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Missing The Oneness With The Holy Spirit

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(Sharing 4th February 2011)

In the beginning was the Holy Spirit, for God is Spirit. He made man in the image of the Holy Spirit (breathed into him), and put the creational authority into man. The Holy Spirit created the world, both the heavens (invisible) and the earth (the visible), but not to make man try hard to find the Holy Spirit, but all for man to live, enjoy and be in abundance in the Holy Spirit. In the world, where the invisible influences the visible, and a blessed visible environment helps preserve seeing the invisible, the man freely receives convictions as and when, at all places and in all situations, and had wisdom and power. The second greatest blessing (the Holy Spirit is the greatest) is a coworker made both in the Holy Spirit and from his own spirit.

However, Satan cursed man, sin tainted the heart of man, and everyone lost the Holy Spirit. Adam even blamed his own bones and flesh Eve.

Word of God, known as God the Father

Since the fall, the Holy Spirit could not bear to forsake His own children. Therefore, He continues to let His chosen ones to know the original Spirit of God. These convictions were written down as the Word of God, the bible, as exactly as possible, as much as possible, yet as complete as they can describe what the blessed authors heard, so as to bring this Holy Spirit out as clearly as possible. Over 40 different authors tried to describe the Holy Spirit’s convictions they had, through promise and commandments, through historical blessings and discipline, through poetry, praises, prayers, wisdom and prophecy. The three who were perfect representatives closest to the heart of God were Abraham (Joseph), Moses and David, and they were exactly the people who formatted – they built the altar, built the tabernacle, and built the temple.

Yet, people still could not understand the Holy Spirit. When they cannot see and hear the Holy Spirit at one portion, they even tried to make the words the authors of the bible into laws, good works, philosophy and knowledge. Trying exactly word-by-word but not going into the very essence and background of the Word of God is in fact the partial gospel that the Holy Spirit did not completely intend. The Old Testament is completely enough to understand the Holy Spirit, but man just missed being one with Him. The Holy Spirit is grieved.

Son of God, known as Jesus Christ

The Holy Spirit totally filled one man to demonstrate His love and complete possibility of joining together with Him. It is not the problem of a limit of 70 years of a generation to bring the full gospel out, for Jesus lived 33 years. It is not the problem of not enough full-timers, for Jesus had only 3 years of being a full-time preacher. It is not the problem of age, for Jesus was even filled with the Holy Spirit as a baby in His mother’s womb, and knew the voice of God from young. He is called the Son of the Word of God because He is the complete fulfillment of God’s words, which means, Jesus Christ was One with the Holy Spirit.

Even when Jesus had no sin, He showed us that we had to completely tear down and totally rebuild life system of belief, and follow lifestyle system of living. It is not because we are not sanctified enough so that we need to have a lifestyle system, or that Jesus was just putting up a show to pacify us that we need a system to know the Holy Spirit, but the lifestyle system of centering on pulpit, brethrens and evangelism is itself being One with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit freely unites Himself completely to the person who lives in the life and lifestyle system. Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected not only to bear our sins, but to show us that death and resurrection (sacrifice and victory) was the way, the truth and the life of the Holy Spirit, so that bearing our sins can be fulfilled. Only being in the Holy Spirit can one be forgiven of sins because there is no sin in the Holy Spirit!

With 40 days of explaining the Word of God in terms of the heavenly kingdom by Jesus Christ Himself to the apostles, and 10 days of unity of the Word in concentration focus and prayers, the Holy Spirit had joy to raise Jesus Christ to heaven, completing His 33 years of work on earth. Jesus sat down at the right hand of God, holding dominion of heaven and earth, seated at the right hand of God’s throne. The purpose for Jesus to disappear and leave the visible world is so that the Holy Spirit may come. Jesus needed to hold the throne in dominion in heavens because it is the only way Jesus can work with His disciples. If Jesus is still around, the disciples will still be weak and in reliance of a visible leader Who is with them but not with them in essence. But He left them so that Jesus’ Spirit (Holy Spirit) can combine with His disciples.

Holy Spirit, known as the Spirit of God

Pentecost (50 days after Easter) came, and the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles and disciples. Each of them became like Jesus, and the apostles became even more powerful than Jesus Christ, doing more than Him, filling up in their flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions, with the Acts of the Holy Spirit. The believers then were filled with the Holy Spirit did not name themselves “Christians” but they were named by pagans, because they did not just see a group who tried to be like Christ, but they belonged to, resemble and adhere to Christ. When a person is filled with the Holy Spirit, he is in a state of truly believing and his faith is pure. Out of his heart, words of wisdom more than all the books in the world can be spoken and written.

The Holy Spirit created the world; therefore, the one who is in a state of true belief can see the Holy Spirit appearing in all his conditions, times, places and tasks (the physical world), because his heart has been transformed by the Holy Spirit (invisible world). Being united and be fully one with the Holy Spirit meant that the whole spirit, soul, body of man, lifestyle, interpersonal relationships, family, spousal, children, finance and service are gospelized and had the full Holy Spirit’s culture, likeness and appearance, of a different authority even though partially shown in the world.

The Holy Spirit can be seen and heard, and the Holy Spirit must be seen and heard. If not, it is religion, and Satan has already infiltrated, attacked, accused, oppressed and controlled us.

Do not miss the oneness with the Holy Spirit

1) When we talk about Child of God Identity: we mean the oneness with God we call our Father.

2) When we talk about the Heartbeat of God, we mean the oneness with God’s heartbeat of compassion, joy and thanks.

3) When we talk about the Purpose of four gospelizations and world evangelism, we mean oneness with God’s reason for all the people we meet in His created environment. “Be Thou My Vision”, not of a commission, but oneness to fill ourselves with “O To Be Like Thee Christ” and fill the things we think, eat, exercise, sleep, people we meet with the Holy Spirit. It is about relationship, not a commission.

4) When we talk about the Content of God, we mean oneness with God’s wisdom so that we have perfect answers already in the heart to heal any spirit, soul, body, lifestyle, friend, spousal, child, finance and service difficulty. Sure, we need to equip, but the wisdom of the heart comes when we are one with the Holy Spirit.

5) When we talk about the Method of God, we mean oneness with the Holy Spirit in prayers. It is not asking, but God already knows the things we need and the people we need to help. It is not hoping for visible changes, for God is already in charge. It is about receiving the power of the Holy Spirit in the midst of prayers, so that our heart is transformed to be able to do everything through reliance on Him.

If you do not miss God’s very exact intention in His Holy Spirit, you will receive power, and you will be transformed in your heart, and following, all things will be transformed.

It is not a principle, nor is it about being zealously putting efforts. It is about going INTO prayers and intercessions.

Lord, if I have not showed receiving evidences received through concentration prayers, so that I am enlightened one with the Holy Spirit right now, how can You prophesize that my father and mother will understand the gospel? But give me the fully-equipped gospel to enlighten me, so that answers flow within me when I pray, and I can hear You prophesizing. Help me as I go for Chinese New Year visitation. I need time of quietness to arise to My love.

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