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Satan’s Deception in Commonality vs God’s Pure Heart

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Satan’s Deception in Commonality vs God’s Pure Heart

(Sharing 2nd February 2011)

Satan’s crafty plot (deception) is to use “compromising with the world” (lust of eyes, lust of flesh and boast of the world) by justifying “commonality”. From http://www.colorado.edu/conflict/peace/treatment/commony.htm, the basis of “commonality” is to “transform conflicts into peace”. Imagine having no conflicts of the gospel with the world, for how many would be enticed to do this easily? We cannot be at peace with the world because the ways of the world never work for whom God has chosen to belong to Him, yet we also cannot be segregated with the world. How else can we live in this world?


1. The world is so real

When we are attacked by Satan, our hearts become oppressed. When there are a lot of things to fulfill, e.g. work scope and studies at the same time, our hearts become stressful. When we still cannot accept another brethren because they have some things we do not have, our hearts become sour. When we see a peer having success, our hearts become jealous. When someone list down our responsibilities, we reluctantly face him in fake smiles. When we need to do dirty work but not others, our hearts felt being made use of. When we like someone we are not supposed to, our hearts struggled. When we like something but cannot get them, our hearts become sorrowful and greedy. When we hope we can do many things at once yet find our limitations, we are disappointed in our hearts. When we do not want to feel lazy but we cannot find strength to work hard repeatedly over time, our hearts begin to define who we are. When we want to fulfill the law but find weakness in doing so, our hearts show signs of withdrawal and make excuses. When we love but people do not return favor, our hearts are rejected. When we put in so much effort but are not recognized, our hearts just want to forget and forgo everything we hope for. When we see Satan trying to take our precious ones away, our hearts become frustrated. When we long for something too beautiful to come into our lives, we dream only in our hearts and go into a world of fakeness. When we explain so much but people do not understand, our hearts doubt our capability. When we lead and people do not respect, our hearts felt grieve. When we turn back and hold on to the positiveness of God, there is fear in our hearts it may not come to us at all. When we have expectations towards someone we love, our hearts keep hoping to see it satisfied. When we are wealthy, our hearts feel safe. When we are poor, our hearts feel anxiousness. When people do injustice to us, our hearts wanted to hate. When we are faced with illness, our hearts worship health. When we sin repeatedly but find no strength to repent again, our hearts lose faith. When we want to be together with people but find disappointment, our hearts criticize and think we are different from all others. Etc Etc Etc.

Do we still want to be led in the nose by the world? Your sensitivity means you will continually change if your hearts are affected, and you will continue to complain, be inferior and/or withdraw.


2. Know Our Enemies

The secret is in knowing how to preserve our hearts and minds. But we have to know the enemies that subtly infiltrate so that we humble ourselves to confess that we cannot preserve our hearts and minds by our own strength.

<Proverbs 6:16-19> tells very straight-forwardly the things to immediately detect and flee from in our hearts.

16 There are six things the LORD hates,

seven that are detestable to him:

17 haughty eyes,

a lying tongue,

hands that shed innocent blood,

18 a heart that devises wicked schemes,

feet that are quick to rush into evil,

19 a false witness who pours out lies

and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

1) Haughty eyes do not know every good thing comes from God.

Therefore, the eyes will look proud when it has gained something they wanted so much for themselves.

2) A lying tongue does not know God’s guidance.

It thinks of skipping inconvenience, not knowing that in every tough situation, there is God’s guidance for the child of God to learn the gospel.

3) Hands that shed innocent blood do not know I am the source of all blessings.

It turns away from interceding for people who do not know the gospel, all because they always think they are not sufficient in giving people answers, but actually the mercy in them is not great enough to weep for those who really need the gospel. The moment we think we are not enough is the very hinge we lose heart that all things revolves around the main character of God and we have the very best set of conditions to save people at that moment. It is not when we gained a certain level of faith that we can have mercy for people, but those who truly believe and follow the promise of God as the main character of the era will have things to proclaim and say to save people out of darkness.

4) A heart that devises wicked schemes does not know the joy of following what God says.

Plans, wiles and schemes are external. When the heart sees others better than itself, compares with others, greed after the conditions that others have, become jealous of others, fearful that they become stronger and more successfully than the heart can take it, it will try as much as possible to use external influence and devise plans to bring the downfall of the peers so that the heart can take it. Yet, all these come from not knowing that God created and blessed every person equally; He gives different roles and conditions to people because He made people unique. Yet, what can make a person special is not his appearance or skills, but very humility and enjoyment in the inner hearts knowing that God loves him uniquely so that he is willing to love God and enjoy his unique sweet loving conversation with God in his Most Holy Place. <Mt 12:35> “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him.” The root of the reason is not being joyful in just doing what God says.

5) Feet that are quick to rush into evil do not know God works swifter in His timetable.

The expressions, speech and actions are anxious in trying to fix things right as quickly as possible because they do not know it is faster for God to work than man. Evil is defined as not knowing the will of God. Everything that is not done in the will of God cannot please God and nothing righteous can be credited. When we want to become our own god to take charge of the situations rather than hear what God has to say first, we become “flesh and blood” like animals or Barbarians, only trying to fix things in our own way.

6) A false witness who pours out lies does not know the filling of the Holy Spirit.

Anyone will become a false witness in a moment, once he is not filled with the Holy Spirit. <Acts 1:8> “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” A false witness is one who does not know his own role as planned by God, and anything that he says not abiding to his role God has planned is a direct opposite of the calling of his own role, deceiving himself and deceiving people God has put around him. Be it a son, an office employee, a church deacon, a husband, a wife, a father, or a supervisor, a brother, or a sister, that role is arranged by God as God’s calling to be witnesses of the gospel. We are all arranged into different roles because that in that role. We realize we cannot see and hear God unless we center our lives on the altar. At that time, we understand we need the prayers of coming together centering our lives with brethrens. Gradually, we realize that even though we are in the difficult world, we have not perished yet because God wants to use us as His instruments of peace for evangelism.

7) A person who stirs up conflict in the community does not know God is Alpha and the Omega; He still works out of the box, so we must still continue to progress in learning Emmanuel.

The person who can continue to pacify people here, and pull people there into his own advantage likens a politician needing more votes. When this has gone into a “person”, that person already becomes a child of Satan, enticing everyone for his own gains, yet continue to believe that he is doing correctly. Just like Satan, God made It the most beautiful, but It thinks that God is unfair, does not want to submit, but want to rise above God, for It thinks it is correct. Therefore, It is banished into the air in between the earth and the heavens. There, God allowed the weeds to be with It in using Its tail to place conflicts, humanistic values, virtues of a nice man, insurance, health care, moral ethics (filial to parents), hard work, good works, philosophy, encouraged the motives and religions of man, going for convenience, all these as an angel of light, so that It can just bypass the principle of life, that man can live because God is with him. It justifies using deceitful craft thinking It is for righteous usage because It sees itself as an angel of light to help mankind against God. Yet, the very fallen spirit in the “person” does not know that God is in charge and is living and active. He is the Alpha and Omega. It does not know that God does not want to remove It along with all the weeds because It is for the gospel’s advantage so that the blessed will clearly see evidence that God is in charge by destroying them into the burning lake of sulfur at the ends of time.


3. Tearing Down The Channels of The Enemies

There is only one way to tear down everything that the enemy has subtly infiltrated into us and relive everything, and this is through Christ’s mystery. When we get to know Christ’s mystery, and rebuild everything right from the start, we will realize that there are a lot of perspectives we have believed wrongly. It is not because of the Enemies’ strong power, and also not because we do not know God is the Creator, Alpha and the Omega for us. It is actually because we do not truly believe and accept everything into our hearts to join the hearts of God as one with ourselves. We have to confirm into our very hearts, so that our hearts become the very heart of God, and the very heart of God moves all convictions in our hearts.

To say in other words, if a person only knows he should know God correctly, he would only have strength to realize there is an enemy. There is a shock in his life, but there is no methods set up to fight the enemy. It is not only not easy to fight, but it is totally impossible to fight the enemy and be able to do what God says. Unless we are healed and joined together with God, and be married heart-to-heart with God, we will not actually curse and leave the enemy no mercy with no compromise, and totally hold on to the promise of God by our whole life.

1) Incarnation: We are born not as one who looked similar to everyone in the world, but are actually chosen to be made in His image, called to a promised purpose, loved unconditionally and blessed in and out to bless.

2) Death and Resurrection: The world will nail us to the cross, but we only face God to seek out the living God’s manifestation (Emmanuel answers/evidence) to die and resurrect, i.e. going inside our heart, crying out to God for help, touching God as His child, discerning the truth behind the fake, seeing the wiles of Satan in the clearest light, asking and acknowledging in the heart that God is punishing wicked traitors, praying that they will not totally perish in one go but God’s plan be revealed so that a visible lesson can appear to advice the hearts of the righteous, a reminder be formed so it will be known and formed to the ends of our heart (restore into our conscience) that God rules Jacob, see a continuous need to be a little more excited than a monotonous/dull heart because enemies wander and howl for tainting the hearts of those whom God loves, and therefore continually desire to stay in God’s Most Holy Place in the center of our heart, singing and praising His love as a fortress to us.

3) Throne Dominion: The world hated us because it no longer can control us. But when we have overcome the world by submitting and flowing with the Holy Spirit, the world will acknowledge and seek our advice. The blind, deaf and lame will be drawn to our ideology and return to God their Father.

Christ appeared as a demonstration to show us the root and foundation of all our messages (the foundation of the church). We begin to start healing when we understand Christ, and we begin to see how heaven and hell of an importance it is to preserve our hearts and minds with all our strength, might and soul.


4. Preserving our hearts and minds

The point of knowing and tearing down our enemy totally to the core is to gospelize our hearts and minds, so that we can have joy, love and find reason to give thanks always. Preserving our hearts and minds, singing praises to God, we will therefore be in the pure heart of God always.

(1) Every best thing comes from God to His children

We remain in inferiority because we seek for the wrong values in life, e.g. finance, security, gadgets, bags, cars. If we do not get it, we become inferior. If we get them, we become proud and think that we can manage our own lives. Believe that your conditions are already given by God to you as the best, and if you really see that, will you continue to be lukewarm? Give glory to God.

(2) There is God’s guidance in goodness and difficulties

The reason why you think it is tough for your lives is because you do not know what truths God has promised you with all His life. You keep looking not to God but kept focusing elsewhere (if there is some easier ways out of your difficulties). You do not find perseverance because your heart does not stay with the Almighty but kept looking at conditions that can change. Changeable conditions are just the right channels Satan can give hints through, for he can only work in your conditions. (Though the conditions are given by God, when you keep thinking if the conditions can change for the better to suit your situation more, the conditions become one without foundation with God and they hang into the air, and the prince of the air comes to take control.) God will rebate you if you suffer injustice when your heart is transformed into believing Him with a pure heart. A person can be of good courage and not be afraid of failing his exams, not because he is noble and has great faith, but because he believes God will save him, and even if not, he is prepared to even die even if God does not save. <Daniel 3:16-18>

(3) Confirm that I am the source of all blessings

You cannot have no answers in your life to bless someone. All blessings come from the heart. Answers do not come from a wishy-washy thought. Even when I write my blogs, I use countless hours thinking of the people that it would reach. If we have to bless someone, we have to get rid of thoughts that we are not enough, and grasp that God ha given you enough answers, and God is centering on you at that time. Ask questions if you need, and do not be afraid of being a busy-body. If there is something he/she does not understand, do not feel rejected, but that is the very level of faith God has given him/her at the moment. That feedback is just what God wants you to know so that you can align your messages to give more relevant to him/her. There is a need to go through being Holy Spirit filled in sincere love and care for the person’s soul. It is not by principles that we can give answers, but it is by life that we can touch a person’s heart. If we still do not have answers after intercession, go back and intercede for the person God has shown you to. If you still do not have answers, go ask the pastors and small group leaders. If you still do not have answers at the end, entrust to God, for God definitely has a perfect will for not giving the answer then because you are still the one to bless all nations.

(4) Find satisfaction and joy in carrying out God’s perfect will

We do not feel joy when we hear the word of God sometimes because we treat God’s word as something external, not close to our hearts. The intention of God’s word is to change every of our lifestyle, not completing commandments, but restoring walking with Him 24 hours and in all things. What God says is just perfect easy for you, yet because God is perfect, try to go the extra mile. The crux is in finding full joy because you know it is God’s perfect will that you are submitting and following to. Evidences do not come first, but if we enjoy walking with God, why would God stop evidences from arriving?

(5) God works swifter in His timetable, therefore, seek out His God-driven ways and voice in all things

There is a procedure for everything, even the methods of managing our spouse, children and those under us. Sometimes, they disappoint us, but they can disappoint us because we expect them to behave in a certain way we think is better and faster. Do not provoke them if they do not listen to your expectations. They become bitter and do not submit/love us because we want a quick fix. The first thing is to be blessed yourself. There is a need for a high priest in the family and you have to be an example first to be different, to quiet down before the Lord in prayers to get a transformation of the heart. The second thing is to find out who will be blessed first in the family or office, and intercede especially for him/her. Seek for God-given opportunities, not to interrupt at any chance. God’s ways are of the heart, so speak the heart, not what to do. For example, if there is guilt, the reason of no forgiveness is because you (the heart) cannot let go of the sin your conscience knows, let God heal you and go into repentance. If you are easily swayed by people’s words, the reason of no fixed perspective is because you (the heart) have valued things above God and have not treasured God. If there is hatred, the reason of becoming sour is because you (the heart) have not really broken up with the brethren so that you can join and remarry with God (then true love can come to brethrens, not when you can love). If there is stress, the reason of not having wisdom to manage things is because you (the heart) have become a slave to the many things to be done. If there is not enough faith, the reason of not building on the gospel is because you (the heart) have no interest in God. If there is feeling of injustice, the reason of not going to God in prayers is because you (the heart) have not seen receiving crown as God’s greatest reward. The most relevant and wise words come out when the heart goes through what God has all said to you all these while, and in a flash, rely on the Holy Spirit to speak not on actions, but directly yet protecting the heart, motives, and intentions of man.

(6) Be filled with the Holy Spirit and receive power to be witnesses in every role and place

The reason why we dislike our role and the bad past we go through does not go away because we can become in better roles and positions. We are healed when nothing external has changed, but we realized that everything has changed inside of us. Our past, background and conditions tore us down, but now, they are instruments of God – God wants to use us, but not because we have become better, but because we are now in a position to understand the struggles in darkness and explain the gospel better than even a pastor. (If we only think we have become better but have not found the answer of the fully-equipped gospel for our past, for all things happen to exalt Christ, a pastor is better at freeing people.) When we deny our old self and root ourselves to join to Christ, we will have new enemies in the world or even in the family. In the past, they might have compassion for you because of your poverty and plight, but if we have seen that all of it is for the purpose and vision of four gospelizations, prepare your hearts as they might persecute you and reject you. With sitting down and considering of the road you are going to take, be filled with the Holy Spirit in this very vision in the very role and place you are in. When will words flowing with wisdom and not lies be poured out amazingly? It is not when we have received enough cultivation, but it is the state when our hearts can be one with God (Yada know God). It is not with words or principles that the gospel can be preached, but it is then that when our whole life and body is a gospel, people will discover a treasure and be drawn to you.

(7) God still works out of the box, therefore, through God’s leading in this era of churches, build the Emmanuel message (church)

There is a blessed culture that God is pleased to shower down all blessings of the message of an era. This is through abiding in what God has said in the whole bible to receive as pure a heart as possible. This pure heart rejoices, thanks God in all things, and sincerely loves. However, as much as we know these, the messages (church) can only be built with a blessed environment. What is the smell of a carnal world? What is the smell of loving LV, liking iPhones, doing overtime regularly, chasing dramas, lusting after beautiful people/celebrities, and wasting hours to play computer or mobile phone games? It is not about being extreme, but about having a pure heart. With a pure heart, the heart wants to be led only by the unlimited grace and righteousness of the Holy Spirit. The heart wants to know the gospel that has no bounds of learning and enjoyment. True, they are not to be our slave, but we should use them in time of need, but uprightly, the percentage of time and emotions put in is how much your heart is affected. There is eternal levels of what you feel as happiness. All things are for our usage to build up the gospel message, not to affect us. We know we are affected if we do not have wisdom of the heart. Wisdom of the heart is not abstract, but it is about a state of heart that knows it has answers at all times and places. Train and transform this state through and through.

Give you a piece of good worship hymn here: My Jesus I Love Thee.

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