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(Sharing 5th February 2011)

There are three important elements in Christian living: 理性、灵性、感性。

Logos (Contents to believe -> Being Convinced/Understanding)
Spiritualism (Faith -> Truly Believe)
Sensibility (Heart -> Mind)

When we receive the Logos in full (fully-equipped gospel belief system that has root and foundation, holistic lifestyle system) and truly believe (oneness with the Name of Christ which is the very original/essence/crux/perspective/intention, relying on the Holy Spirit driving our demons with heavenly kingdom descending), and this comes upon and descend into our hearts (resilience, with a sense, the heart having a mind of its own), living springs will form into a big sea.

May God bless our hearts to form sensibility in all things (understand self, others, all creation) this year 2011! Lord, allow this sense to form into a mind of its own not to make people feel inferior and worse, but bring protection, comfort, peace, trust, joy, strength, encouragements, admiration, truth-seeking, anticipations, positive-ness, patience, kindness, hope and perseverance for the people who always think they cannot make it!

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