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Facing Giants in the Corporate World


(Gospel Station 05th October 2010)


1. The vulnerability of people with higher positions, deeper meanings and quicker wits

They only want success. They want resolution to problems = They want peace. They struggle to make things work. They have a spirit to want their products to live as long as possible. God gives limited life span to let people know about the only problem and the only answer Jesus Christ. Their spirit is actually sinning and against the gospel work. If we place this evil spirit unknowingly (also wanting to solve the problems quickly because of human reasons of the impact had on customers) in our hearts, we would have failed in our hearts.

2. Conquering the heart to talk to supervisors = Having the five values in your spirit

Face your own enemy in your heart first – do not look down on it. If you only seek for the five values, you will be able to immediately discern the evil spirit and the Holy Spirit’s voice standing by your side.

(Quote from Sunday Message)

(1) The reason for the existence of man’s history is to establish God’s eternal kingdom, exalt everlasting King and gather God’s people. Thus, there is no better reason to live for than this.

(2) Because man’s spirit is where the heavenly kingdom is and also the door for the operation of spiritual realm, so it is more valuable to guard heart and mind than any other activities of the flesh.

(3) Because man’s soul is more valuable than the entire world, so a life’s born-again, his sanctification and serving (to receive crowns) is more important than the entire world.

(4) Because already understood spiritual truths, so to resist the desires of flesh, lust of eyes and boastings of this life that often come near us, is more valuable than receiving the world’s success and enjoyment.

(5) Because believed God’s word (God’s faithfulness and rewards), thus see being persecuted (suffered losses) for righteousness (follow God) as most valuable.

3. Willing to die -> Wishing to die

If we get our perspectives and purpose of life correct, and we know the covenant, we must start to confirm from the values God already places in our lives, even though it does not seem like it first, and let the evidences manifest from the spirit, to the heart, and to your willingness to die. However, the willingness to die is not enough. It must change to wishing for the covenant to be accomplished. (Remember how the Japanese soldiers kamikaze (translation: divine wind) = suicide attacks for their Emperor, believing he is divine. I think they are still a little bit different from the terrorists doing suicide attacks nowadays, for they showed no fear. Their spirit: It is their glory to suffer because their inheritance is there.)

(1) Focus not on tasks but God-driven reasons: Prayerfully seek hidden disciples even in task-oriented pushes / meetings. Hidden 8 beatitudes people are a special breed with specially prepared character. Discern the 8 beatitudes while people manage and speak.

(2) Skills and specialization: There is no rights or wrongs about what you have done, as everyone is learning in this internet era. Yet, since they are your managers, and you treat them as God <Ephesians 6>, self-introspect which areas you have not relied on the gospel to make the difference, repent not by what they say, but by the new life and new living planned for you, and pick up the skills even from the giants that roar at you. They are planned by God. There is no limit at learning. The one who seeks to be humble and learn wins in the corporate world.

(3) Globalization: Once you found people, comfort them. Pray for them. Show them how you rejoice in the Lord. Show them how problems have a solution different from how all others solve it humanly. Problems in their heart will come if they are blessed. The corporate world can easily take their hearts away, so prayerfully check if it is God-given opportunity that cannot be slipped away. Bring people to this gospel station. They will need the message of how to conquer the spirit. This message is greater than anything in the corporate world.

2 thoughts on “Facing Giants in the Corporate World

  1. Nice blog. But the pictures like ghost leh.. so eery..

  2. hehe.. yes, I guess they are really strong men and giants. They can scare us if we did not have the 5 values in our hearts, but if we have, they are chicken-eggs ;P

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