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iPhone Wifi Fix Works!


God is gracious. In the time I needed rest most, God gave me some recreation activities, i.e. repairing iPhone/iPod touch. I probably have opened up devices a lot of times, and the list includes computers, laptops, iPhone 2G, 3G, and 3GS. My manager’s iPod touch is here in the photo too, but I just noticed I pricked the phone so much that the flex cable was cut..

My wifi did not work for over a year. It came back after I placed my iPhone 3G PCB board in my <$100 oven bought from Giant for 8 minutes to reflow the solder.

Recently, I got my wife an iPad to make her happy. (She said it seemed to belong to me more.) I also got a Kindle from USA US$139 to do more reading. People will see I have quite a number of gadgets, but I don’t go for them much actually. It just came to me. If people do not know me, they won’t know this is God’s work but know me as one who chase after these. As a computer engineer, God seemed to push me to at least know what is the technology now, even though I tried to be very laid back and tried to slow myself down. One of the things: facebook – I never posted much in it or cared much about it at all – it just took too much time away.

In any case, though I really wish to be a “monk” to stay in the house of the Lord forever, there is a voice of God to stay in the house of the Lord forever “in Spirit”, 24 hours and in all things.

PS: the “no wifi” came back again. Looks like God just wants me to be simple =)



2 thoughts on “iPhone Wifi Fix Works!

  1. I wish you lived closer to me…so that I can turn to you whenever I need my tech stuff fixed! hee hee.

    Liwen got an ipad!!! Whoa! SOO lucky! I’ve been lusting over those for ages. I even made up a song about it. No lie.

  2. A song?! What song? Can shared? Heehee…

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