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2 thoughts on “A Father to His Children

  1. I always have in mind to want to post a blog during father’s one year anniversary back home from hospital but never get to do so. Anyway, you did it here very nicely. 🙂

    I was being unhappy about them making so much noise every night that all my nights are wasted and not fruitful. I felt that they are not being considerate to me. I left for home after church without them. Mother has been complaining so much about the church message being long, I even felt like asking her to go back to the previous church.

    But it really was a 180 degrees turn around after all tonight. It was a happy dinner and knowing what father said to mother about us somehow turns my heart back to see God’s grace still reign in our family after all.

  2. This blog post is great…I thought abt my dad too…
    He has given me much wisdom also thru his nagging and boasting, if I wanna reflect deeper into it.

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