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Judging the spirits

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(Elderly 15th October 2010)

This is a continuation of the small group message on Thursday as I saw that life of getting around with people is an art of projecting the image of Christ in judging them passively, so that the timetable may come to judge them actively. Though I did not get to finish speaking at the Elderly Ministry, I will just post this..

Originally: <Ge 1:1, Ge 1, Ge 1:27, 28> Image of God’s Spirit –> Judge and Subdue all things


Let all things external shape our image through the word of God = spirit gives rise to shaping this image

=> focus on your spiritual state (spirit)

1. Perfect Spirit of Jesus Christ

When tuned more to perfect Spirit of Christ (opposing the antichrist spirit in the world), then we can test and approve.

Therefore, keep focusing on the state of your spirit: learn to get God’s perfect will “in between” rights and wrongs, learn to get perfect voice at the present through past and future.

2. Spirits are judged as people felt the Lord Holy Spirit in our spirit

For focusing / protecting / training / preserving my spirit, my image aligns to and projects gospel and gospelization from my spirit

The gospel image projected from our spirit gospelizes

1) Image of Humility = This is the first and the most complete image that comes out. If you are to comfort a person, this humility image shares the burden with them. If you meet with a person who is angry with you, this image will calm them down as you seek to learn from the Lord Jesus Christ in them, even though they might be wrong -> Not a hypocritical humility, but because I am already loved, already most successful, therefore, God is continually speaking to me, so that I consider and take reference to all things said by people around me. Therefore, can give unlimited love and grace to people, for all blessed people around me are accused and need the grace from Lord Jesus.

2) Image of Grace = always in joy, forgiveness, forget their wrongs, give in -> not放任, but love God’s righteousness, love men’s souls, love eternal kingdom, therefore can let people see a new creational life of the heavenly kingdom gospel, the promise God has given, that comforts, counsels and descends on people

3) Image of God’s Righteousness = dealing with justice / fairness vs dealing with evil/scheming -> not presenting yet another judge, so that praises are given to those due, and rebuke to those who turned away, but it is about presenting that true healing of the spirit, soul, body, lifestyle, interpersonal relationships, family, finance, serving is possible. And this is truly needed, therefore, even if it is grace, righteousness has to be placed in to tell people to humble themselves down, i.e. the promise must become covenant

4) Image of Revelation and Wisdom = giving practical advice that knows heaven and earth -> not about trying to learn or get a lot of great earthly creative ideas and philosophy, or even gifts, anointing or capabilities to love God, but it is a (1) formatted holy temple continually being newly rebuilt in your life, and (2) people can see you rely on the Holy Spirit so that all things can really become blessings whatever you put your touch/hand on. Therefore, two things re-emphasized:

(1) Bible -> Life -> Temple

(2) History -> Living -> Holy Spirit / Mobile Temple

5) Image of God’s Timetable = at the right place, right time, appropriately (light or focused) handle problems -> not about being perfect, but being just what God wants you to be at the right role and time. Without being a beggar, there can be no great testimony when rags turn to riches. Therefore, be meticulous and detailed into the training of God every time, and learn as you do your best in tasks assigned by the Lord.

=> External evidences continue to appear and be remembered by angels and men

6) Image of God’s Blessedness / Virtues = having a beautiful and noble life -> not good-natured, but having the fruits of the Holy Spirit (inner evidences = Emmanuel evidences), presenting that he really has a Holy Spirit manifesting inside of him. The Lord Jesus Christ is his Master that he listens and submits all voices to.

7) Image of God’s Absoluteness = fixed perspectives in things and relationships -> not the gods, but Only One God and One Gospel, for ultimately, it is the gospel and gospelization = format temple of God’s word and rely on the Holy Spirit’s convictions. The faith that is projected is simple and yet deep; the lifestyle that is projected is easy yet impossible to learn (unless one totally destroys his ideology and rebuilds his temple of thoughts). There is only one way to God.

8) Image of Christ a Shepherd = always concerned on souls and their state of their spirits -> not lording or teaching over people, but when you receive wisdom/revelation/blessedness/fruits, another group of people are going to be shamed in the spirit. It is God’s will that their souls turn to God to receive the heavenly rewards, not keep on focusing on earthly things. Therefore, be a father to them. What matters is not success on the outside, but success on giving convictions and making people nearer to realize the heavenly kingdom descending on their hearts, so that relationships and souls are created, built and edified.

9) Image of the Commander of the Lord’s Army = Victory -> not focusing on winning, the standing and the anointing received, but being able to use the blood of Christ to always drive out the accusations and life-destroying elements of the enemy Satan, so that one becomes assured in knowing himself and his timetable, always enjoying eternal victory, hope, thanksgiving, joy, praise, daily receiving eternal crown. Give people the impression of “Jesus Christ and His cross” = “problems -> healing -> receive blessings”. Therefore, true victory is winning the beloved support of true disciples 得真门徒的心

10) Image of God’s Servant = Submission -> not following because of having assurance in “no choice”, and also not just following when there is winning, but tested and approved God’s perfect will to follow = following the Holy Spirit to judge people without any wavering

3. Judging the spirits

1) Do not judge those that should not be judged

The meaning of why the Lord tells us not to judge people, or even ourselves in 1Corinthians.

– Gentiles (for they have already been judged)

– There is a timetable (there is a reason for disbelief or not being able to overcome then)

2) Judge the beatitudes

(1) Hear from God: obey, submit

(2) Hear from people: aptly consider the suggestions/views of people

(3) First have compassion and forgiveness to protect them and then judge them especially when they are ugly and unable

(4) Appropriately renew, admonish and teach by wisdom in carrying out the will of God courageously, for God’s will is to give contriteness, a heart of flesh that listens and submits to God righteousness, yet do not persist, but let the word of God work His way into the dough of yeast for the word of God shall not fall to the ground without accomplishing

(5) After teaching, do by example and serve people (learn to be a server) = learning how people feel, how they receive attacks in the midst of going through what they go through meticulously = intercessions for the unable

(6) Judge things with ease (God is in control, so no matter what kinds of situations, cold or hot soup, tell people how to judge)

(7) Judge men with fixed perspectives = if they have been loved by God, God would love them all the way, yet must understand the spirits and timetable of men deeply, give them serving, yet do not demand too much

3) Diagnose and give answer at their faith level

The problem with men is that there are just too many things to restore and turn over (accused). If they truly know what God is doing -> then for that one matter, they will know they just need to die and resurrect over that one matter -> submission is in fact easy (confirmed through the spirit soul and body)

4) They are now under your intercessions, under your care, under your discipleship training

This also means that whatever happens to them, God will hold you account to it. This is a wonderful “all things work for good” road of born again, sanctification, gaining eternal crown. To those who can survive the tribulations, they will receive the everlasting crown.

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