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Letting Go, Letting Him

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Letting Go


Abraham let go of many things in his life. He let go of his hometown and was born again. He also let go having two masters in his life, and learnt to believe the only one Master. He also let go of Lot, his fellow born-again Christian, of God wanting him to pastor him.

Next, God caused Abraham to let go of Ishmael. Ishmael represented the labor, zealousness and serving to God. No matter how you work hard at and even gain fruits through it, one day, you will find that you need to let that go and start from zero again.

Finally, God caused Abraham to let go of Isaac. Isaac represents a fruit that is borne out of believing in the promise and covenant of God. It is a fruit borne out from true belief. Have you known why God wants you to even let go of Isaac?

You got to let go and believe that what has been given you from God is the best. The best set of conditions, church coworkers, brethrens, family and work are what made you today, and are a shadow of the things God has planned for you. Start believing in the promise, pass through the promise, pass through the promise, and move on. It is not about whether you have obtained Isaac, but whether you believe in the promise, that God is with you, and that made your every day bright, beautiful and full of love, so that the days of your family and loved ones, the people around you, and the world will swiftly be gospelized by the zealous hand of God.

God Anoints People Differently


In my years of yearning for perfection, yet having a competitive spirit, comparing with people always, I had even played with categorizing different people in my church in 4 categories in accordance to the 3 types of tribes of Israel that remained after Babylonian capture, and they all receive different time-tested anointing:

Tribe of Levites (Moses) – They are made for serving as full-time ministers in the church. They are preachers and pastors who pray for the lives of people in the church. They always say something extraordinary to lead Israel through their establishment. One day, through even running away, or because situations forced them to, they can’t run but become a pastor that can shepherd and intercede for the church. They are born to be full-time ministers, not by their own choosing.

Tribe of Judah (Caleb, David, Daniel) – They meet with lots of trials, exile and even sin in their life, of course after being born again. Their lives have a lot of emotions, ups and downs, some of which flesh-blooded ones caused them the discipline of God. But they sacrifice all their lives to the point of death but receive the greatest crown through it. I think Peter belonged here, too. Pioneers belonged here too.

Tribe of Joseph/Benjamin (Joseph, Joshua, Paul) – They are successful in the world before being called to ministry. They live a most passive life with no motives, even being influenced by the world but not actively following them, and it seems they even sleep during sermons, but one day, they are called, and their eyes opened, and whatever they were successful about became their disgust, but God called them to convert their talents into anointing that can be used by God. Their perspectives can produce effective contributions, works and publications that concretely and practically reach till the ends of the world.

Since there is no inheritance for Levite, and e.g. Samuel’s father, a Levite living in Ephraim is called a Ephrathite, I made this conclusion myself: there can be 4 types of people:

1) A Levite living in Judah

2) A Levite living in Benjamin

3) A Judahite

4) A Benjamite

The thing is, I also discovered that those of tribe of Joseph/Benjamin admire those of Judah; and those of Judah admire those of Joseph/Benjamin. I saw a church where the pastor saw greater crown on the elder, and the elder saw greater crown on the pastor, both willing to die for each other – a beautiful sight in Christ. But, one thing the Lord has showed me: none of them is willing to let go of their position because it is God’s unique calling for them.

Which tribe do you think you are in? I think I belong to Judah, a life full of sacrifices and obedience that amounts to compassion. My wife belongs to a Levite living in Judah. All through our life, we are accepting more and more that this is the way of life that God has planned for us to receive His inheritance, and it is the best God has ever designed and planned, without which, we won’t know His great measure of love.

Do you love what God has made you to be?

Bearing children


Recently, God convicted me that there could be a child who is filled by the Holy Spirit from young, just like Samuel or Jesus, so that he can live an unwasted life from young. Then, a very blessed sister told me about two very blessed younger brothers of hers in Penang. Both of them hear the word of God from young daily from their pastor mother, and they even hear the voice of God too. They are still different, but I am just glad God made it true that there are such remnants being raised up in the promise of God. And I also hear some children in our church slowly can hear the Lord’s voice. I really anticipate for such children in our church!

Can we pray for such babies / young children who can hear God’s voice to be raised from young?

1) One like Samuel or Jesus who hears the word of God, and is taught by God from when they are at a young age. They even impress and bless their parents and turn them to God from young. They can make disciples having the Holy Spirit, through the original foundation revealed by God because they grow up in a church from young.

2) One like David (or like Isaac?) taught by Samuel who is filled by the Holy Spirit, loves to pray and praise God, prepares the temple, and praises so that people can just get the Holy Spirit and unites the 2 kingdoms. He gathers a lot of workers of Christ together.

3) One like Paul or Moses (even Jacob or St Augustine) taught by Jesus through visions and other disciples, but is able to fix up the theology and systematic doctrines to disciple up the original meaning of what Jesus meant to people like Timothy. They went through a great deal of sanctifications in their life, and called themselves the worst of sinners before being called to be a servant of God.

4) One like Joseph, Daniel, Solomon or Luke, or the prophets, who shadows a part-time minister or an anointed leader, but because they receive wisdom through the covenant being passed down from fathers and believe them wholeheartedly, they are able even to receive visions and prophecies, influencing all their fields, conquering the whole world.

When you bear any of the above children, you still have to pray for them with promise, and teach them daily with God’s word from a young age. Some of them may have an unwasted life from young, but some may need to go through a cycle to experience failures first, but none will be wasted if you start to pray for them from young. We can definitely pray for children with unwasted life, and even treat their life failures as God raising them up as Paul or Joseph.

This year 2012 is the year of dragon in the Chinese zodiac. Many will be born this year, but who has the vision to bear a child that eats up the old serpent, dragon of old? Pray for me J



Confirm that the Lord will demonstrate His love for you in order that the heart of your eyes may be opened. Test and approve His plan for you with whatever faith you have, as the Lord is with you with His unconditional promises even in your timetable right now.

Many people have successful meetings with God, but they fail by looking at outward appearance (but the Lord looks at the heart) <Mt 5>. Many have successful prayers, but they fail by worrying for insufficiency <Mt 6>. Many have successful fruits, but they fail by not putting into practice the words of Jesus they hear (not building their house on the rock) <Mt 7>.

If you have confirmed, tested and approved the perfect will of God, don’t waver. Persevere! The Spirit of perseverance gives the greatest joy <Ro 12:12> <Ja 1:2-4>.

Inspirations versus Starting to live Emmanuel


Does the perfect will of God seem like treating defeats as some moral victories (Ah-Q mindset)? Does it seem like accepting something not that joyful? Surely carrying my own cross is the most joyful only road if God is a God of promise?

What motivational or inspiring quotes do best is that they passively confirm our identity so that we feel freed out from accusations. It’s like, we want to hear positive and encouraging words only. Why not just rather be humble, repent on accepting accusations (because His perfect will never fails), and be trained to take control of your life to catch the mystery of “how to see God confirm my identity”? Yes, grace finds us, but if grace is really all around us, why not rather be able to see grace finding me since grace is so near me?

Christ living out through me has 3 steps:

1) He lives through me = He has known me already through all my current conditions, and what I was made to be.

2) He lives through me = His divinity lives through and manifest beyond my thoughts and ability, because He is God.

3) He lives through me = I live and talk as if I am today’s Christ, taking upon the role of the Prophet, Priest and King even now.

Since 3) Emmanuel is the truth, and our Emmanuel message uses the perspective of “I am with Emmanuel”(I am with “God is with me”) to meet, converse and walk with God, I shall use the Emmanuel perspective to receive another set of convictions of “Christ living through me”:

1) So how do we take inspirational quotes? For the inspirational quotes that come my way, I will of course overwhelmingly give thanks, because I can see all the love of God to me! But I will go one step further to confirm that I am blessed by Him, not the other way round.

2) Yet, if God is with me without any strings attached, even better, as I can hold on to the promise and seek the answer in my spirit on how to see the love of God with my conscience even in circumstances that are not positive. (Through Christ, these are important answers that the weakest of people who love the Cross need.) He lives beyond my conditions and abilities in this way.

3) And if the promise of God is really with me, regardless of my timetable, regardless whether I think I am equipped enough or not, I will just live as if I hear the emphasis of the word of God as I meet all things in life as no coincidence, love as if I am a humble servant of God to find compassion in people without a shepherd and shepherd them, and take upon the whole world, church or company as if I am the saint to take every step Holy Spirit filled and influence them in the spiritual realms (as an intercessor and in believing the importance of my role, even if it is the least. Even the person having less faith can bless the one with more faith, because it is said “The last will be first, and the first will be last”<Mt 20:16>).

Importance of Evidence


Without evidence, there is no faith. Before being born again, without God revealing to you first, you cannot believe Him. After being born again, without evidences coming into the heart, our faith cannot grow. Without confirmation that God is with us in all things 24 hours regardless of conditions, we cannot be healed. The greater blessed evidences are found, the quicker faith grows.

I had a very bad nature as an elder. I kept only laboring for what is in accordance to the Lord’s word and teachings without asking anyone or anything in return. But I discovered that believing Emmanuel or truly believing God as living, or truly believing His promise on me means my nature of not seeking for evidence must be healed. A true belief confirms and reconfirms for evidences, and continues to test and approve God’s very own heart.

Therefore, seek for Emmanuel that is above all conditions. Living together with brethrens protects. Admire and aim to form a joyful atmosphere in the family. Plan a fresh, bright and quiet study room that allows lots of Holy Spirit convictions to flow. Pray for a blessed loving marriage so that you will understand why there are 10 folds of quicker blessings that can happen than one person alone can (I saw this in the past few years). Honor your father and mother, for their blessings for you (believer or non-believer blessings – I see this recently) give you 10 times longer assurance and courage than a message can. Teach your children without exasperating them, for they will give you 10 times more refreshing joy (I saw this in others).

When you ask God for Emmanuel evidences, to be seen in your life and in the ones you are concerned of, you will see a pattern about God blessing His children when they set themselves apart as holy and love the Lord. If you get that pattern, you catch how the living Holy Spirit works.


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