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Things to Repent

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(Gospel Station 7th December 2010)

1. Three things to repent

1) There are all sorts of problems in our lives, but we just take it too lightly not finding Christ in it, as we can still handle them. That is why when other people met with the same problem, we cannot help others, as we did not handle the problems in our spirit.

2) We saw that all our problems are “only one problem” but we do not deal with it => all sins, because it is <Ge 3><Ro3:10,23> problem, need to go through repentance of godly sorrow, so that there can be born again, sanctification and crown

3) We see that there is “only one answer” but don’t bet our life on it => only the child of God can take discipline not lightly, but through it, they can fear God, “I better turn myself around because God my Father is really alive!”

2. Repent the system: the gospel in you is not the full gospel

Repent till

1) See Walk with God = see all past till present all are for Christ purpose

2) Till reconciled = I decide to do it = till hear praise from God = what u did you see it is all through belief that is produced

3) Till you can fight spiritual battle daily = Till you are not afraid of sinning again because you are always reviewing your life daily

3. Intercession

Expect (in the following order. From my experience, if we do in love, the ones that require the most of our hearts and prayers are actually in the reverse order, i.e. from the least to the most)

1) People who see that they have no problems or that they can handle their own problems = do in love <1Co 13>

2) People needing practical help = do by much prayers

3) People in deep sins (hard to receive counseling) = do by <Mt 18:15-17>

4) People in rebellion = do by <1Jn 5:16>

5) Coworkers who need the least of being despised but need constant encouragements

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