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Introducing A Seeker To Christ That You Are In A Relationship With

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Started drafting from 21 Jan 2012


A non-believer meant to receive Christ will surely meet problems that cause the need to think and seek spiritual and things of life. If not, God will appear to him or his loved ones in dreams or encounters since he does not know God. He might have heard a bit about God’s love, and the Holy Spirit will remind him step-by-step. Christians can introduce in him the knowledge of Christ, where there is God, and God came in the form of Jesus to come onto the earth for mankind, even here at his timetable.

Yet, the non-believer has to go through knowing that those things come from God and go to the Lord, not from coincidence, from upbringing like many others, or from himself. The explanation of that will plant a seed in him as he is made to confirm that he is led to the surroundings of God Jehovah. Though he may not realize, God is attracting him through Christians around him appearing and testifying to him. He notices the lives of Christians and begins hearing about testimonies more and more.

He is not in a believing state yet. One day, he has to see that having Christ is greater than having problems, i.e. he has to find consensus in his heart that Christians has a born again life that seems to be able to overcome everything, and he doesn’t have that. It is at this point in time where he begins to deny himself, and come to know that the world cannot give answers to his questions of life, and his heart begins to seek the truth in the heart. He might also be seeking for the truth in other religions too, but God is actually seeking him to sift him. He might think that other religions also offer some spiritual asylum to renew his spirit and he might go that path too, but it will be a merry-go-round for him who chooses a religion based on his needs. At this point, there will be some who just accepts the Lord out of a moment of understanding, because God has planned this. Though it might not be deep in logic, they are still definitely being led by the Holy Spirit. Christians having answers of life appear and tell him about the meaning of life at this timetable.

As he goes along being led to seek the truth, one day, he finds that there is no answer except that is found in "the already saved" gospel. This happens because he is chosen by God. He is not satisfied by the “truths that promise but where you still have to put in efforts”. He begins to see that other religions do not have that promise. He begins to admire things that come from only Christ. The Holy Spirit working in his heart urges it. This will prepare him to start right as a blessed child of God, not just to enter a religion or to change a religion. Here, he must be given a chance to know that God is actually finding him. This is the time where Christ workers must lead him into an understanding that Jesus the Christ is finding him. This is where the root problem is solved. He needs to concur that he needs God. He repents of his sins and receives the Lord Jesus.


Yet, it might not be that he will remain in the Lord <John 15>. It might be the time he will go into weaknesses. In fact, all (if not most) believers in this era will be affected and go through temptations and trials right after entering the genealogy of Christ, belonging to the kingdom of God. He is born again, but he does not know the value of his identity as a child of God. He still uses ways of the world to lead his life. Spiritual matters are most important, but anyone can still live on earth given by the common grace of God. This is until he realizes he is living a life of double-personality. Christ workers have to point out that it is possible for God to live in the fields or workplace, rather than compromising with the practicality when living in the world. God’s words must be there to convict him to yearn for things above than the things below. Here, many leaders of Christ fail. Because the sufferings or weaknesses are in sight, they only try to comfort him, or find no words to speak to him, because they have already judged him in their heart that this is punishment from God. In fact, four gospelizations must be explained here, but in the light of his belonging. If evangelism is not explained well here, it becomes an accusation to him because it has already become a duty, requirement or something to give to God, making the gospel become a religion already! Assurance of salvation must be given here. Comfort is definitely needed to point and confirm to him that he is a child of God, and confirm with him the evidences that God has been gracious to him. But pastors or small group leaders must take the remaining sufferings and weaknesses he go through in the world, and confirm it to him the assurance of salvation, i.e. the weaknesses and sufferings are the voices of God to tell him to realize that because he is already a child of God, there are surely two laws in him battling, therefore, he cannot be happy if he continues to let the world satisfy his flesh; he can only find happiness if he places his life in the streams of God’s living water. He must start transforming his mindset and start living not from man-driven ways, but God-driven. And this must be taught and assured by Christ workers that he must start to know what is meant by "blessed", and this must start from the understanding that he is “born again” from God, and he is not himself any more, i.e. his identity is in Christ; just like Christ, he is a child of God, and he belongs to heavenly kingdom and therefore, he realizes he cannot live by the ways of man similar to people of the world.

When he comes out of the problems, he will be happy. He will give thanks to God’s love. Here, it is very important for pastors and elders to take God’s given opportunity to show him that he has to make covenant with God quickly. When one is happy and have problems freed, Satan comes the next moment to come to steal his life away. Making a covenant to follow God’s promise is about recognizing the pull of the world; it is a resolution to deny himself and take up his cross and follow Christ.

Yet, how does one to follow Christ? It is not through zealousness, but only through discovering the perfect will of the Lord already working in his life. Not many Christians like to pray, and there are different levels of “liking to pray” too. Prayers are taught by teachers, and guided by discipleship trainers. Prayers are not a ritual or a commendable act of commitment. Prayer is a description of the communal spiritual mystery that happens where the words of God confirmed descends in the heart comes in the form of convictions of the Holy Spirit, the needs and problems to have an answer goes like an incense of heart-felt reliance up to the Father in heaven, so that through testing and approving in the heart, His perfect will intuited and calculated comes down “May Your kingdom come” from heaven. It is in this place where he requests for more faith and strength (our daily bread) as he needs God in many things ahead. And with the requests made to God, he realizes sensitively that there are areas in his spirit it is not totally right, i.e. some things are not natural but forced or done with an accusing heart, which is where he himself does not truly believe in the living God, and he confesses and repents. At the same time, he also realizes in his spirit, which is bigger than the universe, that his life encompasses many brethrens, family and members he knows. Therefore, he intercedes for the same grace he has just received in his spirit for their souls. Realizing sensitively again that blessed precise and true belief comes by the grace and righteousness of God, he prays for not meeting temptations and the escape from the clutches of the devil. Finally, he entrusts himself, everyone, every company, culture and nation like an umbrella of glory, into finding the praise of God.

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