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Passively, All Spirits Are Judged By Your Spirit-Focused Training

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(Small Group 14th October 2010)

Originally: <Ge 1:27, 28> Image of God’s Spirit –> Judge and Subdue all things


Now, all of us know, but cannot; can but use ways that is of own way (humanism, legalism, mysticism, prosperity)
-> only the method of the cross = total acknowledgement, repentance, totally grasp what God says
-> what God says to His children is forever promise
-> perfect will = through format and confirm, surely a perfect way = why we are all here
=> all things external will shape our image = spirit gives rise to shaping this image
==> focus on your spiritual state (spirit)

Ready? What the Lord says, I just do so 主怎么说,我怎么做 okay?

1. Perfect spirit of Jesus Christ

Getting this truth “correct first” is very important.

Not we can’t therefore how can we fix? But we cannot, therefore we fix this truth, to let this Holy Spirit settle down in our spirit:

(1) Father’s sovereign will
(2) Loved son
(3) Set and cut apart
(4) Love laws
(5) Hated evil
(6) Victorious answer
(7) Disciples seeking

We always ask, “How can we hear God’s voice?” Reason is how much your spirit is affected / tuned to either of antichrist’s spirit or Christ’s spirit -> Clearer, i.e. problems -> blessings or problems -> repent? Actually problems -> repent -> blessings

2. Do not lose heart in keeping to zoom into the spirit

Invisible (more important) –> Visible
Do not quickly judge (= judge without the gospel)
But judge the spirits of self and others

Then learn to pray “in between the lines” = God’s perfect will “in between” rights and wrongs
Past messages, Behind the face expressions and events that unfold, Future (this era) -> Test and approve

Seek the voice in the spirit more (experience / confirm)
-> heaven gifts descend
-> spirit receives grace and is tuned
-> assurance (God’s points on my life, bold to His throne)
-> makes judgment
-> act under guidance of Holy Spirit

3. Image projected as a result of the focus in the spirit

1) Humility image -> but it is the humility of the cross, not a hypocritical humility, but
2) Grace and let be -> but it is the grace of the cross, not just any-o-how everything is grace, but
3) Righteous / fairness and evil / scheming -> but it is the righteousness of cross, not hard and inflexible, but
4) Wisdom -> but it is the wisdom of the cross, not having a lot of ideas and suggestions, but
5) Fixed perspective -> ultimately, it is the gospel and gospelization

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