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Inwardly Being Renewed As If A New Day

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(Small Group and Elderly Group 16th and 17th September 2010)

God’s voice is all-present in the world, our workplace and especially through how all the spirits are affected and saying. Yet, if our heart is busy, we will not be able to hear His word. It does not mean that we must become less busy in our lifestyle, for there are just too many cultures and things to explore in the world to pull us into the prince of the air, but we realize what is not being busy in the spirit – which is an upright spirit. Non-christians are in this state, but even Christians do not realize that they just do but never reflect whether their spirit is muddle-headed, not knowing what God is doing, they could never get out from waiting till they receive an assured heart, so that in they are only led into a chaotic, dry and burdensome life especially when they try to serve God, or that they just take things lightly without knowing what the truth actually is. They live in a state that is so very pitiful, that God really hopes that they could enter a state of reflection through quietness, upright to face God and all things happening in their life (spirit), so that they can test and approve through knowing God’s emphasis from time to time, and live with an assured heart seeing God holding hands with them as they walk.

Passage Reading: <2Co 4>

If God and our situations are so real, then we must sit down and re-consider Christ. This is called dying and resurrecting with Christ. This is a “one time first thing” that we need to realize for our whole life, right down to every scheduled prayer.

1. God, above all, has made Christ shine as a light into our spirit

1) An Unforgettable Light = Christ -> carved, stamped and sealed so much that it extends till eternal life

Christ is a great Light that has shone like a Laser, that penetrates and divides thoughts so that we discover His image has imprinted on me. That mindset is so deep that it extends from temporal into eternity and from changing into absoluteness. It is a gulf so great that a child of God won’t forget has happened, so that one crosses from death into eternal life. The sweetness continues daily without fail, and power continues to spring out from darkness into everlasting light.

2) This light willingly branches out into all sorts of answers in our lifestyle

Being able to meet, see and hear God, receiving a heart of peace and joy, brightness on the face, health in the body, strength for expressing, wisdom for managing my own self, bearing fruits through interpersonal relationships, getting eternal inheritance through spouse together, winning souls and producing blessed sons and daughters, understanding the Spirit’s voice in even all materials and wealth, so that I can bless many disciples of Christ and coworkers. All these come from an answer of Christ, and give praise to the answer of Christ.

3) Yet when we receive this great Light, we get in touch with our family, friends, and the world, we see a great discerning and difference of looming culture of chaotic and fierce darkness and bondage

We can discern because the light of Christ is so great so that even if we are reflectors, Christ light shone into our spirits as if we shine the light out from our spirits into the world of darkness. We became an image of Christ as we shine. The struggles and war amidst this experience are sometimes anxious and uneasy, but blessed are those who keep themselves from Satan’s clutches and realize, “Blessed is the man whose sins God never remembers”. In fact, through the darkness that God has allowed, we become God’s very instrument of love that breaks down every stronghold. It is God’s very pleasure to deem him as the very main character of the world.

4) Only that we hold on and preserve for lifetime that only purpose, vision and dream, everything that process and has to be done in our lifestyle will only pull us to restore more of God’s image and make us rely more on His Holy Spirit, accomplishing what He deemed us to do.

2. How to get that great surpassing power to manifest – especially in prayers?

1) Identity = Child of God => the crux of power comes from understanding that the true assurance and effect of the identity of Child of God actually comes from death and ressurection in the gospel (Jesus Christ). There may be two types of people why they can accept that they are the most glorious main characters of the era. One group does it because it challenges their ambitions, but they will become proud and God will deal with them. The other group does it because they have gone through the deepest sins, realizing that they cannot do without God, so that they made a huge realization that their value actually comes from what God is deemed them as – chosen and called as sons of salt and light of the world. Therefore, with humility and might, they become one whom God is pleased and loved, one having the image of Jesus Christ – today’s Jesus Christ, the seed of God, the image of God.

2) Purpose = Four gospelization => the crux of power comes from understanding that it is not “to do” or “to accomplish” four gospelization, but through this process of having this purpose, it refines us to the final purpose of becoming more and more like Jesus Christ. In other words, it is not only that Jesus Christ has wisdom and deeds that surpasses all men, but He has a heart that really loves God and loves men, i.e. He has a spirit of an ocean of love. The true surpassing power comes from the desire to have love as much as if Jesus Christ is here today.

3) Test and approve perfect will => the crux of power comes from the overwhelming and transcending peace we have when we do things with an assured heart, and that it brings the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit along with it. God tells us to test and approve in everything we do because we no longer belong to ourselves, but we are dominated by Him in all things. If we found His perfect will, we will definitely see the evidences of God. However, it is not so much to gain the visible fruits of our labor of testing and seeking, but we gain the overwhelming pleasure of God, i.e. God is pleased with us and wants to use us. This great surpassing power cannot be found in the world.

4) Whole life, 7 days in a week, all things, 24 hours => the crux of power comes from having a one united and correct spirit that continues to preserve the purest state. It is not so much that God wants us to stick to 4 times meeting, centering on the pulpit message, brethrens and serving, but it comes to a realization that if our spirit is the most important element of our life, i.e. it is our true identity of ourself, then it cannot have a split personality. It must be held in greatest honor and protection. One may feel esteemed because of what people say using the words of God, but he may feel hurt when challenged just a little bit. Always learning but never understanding so that he is unable to acknowledge, we know that he has not really understood the spirit of the child of God. This, and so on. Through aiming for all things and 24 hours needing to see and experience the power of Emmanuel, when we see gaps in our life and living, we will see a human finger <Daniel 5> appearing not visibly first, but in our hearts. That is the exact area Satan can accuse, but is also the exact area where the Holy Spirit is refining you. Once refined, you can see an all-surpassing power of evidence happening in your spirit.

3. Though the outward body is failing and dying, inwardly, the spirit is renewed as if a new day has dawned

1) We must focus all the more on the imperishable eternal glory = our spirit, which is our actual being

The eyes of our spirit must look towards the well-being of our spirit. Does it easily, automatically, go into the things of temporary, changing, relative, flesh, worldly at first of our every thought, or does it go into the first thought of eternal praise, assurance, absolute power, heavenly and spirituality? What about our habits of our lifestyle? Do we have one personality?

2) Day by day, our spirits being renewed -> count it, so that you can see evidence building up systematically

Actually we can count our crown. Our crown is not in accomplishments of learning more skills, making truer friends, or leading more people to Christ, for that cannot be counted (in fact, it will backtrack in causing bondage and discouragements). But we can place our hands over our heart after each period and each day, whether our spirits have been crowned with God’s pleasure. From ignorance to knowing the greatness of the gospel, from unborn to being born again, from seeking to realizing I am actually being sought, hungering not for more knowledge alone but hungering for heaven to dawn on me, from finding chasing after the wind to seeking the direction of the wind (perfect will), from unable to mix with brethrens to being able to cowork in gospel and shepherding, from chaos to having a set of 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit, discovering my life actually needs to love God and love people to having a sincere heart of love that is produced, seeing ever more clearly how God has dominated me, Christ has lorded over me to follow Him, what the Holy Spirit is actually performing by my certain actions and the certain hints and convictions I have, through sharing these mysteries and seeking 8 beatitues people, being able to join to more and more people of my own kind together, from shepherding one life to realizing he experienced totally what I experienced before, confirming my blessed honorable life, being all the more willing to be equipped till I am more beautiful like how Christ is so very beautiful, … All these listed are what we experience one at a time, one in a day. If our spirit is being renewed like this process, we know that our hearts are not going to lose our courageous heart, but we have all the more hope even though being pressed down on all sides. In fact, the more we waste our bodies away, the more we know that He is working to refine our very spirit.

3) Only that we continue to preserve “giving thanks, always hoping, always submission, always joyful” lifestyle, we know for sure we are living a full and abundant life

The purpose not to have 9 fruits in our life, but the purpose on HOW TO maintain the 9 fruits in our lifestyle, we shall know the most perfect gospel message that God will place in our contrite spirit of needing the gospel. Once we lose Emmanuel, we know we have something that requires cleansing and repentance because the message in us needs to be tuned closer to the fully-equipped gospel. This is why we continue to do all kinds and all forms of prayer – so that we can have authority, not to fight people off, but to fight off the heart of stone and turn them into hearts of humility, love and assurance = prophet, priest and king.

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