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Thinking about blog changes because of a vision that never dies


You know what thrills me even when God made me tired, discouraged, negative, etc? Thie promise of inheritance through the Emmanuel message I have been equipping about especially for China! Even when I am so wrong, this vision gives me enough strength to die more and resurrect more, ever!

God seems to have voices for me on blogs.

1) I have no time to make my blog wonderful and pleasing to people. Like what this blog name says, it is meant to be a place to throw all drafts in. But with vision as a gospel person, this is not very right..
2) thus, this blog is not reaching as many people as it intended to.
3) placing blogs without convictions from heaven and sea to my deepest depths are definitely not going to make places go

Therefore, I’m praying for:
1) moving to a Chinese blog
2) writing shorter than ever – keeping most elaborated contents in my heart, but bringing the deepest yet simplest and shortest way to let people understand about the blog
3) my Chinese language still is lousy – how do i know? When i pick up a chinese bible or the outline from america or chinese blogs to read a passage, i take 2-3 times more time than people to understand it.


2 thoughts on “Thinking about blog changes because of a vision that never dies

  1. NO!!!!!! NOOOO!!! Why chinese?!!! Booo! I’m going to have a hard time reading 😦

  2. I think I’ll still keep this, but as a place to throw my drafts in..

    Have you thought about this:
    Many young people are becoming Americanized. (There was a recent Youth Olympics in Singapore. They have the same mindset and culture.) However, many young mainland Chinese still do not know English very well.

    Plus, I think I can’t really connect to young people ;P

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