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I Know What To Train Now In The New Premise

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(Sharing 1st August 2010, blogged 1st September)

The tasks were just a lot. I got up early, prepared for IBM prayer meeting, rushed to work, replied a few emails, made a prayer meeting altar with Guorong, went on to get quite a few people (HR, finance, and two secretaries, waiting, asking, seeking permissions, thanking) for special approval to be able to fly to Philippines tomorrow, obtained approval and paid for ROS change of business address for church new premise and passed to Guorong for SP Services activation, heard from church contractor that cry room window had some trouble taking out, drove down to old premise immediately, received the Spirit’s conviction that it would work even though all contractors did not believe it can be done, showed the contractor and the Indian how to take out the 10 feet long 12mm thick glass (cry room window), bought my lunch, rushed to Comtech at Alexdandra to get my Corporate American Express Card in order for travel expenses to go through, on-the-way using mobile phone to check progress at Citimac new premise, rushed back to company, immediately called AMEX card hotline to activate my card, try to book my air-tickets but on the phone with people promising to get my air-flight tickets yet did not inform me that the card could not go through, had my lunch in office in 5min at 4pm+, did some more support work, called contractor and scolded them fiercely over the excuses to tell them to wake up their idea as I learnt this immediately from Holy Spirit’s guidance from one of IBM secretary on AMEX, handed over and technically trained my colleague on taking over all Singapore Support as fast as possible, called again and conference call both AMEX travel and AMEX card to ask for special authorization, made arrangements with Manila’s contact for itinerary and pick-up, made arrangements with Jieyong and Zhiming, and at last, I drove down to Citimac at 7+pm as it was too late to refresh myself at home before Discipleship Training, drank coffee to keep all my focus on the DT message, focused back on renovation detalis to pass over to Zhiming, making arrangements to go back to Citimac with contractor in the morning then to airport for the flight, sent people back, went back to old premise and to new premise to place some more things, listening to message in the car as I drove to and fro, and now, I reached home back at 2am+.

Imagine having such a schedule for especially about 2 weeks continuous for all these church renovation works, and I have tested and approved that it is impossible for me to just be my normal self of being “passive”, but I have to quickly think fast and grab God’s perfect will and move on despite getting to know more of myself more and more through weaknesses exposed.

When we have to be quick, we have to be quick. When we need to be fierce, we need be. When we need to calm people down, we calm them down. But this can only be done if we know the Lord’s heart full intention for the gospel.

I saw two mysteries in getting along with people from working with renovation contractors.

1) I saw that there is a mystery of a Chinese contractor scolding his Bangladesh workers “Can’t you be more efficient? Why are you so stupid? I had better employ a Chinese than even you black people!” even as they lifted a four meter by 1 meter whiteboard from 2nd floor to the first by acrobatic skills with only 2 men. People standing beside them felt sorry for the workers. However, the workers are very obedient and they even get the acrobatic skills needed done so well, they are not afraid even of heights.

2) Then I also saw another mystery of another Chinese contractor always taking sides with his Bangladesh workers. The workers kept complaining to the boss that it was unsafe to get the glass window out, that there were only 2 workers, etc. The Chinese contractor kept telling his main contractor (church renovation contractor) that he could not do so, with a lot of twisted facts, just to have safety for his workers. People (me) beside even became fearing for these workers’ safety, but when I pushed them for it, it worked to bring the glass window out. Yet, they complained again of difficulty to bring glass window down one storey to their lorry. Finally, the boss came, say cannot many times, then agreed when I get him to call main contractor, and then managed to transport everything to new premise with 4 workers.

=> There is a voice of the Holy Spirit in the above. Without an assured heart, there can be nothing getting done! Once you get an assured heart, why do you fear to explain yourselves – it is not about defending anymore, but listening to the Holy Spirit.

Through all these tasks, I hear the Lord speaking to me especially in the points below. I know there are reasons why Satan keeps attacking, even though I continue to receive praise and a humble heart from God. It is not about whether I do right or do wrong already, but whether I have the gospel in me to manifest into an Emmanuel child of God. There are cases I vent my frustrations not because I am really frustrated, but I do it with peace understanding God. But there are also cases where I still have frustrations that does not stem out from the methods of prayers with God.

I know already, what to train in the new premise till the end of the year:

1) Never to expect earthly, visible or material changes but

Once you expect prosperity, success or ministry doors, you become in bondage.

2) Seek for my spirit’s transformations / change

The work of the Holy Spirit in my spirit must be seen and progressed – this is the only success of the gospel.

3) In each and every situation, test and approve the Lord’s definite plan/will/reason

There must be definite understanding of the Lord’s voice, so that we walk each step with an assured heart in confirmation, courageously, peacefully, authority from the Lord, so that we know we are walking with God, keeping our spirit in the most sensitivity, so that when things go a bit wrong, our spirit will tell us immediately, and we can learn all humility, repent and be sanctified immediately.

4) Speaking in grace and truth

Words create and destroy. The Word of God says and it is done, from Genesis till Revelations. The words from the children of God bears the words of life and death. With an assured heart, speech is most important, to calm people of their anxiousness and rebuke people of their slumberness, in order to overcome all people to manage gospel work for this era in the knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

5) Aim not to be fed, but to take care of people

Learn never to complain, for if you know the truth, God will place all sorts of people who need your blessings instead of them helping you. People are angels (gospel doors) when they need your help, not when you get their help.

6) According to will of God, pray, acquire, and know how and what God will definitely bless

In all things, 24 hours, there must be the perfect will for a difficult circumstance of a brethren who just haunts you for your blessings. Just go into prayers, face satan, face your own fears, face God to receive answers. There must be an answer for them. Just test it in your heart laboratory.

7) Therefore, ask for the highest anointing

This looks easy and proud, but I find that those who can come to ask for this are the most humble because of the gospel. Recognizing the reason of the fallen era, asking for highest anointing equals asking for more training at the shortest possible time, most unfair encounters in comparison to others, and receiving the most scoldings and hints in training in spiritual battle.


Must grasp the Holy Spirit in all things 24 hours. Do not let Him go once you catch the way of the Holy Spirit.

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