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Growing Up

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A few days/weeks ago, I had a talk with my manager. She kept telling me that I can do it, to act like adults, and to give feedback always, stretching myself more, doing planning, etc. Strangely, I thought I have been like this, been telling myself for years, and even advising others of that. Yet, God has been convicting me through all these too. I keep hearing that I have not been growing up and treating myself as one with already all the conditions given me. Imagine the hurts through these, but because it is better to hear convictions of the Lord from others beside you, whom meant no harm at all and who must have seen a side of me that is a blind side of mine, I humbled down to face God. As I self-introspect, I begin to think again if my time is wasted in areas where I dwell into small areas (even taking care of people who do not really need God at their timetable, etc), and not praying ahead. Growing up understands the emptiness of debates and the time to clear things up.

My car ran into problems with the hybrid battery my car is using after helping a sister jumpstart her car about a month ago. I finally went to let the technicians take a look at the battery. They charged me nothing. It was a small matter to me, and the battery is still having some problems, yet when I think back, I find that my heart felt very much more grateful to God than if He gave me some spiritual insight. My life system in me had treasured spiritual things as dearer over many other things, but yet, it seems that when I can put down a matter lingering in my heart whenever I see the problem at least once daily when I drive, the heart felt more comfortable. God is telling me that growing up means having things really concretely and practically being done up, and not just putting great and noble thoughts.

When Jesus was on earth, He healed the sick, the lame, deaf, blind first, and also many especially of those where they could not manage anything at all, and these are the demon-possessed. He was the Son of God. Though spiritual problems are indeed larger and more important than the physical, the illnesses crippled them totally. (If someone has a spiritual problem only, he still can manage things of life, and the world can still go on.) Yet, why did the Lord healed them practically and concretely first upon seeing them having a faith that satisfied Him? I believe the faith that He looks for is not great faith, but just faith in the life-giver. Though spiritual problems are larger, Jesus left them later on to deal with them. Jesus had something in mind. Spiritual healing cannot be forced. Faith cannot be suddenly created. Jesus was patient and loving enough to let the conscience and ego of a person respond to be willing to deal with the spiritual problems in them. And finally, of course, total holistic healing comes when a person’s spiritual problems are solved and he restored faith himself. Growing up means understanding the connection between the importance of physical pain and spiritual/emotional pain.

Growing up means gradually not escaping the environment God has placed you in, putting away the childish ways, thinking bigger rather than smaller, looking up rather than looking down, considering the greater group rather than the self. The one who grows up takes what he or she has confirmed and tested to be true, and does not change. He or she then takes the promise as fixed perspective, and takes it as the truth. If it is the truth, it has the greatest power already. And growing up means, even though there are cases of discouragement, setbacks, slowness, they continue faithfully in the promise. The one who looks at themselves with importance grows up fastest.

How did Jesus Christ grow up, start calling disciples, and minister so concretely and practically at the age of 30? He was unmoved as He ministered to other ministers, the elderly, the married and those having children, even He had none of these conditions in the first place. In simple words, He believed that He was the Son of God, and took it upon Himself that He was blessedly called to fulfil the purpose of God on earth. He spoke with authority AS IF He knew all kinds of men. Growing up means: to do everything AS IF I am called to be the servant of God.

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  1. Wow. Very wise words in this blog post.

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