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In The End Times, We Must First Know How To Live

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(Gospel Station 19th October 2010)

A short message shared in the company. This is a message I received convictions when I went through editing a few Daniel Overview “End Times” notes. (If you notice, I do not create any messages. God gave me the messages through the current “Sunday message”, the current “Discipleship message”, and the convictions that I received through hearing them when I live my life. I write them here because they are the messages given by God. Hope these messages will give those people praying to open up fellowship or gospel stations an idea that it is not really difficult to open one.)

We know God has a plan in everything and we entrust to Him. But if we do not know what this plan is, and what promise He will surely fulfill, is in the midst of fulfilling, then you may just be “fighting air” and accomplishing nothing at all! It is so important to start correctly and do everything in the vision and gospel FIRST. Even the pattern of doing things is so important.


1. Human History is processed for an ultimate purpose

God’s purpose is for the whole history of mankind, from the creation of mankind, is for the ultimate purpose of setting up the New Heavens and Earth Kingdom, Exalting the King Jesus Christ, and Gathering all the people belonging to God. To accomplish this very purpose, He is working swiftly on this “Kingdom, King, People” right now amidst us, in this company.

Along this history of mankind, tribulations will grow even darker and greater, and grace will increase all the more as well. We have to notice what this grace is!


Problems Increase => Jesus Christ has to save (right now)

= Only by God’s power, strength, dominion, choosing, calling, irresistible calling.

(If we accept that problems are going more each day, even in our spirits, how can we ever think that we can choose God? The Christian message of this era has to advance out from the debates of predestination and free will because the end times are really evil, and becoming more and more evil.)

<2Co 4:16> “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.”

Do not wait (because the tribulations are growing darker by the day, and it may grow so large that you may miss more and more of it), but this is the era of grace right now (quickly grasp it). There is no more time to get touch problems, and get angry over people. There is only one way, and this is the method of understanding the Spirit of God so that we can align our life and living with Him to let Him move in His perfect way. Then, things will move right in His way.

To all who received the Spirit of Christ this way, they will be called children of God. Authority will restore in their lives.

Therefore, what is His plan for us? This is found in the covenant He made with His children. This is called four gospelizations. Know and start to seek whether this is the only plan that He has laid for your whole lifetime, for this is the only reason He has made history.

=> Four gospelizations is the conclusion of God that appears in the spirit of the individual blessed believer if he takes the spiritual meaning of “kingdom, king, people” into his spirit.


2. Allow the lifetime: Rely on the Holy Spirit

= Put down our “dying flesh”

Find a mastery (to preserve hearts and minds in this end times) -> (seek for the) perfect answer (which is the pure gospel understanding) to all problems -> Enjoy (enjoyment = all things see the loving gospel of God accomplishing) = covenant

What is the perfect answer that we have all along been talking about? It is not a great exposition of things, but it is itself the simple gospel. Or to put it clearly, the perfect answer that we seek for, for our whole lifetime on earth is the “spiritual understanding that this simple gospel is so vastly different from how I understand it yesterday”! Note: the “vast enormous difference” must be experienced, else this is not the gospel in the spirit.

It is not so much of doing earthly work or gaining earthly network, but gaining crowns in our spirit, because God the Spirit chose to reside in our spirit.

Therefore, we do not work hard just to do charity, but we:


3. Please Him daily

Joy? -> Gain unforgettable Spirit of mastery -> Absolute power

What is our joy? Our joy is the joyful Spirit that returns to fill our very spirits because we see that our struggles to abide in God, submit to God, obey God, follow Him in every step are actually the very workings of God. In fact, He works even when we think He did not work (disbelieve, etc). Therefore, we must KNOW how He is working in us. Yet, this knowing must be “above all”. This knowing is that we gain an unforgettable Spirit of mastery and conclusion in our lives. It is so unforgettable if it is really the Holy Spirit grasping our very hearts. How can we not receive an absolute power in all things by this?

This is why we can smile at problems as a child of God, receive an utterly contrite spirit when we take problems as discipline of God, and give heaven-earth-differentiating thanks to God for not punishing us as He should have, but showing grace because we “know His Spirit is working and has all along been working” in our spirits.

May we please Him daily for the rest of the week in the company.

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