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The Holy Spirit Cannot Forget Us Through The Promise

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(Gospel Station 26th October 2010)

I thought someone in the office could come by and join our gospel station again. However, he could not make it. There is a stress load on the face of many tasks to perform. It is really not by human efforts to even gather in the company for a short time of prayer. In fact, we only took 15minutes, with me also scribbling on the whiteboard, but 15 minutes is also an impossible task if God does not open the way. The message today, therefore, should be suitable even for new believers. Non-believers will feel the Emmanuel message right away, if we continue to aim preparing messages of the gospel, not our own messages (I have learnt and experience that the blessed ones and potential ones would not understand if we came out with our own messages). Of course, what is written below is shared in a simple 15 minutes.


1. God’s Promise -> the Covenant that “the old has gone, the new has come!”

This message was given after I saw the promise of God fulfilling –

When we are still in the process, our joy does not seem complete When I see the fulfillment happening, the joy cannot be contained.

=> Why must we wait? That is not Emmanuel!

The voice of God is saying:

=> Do we have such an unforgettable joy that cannot be limited and capped by anyone in the world? Do we know the gospel’s promise in a way so that even tiredness cannot steal any of that joy away? That peace and joy is above anything that we have experienced previously, so that the bible uses “new creation – the old has gone, the new has come!”, and “the covenant under the rainbow”. Is what I am experiencing the great salvation / deliverance of God from the very accusations of hell, having “crossed over from everlasting death to eternal life”?

If we do not understand God’s promise in the way of “the old has gone, the new has come”, we have not understood His promise. Don’t despair, but keep working to tune your understanding on it!

You may see it far away, but it is actually very near your hearts = it is actually in your spirit. When we grab hold of this promise (four gospelizations), the Holy Spirit know us.

Individual Gospelization

Family Gospelization

Regional Gospelization

World Gospelization

Why do we need to grab hold of the promise / covenant that God has given us first? We grab so that we can confirm that absolute truth becoming what is in our spirit. Then, when the Holy Spirit comes into your spirit in full (filled with the Holy Spirit), He will give life to what is impossible in your flesh, making you become alive!

= <Romans 8:11> And if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit, Who lives in you.

<罗8:11>说, "然而叫耶稣从死里复活者的灵, 若住在你们心里, 那叫基督耶稣从死里复活的, 也必借着住在你们心里的圣灵, 使你们必死的身体又活过来"

In the process, why do we need to keep on sowing in the above way (grab hold of promise to make the Holy Spirit know us), to keep pleasing the Holy Spirit? Because in this way, the Holy Spirit that knows no end will be so pleased so as to give you life springing into everlasting and forever!

= <Galatians 6:8> The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

<加6:8>说, "顺着情欲撒种的, 必从情欲收败坏, 顺着圣灵撒种的, 必从圣灵收永生"

Our lifetime purpose is promised by God to know and receive one thing, and this is our crown: the Seal is the Deposit. The Deposit is the Holy Spirit Himself. If you see the Holy Spirit coming upon and into you, such that you cannot forget and forgo, you know that your inheritance in the promise (four gospelizations) are guaranteed. Who are we to boast, but His glory?!

<Ephesians 1:14> Who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession—to the praise of His glory.

<弗1:14>也说, "这圣灵, 是我们得基业的凭据, 直等到神之民被赎, 使他的荣耀得着称赞"

The Holy Spirit is like a parent who can discern his own child in the midst of thousands performing and acting in the earthly role. When this happens, and during searching for His Own child, the eyes of the Holy Spirit will fly (like a wind) across and upon all the peoples; those having hearts of non-living stones would not catch fire, but those having gentle hearts of living wooden trunks of wood with anointed oil (four gospelizations of God) would in a split second kindle and ignite in a great natural power of fire!



2. God’s Promise -> He is with us = Jesus Christ is Emmanuel!

The life of Christ that is with us!


Spirit of Christ realized


The Holy Spirit will know us!


Accomplishment = Holy Spirit becomes us

Identity 身份


God is actually my “Abba Father”!


Recognize who are the Father’s children to give blessings = Spirit of Sonship and Knowledge will know us


All creation in the world become ours; become the main character of the era

Heartbeat 心肠


Loved “above all” by the Father God


All life things and living events willingly welcomed as the love of God = The Spirit of the Fear of God, Forgiveness and Love will know us


A “man of God” and “shepherd / pastor / priest” to love God and love men

Purpose 目标

When we grab hold of this “Emmanuel” promise of God
= dying to the life of ours (life before born again)
-> restoring the life of Christ (life of being born again)
=> restoring the Spirit of Christ

All past, present and future have a far greater direction / vision


One simple but great Vision will come seeing our perspectives/eyes = The Spirit of Purpose and Guidance will know us


True healing (past), Hope of great expectations (future), Ever-flowing Thanks (present) = the freedom in fixing perspectives just on wanting to learn the unlimited mystery of prayers

Content 内容


All things have an essence of wisdom = absolute answer


Wisdom and meticulous details that calls at the crossroads will reach our ears = The Holy Spirit of Understanding (the love of laws), Wisdom and Revelation will know us


Hear voice and instructions of the Holy Spirit in us

Virtues 美德


Beautiful yet set apart life of Christ = the life in the Cross of Jesus Christ


Entrust His ministry and His sheep to us = The Holy Spirit of Counsel and Power will know us


Can see God delighting in us, we delighting in God; Can trust and have great expectations on people who failed, and people trust, delight and love us

Method 方法


God-driven, God must and will definitely open the way


Light and Easy life and living <Mt 11:28> always knocks on our door = The Holy Spirit of Rest will choose to stay forever on the shoot coming up from the stump / remnant of Jesse <Is 11:1-2>


Fruits / Accomplishments that discovers that there is a great difference in Christ


3. God’s Method

Therefore, the method to live this very week is “from God”. (The following is a quick summary of the key-points of the Sunday message):

1) First: authority restoration

2) New life and new living (the form of a “new creational”)

3) All for the sake of knowing how the Holy Spirit knows us

4) Compassion and love grows

5) We know people not by their outside appearance or deeds, but by their spirit of being loved by God and their spirit of loving God in their inner spirits

6) Needing Travel-mates

7) The ever-compelling love of God motivates and leads us!

After discipleship training on Tuesday, there is an urge in my heart. Previously, I learn prayers because I have no choice and want to get rid of bondages, problems and tiredness. Now, God is showing to me: it is not to try to get or try to purpose on “authority” over “learning prayers”, but “learning prayers” is the focus and endpoint! This is why we learn prayers through first seeking to see Emmanuel evidences (points 1-7 in the above order), for the mystery of prayers is just too unlimited. Some people think that they have learnt the mystery of prayers only 10% of God’s standard. But if one has really learnt the mystery of prayers, he will see that he has learnt only 0.01% — there is just too much to learn!

Who of this era can pray, see the hand of God, and preach the living Word (Spirit) of God? He is the one who learnt the unlimited realms of prayers!


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