floor-by-floor -> center on serving = find premise ==> God Himself proved and was touched to find us #06-07
= Equipping is not boring, but is actually living and active

4) Must Obey pillar of cloud and fire

Understand perfect will and follow -> Entrust to God as He will take responsibility -> Manage all times, properties, talents -> see 3Jn2
= Word of God is not just oldness of letters -> but Today’s happenings of history (His Story) -> Can see guidance, prophesy
= If we acquired perfect will and followed, we will have a confidence spurring up in our hearts, and this is the joy of the Lord descending on us because we know that we have followed not our own, but on God’s instructions. The peace and joy obtained cannot be compared to anything in the world because they are special (the heart’s pleasure that God is willing to use me).


3. Love God more: God’s will = Reason of the Gospel in all things = Absolute grace and peace

1) Must enjoy absolute goodness (this actually comes from Jesus Christ and Him crucified)

Christ Interceding for us -> Jireh -> prepare MORE absolute perspective -> test and approve more from absolute -> see Holy Spirit’s fruits (comfort, help, anointing) on us -> greater sufferings, greater doors -> one day’s a burden shall suffice = rest, easy, light

= more absolute goodness comes from the cross

2) Two lives we can pray and bless = gospel reason
(1) Those I love, family, siblings -> bless all our lives
(2) 8 beatitudes -> see works of HS -> joy descend on us
= more absolute answers in midst of prayers are found in us interceding for others (spreading the gospel)

3) Preserve (1) Love God, love man, love kingdom, (2) test approve God’s perfect will, (3) submit God’s heart -> in all situations can enjoy “In name of God’s will”

Evidences from all blessed people -> guaranteed when just preserve -> today, no need to change any conditions -> just in conditions submit -> judge think see all transformations -> open up
= more absolute enjoyment comes from evangelism doors opening up

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