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Turn To The Power of the Gospel

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Written 23 Jan 2012


Are you feeling accused, difficult, and in darkness, yet you know the Lord is healing you and He is doing great works in the process? Some people received great relief and joy knowing that the Lord is with them in the process, but some people are actually trying to hold on to this without complete joy to live day by day. The crux is that they know that the process is God’s love, but they cannot see or feel that the process is God’s love. Thus, they think that they are in a state of continuing to doubt God-given conditions in them, and are therefore accused of their evil nature. One day, they realized that they are not accepting God’s love, and then they revolve around these things.

The information looks almost correct, but it is still not in the state of “the great power of the gospel”. Some people received no more answers at this point, but this still caused them to continue to be faithful in whatever has been given them. It is not about whether you accept His love or not. It is not about whether you have focused correctly on the Lord or not. It is not about having faith or no faith.

But here, you must receive understanding from the Holy Spirit. Have you not seen? God has never left you, and He has not left even your difficulties or habitual weaknesses. In fact, His Spirit is in you, so that you have convictions to want to continue to confirm that He is with you, and thus continue to be faithful to what has been given to you. God is seeking you and finding you first, so that you respond to want to accept His love.

The gospel is the great power of God. Don’t keep on searching where you can do better. As you have been convicted greatly by the gospel before, continue to dig into the fully equipped power of the gospel. The gospel is the great power of God, not the great power of man seeking God. The gospel works His greatest might when you find yourself being diminished and disappeared. When you are diminished and you resurrect in finding the heart that receives satisfaction, hope and vision from the gospel itself, the power of the gospel works. That is when you inevitably accept the love without any conditions that you attach yourself to. In fact, your conditions are the very instrument of God finding you into the greater value of the gospel. That is when you must continue to realize that Jesus has never left you, but He is with you already, even before the creation of the world. Secondly, not everyone can understand, therefore, go on and understand that this is the promise given by God to you and a group of remnants set apart to be loved by God greatly, chosen to be sons of light and salt of the world. Thirdly, resolve not to walk with God first, but resolve to turn yourself away from the world, and thereby, find the inevitable reason to turn to God daily. You may survive one day, but you will fall another day. Make a covenant with God to confirm every situation that He is with you. Slowly, you will be healed, because healing is of your perspective. The accomplishments of the Lord do not come from waiting, but because of truly believing in His promise personally for you and the ones around you, there is a response of love to following Him faithfully today. The zeal of the Lord’s heart being moved will accomplish the faithful heart. In fact, immediate Emmanuel evidences come.

To hear more, please listen from http://www.lifechurchmissions.com/SunMsg.aspx

New Year Sunday Messages in 2012

1Jan The Gospel is the power of satisfaction, hope and vision

8Jan First to restore Emmanuel and Promise

15Jan Resolve away from world to make Covenant

22Jan Follow Faithfully by the Spirit

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