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Concentration Prayers

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These are the vision and thoughts before I go Europe trip. I pray that Tuesday message will leave lasting impression for 2 weeks. God may have another vision for me in this trip as I await in anticipation before Tuesday midnight flight.

Part 3: 6 Dec 2010

I got to know more and more that there is no such thing like a formula that works for everything, but there is an anointing that comes to a person so that he will be ahead of everyone by a few steps, thereby making all people thinking that he is really a man of God. And what is that anointing? It does not come only from above from God, but it comes from the contrite willing spirit to continue to die and resurrect repeatedly. Recently, I thought to myself, what is the very one word that could bring out the crux of our Emmanuel message? Is it:

Emmanuel? – all things 24 hours

Promise? – Promise in “child of God” means heartbeat/ relationship/ belonging/ purpose/ authority

Blood covenant? – start with Christ and covenant of 4 gospelizations

Meeting God, Converse, Walk with God – all things 24 hours also in prayers (our message emphasizes so much on prayers too)

Thinking all these, I then realize that it is not any other, but the very one word that could bring out what we have been dying and resurrecting to is just

* Jesus Christ (In Him is the true essence of the seed of God, the ambassador of God, the blood covenant, the promise given, meeting God, the lively conversation, the walking with God. In Him, there are all things right.)

I just do not know how to express this, but it is very overwhelming for what I discovered and bewildered in fact. I have been equipping and equipping, and it always bring me back to Jesus Christ. There are some who knows Jesus Christ differently, but that is because they made it up as their own gospel. Did Jesus Christ mean anything with mysticism, legalism, humanism, prosperity? His understanding and perspective of God is totally steps ahead of all peers and all chronicles and histories of churches. His image was just PERFECT! His Holy Spirit is just PERFECT!

There are three more things left for me to pray about with the perspective of “Jesus Christ” as the root to all blessings, solution to all?

1. Lifetime -> God has put away full-time all these while, in fact, it became further and further away from me (there are some external evidences actually). Yet, my heart still reveres and centers around full-time pastoring work. You can ask me to think it best to be a part-time secular + church worker, but I cannot find anything superior in the convictions given by God. What I mean is that I only have the evidence of admiration in my heart. It is not about being a leader, but it is about being “in”, equipping, anointing, etc in it. Yet, because of the problem of the era, I have to pray like Joseph and Daniel. Yet everything I put myself down and really want to make covenant with God to be a secular job figure like Rockefeller, my heart just cannot continue to pray anymore, because the convictions within me about Restoring the Systematic Holy Spirit, about Pastoring work, about Missions, just overwhelms me. I just wonder if I can get anything out of this. It may be that I have laid my hands too many in sins so that I cannot build the temple, just like David when he killed too many people so he cannot build the temple but has to leave it to his son Solomon to build it.

2. How to make believing -> works?

There are three things that put the majority of people off when they come to our church, but these are the three things that will make the cream of the crop stay in our church.

1) Die and resurrect in everything, even in your relationships with your closest: In this era where divorce, adultery, unfaithfulness, children’s problem rates are abound not because of willingness but because of bondage, this message cuts people up again and again. Yet I find that people who are in this – just cannot come out of the vicious cycle of problems after problems – will stay.

2) Four times meetings in one week: this era is a busy era. Overtime, lean and efficiency, productivity and competition always come into play to make them become challengers of this era, becoming mentally disabled people, either weakened in the hospital or always fighting and struggling to make their point, just because they want to solve inferiority. Asking for time centered on church is near impossible for most people. I find people who have found they need to solve their “only problem” will stay.

3) Four gospelization only purpose and inheritance: this era is about practicality and packaged appearance. Kingdom purpose is way out for people, and more so if we emphasize on not to be typical and get assimilated into the culture of the world, especially in compromising and even advocating insurance, addiction, gambling, internet culture, socializing, pornography, smoking, letting loose, speaking up, no authority and respect for elderlies (the order not sorted here), etc. I find people who found the “only answer Jesus Christ” will stay.

Having said the above, I need to clear some “actions” not done in my life. To find the system that has made me unable. Must receive the holistic healing.

3. Joining relationships together

Elderly people are a strength for the church, young people are a joy to the church, middle-aged hardworking guys are mandatory to the church, and all places all over the world require joining together. This is still in my heart as my parents come, and my wife comes into my life more and more. Have to pray for unity in spirit and in all things concrete in this society.

Part 2: 1 Dec 2010

There is just something that God has hidden all these years even till now so that my nature and habits do not overcome to really stand as an Emmanuel person that really gives thanks and praise. It is just different and I can feel it even though I am made not to express. There are people who keep on searching until they can smile, but there is another type of people who start with always smiling with Jesus’ reason to tell all parts of their body to really smile. These people cannot be judged by any spirits that is in the world.

1. Grace: never let grace be limited, must use all bible, universe, the world, history, empires, spirits, compassion, flesh, lifestyle, relationships, intimacy, social, economies, universal and local church, and all creation to reach into my Most Holy Place. The things I cannot do, are just because grace has not descended in the form of Jesus Christ into my inner heart

2. Works: never to let heart go into numb state in things that I cannot do right now, then train till I have a blessed schedule. I discovered an evil spirit that I became subtly unaware all these while, and this is that I just want to do things my way and immediately do things without seeking for the perfect will of God. It has become numb in me over the years as I just “do it myself” when I could not test and approve the perfect will of God. My method of entrusting to the Lord became insensitive and just do things myself.

3. Fragrance: Fear in touching people’s lives, in rejection. Compassion for blessed souls that can change hundred times over is the key, becoming “busybodies” of loving, learn communion from transmission and reception of willing people

4. Lagging: Deep evil root of being slow to respond to God to thus rejoice in craze over the gospel

5. Idols: Focus away from inefficiencies so that I can focus on the fully-equipped gospel message, disciples and travelmates

6. Covenant: Gospel Station focus – there are a lot of “in and outs” for the gospel station. There must be God’s reason. “Lord, show it to me, if You want me to change anything.” There are many pastors who know not the heartbeat of God, but there is not even one Joseph / Daniel / Rockefeller in this era

7. Bible: Overview and commentary training and equipping

8. Training: Continual oceanic and detailed perfect will seeking in knowledge, in wisdom, and in speech, in words, in expressing, in relating, in relevance = do not preach!

9. State: Relay prayers, mystery of forgiveness for coworkers, love for new friends, Penang in my heart

10. Discipleship: Small group and elderly group members: each one really needs breakthrough, not through slowing down God’s word, but through breakthrough in God’s Word and Spirit

11. Family: Parents’ coming to church, integration, cannot preach, practical example to all nations

12. The Unreached: in the form of Jianwei and men of China

Part 1: 18 Nov 2010

I need to pray along this lines: in each n every thing I say or do, to rediscover the reason of the gospel (this then is the perfect will of God), then I will be able to convince all blessed people, and I can then have esteem and confidence not from myself, but from God.

1. my own equipping in LC’s video -> must get the pattern that breaks through the cross each time -> so that I can just delight in just happiness in being blessed in God -> equipping must be much more than LC/ZS because the era of darkness has increased more for their era, plus I am in a secular job

2. the highest church ministry God has called me to for lifetime

3. to seek for God’s highest calling for the temporary secular job that God has wanted me to specialize in – in this area, I really need to pray because there are no people for me to model after except Christ before He turned 30 and others like Rockefeller

4. see God’s perfect role of LCM with HQ life church in WDC and other life churches in the world

5. how to best support the pulpit (Zhishan) and video ministry (Liwen) of LCM in the most perfect will

6. connect with deacons and upcoming LCM youths and "command" them (equals praying for / blessing them)

7. Serve IBM as if I am serving God with my whole life -> must get covenanted only touch lives perspective to live first -> fulfill punctuality (punctual 9am, go off 6:30pm, but never more) as God’s voice -> full discipline in tidiness of lifestyle (eat, work, sleep)

8. attitude towards wife and coworking -> mustn’t be commanding but loving/encouraging yet have authority -> need to pray for a model so that I can run towards it

9. must hear God’s voice to have a baby (cannot just take other people’s push for it, but discover the need of this era to have a baby, since it is so difficult to get a baby for us)

10. the group of people that God has handed over to me -> so I am going to intercede in great hope for

11. writing blogs and reading blogs of other people

12. ebook reading for increase of world knowledge

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